Hygo Energy Transition Ltd. (HYGO)

Hygo Energy Transition was planning to go public, but the IPO has been withdrawn.
Stock Price: $18.00 - $21.00
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Company Description

Hygo Energy Transition provides integrated downstream LNG solutions to underserved markets by delivering low cost, environmentally sound energy alternatives to consumers around the world.

Our business includes (i) our network of existing and development stage marine LNG import terminals, (ii) our ownership of interests in existing and development stage large-scale power plants backed by high quality offtakers, and (iii) the downstream distribution of LNG from our terminals via marine and onshore logistics to major demand centers in Brazil.

In addition, we have historically derived the majority of our revenues from our LNG carriers, which we expect to convert into FSRUs to service our terminals.

We believe our model of “hub and spoke” LNG infrastructure, anchored by our terminals in Brazil, is a model that is highly replicable to create a global platform.

Accordingly, we are also pursuing multiple gas-to-power and distribution opportunities elsewhere around the world, including Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, West Africa and Europe.

We seek to unlock underserved markets by introducing LNG and natural gas as cheaper, cleaner and transformative alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, as well as an attractive, reliable complement to growing renewable energy sources.

Hygo Energy Transition Ltd.
Country Bermuda
Employees 63
CEO Eduardo Antonello

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Ticker Symbol HYGO
Exchange NASDAQ
Reporting Currency US Dollars
CIK Code 1806220