The Barbell Investor

The vast majority (95%+) of individual investors underperform the market.

Average investor returns vs. the s&p500

How much is this underperformance costing you?

Over the course of 20 years, the difference between earning 3.6% vs 9.5% per year on a $250,000 portfolio is $1,028,255.

One million dollars. That's the cost the average investor is paying because of their underperformance.

The worst part: This level of underperformance is entirely avoidable, if you know how to avoid it.

That's why we launched The Barbell Investor.

Each issue includes:

  • The Core Portfolios - Kris and Lincoln, the authors of The Barbell Investor, share their holdings and how they manage their money.
  • Financial Education - Each issue will contain some financial education on topics such as asset allocation, mortgages, alternative investments, etc. to help you invest better or save more.
  • Market & Economic Commentary - We spend hours each week reading, watching, and listening to what the experts are saying about the markets, then report the most important information back to you.
  • 1+ New Stock on the Watchlist - See what stock(s) we are considering adding to our portfolios. Each stock will be accompanied by a full research report.

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