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Top Gainers

Feb 3, 2023
Symbol Price Change
ATXG $1.56 47.17%
BBAI $5.19 44.17%
SOUN $2.82 43.88%
CHEK $4.25 32.81%
MARK $1.83 29.79%
TWOU $12.81 29.66%
QBTS $1.58 29.51%
BCLI $2.70 28.57%
PSNL $3.90 28.29%
JWN $26.38 24.79%

Top Losers

Feb 3, 2023
Symbol Price Change
TBIO $2.03 -94.57%
SWAG $1.75 -80.75%
VINO $2.91 -46.11%
POND $6.70 -41.99%
ASST $3.55 -39.63%
MDXH $3.89 -38.06%
PONO $11.05 -29.84%
MSGM $16.42 -28.48%
BILL $94.51 -26.69%
VINE $1.33 -26.11%

Market News

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Recent IPOs

Date Symbol Name
Feb 3 GPCR Structure Therapeutics
Feb 3 ASST Asset Entities
Feb 1 CETU Cetus Capital Acquisition
Jan 27 TXO TXO Energy Partners,
Jan 27 BREA Brera Holdings
Jan 26 GNLX Genelux
Jan 25 QSG QuantaSing Group
Jan 20 CVKD Cadrenal Therapeutics

Upcoming IPOs

Date Symbol Name
Feb 6 LICN Lichen China
Feb 7 LRE Lead Real Estate
Feb 8 BFRG Bullfrog AI Holdings
Feb 9 HSAI Hesai Group
Feb 9 NRXS Neuraxis
Feb 10 NXT Nextracker
Feb 10 MLYS Mineralys Therapeutics
Feb 10 SJA SolarJuice Co.