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Top Gainers

Feb 23, 2024
Symbol Price Change
ATCH $2.64 131.58%
AXTI $3.86 69.30%
MRVI $8.36 63.60%
GYRE $22.03 37.69%
EZFL $1.72 37.60%
UMAC $3.32 36.34%
SNBR $14.70 33.03%
CVNA $69.23 32.09%
ATNI $36.70 29.54%
TCRT $1.93 28.67%

Top Losers

Feb 23, 2024
Symbol Price Change
SQNS $0.90 -64.86%
CPOP $3.74 -43.50%
HOLO $6.61 -39.96%
MODV $26.62 -39.32%
UPLD $2.82 -36.20%
CTCX $2.04 -34.41%
ARIZ $7.36 -34.17%
IBRX $3.50 -33.21%
ICU $0.77 -30.89%
AAOI $14.15 -30.47%

Market News

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Recent IPOs

Date Symbol Name
Feb 22 VHAI Vocodia Holdings
Feb 21 DYCQ DT Cloud Acquisition
Feb 16 CHRO Chromocell Therapeutics
Feb 14 UMAC Unusual Machines
Feb 9 TBBB BBB Foods
Feb 9 MGX Metagenomi
Feb 9 TELO Telomir Pharmaceuticals
Feb 9 HLXB Helix Acquisition Corp. II

Upcoming IPOs

Date Symbol Name
Feb 27 MTRS Metros Development Co.