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JIANA Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (JANA)

JIANA Science and Technology will go public soon, but the exact IPO date is still unknown.
Stock Price: Pending
IPO price not available yet

Company Description

JIANA Science and Technology is an exempted limited liability company formed under the laws of the Cayman Islands on August 29, 2018.

We conduct business primarily through our variable interest entity, or VIE, Shenzhen Jiana, and its subsidiaries and branches in the People’s Republic of China, or PRC.

Our company is principally engaged in real estate services business. During earlier stages of our business, including the last three fiscal years, we engaged in the sale of NetEase Inc. prepaid digital cards, as well as software development business and real estate consulting services.

To correspond to the PRC government’s recent initiative to encourage rural development, we have decided to transform our business to a full-service real estate services company focusing on managing properties in Heyuan Lighthouse Basin (Shuntian) Pastoral Complex.

We expect to cease our prepaid digital cards sales business and software development business in the near future and focus primarily on providing real estate related services, such as sale of property, property rental and informational marketplace.

Different from many real estate service companies that concentrate on serving scattered and individual properties, we intend to take on a more holistic approach by providing our customers with large-scale real estate projects that require unified planning and services.

JIANA Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
IPO DatePending
CEOFengzhen Zhu

Stock Details

Ticker SymbolJANA
Reporting CurrencyUS Dollars
CIK Code1781588