FlexEnergy Green Solutions, Inc. (FLXE)

FlexEnergy Green Solutions will go public soon, but the exact IPO date is still unknown.
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Company Description

FlexEnergy Green Solutions is an energy focused technology company that designs, manufactures, sells and leases cost-effective energy solutions that lower our customers’ environmental footprint, often by making useable energy from sources of fuel or heat otherwise overlooked or wasted.

We do this through two different types of highly engineered products. First, our Flex Turbines offer a reliable source for distributed or grid connected electrical power, capable of being fired by a wide variety of gaseous fuels from waste gas from landfills and natural gas flaring to higher BTU fuels such as propane and synthetic gas.

Leasing and sales of Flex Turbines presently represent the bulk of our operations and revenues. Flex Turbines provide our customers with solutions to gain independence over their electricity generation and minimize overall reliance on the grid.

Second, we offer heat recovery products that are integral to promising emerging power technologies, such as high efficiency fuel cells for power generation that can be fueled by hydrogen or natural gas.

These Flex Heat Recovery products are in the early stages of commercialization, and presently constitute a small but increasingly growing and important portion of our operations and revenues as the future of energy generation emerges.

FlexEnergy Green Solutions, Inc.
CountryUnited States
IndustryElectrical Equipment
CEOMark Schnepel

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112 Corporate Drive
Portsmouth, NH 03801
United States
Phone(603) 430-7000

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Ticker SymbolFLXE
Fiscal YearJanuary - December
Reporting CurrencyUS Dollars
CIK Code1841227