Goldman Sachs ETFs

Goldman Sachs has 39 ETFs listed with a total of 34.69B in assets under management, which makes Goldman Sachs the 17th biggest ETF provider on the U.S. stock market. The funds have an average expense ratio of 0.32%.

Listed Funds
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Average Assets
Average Cost
Dividend Yield
1Y Return

39 ETFs

Symbol Fund Name Assets Div. Yield Exp. Ratio Change 1Y
GSLCGoldman Sachs ActiveBeta U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF12.09B1.27%0.09%26.71%
GBILGoldman Sachs Access Treasury 0-1 Year ETF5.29B5.04%0.12%0.09%
GSIEGoldman Sachs ActiveBeta International Equity ETF3.70B2.53%0.25%10.51%
GSUSGoldman Sachs MarketBeta U.S. Equity ETF2.12B1.22%0.07%27.79%
GUSAGoldman Sachs MarketBeta U.S. 1000 Equity ETF1.65B1.25%0.11%26.91%
GEMGoldman Sachs ActiveBeta Emerging Markets Equity ETF981.45M1.75%0.45%11.75%
GLOVGoldman Sachs ActiveBeta World Low Vol Plus Equity ETF888.25M1.91%0.25%15.56%
GSIDGoldman Sachs MarketBeta International Equity ETF827.97M2.44%0.20%10.72%
GIGBGoldman Sachs Access Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF738.69M4.00%0.14%0.55%
AAAUGoldman Sachs Physical Gold ETF724.35M-0.18%17.82%
GSEWGoldman Sachs Equal Weight U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF700.15M1.59%0.09%20.84%
GSSTGoldman Sachs Access Ultra Short Bond ETF596.96M5.16%0.16%0.86%
GGUSGoldman Sachs MarketBeta Russell 1000 Growth Equity ETF504.08M0.17%0.12%-
GSSCGoldman Sachs Activebeta U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF492.26M1.35%0.20%16.28%
GVUSGoldman Sachs MarketBeta Russell 1000 Value Equity ETF488.22M0.56%0.12%-
GXUSGoldman Sachs MarketBeta Total International Equity ETF459.86M1.44%0.18%-
GCORGoldman Sachs Access U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF421.45M3.95%0.14%-2.26%
GINNGoldman Sachs Innovate Equity ETF354.69M0.95%0.52%21.11%
JUSTGoldman Sachs JUST U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF344.17M1.23%0.20%27.58%
GVIPGoldman Sachs Hedge Industry VIP ETF243.25M0.68%0.45%39.26%
GTEKGoldman Sachs Future Tech Leaders Equity ETF180.85M0.24%0.75%25.12%
GHYBGoldman Sachs Access High Yield Corporate Bond ETF140.96M6.40%0.34%3.11%
GTIPGoldman Sachs Access Inflation Protected USD Bond ETF121.33M3.23%0.12%-2.24%
GSEEGoldman Sachs MarketBeta Emerging Markets Equity ETF115.52M1.58%0.36%13.15%
GPIXGoldman Sachs S&P 500 Core Premium Income ETF115.45M4.11%0.29%-
GPIQGoldman Sachs Nasdaq 100 Core Premium Income ETF70.37M5.05%0.29%-
GBUYGoldman Sachs Future Consumer Equity ETF60.03M0.39%0.75%20.71%
GEMDGoldman Sachs Access Emerging Markets USD Bond ETF59.09M5.66%0.39%2.92%
GSFPGoldman Sachs Future Planet Equity ETF44.78M3.19%0.75%3.10%
GSCGoldman Sachs Small Cap Core Equity ETF30.96M0.16%0.75%-
GDOCGoldman Sachs Future Health Care Equity ETF25.94M0.53%0.75%4.95%
GSJYGoldman Sachs ActiveBeta Japan Equity ETF22.74M2.00%0.25%12.27%
GREIGoldman Sachs Future Real Estate and Infrastructure Equity ETF18.77M2.29%0.75%0.53%
GCLNGoldman Sachs Bloomberg Clean Energy Equity ETF12.34M1.62%0.45%-7.02%
GSEUGoldman Sachs ActiveBeta Europe Equity ETF11.33M3.18%0.25%11.10%
GMUNGoldman Sachs Community Municipal Bond ETF9.84M3.12%0.15%-1.65%
GSIGGoldman Sachs Access Investment Grade Corporate 1-5 Year Bond ETF9.30M4.21%0.14%0.51%
GDEFGoldman Sachs Defensive Equity ETF7.36M1.01%0.55%9.90%
GPOWGoldman Sachs North American Pipelines & Power Equity ETF7.00M2.66%0.55%-