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Welcome to Stock Analysis — a site that aims to be the internet’s best source of free stock data and information for regular investors.

The mission is simple:

  • Find the most accurate stock data available.
  • Curate and organize it all and show it on this website, for free.
  • Make information previously only available to finance professionals accessible to everyone.

If you are looking for a stock or some information that isn’t available on the site, then please send a message via the contact form.

Kris Gunnars

This website was founded and is currently owned by Kristjan Mar Gunnarsson, also known as Kris Gunnars.

Kris is a full-time professional investor and chief investment officer of Skuggi Capital ehf.

He is best known for founding a nutrition website called Authority Nutrition, which became the biggest nutrition website on the internet before being acquried by Healthline Media in 2017.

Kris has a Bachelor's degree in medicine from the University of Iceland.


Nothing on this website should be considered as personal investment advice, and the content here is not a replacement for a qualified financial adviser.

You are encouraged to read the terms of use and privacy policy.


If you have any suggestions about how to improve this site, or if you’ve found inaccuracies in the data or simply want to get in touch, then please send an email via the contact form.