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Corporate Actions

2184 Actions

Oct 22, 2021XLOListedXilio Therapeutics was listed
Oct 22, 2021UTRSListedMinerva Surgical was listed
Oct 22, 2021ARISListedAris Water Solutions was listed
Oct 21, 2021WPGGQDelistedWashington Prime Group was delisted
Oct 21, 2021WPGGQBankruptcyWPGGQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Oct 21, 2021WESymbol ChangeBOWX ticker symbol changed to WE
Oct 21, 2021VTYXListedVentyx Biosciences was listed
Oct 21, 2021TLSAStock SplitVentyx Biosciences was listed
Oct 21, 2021PXListedP10 was listed
Oct 21, 2021PTLOListedPortillo's was listed
Oct 21, 2021MIRSymbol ChangeGSAH ticker symbol changed to MIR
Oct 21, 2021ENFNListedEnfusion was listed
Oct 21, 2021COCOListedVita Coco Company was listed
Oct 20, 2021SICDelistedSelect Interior Concepts was delisted
Oct 20, 2021SDIGListedStronghold Digital Mining was listed
Oct 20, 2021NVTSSymbol ChangeLOKB ticker symbol changed to NVTS
Oct 20, 2021SICAcquisitionSIC was acquired by Sun Capital Partners LLC
Oct 20, 2021CYNListedCyngn was listed
Oct 20, 2021CNTXListedContext Therapeutics was listed
Oct 20, 2021ASTLSymbol ChangeLEGO ticker symbol changed to ASTL
Oct 19, 2021SEATSymbol ChangeHZAC ticker symbol changed to SEAT
Oct 18, 2021SISISymbol ChangeTYHT ticker symbol changed to SISI
Oct 18, 2021SCRDelistedScore Media & Gaming was delisted
Oct 18, 2021ROCCSymbol ChangePVAC ticker symbol changed to ROCC
Oct 18, 2021PMBCDelistedPacific Mercantile Bancorp was delisted
Oct 18, 2021SCRAcquisitionSCR was acquired by PENN
Oct 18, 2021NXTDStock SplitNXTD reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Oct 18, 2021ENJYSymbol ChangeMRAC ticker symbol changed to ENJY
Oct 18, 2021CMODelistedCapstead Mortgage was delisted
Oct 18, 2021BKKTSymbol ChangeVIH ticker symbol changed to BKKT
Oct 18, 2021PMBCAcquisitionPMBC was acquired by BANC
Oct 15, 2021TLGTDelistedTeligent was delisted
Oct 15, 2021TLGTBankruptcyTLGT was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Oct 15, 2021SOJBDelistedSouthern Co. was delisted
Oct 15, 2021SLCTDelistedSelect Bancorp was delisted
Oct 15, 2021SFETStock SplitSelect Bancorp was delisted
Oct 15, 2021INKTListedMink Therapeutics was listed
Oct 15, 2021GSHHYDelistedGuangshen Railway Co Ltd. was delisted
Oct 15, 2021FNAListedParagon 28 was listed
Oct 15, 2021SLCTAcquisitionSLCT was acquired by FBNC
Oct 15, 2021BORNYDelistedChina New Borun was delisted
Oct 15, 2021BORNYBankruptcyBORNY was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Oct 14, 2021XRTXSymbol ChangeXRTXF ticker symbol changed to XRTX
Oct 14, 2021XRTXListedXortx Therapeutics was listed
Oct 14, 2021VGFCSymbol ChangeVRYYF ticker symbol changed to VGFC
Oct 14, 2021VGFCListedVery Good Food Co was listed
Oct 14, 2021NNAAcquisitionNNA was acquired by NMM
Oct 14, 2021GPXAcquisitionGPX was acquired by Learning Technologies Group plc
Oct 14, 2021CSODAcquisitionCSOD was acquired by Clearlake Capital Group Lp
Oct 14, 2021LUCDListedLucid Diagnostics was listed
Oct 14, 2021IHSListedIhs Holding Ltd. was listed
Oct 14, 2021GTLBListedGitlab was listed
Oct 14, 2021GPXDelistedGp Strategies was delisted
Oct 14, 2021CSODDelistedCornerstone Ondemand was delisted
Oct 13, 2021TDADelistedTelephone & Data Systems was delisted
Oct 13, 2021MCHPStock SplitMCHP stock split: 2 for 1
Oct 13, 2021LLLSymbol ChangeKBSF ticker symbol changed to LLL
Oct 13, 2021HCTIListedHealthcare Triangle was listed
Oct 13, 2021CLSTListedCatalyst Bancorp was listed
Oct 13, 2021AVDXListedAvidxchange Holdings was listed
Oct 12, 2021TTDKYStock SplitTTDKY stock split: 3 for 1
Oct 12, 2021PONOSymbol ChangePONOU ticker symbol changed to PONO
Oct 12, 2021LXUStock SplitLXU stock split: 1.3 for 1
Oct 12, 2021IVTSymbol ChangeIARE ticker symbol changed to IVT
Oct 11, 2021GWHSymbol ChangeSTWO ticker symbol changed to GWH
Oct 8, 2021ZDSymbol ChangeJCOM ticker symbol changed to ZD
Oct 8, 2021ZDSpinoffCCSI spun off from ZD
Oct 8, 2021TCNSymbol ChangeTCNGF ticker symbol changed to TCN
Oct 8, 2021TCNListedTricon Residential was listed
Oct 8, 2021PYXSListedPyxis Oncology was listed
Oct 8, 2021ISOListedIsoplexis was listed
Oct 8, 2021CLRDSymbol ChangeSCON ticker symbol changed to CLRD
Oct 8, 2021CGTXListedCognition Therapeutics was listed
Oct 8, 2021CCSISymbol ChangeCCSIV ticker symbol changed to CCSI
Oct 8, 2021CCSIListedConsensus Cloud Solutions was listed
Oct 8, 2021ARBESymbol ChangeITAC ticker symbol changed to ARBE
Oct 7, 2021THRXListedTheseus Pharmaceuticals was listed
Oct 7, 2021SNCESymbol ChangeLSAQ ticker symbol changed to SNCE
Oct 7, 2021CLDRAcquisitionCLDR was acquired by Clayton Dubilier & Rice LLC
Oct 7, 2021LTHListedLife Time Group Holdings was listed
Oct 7, 2021CLDRAcquisitionCLDR was acquired by KKR
Oct 7, 2021CLDRDelistedCloudera was delisted
Oct 6, 2021VLCNListedVolcon was listed
Oct 6, 2021NVEIListedNuvei was listed
Oct 6, 2021LVOSymbol ChangeLIVX ticker symbol changed to LVO
Oct 6, 2021DUKHDelistedDuke Energy was delisted
Oct 5, 2021ZWSSymbol ChangeRXN ticker symbol changed to ZWS
Oct 5, 2021ZWSSpinoffRRX spun off from ZWS
Oct 5, 2021SBBPAcquisitionSBBP was acquired by XERS
Oct 5, 2021SBBPDelistedStrongbridge Biopharma PLC was delisted
Oct 5, 2021RRXSymbol ChangeRBC ticker symbol changed to RRX
Oct 5, 2021MNDTSymbol ChangeFEYE ticker symbol changed to MNDT
Oct 5, 2021ISRGStock SplitISRG stock split: 3 for 1
Oct 5, 2021GIPRSymbol ChangeGIPRU ticker symbol changed to GIPR
Oct 5, 2021CIONListedCion Investment was listed
Oct 5, 2021ARDDelistedArdagh Group SA was delisted
Oct 5, 2021ARDAcquisitionARD was acquired by AMBP
Oct 4, 2021XPROStock SplitXPRO reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Oct 4, 2021WOLFSymbol ChangeCREE ticker symbol changed to WOLF
Oct 4, 2021WBXSymbol ChangeKCAC ticker symbol changed to WBX
Oct 4, 2021STMPDelistedStampscom was delisted
Oct 4, 2021STMPAcquisitionSTMP was acquired by Thoma Bravo Ugp LLC
Oct 4, 2021IECAcquisitionIEC was acquired by Creation Technologies
Oct 4, 2021ITUBSpinoffXP spun off from ITUB
Oct 4, 2021IECDelistedIec Electronics was delisted
Oct 4, 2021CTRASymbol ChangeCOG ticker symbol changed to CTRA
Oct 4, 2021CENQSymbol ChangeCENQU ticker symbol changed to CENQ
Oct 1, 2021XPROSymbol ChangeFI ticker symbol changed to XPRO
Oct 1, 2021USWSStock SplitUSWS reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Oct 1, 2021TDCXListedTdcx was listed
Oct 1, 2021SLVMListedSylvamo was listed
Oct 1, 2021ROIVSymbol ChangeMAAC ticker symbol changed to ROIV
Oct 1, 2021NVNOSymbol ChangeHJLI ticker symbol changed to NVNO
Oct 1, 2021KORESymbol ChangeCTAC ticker symbol changed to KORE
Oct 1, 2021IPSpinoffSLVM spun off from IP
Oct 1, 2021IONQSymbol ChangeDMYI ticker symbol changed to IONQ
Oct 1, 2021INMDStock SplitINMD stock split: 2 for 1
Oct 1, 2021FWRGListedFirst Watch Restaurant Group was listed
Oct 1, 2021EXAIListedExscientia PLC was listed
Sep 30, 2021XECDelistedCimarex Energy Co. was delisted
Sep 30, 2021WPGGQSymbol ChangeWPG ticker symbol changed to WPGGQ
Sep 30, 2021VLNSymbol ChangePTK ticker symbol changed to VLN
Sep 30, 2021VLDSymbol ChangeSPFR ticker symbol changed to VLD
Sep 30, 2021SNTSymbol ChangeMAGS ticker symbol changed to SNT
Sep 30, 2021SHPWSymbol ChangeGLEO ticker symbol changed to SHPW
Sep 30, 2021PROCSymbol ChangeLATN ticker symbol changed to PROC
Sep 30, 2021OLPXListedOlaplex Holdings was listed
Sep 30, 2021LDLAcquisitionLDL was acquired by Unifrax Holding Co.
Sep 30, 2021LDLDelistedLydall was delisted
Sep 30, 2021ALTAAcquisitionALTA was acquired by GBCI
Sep 30, 2021XECAcquisitionXEC was acquired by CTRA
Sep 30, 2021BOCHAcquisitionBOCH was acquired by COLB
Sep 30, 2021BOCHDelistedBank Of Commerce Holdings was delisted
Sep 30, 2021BHILSymbol ChangeSTPC ticker symbol changed to BHIL
Sep 30, 2021ALTADelistedAltabancorp was delisted
Sep 29, 2021WRBYListedWarby Parker was listed
Sep 29, 2021NFGCSymbol ChangeNFGFF ticker symbol changed to NFGC
Sep 29, 2021NFGCListedNew Found Gold was listed
Sep 29, 2021JAXAcquisitionJAX was acquired by Spb Hospitality LLC
Sep 29, 2021MEKAListedMeli Kaszek Pioneer was listed
Sep 29, 2021LMDXSymbol ChangeCAHC ticker symbol changed to LMDX
Sep 29, 2021JAXDelistedJ Alexander's Holdings was delisted
Sep 29, 2021IONMSymbol ChangeARHH ticker symbol changed to IONM
Sep 29, 2021IONMListedAssure Holdings was listed
Sep 29, 2021GFAIListedGuardforce Ai Co Ltd. was listed
Sep 28, 2021TLCDelistedTaiwan Liposome Company Ltd. was delisted
Sep 28, 2021AMPLListedAmplitude was listed
Sep 27, 2021STRCSymbol ChangeROT ticker symbol changed to STRC
Sep 27, 2021JSPRSymbol ChangeAMHC ticker symbol changed to JSPR
Sep 24, 2021HLTHListedCue Health was listed
Sep 24, 2021CWANListedClearwater Analytics Holdings was listed
Sep 24, 2021APOPStock SplitAPOP reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Sep 23, 2021VBNKSymbol ChangeVRRKF ticker symbol changed to VBNK
Sep 23, 2021VBNKListedVersabank was listed
Sep 23, 2021THRNListedThorne Healthtech was listed
Sep 23, 2021SWSSSymbol ChangeSWSSU ticker symbol changed to SWSS
Sep 23, 2021STERListedSterling Check was listed
Sep 23, 2021SOVOListedSovos Brands was listed
Sep 23, 2021RELYListedRemitly Global was listed
Sep 23, 2021MLSymbol ChangeFUSE ticker symbol changed to ML
Sep 23, 2021ESMTListedEngagesmart was listed
Sep 23, 2021BRLTListedBrilliant Earth Group was listed
Sep 23, 2021ARBKListedArgo Blockchain PLC was listed
Sep 22, 2021TOSTListedToast was listed
Sep 22, 2021SOGOAcquisitionSOGO was acquired by TCEHY
Sep 22, 2021SOGODelistedSogou was delisted
Sep 22, 2021RJFStock SplitRJF stock split: 1.5 for 1
Sep 22, 2021GBCSStock SplitGBCS reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Sep 22, 2021FWBISymbol ChangeAZRX ticker symbol changed to FWBI
Sep 22, 2021FRSHListedFreshworks was listed
Sep 22, 2021AKAListedAka Brands Holding was listed
Sep 21, 2021TNTDelistedPeak Fintech Group was delisted
Sep 21, 2021NRDYSymbol ChangePACE ticker symbol changed to NRDY
Sep 21, 2021GRAAcquisitionGRA was acquired by Standard Industries Holdings
Sep 21, 2021GRADelistedW R Grace & Co. was delisted
Sep 20, 2021SNRAcquisitionSNR was acquired by VTR
Sep 20, 2021VATESymbol ChangeHCHC ticker symbol changed to VATE
Sep 20, 2021SNRDelistedNew Senior Investment Group was delisted
Sep 20, 2021RBOTSymbol ChangeDEH ticker symbol changed to RBOT
Sep 20, 2021PUKSpinoffJXN spun off from PUK
Sep 20, 2021MDVAListedModiv was listed
Sep 20, 2021JXNListedJackson Financial was listed
Sep 17, 2021PFBIDelistedPremier Financial Bancorp was delisted
Sep 17, 2021PFBIAcquisitionPFBI was acquired by PEBO
Sep 17, 2021DNASymbol ChangeSRNG ticker symbol changed to DNA
Sep 17, 2021ACHRSymbol ChangeACIC ticker symbol changed to ACHR
Sep 16, 2021SONMStock SplitSONM reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Sep 16, 2021LFGSymbol ChangeRICE ticker symbol changed to LFG
Sep 16, 2021FSFGStock SplitFSFG stock split: 3 for 1
Sep 16, 2021FORGListedForgerock was listed
Sep 16, 2021AROWStock SplitAROW stock split: 1.03 for 1
Sep 16, 2021ACTListedEnact Holdings was listed
Sep 15, 2021TYRAListedTyra Biosciences was listed
Sep 15, 2021TWKSListedThoughtworks Holding was listed
Sep 15, 2021PRCTListedProcept Biorobotics was listed
Sep 15, 2021ONONListedOn Holding Ag was listed
Sep 15, 2021LILMSymbol ChangeQELL ticker symbol changed to LILM
Sep 15, 2021KTTAListedPasithea Therapeutics was listed
Sep 15, 2021GREEListedGreenidge Generation Holdings was listed
Sep 15, 2021EZFLListedEzfill Holdings was listed
Sep 15, 2021DICEListedDice Therapeutics was listed
Sep 15, 2021DHListedDefinitive Healthcare was listed
Sep 15, 2021BROSListedDutch Bros was listed
Sep 14, 2021TBIODelistedTranslate Bio was delisted
Sep 14, 2021SRADListedSportradar Group Ag was listed
Sep 14, 2021SPRTDelistedSupportcom was delisted
Sep 14, 2021TBIOAcquisitionTBIO was acquired by SNY
Sep 14, 2021SGMLSymbol ChangeSGMLF ticker symbol changed to SGML
Sep 14, 2021SGMLListedSigma Lithium was listed
Sep 14, 2021IFFTDelistedInternational Flavors & Fragrances was delisted
Sep 14, 2021HIVESymbol ChangeHVBT ticker symbol changed to HIVE
Sep 14, 2021AEBDelistedAegon Nv was delisted
Sep 13, 2021FWBIStock SplitFWBI reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Sep 10, 2021TNTSymbol ChangePKKFF ticker symbol changed to TNT
Sep 10, 2021TNTListedPeak Fintech Group was listed
Sep 10, 2021TMCSymbol ChangeSOAC ticker symbol changed to TMC
Sep 10, 2021CRXTSymbol ChangeBLUW ticker symbol changed to CRXT
Sep 10, 2021CLOESymbol ChangeCLOEU ticker symbol changed to CLOE
Sep 10, 2021BKSYSymbol ChangeSFTW ticker symbol changed to BKSY
Sep 9, 2021THCPSymbol ChangeTHCPU ticker symbol changed to THCP
Sep 9, 2021SQBGQSymbol ChangeSQBG ticker symbol changed to SQBGQ
Sep 9, 2021OSNDelistedOssen Innovation Co Ltd. was delisted
Sep 9, 2021OSNAcquisitionOSN was acquired by Liang Tang
Sep 9, 2021CLRDStock SplitCLRD reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Sep 9, 2021ATXSSymbol ChangeCATB ticker symbol changed to ATXS
Sep 8, 2021JAGXStock SplitJAGX reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Sep 8, 2021IONMStock SplitIONM reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Sep 7, 2021NWHMDelistedNew Home Co was delisted
Sep 7, 2021ASPASymbol ChangeASPAU ticker symbol changed to ASPA
Sep 7, 2021ARQQSymbol ChangeCENH ticker symbol changed to ARQQ
Sep 7, 2021NWHMAcquisitionNWHM was acquired by APO
Sep 3, 2021RDWSymbol ChangeGNPK ticker symbol changed to RDW
Sep 3, 2021RCORSymbol ChangeCHAQ ticker symbol changed to RCOR
Sep 3, 2021MFNCAcquisitionMFNC was acquired by NCBS
Sep 3, 2021CBBAcquisitionCBB was acquired by Macquarie Infrastructure Partners V Lp
Sep 3, 2021MFNCDelistedMackinac Financial was delisted
Sep 3, 2021GIPRListedGenerationome Properties was listed
Sep 3, 2021CBBDelistedCincinnati Bell was delisted
Sep 2, 2021SLGCSymbol ChangeCMII ticker symbol changed to SLGC
Sep 2, 2021OPADSymbol ChangeSPNV ticker symbol changed to OPAD
Sep 1, 2021SHSPDelistedSharpspring was delisted
Sep 1, 2021COREAcquisitionCORE was acquired by PFGC
Sep 1, 2021SHSPAcquisitionSHSP was acquired by Clearlake Capital Partners LLC
Sep 1, 2021INCRSymbol ChangeIRCLF ticker symbol changed to INCR
Sep 1, 2021INCRListedIntercure Ltd. was listed
Sep 1, 2021COREDelistedCore-Mark Holding Company was delisted
Aug 31, 2021UZADelistedUnited States Cellular was delisted
Aug 31, 2021TDIDelistedTelephone & Data Systems was delisted
Aug 31, 2021STGStock SplitSTG reverse stock split: 1 for 13
Aug 31, 2021STABSymbol ChangeCBLI ticker symbol changed to STAB
Aug 31, 2021ORBCDelistedOrbcomm was delisted
Aug 31, 2021NSRSymbol ChangeNSRXF ticker symbol changed to NSR
Aug 31, 2021NSRListedNomad Royalty Co Ltd. was listed
Aug 31, 2021ORBCAcquisitionORBC was acquired by GI Partners
Aug 31, 2021DDIListedDoubledown Interactive Co Ltd. was listed
Aug 31, 2021CLBTSymbol ChangeTWCT ticker symbol changed to CLBT
Aug 31, 2021CHRBListedCharah Solutions was listed
Aug 31, 2021ACSTStock SplitACST reverse stock split: 1 for 8
Aug 30, 2021SAFDelistedSaratoga Investment was delisted
Aug 30, 2021PFPTDelistedProofpoint was delisted
Aug 30, 2021PFPTAcquisitionPFPT was acquired by Thoma Bravo Ugp LLC
Aug 30, 2021JXNStock SplitJXN stock split: 104960.38363 for 1
Aug 30, 2021FICVSymbol ChangeFICVU ticker symbol changed to FICV
Aug 30, 2021DRUADelistedDominion Energy was delisted
Aug 30, 2021CIFRSymbol ChangeGWAC ticker symbol changed to CIFR
Aug 30, 2021QTSAcquisitionQTS was acquired by BX
Aug 30, 2021ATIFStock SplitATIF reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Aug 27, 2021WAYSDelistedWave Sync was delisted
Aug 27, 2021WAYSBankruptcyWAYS was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021VLTASymbol ChangeSNPR ticker symbol changed to VLTA
Aug 27, 2021TRNXDelistedBbhc was delisted
Aug 27, 2021TRNXBankruptcyTRNX was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021TIXCDelistedTix was delisted
Aug 27, 2021TIXCBankruptcyTIXC was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021SYNEDelistedSynthesis Energy Systems was delisted
Aug 27, 2021SYNEBankruptcySYNE was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021SQLListedSeqll was listed
Aug 27, 2021SPHSDelistedSophiris Bio was delisted
Aug 27, 2021SPHSBankruptcySPHS was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021RHNODelistedRhino Resource Partners Lp was delisted
Aug 27, 2021RHNOBankruptcyRHNO was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021QKLSDelistedQkl Stores was delisted
Aug 27, 2021QKLSBankruptcyQKLS was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021PRXMDelistedProxim Wireless was delisted
Aug 27, 2021PRXMBankruptcyPRXM was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021PRLEDelistedPillarstone Capital Reit was delisted
Aug 27, 2021PRLEBankruptcyPRLE was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021PNRLYDelistedParinga Resources Ltd. was delisted
Aug 27, 2021PNRLYBankruptcyPNRLY was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021NORNQDelistedNoranda Aluminum Holding was delisted
Aug 27, 2021NORNQBankruptcyNORNQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021EXFOAcquisitionEXFO was acquired by Germain Lamonde
Aug 27, 2021KINDelistedKindred Biosciences was delisted
Aug 27, 2021KGJIDelistedKingold Jewelry was delisted
Aug 27, 2021KGJIBankruptcyKGJI was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021IRNTSymbol ChangeDFNS ticker symbol changed to IRNT
Aug 27, 2021ICCMSymbol ChangeICUSF ticker symbol changed to ICCM
Aug 27, 2021ICCMListedIcecure Medical Ltd. was listed
Aug 27, 2021HUMASymbol ChangeAHAC ticker symbol changed to HUMA
Aug 27, 2021HAUPDelistedHauppauge Digital was delisted
Aug 27, 2021HAUPBankruptcyHAUP was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021GDEVSymbol ChangeKSMT ticker symbol changed to GDEV
Aug 27, 2021EXFODelistedExfo was delisted
Aug 27, 2021KINAcquisitionKIN was acquired by ELAN
Aug 27, 2021CZOOSymbol ChangeAJAX ticker symbol changed to CZOO
Aug 27, 2021CNTFYDelistedChina Techfaith Wireless Communication Technology Ltd. was delisted
Aug 27, 2021CNTFYBankruptcyCNTFY was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021BRAGListedBragg Gaming Group was listed
Aug 27, 2021BGMDDelistedBg Medicine was delisted
Aug 27, 2021BGMDBankruptcyBGMD was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021BBUCQDelistedBig Buck Brewery & Steakhouse was delisted
Aug 27, 2021BBUCQBankruptcyBBUCQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021BASXQDelistedBasic Energy Services was delisted
Aug 27, 2021BASXQBankruptcyBASXQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021ASNBDelistedEkimas was delisted
Aug 27, 2021ASNBBankruptcyASNB was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021AGHCDelistedAeon Global Health was delisted
Aug 27, 2021AGHCBankruptcyAGHC was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021ADYXDelistedAdynxx was delisted
Aug 27, 2021ADYXBankruptcyADYX was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021AADIStock SplitAADI reverse stock split: 1 for 15
Aug 27, 2021AADISymbol ChangeARPO ticker symbol changed to AADI
Aug 26, 2021VCONDelistedVicon Industries was delisted
Aug 26, 2021VCONBankruptcyVCON was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021TWERDelistedTowerstream was delisted
Aug 26, 2021TWERBankruptcyTWER was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021SYKEDelistedSykes Enterprises was delisted
Aug 26, 2021SWSSListedSpringwater Special Situations was listed
Aug 26, 2021SPDCDelistedSpeed Commerce was delisted
Aug 26, 2021SPDCBankruptcySPDC was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021SOFTDelistedSoftech was delisted
Aug 26, 2021SOFTBankruptcySOFT was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021RNXTListedRenovorx was listed
Aug 26, 2021PTMNStock SplitPTMN reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Aug 26, 2021PRZMDelistedPrism Technologies Group was delisted
Aug 26, 2021PRZMBankruptcyPRZM was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021PFTIDelistedPuradyn Filter Technologies was delisted
Aug 26, 2021PFTIBankruptcyPFTI was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021PARDDelistedPoniard Pharmaceuticals was delisted
Aug 26, 2021PARDBankruptcyPARD was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021ORYXDelistedOryx Technology was delisted
Aug 26, 2021ORYXBankruptcyORYX was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021SYKEAcquisitionSYKE was acquired by Sitel Worldwide
Aug 26, 2021MXIMDelistedMaxim Integrated Products was delisted
Aug 26, 2021MERRDelistedMerriman Holdings was delisted
Aug 26, 2021MERRBankruptcyMERR was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021MENBDelistedMendocino Brewing Co was delisted
Aug 26, 2021MENBBankruptcyMENB was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021LTECDelistedLoud Technologies was delisted
Aug 26, 2021LTECBankruptcyLTEC was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021LFINDelistedLongfin was delisted
Aug 26, 2021LFINBankruptcyLFIN was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021IAGXDelistedImagenetix was delisted
Aug 26, 2021IAGXBankruptcyIAGX was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021GLUXDelistedGreat Lakes Aviation Ltd. was delisted
Aug 26, 2021GLUXBankruptcyGLUX was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021GLRIDelistedGlori Energy was delisted
Aug 26, 2021GLRIBankruptcyGLRI was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021GAHCDelistedGlobal Arena Holding was delisted
Aug 26, 2021GAHCBankruptcyGAHC was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021FPPPDelistedFieldpoint Petroleum was delisted
Aug 26, 2021FPPPBankruptcyFPPP was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021EFTRSymbol ChangeLWAC ticker symbol changed to EFTR
Aug 26, 2021CVSTDelistedCovista Communications was delisted
Aug 26, 2021CVSTBankruptcyCVST was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021CICNDelistedCicero was delisted
Aug 26, 2021CICNBankruptcyCICN was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021CGIPDelistedCeladon Group was delisted
Aug 26, 2021CGIPBankruptcyCGIP was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021CBKCQDelistedChristopher & Banks was delisted
Aug 26, 2021CBKCQBankruptcyCBKCQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021CACHDelistedCache was delisted
Aug 26, 2021CACHBankruptcyCACH was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 26, 2021AVTXSymbol ChangeCERC ticker symbol changed to AVTX
Aug 26, 2021MXIMAcquisitionMXIM was acquired by ADI
Aug 26, 2021AAIIQDelistedAlabama Aircraft Industries was delisted
Aug 26, 2021AAIIQBankruptcyAAIIQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 25, 2021USCRAcquisitionUSCR was acquired by VMC
Aug 25, 2021USCRDelistedUs Concrete was delisted
Aug 25, 2021SPRCYDelistedScisparc Ltd. was delisted
Aug 25, 2021SMRTSymbol ChangeFWAA ticker symbol changed to SMRT
Aug 25, 2021RKLBSymbol ChangeVACQ ticker symbol changed to RKLB
Aug 24, 2021RNWSymbol ChangeRMGB ticker symbol changed to RNW
Aug 24, 2021NMGXDelistedNano Magic Holdings was delisted
Aug 24, 2021NMGXBankruptcyNMGX was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 24, 2021FATBBListedFat Brands was listed
Aug 24, 2021CORSSymbol ChangeCORS.U ticker symbol changed to CORS
Aug 24, 2021AGILSymbol ChangeLIVK ticker symbol changed to AGIL
Aug 20, 2021XOSSymbol ChangeNGAC ticker symbol changed to XOS
Aug 20, 2021GFAIStock SplitGFAI reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Aug 20, 2021ATXSStock SplitATXS reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Aug 19, 2021EOCWSymbol ChangeEOCW.U ticker symbol changed to EOCW
Aug 18, 2021LIDRSymbol ChangeCFAC ticker symbol changed to LIDR
Aug 18, 2021BASXQSymbol ChangeBASX ticker symbol changed to BASXQ
Aug 17, 2021SPIRSymbol ChangeNSH ticker symbol changed to SPIR
Aug 17, 2021PTSIStock SplitPTSI stock split: 2 for 1
Aug 17, 2021PCLBDelistedPinnacle Bancshares was delisted
Aug 17, 2021BTCSStock SplitBTCS reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Aug 16, 2021OTMOSymbol ChangeSAII ticker symbol changed to OTMO
Aug 16, 2021MIMOSymbol ChangeNBA ticker symbol changed to MIMO
Aug 16, 2021HLBZSymbol ChangeGRNV ticker symbol changed to HLBZ
Aug 13, 2021VQSSymbol ChangeVQSLF ticker symbol changed to VQS
Aug 13, 2021VQSListedViq Solutions was listed
Aug 13, 2021BWL.AAcquisitionBWL.A was acquired by Bowlero
Aug 13, 2021MNTSSymbol ChangeSRAC ticker symbol changed to MNTS
Aug 13, 2021ETDSymbol ChangeETH ticker symbol changed to ETD
Aug 13, 2021DRMAListedDermata Therapeutics was listed
Aug 13, 2021DATSListedDatchat was listed
Aug 13, 2021CENQListedCenaq Energy was listed
Aug 13, 2021BWL.ADelistedBowl America was delisted
Aug 13, 2021AIRODelistedAirspan Networks was delisted
Aug 12, 2021SSBKListedSouthern States Bancshares was listed
Aug 12, 2021SRZNSymbol ChangeCHFW ticker symbol changed to SRZN
Aug 12, 2021RKLYSymbol ChangeSCPE ticker symbol changed to RKLY
Aug 12, 2021MMACAcquisitionMMAC was acquired by Fundamental Advisors LP
Aug 12, 2021MMACDelistedMma Capital Holdings was delisted
Aug 12, 2021LITTSymbol ChangeLITTU ticker symbol changed to LITT
Aug 11, 2021TNGXSymbol ChangeBCTG ticker symbol changed to TNGX
Aug 11, 2021PONOListedPono Capital was listed
Aug 11, 2021LICYSymbol ChangePDAC ticker symbol changed to LICY
Aug 11, 2021JOBYSymbol ChangeRTP ticker symbol changed to JOBY
Aug 10, 2021VIASymbol ChangeSPKE ticker symbol changed to VIA
Aug 10, 2021ELYMListedEliem Therapeutics was listed
Aug 10, 2021CRDLSymbol ChangeCRTPF ticker symbol changed to CRDL
Aug 10, 2021CRDLListedCardiol Therapeutics was listed
Aug 10, 2021ASPAListedAbri Spac I was listed
Aug 6, 2021IVTStock SplitIVT reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Aug 6, 2021AMRBAcquisitionAMRB was acquired by BMRC
Aug 6, 2021AMRBDelistedAmerican River Bankshares was delisted
Aug 6, 2021ADGIListedAdagio Therapeutics was listed
Aug 5, 2021WEBRListedWeber was listed
Aug 5, 2021OBTSymbol ChangeOCBI ticker symbol changed to OBT
Aug 5, 2021OBTListedOrange County Bancorp was listed
Aug 5, 2021GSQBSymbol ChangeGSQB.U ticker symbol changed to GSQB
Aug 5, 2021EWCZListedEuropean Wax Center was listed
Aug 5, 2021CYBNSymbol ChangeCLXPF ticker symbol changed to CYBN
Aug 5, 2021CYBNListedCybin was listed
Aug 5, 2021CHMADelistedChiasma was delisted
Aug 5, 2021CHMAAcquisitionCHMA was acquired by AMYT
Aug 5, 2021AMBPSymbol ChangeGRSV ticker symbol changed to AMBP
Aug 5, 2021AIWDelistedArlington Asset Investment was delisted
Aug 4, 2021WKSPStock SplitWKSP reverse stock split: 1 for 20
Aug 4, 2021SCWOSymbol ChangePWVI ticker symbol changed to SCWO
Aug 4, 2021INDPSymbol ChangeNTEC ticker symbol changed to INDP
Aug 4, 2021IDWListedIdw Media Holdings was listed
Aug 3, 2021WRIDelistedWeingarten Realty Investors was delisted
Aug 3, 2021VSCOListedVictoria's Secret & Co. was listed
Aug 3, 2021STGWSymbol ChangeMDCA ticker symbol changed to STGW
Aug 3, 2021PROSDelistedProsight Global was delisted
Aug 3, 2021PROSAcquisitionPROS was acquired by Towerbrook Capital Partners LLC
Aug 3, 2021ICONAcquisitionICON was acquired by Lancer Capital LLC
Aug 3, 2021WRIAcquisitionWRI was acquired by KIM
Aug 3, 2021ICONDelistedIconix Brand Group was delisted
Aug 3, 2021HIPOSymbol ChangeRTPZ ticker symbol changed to HIPO
Aug 3, 2021ECVTSymbol ChangePQG ticker symbol changed to ECVT
Aug 3, 2021BBWISpinoffVSCO spun off from BBWI
Aug 3, 2021BBWISymbol ChangeLB ticker symbol changed to BBWI
Aug 3, 2021ABVCListedAbvc Biopharma was listed
Aug 2, 2021XPOSpinoffGXO spun off from XPO
Aug 2, 2021SWIStock SplitSWI reverse stock split: 1 for 2
Aug 2, 2021ROVRSymbol ChangeNEBC ticker symbol changed to ROVR
Aug 2, 2021GXOListedGxo Logistics was listed
Aug 2, 2021GEStock SplitGE reverse stock split: 1 for 8
Aug 2, 2021DPROSymbol ChangeDFLYF ticker symbol changed to DPRO
Aug 2, 2021DPROListedDraganfly was listed
Aug 2, 2021CCCSSymbol ChangeDGNR ticker symbol changed to CCCS
Jul 30, 2021TNYAListedTenaya Therapeutics was listed
Jul 30, 2021RXSTListedRxsight was listed
Jul 30, 2021RANIListedRani Therapeutics Holdings was listed
Jul 30, 2021OMGAListedOmega Therapeutics was listed
Jul 30, 2021FLYAcquisitionFLY was acquired by Carlyle Aviation Partners
Jul 30, 2021MXCTListedMaxcyte was listed
Jul 30, 2021INABListedIn8Bio was listed
Jul 30, 2021IMRXListedImmuneering was listed
Jul 30, 2021FTRPListedField Trip Health Ltd. was listed
Jul 30, 2021FRANQDelistedFhc Holdings was delisted
Jul 30, 2021FRANQBankruptcyFRANQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jul 30, 2021FLYDelistedFly Leasing Ltd. was delisted
Jul 30, 2021DOLEListedDole PLC was listed
Jul 30, 2021CYXTSymbol ChangeSVAC ticker symbol changed to CYXT
Jul 29, 2021RSVRSymbol ChangeROCC ticker symbol changed to RSVR
Jul 29, 2021RSKDListedRiskified Ltd. was listed
Jul 29, 2021RLYBListedRallybio was listed
Jul 29, 2021NUVLListedNuvalent was listed
Jul 29, 2021ICVXListedIcosavax was listed
Jul 29, 2021HOODListedRobinhood Markets was listed
Jul 29, 2021DOMASymbol ChangeCAP ticker symbol changed to DOMA
Jul 29, 2021COOKListedTraeger was listed
Jul 28, 2021TLNDDelistedTalend SA was delisted
Jul 28, 2021SNPOListedSnap One Holdings was listed
Jul 28, 2021SBETStock SplitSBET reverse stock split: 1 for 2
Jul 28, 2021SBETSymbol ChangeMTSL ticker symbol changed to SBET
Jul 28, 2021PWSCListedPowerschool Holdings was listed
Jul 28, 2021TLNDAcquisitionTLND was acquired by Thoma Bravo Ugp LLC
Jul 28, 2021MLNKListedMeridianlink was listed
Jul 28, 2021DUOLListedDuolingo was listed
Jul 27, 2021IRCPStock SplitIRCP stock split: 4.29 for 1
Jul 27, 2021INDPStock SplitINDP reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Jul 27, 2021CADLListedCandel Therapeutics was listed
Jul 26, 2021MVSTSymbol ChangeTHCB ticker symbol changed to MVST
Jul 26, 2021LCIDSymbol ChangeCCIV ticker symbol changed to LCID
Jul 26, 2021CYTOSymbol ChangeEARS ticker symbol changed to CYTO
Jul 26, 2021BPYUDelistedBrookfield Property Reit was delisted
Jul 26, 2021BPYDelistedBrookfield Property Partners Lp was delisted
Jul 26, 2021BPYUAcquisitionBPYU was acquired by BAM
Jul 26, 2021BPYAcquisitionBPY was acquired by BAM
Jul 23, 2021XPOFListedXponential Fitness was listed
Jul 23, 2021USCBListedUs Century Bank was listed
Jul 23, 2021SOPHListedSophia Genetics SA was listed
Jul 23, 2021SMFRSymbol ChangeCMLF ticker symbol changed to SMFR
Jul 23, 2021REESymbol ChangeVCVC ticker symbol changed to REE
Jul 23, 2021REAXStock SplitREAX stock split: 4 for 1
Jul 23, 2021OBListedOutbrain was listed
Jul 23, 2021MTTRSymbol ChangeGHVI ticker symbol changed to MTTR
Jul 23, 2021MGRDListedAffiliated Managers Group was listed
Jul 23, 2021GAMBListedGamblingcom Group Ltd. was listed
Jul 23, 2021CTKBListedCytek Biosciences was listed
Jul 23, 2021CRBUListedCaribou Biosciences was listed
Jul 23, 2021CNMListedCore & Main was listed
Jul 22, 2021ZVIAListedZevia Pbc was listed
Jul 22, 2021ZENVListedZenvia was listed
Jul 22, 2021RYANListedRyan Specialty Group Holdings was listed
Jul 22, 2021HOMEAcquisitionHOME was acquired by Hellman & Friedman LLC
Jul 22, 2021MKTWSymbol ChangeACND ticker symbol changed to MKTW
Jul 22, 2021INSTListedInstructure Holdings was listed
Jul 22, 2021HOMEDelistedAt Home Group was delisted
Jul 22, 2021FFIESymbol ChangePSAC ticker symbol changed to FFIE
Jul 22, 2021BGRYSymbol ChangeRAAC ticker symbol changed to BGRY
Jul 22, 2021BASEListedCouchbase was listed
Jul 22, 2021ALSKAcquisitionALSK was acquired by ATNI
Jul 22, 2021ALSKDelistedAlaska Communications Systems Group was delisted
Jul 22, 2021ABSIListedAbsci was listed
Jul 21, 2021VTEXListedVtex was listed
Jul 21, 2021VEEEListedTwin Vee Powercats Co. was listed
Jul 21, 2021TCBCListedTc Bancshares was listed
Jul 21, 2021STLYStock SplitSTLY reverse stock split: 1 for 12
Jul 21, 2021SNAXSymbol ChangeANDA ticker symbol changed to SNAX
Jul 21, 2021PYCRListedPaycor Hcm was listed
Jul 21, 2021OPFISymbol ChangeFGNA ticker symbol changed to OPFI
Jul 21, 2021LAWListedCs Disco was listed
Jul 21, 2021KLTRListedKaltura was listed
Jul 21, 2021FCBPDelistedFirst Choice Bancorp was delisted
Jul 21, 2021FCBPAcquisitionFCBP was acquired by EFSC
Jul 21, 2021ALXNAcquisitionALXN was acquired by AZN
Jul 21, 2021ALXNDelistedAlexion Pharmaceuticals was delisted
Jul 21, 2021AATCSymbol ChangeISNS ticker symbol changed to AATC
Jul 20, 2021WORKDelistedSlack Technologies was delisted
Jul 20, 2021SWISpinoffNABL spun off from SWI
Jul 20, 2021SCVLStock SplitSCVL stock split: 2 for 1
Jul 20, 2021PYCRStock SplitPYCR stock split: 1517.18 for 1
Jul 20, 2021NVDAStock SplitNVDA stock split: 4 for 1
Jul 20, 2021NABLListedN-Able was listed
Jul 20, 2021KAVLStock SplitKAVL reverse stock split: 1 for 12
Jul 20, 2021HCWBListedHcw Biologics was listed
Jul 20, 2021WORKAcquisitionWORK was acquired by CRM
Jul 20, 2021COOKStock SplitCOOK stock split: 10872442.2 for 1
Jul 20, 2021CLOEListedClover Leaf Capital was listed
Jul 19, 2021HYZNSymbol ChangeDCRB ticker symbol changed to HYZN
Jul 19, 2021HLLYSymbol ChangeEMPW ticker symbol changed to HLLY
Jul 19, 2021EVLVSymbol ChangeNHIC ticker symbol changed to EVLV
Jul 19, 2021CELUSymbol ChangeGXGX ticker symbol changed to CELU
Jul 19, 2021AAINListedArlington Asset Investment was listed
Jul 16, 2021TCRXListedTscan Therapeutics was listed
Jul 16, 2021TCBSListedTexas Community Bancshares was listed
Jul 16, 2021STVNListedStevanato Group SpA was listed
Jul 16, 2021RGCListedRegencell Bioscience Holdings Ltd. was listed
Jul 16, 2021PSPCSymbol ChangePSPC.U ticker symbol changed to PSPC
Jul 16, 2021OWLTSymbol ChangeSBG ticker symbol changed to OWLT
Jul 16, 2021KNLAcquisitionKNL was acquired by MLHR
Jul 16, 2021KNLDelistedKnoll was delisted
Jul 16, 2021IMGOListedImago Biosciences was listed
Jul 16, 2021ERASListedErasca was listed
Jul 16, 2021BRDGListedBridge Investment Group Holdings was listed
Jul 16, 2021BLNDListedBlend Labs was listed
Jul 16, 2021BLFYListedBlue Foundry Bancorp was listed
Jul 15, 2021SGHTListedSight Sciences was listed
Jul 15, 2021SERAListedSera Prognostics was listed
Jul 15, 2021RPIDListedRapid Micro Biosystems was listed
Jul 15, 2021PECOListedPhillips Edison & Company was listed
Jul 15, 2021PBBKListedPb Bankshares was listed
Jul 15, 2021MKFGSymbol ChangeAONE ticker symbol changed to MKFG
Jul 15, 2021MCGListedMembership Collective Group was listed
Jul 15, 2021DSSIAcquisitionDSSI was acquired by INSW
Jul 15, 2021HLMNSymbol ChangeLCY ticker symbol changed to HLMN
Jul 15, 2021FXLVListedF45 Training Holdings was listed
Jul 15, 2021FSBWStock SplitFSBW stock split: 2 for 1
Jul 15, 2021ENVXSymbol ChangeRSVA ticker symbol changed to ENVX
Jul 15, 2021DSSIDelistedDiamond S Shipping was delisted
Jul 15, 2021CULLListedCullman Bancorp was listed
Jul 15, 2021BCOWStock SplitBCOW stock split: 1.316 for 1
Jul 14, 2021UPSymbol ChangeASPL ticker symbol changed to UP
Jul 14, 2021CNSTAcquisitionCNST was acquired by MOR
Jul 14, 2021IINNListedInspira Technologies Oxy Bhn Ltd. was listed
Jul 14, 2021CNSTDelistedConstellation Pharmaceuticals was delisted
Jul 14, 2021AUIDStock SplitAUID reverse stock split: 1 for 30
Jul 14, 2021AUIDSymbol ChangeIDTY ticker symbol changed to AUID
Jul 13, 2021UNCYListedUnicycive Therapeutics was listed
Jul 13, 2021SLISymbol ChangeSTLHF ticker symbol changed to SLI
Jul 13, 2021SLIListedStandard Lithium Ltd. was listed
Jul 13, 2021ORIASymbol ChangeORIAU ticker symbol changed to ORIA
Jul 13, 2021NEWADelistedNewater Technology was delisted
Jul 13, 2021NEWAAcquisitionNEWA was acquired by Yuebiao Li
Jul 13, 2021LMNXDelistedLuminex was delisted
Jul 13, 2021ARCOStock SplitARCO stock split: 1.0143 for 1
Jul 12, 2021SUNLSymbol ChangeSPRQ ticker symbol changed to SUNL
Jul 12, 2021PMCBStock SplitPMCB reverse stock split: 1 for 1,493
Jul 12, 2021LSCGDelistedLighting Science Group was delisted
Jul 12, 2021LSCGBankruptcyLSCG was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jul 12, 2021GIWSymbol ChangeGIWWU ticker symbol changed to GIW
Jul 9, 2021TLSASpinoffACMSY spun off from TLSA
Jul 9, 2021SNTGListedSentage Holdings was listed
Jul 9, 2021RNAZListedTranscode Therapeutics was listed
Jul 9, 2021PONDSymbol ChangePOND.U ticker symbol changed to POND
Jul 9, 2021NXTPSymbol ChangeMKGI ticker symbol changed to NXTP
Jul 9, 2021ECTEDelistedEcho Therapeutics was delisted
Jul 9, 2021ECTEBankruptcyECTE was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jul 8, 2021VEVSymbol ChangeBUSXF ticker symbol changed to VEV
Jul 8, 2021VEVListedVicinity Motor was listed
Jul 8, 2021SNFCAStock SplitSNFCA stock split: 1.05 for 1
Jul 8, 2021MSGNDelistedMsg Networks was delisted
Jul 8, 2021MSGNAcquisitionMSGN was acquired by MSGE
Jul 8, 2021MITQListedMoving Image Technologies was listed
Jul 8, 2021FREYSymbol ChangeALUS ticker symbol changed to FREY
Jul 8, 2021AGRIListedAgriforce Growing Systems Ltd. was listed
Jul 6, 2021CCRCAcquisitionCCRC was acquired by Zhili Wang
Jul 6, 2021MDLYDelistedMedley Management was delisted
Jul 6, 2021MDLYBankruptcyMDLY was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jul 6, 2021MDLXDelistedMedley LLC was delisted
Jul 6, 2021MDLQDelistedMedley LLC was delisted
Jul 6, 2021FXLVStock SplitFXLV stock split: 2 for 1
Jul 6, 2021CCRCDelistedChina Customer Relations Centers was delisted
Jul 6, 2021ALITSymbol ChangeWPF ticker symbol changed to ALIT
Jul 2, 2021SHCRSymbol ChangeFCAC ticker symbol changed to SHCR
Jul 2, 2021NYXHListedNyxoah SA was listed
Jul 2, 2021LRFCSymbol ChangeCPTA ticker symbol changed to LRFC
Jul 2, 2021EVGOSymbol ChangeCLII ticker symbol changed to EVGO
Jul 2, 2021ENSCSymbol ChangeLACQ ticker symbol changed to ENSC
Jul 2, 2021BLNDStock SplitBLND reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Jul 2, 2021AVPTSymbol ChangeAPXT ticker symbol changed to AVPT
Jul 1, 2021WTREDelistedWatford Holdings Ltd. was delisted
Jul 1, 2021WAVEListedEco Wave Power Global Ab (Publ) was listed
Jul 1, 2021VRARListedGlimpse Group was listed
Jul 1, 2021STAFStock SplitSTAF reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Jul 1, 2021PRAHDelistedPra Health Sciences was delisted
Jul 1, 2021PNTSymbol ChangeRACA ticker symbol changed to PNT
Jul 1, 2021WTREAcquisitionWTRE was acquired by Kelso & Company Lp
Jul 1, 2021PRAHAcquisitionPRAH was acquired by ICLR
Jul 1, 2021HIVESymbol ChangeHVBTF ticker symbol changed to HIVE
Jul 1, 2021HIVEListedHive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. was listed
Jul 1, 2021HEPSListedD-Market Electronic Services & Trading was listed
Jul 1, 2021GTTDelistedGtt Communications was delisted
Jul 1, 2021FICVListedFrontier Investment was listed
Jul 1, 2021EVCMListedEvercommerce was listed
Jul 1, 2021DTMSymbol ChangeDTM.W ticker symbol changed to DTM
Jul 1, 2021DTMListedDt Midstream was listed
Jul 1, 2021DTESpinoffDTM spun off from DTE
Jul 1, 2021DNUTListedKrispy Kreme was listed
Jul 1, 2021CURVListedTorrid Holdings was listed
Jul 1, 2021CORSListedCorsair Partnering was listed
Jul 1, 2021BSKYSymbol ChangeBSKYU ticker symbol changed to BSKY
Jul 1, 2021ASTRSymbol ChangeHOL ticker symbol changed to ASTR
Jul 1, 2021WTREAcquisitionWTRE was acquired by ACGL
Jul 1, 2021ABOSListedAcumen Pharmaceuticals was listed
Jun 30, 2021YOUListedClear Secure was listed
Jun 30, 2021XMTRListedXometry was listed
Jun 30, 2021THCPListedThunder Bridge Capital Partners Iv was listed
Jun 30, 2021TBLASymbol ChangeIACA ticker symbol changed to TBLA
Jun 30, 2021BPFHAcquisitionBPFH was acquired by SIVB
Jun 30, 2021SListedSentinelone was listed
Jun 30, 2021NAVDelistedNavistar International was delisted
Jun 30, 2021NAVAcquisitionNAV was acquired by Traton Se
Jun 30, 2021LZListedLegalzoomcom was listed
Jun 30, 2021INTAListedIntapp was listed
Jun 30, 2021IASListedIntegral Ad Science Holding was listed
Jun 30, 2021HTZGQDelistedHertz Global Holdings was delisted
Jun 30, 2021HTZGQBankruptcyHTZGQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jun 30, 2021HOFSQDelistedHermitage Offshore Services Ltd. was delisted
Jun 30, 2021HOFSQBankruptcyHOFSQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jun 30, 2021HCXZDelistedHercules Capital was delisted
Jun 30, 2021FSAMDelistedFifth Street Asset Management was delisted
Jun 30, 2021FSAMBankruptcyFSAM was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jun 30, 2021DIDIListedDidi Global was listed
Jun 30, 2021CVRXListedCvrx was listed
Jun 30, 2021CPOPListedPop Culture Group Co Ltd. was listed
Jun 30, 2021BPFHDelistedBoston Private Financial Holdings was delisted
Jun 30, 2021AVTEListedAerovate Therapeutics was listed
Jun 29, 2021ISSymbol ChangeTBA ticker symbol changed to IS
Jun 29, 2021HTHTStock SplitTBA ticker symbol changed to IS
Jun 29, 2021EOCWListedElliott Opportunity Ii was listed
Jun 29, 2021DTJDelistedDte Energy Co. was delisted
Jun 29, 2021DDLListedDingdong (Cayman) Ltd. was listed
Jun 29, 2021DALNSymbol ChangeAHC ticker symbol changed to DALN
Jun 29, 2021CSXStock SplitCSX stock split: 3 for 1
Jun 29, 2021BTTRStock SplitBTTR reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Jun 29, 2021AQNUListedAlgonquin Power & Utilities was listed
Jun 28, 2021TUGCSymbol ChangeTUGCU ticker symbol changed to TUGC
Jun 28, 2021TPSTStock SplitTPST reverse stock split: 1 for 15
Jun 28, 2021TPSTSymbol ChangeMLND ticker symbol changed to TPST
Jun 28, 2021PAYOSymbol ChangeFTOC ticker symbol changed to PAYO
Jun 28, 2021MMATSymbol ChangeTRCH ticker symbol changed to MMAT
Jun 28, 2021MMATStock SplitMMAT reverse stock split: 1 for 2
Jun 28, 2021ELMSSymbol ChangeFIII ticker symbol changed to ELMS
Jun 28, 2021CSGPStock SplitCSGP stock split: 10 for 1
Jun 28, 2021BODYSymbol ChangeFRX ticker symbol changed to BODY
Jun 28, 2021BAMRListedBrookfield Asset Management Reinsurance Partners Ltd. was listed
Jun 25, 2021TKNOListedAlpha Teknova was listed
Jun 25, 2021LINXAcquisitionLINX was acquired by STNE
Jun 25, 2021PWPSymbol ChangeFTIV ticker symbol changed to PWP
Jun 25, 2021ORGNSymbol ChangeAACQ ticker symbol changed to ORGN
Jun 25, 2021MFListedMissfresh Ltd. was listed
Jun 25, 2021MCWListedMister Car Wash was listed
Jun 25, 2021LINXDelistedLinx SA was delisted
Jun 25, 2021GRPHListedGraphite Bio was listed
Jun 25, 2021GMVDListedG Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd. was listed
Jun 25, 2021GHRSListedGh Research PLC was listed
Jun 25, 2021ELEVListedElevation Oncology was listed
Jun 25, 2021CADLStock SplitCADL reverse stock split: 1 for 2
Jun 25, 2021BRSPSymbol ChangeCLNC ticker symbol changed to BRSP
Jun 25, 2021ACXPListedAcurx Pharmaceuticals was listed
Jun 24, 2021MIROListedMiromatrix Medical was listed
Jun 24, 2021GRVIListedGrove was listed
Jun 24, 2021GLUEListedMonte Rosa Therapeutics was listed
Jun 24, 2021DOCSListedDoximity was listed
Jun 24, 2021CFLTListedConfluent was listed
Jun 24, 2021BOTJStock SplitBOTJ stock split: 1.1 for 1
Jun 24, 2021BONListedBon Natural Life Ltd. was listed
Jun 24, 2021BHGListedBright Health Group was listed
Jun 23, 2021TALKSymbol ChangeHEC ticker symbol changed to TALK
Jun 23, 2021FAListedFirst Advantage was listed
Jun 23, 2021CXMListedSprinklr was listed
Jun 22, 2021YMMListedFull Truck Alliance Co Ltd. was listed
Jun 22, 2021MYPSSymbol ChangeACAC ticker symbol changed to MYPS
Jun 22, 2021LVOXSymbol ChangeCRSA ticker symbol changed to LVOX
Jun 22, 2021CURVStock SplitCURV stock split: 110000 for 1
Jun 21, 2021GICSymbol ChangeSYX ticker symbol changed to GIC
Jun 21, 2021BITFSymbol ChangeBFARF ticker symbol changed to BITF
Jun 21, 2021BITFListedBitfarms Ltd. was listed
Jun 18, 2021TRMRListedTremor International Ltd. was listed
Jun 18, 2021REREListedAihuishou International Co Ltd. was listed
Jun 18, 2021RCRTStock SplitRCRT reverse stock split: 1 for 2
Jun 18, 2021CATMAcquisitionCATM was acquired by NCR
Jun 18, 2021IPSCListedCentury Therapeutics was listed
Jun 18, 2021FEMYListedFemasys was listed
Jun 18, 2021FCRZDelistedFirst Eagle Alternative Capital Bdc was delisted
Jun 18, 2021ECCCListedEagle Point Credit Co was listed
Jun 18, 2021DNAYListedCodex Dna was listed
Jun 18, 2021CYTListedCyteir Therapeutics was listed
Jun 18, 2021CATMDelistedCardtronics PLC was delisted
Jun 18, 2021ATAIListedAtai Life Sciences Nv was listed
Jun 18, 2021AMAMListedAmbrx Biopharma was listed
Jun 17, 2021VERVListedVerve Therapeutics was listed
Jun 17, 2021TTDStock SplitTTD stock split: 10 for 1
Jun 17, 2021MESymbol ChangeVGAC ticker symbol changed to ME
Jun 17, 2021LYELListedLyell Immunopharma was listed
Jun 17, 2021ISPCListedIspecimen was listed
Jun 17, 2021GROMSymbol ChangeGRMM ticker symbol changed to GROM
Jun 17, 2021GAMESymbol ChangeMLLLF ticker symbol changed to GAME
Jun 17, 2021GAMEListedEngine Media Holdings was listed
Jun 17, 2021ATIPSymbol ChangeFAII ticker symbol changed to ATIP
Jun 17, 2021AOMRListedAngel Oak Mortgage was listed
Jun 16, 2021XYNODelistedXynomic Pharmaceuticals Holdings was delisted
Jun 16, 2021WKMEListedWalkme Ltd. was listed
Jun 16, 2021STAYDelistedExtended Stay America was delisted
Jun 16, 2021RSLSStock SplitRSLS reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Jun 16, 2021REAXListedReal Brokerage was listed
Jun 16, 2021STAYAcquisitionSTAY was acquired by Blackstone Real Estate Partners
Jun 16, 2021MOLNListedMolecular Partners Ag was listed
Jun 16, 2021MCWStock SplitMCW stock split: 96 for 1
Jun 16, 2021MAPSSymbol ChangeSSPK ticker symbol changed to MAPS
Jun 16, 2021FSKRDelistedFs Kkr Capital Corp Ii was delisted
Jun 16, 2021FSKRAcquisitionFSKR was acquired by FSK
Jun 16, 2021CNVYListedConvey Holding Parent was listed
Jun 16, 2021CHUCStock SplitCHUC reverse stock split: 1 for 100
Jun 16, 2021BTBSymbol ChangeMYT ticker symbol changed to BTB
Jun 15, 2021UZCDelistedUnited States Cellular was delisted
Jun 15, 2021RSLS1Symbol ChangeRSLS ticker symbol changed to RSLS1
Jun 15, 2021RSLS1DelistedReshape Lifesciences was delisted
Jun 15, 2021RSLS1AcquisitionRSLS1 was acquired by RSLS
Jun 15, 2021RSLSSymbol ChangeOBLN ticker symbol changed to RSLS
Jun 15, 2021PTRASymbol ChangeACTC ticker symbol changed to PTRA
Jun 15, 2021HWCCAcquisitionHWCC was acquired by Omni Cable LLC
Jun 15, 2021MNTVSymbol ChangeSVMK ticker symbol changed to MNTV
Jun 15, 2021HWCCDelistedHouston Wire & Cable Co. was delisted
Jun 15, 2021HUTSymbol ChangeHUTMF ticker symbol changed to HUT
Jun 15, 2021HUTListedHut 8 Mining was listed
Jun 15, 2021GSQBListedG Squared Ascend Ii was listed
Jun 15, 2021GRUBSymbol ChangeTKAYY ticker symbol changed to GRUB
Jun 15, 2021GRUBListedJust Eat Takeawaycom Nv was listed
Jun 15, 2021EROSymbol ChangeERRPF ticker symbol changed to ERO
Jun 15, 2021EROListedEro Copper was listed
Jun 15, 2021ALZNListedAlzamend Neuro was listed
Jun 14, 2021SKILSymbol ChangeCCX ticker symbol changed to SKIL
Jun 14, 2021PBYDelistedProspect Capital was delisted
Jun 14, 2021GRUB1DelistedGrubhub was delisted
Jun 14, 2021GRUB1Symbol ChangeGRUB ticker symbol changed to GRUB1
Jun 14, 2021GRUB1AcquisitionGRUB1 was acquired by GRUB
Jun 12, 2021DBRGSymbol ChangeCLNY ticker symbol changed to DBRG
Jun 11, 2021TTESymbol ChangeTOT ticker symbol changed to TTE
Jun 11, 2021TASKListedTaskus was listed
Jun 11, 2021SBEVStock SplitSBEV reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Jun 11, 2021QSISymbol ChangeCAPA ticker symbol changed to QSI
Jun 11, 2021LITTListedLogistics Innovation Technologies was listed
Jun 11, 2021LEAFDelistedLeaf Group Ltd. was delisted
Jun 11, 2021JANXListedJanux Therapeutics was listed
Jun 11, 2021INDISymbol ChangeTHBR ticker symbol changed to INDI
Jun 11, 2021LEAFAcquisitionLEAF was acquired by GHC
Jun 11, 2021CVISpinoffDK spun off from CVI
Jun 11, 2021CRZNSymbol ChangeCRZNU ticker symbol changed to CRZN
Jun 11, 2021BZListedKanzhun Ltd. was listed
Jun 11, 2021ATYSymbol ChangeACUIF ticker symbol changed to ATY
Jun 11, 2021ATYListedAcuityads Holdings was listed
Jun 10, 2021ZETAListedZeta Global Holdings was listed
Jun 10, 2021UPHSymbol ChangeGIX ticker symbol changed to UPH
Jun 10, 2021TIOASymbol ChangeTIOAU ticker symbol changed to TIOA
Jun 10, 2021NESymbol ChangeNBLCF ticker symbol changed to NE
Jun 10, 2021NEListedNoble was listed
Jun 10, 2021NAUTSymbol ChangeARYA ticker symbol changed to NAUT
Jun 10, 2021MNDYListedMondaycom Ltd. was listed
Jun 10, 2021LFSTListedLifestance Health Group was listed
Jun 10, 2021KPLTSymbol ChangeFSRV ticker symbol changed to KPLT
Jun 10, 2021DIBSListed1Stdibscom was listed
Jun 9, 2021MQListedMarqeta was listed
Jun 9, 2021ISAAListedIron Spark I was listed
Jun 9, 2021CMAXSymbol ChangeDFHT ticker symbol changed to CMAX
Jun 8, 2021ZMEListedZhangmen Education was listed
Jun 8, 2021VWESymbol ChangeBSPE ticker symbol changed to VWE
Jun 8, 2021TCFDelistedTcf Financial was delisted
Jun 8, 2021HCAPAcquisitionHCAP was acquired by PTMN
Jun 8, 2021GLOGAcquisitionGLOG was acquired by BlackRock Global Energy & Power Infrastructure
Jun 8, 2021JBISymbol ChangeJIH ticker symbol changed to JBI
Jun 8, 2021HCAPDelistedHarvest Capital Credit was delisted
Jun 8, 2021TCFAcquisitionTCF was acquired by HBAN
Jun 8, 2021GLOGDelistedGaslog Ltd. was delisted
Jun 8, 2021DALNStock SplitDALN reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Jun 7, 2021YOGAQDelistedYogaworks was delisted
Jun 7, 2021YOGAQBankruptcyYOGAQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jun 7, 2021VPGIDelistedVelocity Portfolio Group was delisted
Jun 7, 2021SLHGListedSkylight Health Group was listed
Jun 7, 2021NEOGStock SplitNEOG stock split: 2 for 1
Jun 7, 2021VPGIAcquisitionVPGI was acquired by VPGTP
Jun 7, 2021LTCHSymbol ChangeTSIA ticker symbol changed to LTCH
Jun 7, 2021FMIVSymbol ChangeFMIVU ticker symbol changed to FMIV
Jun 4, 2021PDNLADelistedPresidential Realty was delisted
Jun 4, 2021CTBAcquisitionCTB was acquired by GT
Jun 4, 2021CTBDelistedCooper Tire & Rubber Co. was delisted
Jun 4, 2021CANOSymbol ChangeJWS ticker symbol changed to CANO
Jun 3, 2021OGNSymbol ChangeOGN.W ticker symbol changed to OGN
Jun 3, 2021NSRStock SplitNSR reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Jun 3, 2021CLGXAcquisitionCLGX was acquired by Stone Point Capital LLC
Jun 3, 2021MRKSpinoffOGN spun off from MRK
Jun 3, 2021DLOListedDlocal Ltd. was listed
Jun 3, 2021CMLTSymbol ChangeCMLTU ticker symbol changed to CMLT
Jun 3, 2021CLGXDelistedCorelogic was delisted
Jun 2, 2021WFRDSymbol ChangeWFTLF ticker symbol changed to WFRD
Jun 2, 2021HITISymbol ChangeHITIF ticker symbol changed to HITI
Jun 2, 2021HITIListedHigh Tide was listed
Jun 2, 2021DFODQDelistedDean Foods Co. was delisted
Jun 2, 2021DFODQBankruptcyDFODQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jun 2, 2021BARKSymbol ChangeSTIC ticker symbol changed to BARK
Jun 1, 2021WIFIDelistedBoingo Wireless was delisted
Jun 1, 2021UGICListedUgi was listed
Jun 1, 2021TEFStock SplitTEF stock split: 1.05 for 1
Jun 1, 2021CMDAcquisitionCMD was acquired by STE
Jun 1, 2021SOFISymbol ChangeIPOE ticker symbol changed to SOFI
Jun 1, 2021REAXStock SplitREAX reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Jun 1, 2021WIFIAcquisitionWIFI was acquired by Digital Colony Management LLC
Jun 1, 2021IINNStock SplitIINN reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Jun 1, 2021CMDDelistedCantel Medical was delisted
Jun 1, 2021ADFSymbol ChangeADF.U ticker symbol changed to ADF
May 28, 2021ZIVOStock SplitZIVO reverse stock split: 1 for 80
May 28, 2021TRSTStock SplitTRST reverse stock split: 1 for 5
May 28, 2021STNDDelistedStandard Avb Financial was delisted
May 28, 2021SLHGStock SplitSLHG reverse stock split: 1 for 5
May 28, 2021PTVCBDelistedProtective Insurance was delisted
May 28, 2021PTVCADelistedProtective Insurance was delisted
May 28, 2021PTVCBAcquisitionPTVCB was acquired by PGR
May 28, 2021OSATStock SplitOSAT reverse stock split: 1 for 5
May 28, 2021STNDAcquisitionSTND was acquired by Dollar Mutual Bancorp
May 28, 2021GMTADelistedGatx was delisted
May 28, 2021CTRMStock SplitCTRM reverse stock split: 1 for 10
May 28, 2021CNTAListedCentessa Pharmaceuticals PLC was listed
May 27, 2021KTYBAcquisitionKTYB was acquired by SYBT
May 27, 2021QIPTListedQuipt Home Medical was listed
May 27, 2021OMICListedSingular Genomics Systems was listed
May 27, 2021KTYBDelistedKentucky Bancshares was delisted
May 27, 2021FIGSListedFigs was listed
May 27, 2021FCRXListedFirst Eagle Alternative Capital Bdc was listed
May 27, 2021DAWNListedDay One Biopharmaceuticals was listed
May 26, 2021ZIPListedZiprecruiter was listed
May 26, 2021UZFListedUnited States Cellular was listed
May 26, 2021PSPCListedPost Holdings Partnering was listed
May 26, 2021PAYListedPaymentus Holdings was listed
May 26, 2021NOVNStock SplitNOVN reverse stock split: 1 for 10
May 26, 2021LEGASymbol ChangeLEGAU ticker symbol changed to LEGA
May 26, 2021FXBYDelistedFoxby was delisted
May 26, 2021FLYWListedFlywire was listed
May 26, 2021DYNSListedDynamics Special Purpose was listed
May 26, 2021BIPHListedBrookfield Infrastructure Finance Ulc was listed
May 26, 2021ATVCSymbol ChangeATVCU ticker symbol changed to ATVC
May 25, 2021VMEOSymbol ChangeVMEOV ticker symbol changed to VMEO
May 25, 2021GFNAcquisitionGFN was acquired by URI
May 25, 2021NRXPSymbol ChangeBRPA ticker symbol changed to NRXP
May 25, 2021IACSpinoffVMEO spun off from IAC
May 25, 2021GFNDelistedGeneral Finance was delisted
May 25, 2021BRCNSymbol ChangeBUROF ticker symbol changed to BRCN
May 24, 2021TPCODelistedTribune Publishing Co. was delisted
May 24, 2021SDLPQDelistedSeadrill Partners LLC was delisted
May 24, 2021SDLPQBankruptcySDLPQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
May 24, 2021POLYSymbol ChangePLT ticker symbol changed to POLY
May 24, 2021NMGSymbol ChangeNMGRF ticker symbol changed to NMG
May 24, 2021NMGListedNouveau Monde Graphite was listed
May 24, 2021TPCOAcquisitionTPCO was acquired by Alden Global Capital LLC
May 24, 2021FFGAcquisitionFFG was acquired by Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company
May 24, 2021CUBAcquisitionCUB was acquired by Veritas Capital Management LLC
May 24, 2021FFGDelistedFbl Financial Group was delisted
May 24, 2021CUBDelistedCubic was delisted
May 24, 2021ACTDSymbol ChangeACTDU ticker symbol changed to ACTD
May 21, 2021ONTXStock SplitONTX reverse stock split: 1 for 15
May 20, 2021TETCSymbol ChangeTETCU ticker symbol changed to TETC
May 20, 2021RELVDelistedReliv International was delisted
May 20, 2021PCORListedProcore Technologies was listed
May 20, 2021OWLSymbol ChangeATAC ticker symbol changed to OWL
May 20, 2021OTLYListedOatly Group Ab was listed
May 20, 2021NEWPSymbol ChangeNUPMF ticker symbol changed to NEWP
May 20, 2021NEWPListedNew Pacific Metals was listed
May 20, 2021NEGGSymbol ChangeLLIT ticker symbol changed to NEGG
May 20, 2021BNAUFAcquisitionBNAUF was acquired by EVN.AX
May 19, 2021VMEOListedVimeo was listed
May 19, 2021SQSPListedSquarespace was listed
May 19, 2021SNPXStock SplitSNPX reverse stock split: 1 for 4
May 19, 2021GROMStock SplitGROM reverse stock split: 1 for 32
May 19, 2021GPORListedGulfport Energy was listed
May 19, 2021GIWListedGiginternational1 was listed
May 19, 2021AGGRSymbol ChangeAGGRU ticker symbol changed to AGGR
May 19, 2021ACQRSymbol ChangeACQRU ticker symbol changed to ACQR
May 18, 2021PONDListedAngel Pond Holdings was listed
May 18, 2021PLLStock SplitAngel Pond Holdings was listed
May 18, 2021LCASymbol ChangeLCAHU ticker symbol changed to LCA
May 18, 2021JZXNListedJiuzi Holdings was listed
May 18, 2021GGPISymbol ChangeGGPIU ticker symbol changed to GGPI
May 18, 2021ASRTStock SplitASRT reverse stock split: 1 for 4
May 17, 2021SVFDSymbol ChangeSAFO ticker symbol changed to SVFD
May 17, 2021KSISymbol ChangeKSICU ticker symbol changed to KSI
May 17, 2021GPORQDelistedGulfport Energy was delisted
May 17, 2021GPORQBankruptcyGPORQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
May 14, 2021VERAListedVera Therapeutics was listed
May 14, 2021FLIRAcquisitionFLIR was acquired by TDY
May 14, 2021OGNListedOrganon & Co. was listed
May 14, 2021ATAcquisitionAT was acquired by I Squared Capital Advisors (US) LLC
May 14, 2021AEGNAcquisitionAEGN was acquired by New Mountain Capital LLC
May 14, 2021LVRASymbol ChangeLVRAU ticker symbol changed to LVRA
May 14, 2021FLIRDelistedFlir Systems was delisted
May 14, 2021EJHListedE-Home Household Service Holdings Ltd. was listed
May 14, 2021DTSTStock SplitDTST reverse stock split: 1 for 40
May 14, 2021DBGIListedDigital Brands Group was listed
May 14, 2021CPStock SplitCP stock split: 5 for 1
May 14, 2021ATDelistedAtlantic Power was delisted
May 14, 2021AEGNDelistedAegion was delisted
May 13, 2021SRLStock SplitSRL stock split: 1.09 for 1
May 13, 2021RKTASymbol ChangeRKTA.U ticker symbol changed to RKTA
May 13, 2021QIPTStock SplitQIPT reverse stock split: 1 for 4
May 13, 2021ORIAListedOrion Biotech Opportunities was listed
May 13, 2021LDHASymbol ChangeLDHAU ticker symbol changed to LDHA
May 13, 2021HITIStock SplitHITI reverse stock split: 1 for 15
May 12, 2021SMWBListedSimilarweb Ltd. was listed
May 12, 2021IPWListedIpower was listed
May 12, 2021GLBEListedGlobal-E Online Ltd. was listed
May 11, 2021UZBDelistedUnited States Cellular was delisted
May 11, 2021TDJDelistedTelephone & Data Systems was delisted
May 11, 2021TDEDelistedTelephone & Data Systems was delisted
May 11, 2021FXBYStock SplitFXBY reverse stock split: 1 for 5
May 11, 2021FLGCListedFlora Growth was listed
May 10, 2021RTPYSymbol ChangeRTPYU ticker symbol changed to RTPY
May 10, 2021NBLXDelistedNoble Midstream Partners Lp was delisted
May 10, 2021GLSPTListedGlobal Spac Partners Co. was listed
May 10, 2021NBLXAcquisitionNBLX was acquired by CVX
May 10, 2021BLDESymbol ChangeEXPC ticker symbol changed to BLDE
May 7, 2021ZEVSymbol ChangeGIK ticker symbol changed to ZEV
May 7, 2021WDHListedWaterdrop was listed
May 7, 2021TALSListedTalaris Therapeutics was listed
May 7, 2021OGListedOnion Global Ltd. was listed
May 7, 2021LEVSymbol ChangeNGA ticker symbol changed to LEV
May 7, 2021BWMNListedBowman Consulting Group Ltd. was listed
May 7, 2021ANEBListedAnebulo Pharmaceuticals was listed
May 6, 2021VALNListedValneva Se was listed
May 6, 2021SKINSymbol ChangeVSPR ticker symbol changed to SKIN
May 6, 2021GTPASymbol ChangeGTPAU ticker symbol changed to GTPA
May 6, 2021GOTUSymbol ChangeGSX ticker symbol changed to GOTU
May 5, 2021PRSPDelistedPerspecta was delisted
May 5, 2021PRSPAcquisitionPRSP was acquired by Veritas Capital Management LLC
May 5, 2021HNSTListedHonest Company was listed
May 5, 2021GTPBSymbol ChangeGTPBU ticker symbol changed to GTPB
May 5, 2021FSBCListedFive Star Bancorp was listed
May 5, 2021DTOCSymbol ChangeDTOCU ticker symbol changed to DTOC
May 5, 2021BXGDelistedBluegreen Vacations was delisted
May 5, 2021BXGAcquisitionBXG was acquired by BVH
May 4, 2021GWPHAcquisitionGWPH was acquired by JAZZ
May 4, 2021GWPHDelistedGw Pharmaceuticals PLC was delisted
May 4, 2021FYBRListedFrontier Communications Parent was listed
May 4, 2021ALFListedAlfi was listed
May 3, 2021VALListedValaris Ltd. was listed
May 3, 2021GTXSymbol ChangeGTXMQ ticker symbol changed to GTX
May 3, 2021CIGStock SplitCIG stock split: 1.11497 for 1
May 3, 2021BRBSStock SplitBRBS stock split: 1.5 for 1
May 3, 2021AMOTStock SplitAMOT stock split: 1.5 for 1
Apr 30, 2021WDRDelistedWaddell & Reed Financial was delisted
Apr 30, 2021RNETAcquisitionRNET was acquired by VSAT
Apr 30, 2021VACCListedVaccitech PLC was listed
Apr 30, 2021APHAAcquisitionAPHA was acquired by TLRY
Apr 30, 2021SBIISymbol ChangeSBII.U ticker symbol changed to SBII
Apr 30, 2021RNETDelistedRignet was delisted
Apr 30, 2021WDRAcquisitionWDR was acquired by Macquarie Management Holdings
Apr 30, 2021IPVISymbol ChangeIPVIU ticker symbol changed to IPVI
Apr 30, 2021HOWLListedWerewolf Therapeutics was listed
Apr 30, 2021FTRCQDelistedFrontier Communications was delisted
Apr 30, 2021FTRCQBankruptcyFTRCQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Apr 30, 2021ATERSymbol ChangeMWK ticker symbol changed to ATER
Apr 30, 2021APHADelistedAphria was delisted
Apr 29, 2021TWLVSymbol ChangeTWLVU ticker symbol changed to TWLV
Apr 29, 2021TUGCListedTradeup Global was listed
Apr 29, 2021STEMSymbol ChangeSTPK ticker symbol changed to STEM
Apr 29, 2021SMRTQDelistedStein Mart was delisted
Apr 29, 2021SMRTQBankruptcySMRTQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Apr 29, 2021PRVAListedPrivia Health Group was listed
Apr 29, 2021FRSGSymbol ChangeFRSGU ticker symbol changed to FRSG
Apr 29, 2021EDRListedEndeavor Group Holdings was listed
Apr 29, 2021BSKYListedBig Sky Growth Partners was listed
Apr 29, 2021AVAHListedAveanna Healthcare Holdings was listed
Apr 28, 2021UROYListedUranium Royalty was listed
Apr 28, 2021PALISymbol ChangeSNCA ticker symbol changed to PALI
Apr 28, 2021PALIStock SplitPALI reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Apr 28, 2021GLUUDelistedGlu Mobile was delisted
Apr 28, 2021FTCIListedFtc Solar was listed
Apr 28, 2021ELPStock SplitELP reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Apr 28, 2021GLUUAcquisitionGLUU was acquired by EA
Apr 27, 2021VALPQDelistedValaris PLC was delisted
Apr 27, 2021VALPQBankruptcyVALPQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Apr 27, 2021NUWESymbol ChangeCHFS ticker symbol changed to NUWE
Apr 27, 2021NSPRStock SplitNSPR reverse stock split: 1 for 15
Apr 27, 2021MNMDSymbol ChangeMMEDF ticker symbol changed to MNMD
Apr 27, 2021GLBLSymbol ChangeGLBLU ticker symbol changed to GLBL
Apr 27, 2021BYRNStock SplitBYRN reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Apr 27, 2021ATLSDelistedAtlas Energy Group LLC was delisted
Apr 27, 2021ATLSBankruptcyATLS was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Apr 26, 2021WPCBSymbol ChangeWPCB.U ticker symbol changed to WPCB
Apr 26, 2021MACCSymbol ChangeMACC.U ticker symbol changed to MACC
Apr 26, 2021IPVFSymbol ChangeIPVF.U ticker symbol changed to IPVF
Apr 26, 2021GIIXSymbol ChangeGIIXU ticker symbol changed to GIIX
Apr 26, 2021DMYQSymbol ChangeDMYQ.U ticker symbol changed to DMYQ
Apr 26, 2021ATSPTListedArchimedes Tech Spac Partners Co. was listed
Apr 23, 2021WPCASymbol ChangeWPCA.U ticker symbol changed to WPCA
Apr 23, 2021TMCIListedTreace Medical Concepts was listed
Apr 23, 2021SWIMListedLatham Group was listed
Apr 23, 2021SNDEQDelistedSundance Energy was delisted
Apr 23, 2021SNDEQBankruptcySNDEQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Apr 23, 2021SLGCSymbol ChangeCMIIU ticker symbol changed to SLGC
Apr 23, 2021RAINListedRain Therapeutics was listed
Apr 23, 2021IMPLListedImpel Neuropharma was listed
Apr 23, 2021HTFADelistedHorizon Technology Finance was delisted
Apr 23, 2021DOFSQDelistedDiamond Offshore Drilling was delisted
Apr 23, 2021DOFSQBankruptcyDOFSQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Apr 23, 2021DHBCSymbol ChangeDHBCU ticker symbol changed to DHBC
Apr 23, 2021AGTISymbol ChangeAGLY ticker symbol changed to AGTI
Apr 23, 2021AGTIListedAgiliti was listed
Apr 22, 2021ZYListedZymergen was listed
Apr 22, 2021NSTDSymbol ChangeNSTD.U ticker symbol changed to NSTD
Apr 22, 2021NSTCSymbol ChangeNSTC.U ticker symbol changed to NSTC
Apr 22, 2021NPCEListedNeuropace was listed
Apr 22, 2021NIMCListedNisource was listed
Apr 22, 2021KNBEListedKnowbe4 was listed
Apr 22, 2021CGRNSymbol ChangeCPST ticker symbol changed to CGRN
Apr 22, 2021AMPISymbol ChangeAMPI.U ticker symbol changed to AMPI
Apr 21, 2021SKYTListedSkywater Technology was listed
Apr 21, 2021RPDelistedRealpage was delisted
Apr 21, 2021GNMKAcquisitionGNMK was acquired by RHHBY
Apr 21, 2021PATHListedUipath was listed
Apr 21, 2021RPAcquisitionRP was acquired by Thoma Bravo Ugp LLC
Apr 21, 2021CRHMAcquisitionCRHM was acquired by Well Health Technologies
Apr 21, 2021KKRSListedKkr Group Finance Co Ix LLC was listed
Apr 21, 2021GNMKDelistedGenmark Diagnostics was delisted
Apr 21, 2021GENISymbol ChangeDMYD ticker symbol changed to GENI
Apr 21, 2021EGLXSymbol ChangeENGMF ticker symbol changed to EGLX
Apr 21, 2021EGLXListedEnthusiast Gaming Holdings was listed
Apr 21, 2021DVListedDoubleverify Holdings was listed
Apr 21, 2021CRHMDelistedCrh Medical was delisted
Apr 21, 2021CCURDelistedCcur Holdings was delisted
Apr 20, 2021EGOVAcquisitionEGOV was acquired by TYL
Apr 20, 2021TRKAListedTroika Media Group was listed
Apr 20, 2021CBPOAcquisitionCBPO was acquired by CBPO Holdings Limited
Apr 20, 2021IPHIAcquisitionIPHI was acquired by MRVL
Apr 20, 2021IPHIDelistedInphi was delisted
Apr 20, 2021IFBDListedInfobird Co Ltd. was listed
Apr 20, 2021IBERSymbol ChangeIBER.U ticker symbol changed to IBER
Apr 20, 2021HIIISymbol ChangeHIIIU ticker symbol changed to HIII
Apr 20, 2021EGOVDelistedNic was delisted
Apr 20, 2021CBPODelistedChina Biologic Products Holdings was delisted
Apr 20, 2021BTCMSymbol ChangeWBAI ticker symbol changed to BTCM
Apr 19, 2021WBXSymbol ChangeKCAC.U ticker symbol changed to WBX
Apr 19, 2021RUHNDelistedRuhnn Holding Ltd. was delisted
Apr 19, 2021RUHNAcquisitionRUHN was acquired by Min Feng
Apr 19, 2021MYMDStock SplitMYMD reverse stock split: 1 for 2
Apr 19, 2021MYMDSymbol ChangeAKER ticker symbol changed to MYMD
Apr 19, 2021LIIISymbol ChangeLIII.U ticker symbol changed to LIII
Apr 19, 2021LGOSymbol ChangeLGORF ticker symbol changed to LGO
Apr 19, 2021LGOListedLargo Resources Ltd. was listed
Apr 19, 2021DNASymbol ChangeSRNGU ticker symbol changed to DNA
Apr 19, 2021CTLPSymbol ChangeUSAT ticker symbol changed to CTLP
Apr 19, 2021BBDStock SplitBBD stock split: 1.1 for 1
Apr 16, 2021SLAMSymbol ChangeSLAMU ticker symbol changed to SLAM
Apr 16, 2021RXRXListedRecursion Pharmaceuticals was listed
Apr 16, 2021COLISymbol ChangeCOLIU ticker symbol changed to COLI
Apr 16, 2021BMEAListedBiomea Fusion was listed
Apr 16, 2021BEPHListedBrookfield Brp Holdings (Canada) was listed
Apr 16, 2021AKYAListedAkoya Biosciences was listed
Apr 15, 2021WHHTDelistedWonhe High-Tech International was delisted
Apr 15, 2021WHHTBankruptcyWHHT was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Apr 15, 2021TSPListedTusimple Holdings was listed
Apr 15, 2021GMLPAcquisitionGMLP was acquired by NFE
Apr 15, 2021KRTListedKarat Packaging was listed
Apr 15, 2021GSEVSymbol ChangeGSEVU ticker symbol changed to GSEV
Apr 15, 2021GMLPDelistedGolar Lng Partners Lp was delisted
Apr 15, 2021FPRXDelistedFive Prime Therapeutics was delisted
Apr 15, 2021EBETListedEsports Technologies was listed
Apr 15, 2021CGAUSymbol ChangeCAGDF ticker symbol changed to CGAU
Apr 15, 2021CGAUListedCenterra Gold was listed
Apr 15, 2021APPListedApplovin was listed
Apr 15, 2021FPRXAcquisitionFPRX was acquired by AMGN
Apr 15, 2021AGLListedAgilon Health was listed
Apr 14, 2021YTPGListedTpg Pace Beneficial Ii was listed
Apr 14, 2021VARDelistedVarian Medical Systems was delisted
Apr 14, 2021VARAcquisitionVAR was acquired by SMMNY
Apr 14, 2021SJIUDelistedSouth Jersey Industries was delisted
Apr 14, 2021OXLCO1Symbol ChangeOXLCO ticker symbol changed to OXLCO1
Apr 14, 2021OXLCO1DelistedOxford Lane Capital was delisted
Apr 14, 2021CKHAcquisitionCKH was acquired by American Industrial Partners
Apr 14, 2021MIKDelistedMichaels Companies was delisted
Apr 14, 2021COINListedCoinbase Global was listed
Apr 14, 2021CKHDelistedSeacor Holdings was delisted
Apr 14, 2021MIKAcquisitionMIK was acquired by APO
Apr 14, 2021ALKTListedAlkami Technology was listed
Apr 9, 2021VECTListedVectivbio Holding Ag was listed
Apr 9, 2021TPGSListedTpg Pace Solutions was listed
Apr 9, 2021RPHMListedReneo Pharmaceuticals was listed
Apr 9, 2021AUDSymbol ChangeETM ticker symbol changed to AUD
Apr 9, 2021ADFListedAldel Financial was listed
Apr 8, 2021TIOAListedTio Tech A was listed
Apr 8, 2021AVNWStock SplitAVNW stock split: 2 for 1
Apr 7, 2021HTFBListedHorizon Technology Finance was listed
Apr 7, 2021EMGCQDelistedEmergent Capital was delisted
Apr 7, 2021EMGCQBankruptcyEMGCQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Apr 7, 2021CMLTListedCm Life Sciences Iii was listed
Apr 7, 2021ASTSSymbol ChangeNPA ticker symbol changed to ASTS
Apr 6, 2021UTMEListedUtime Ltd. was listed
Apr 6, 2021SCOBSymbol ChangeSCOBU ticker symbol changed to SCOB
Apr 6, 2021PWONDelistedPowin Energy was delisted
Apr 6, 2021PWONAcquisitionPWON was acquired by Trilantic North America
Apr 6, 2021MTSCDelistedMts Systems was delisted
Apr 6, 2021INVZSymbol ChangeCGRO ticker symbol changed to INVZ
Apr 6, 2021GEENQDelistedGlobal Eagle Entertainment was delisted
Apr 6, 2021GEENQBankruptcyGEENQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Apr 6, 2021ENNVSymbol ChangeENNVU ticker symbol changed to ENNV
Apr 6, 2021MTSCAcquisitionMTSC was acquired by APH
Apr 5, 2021TSIBSymbol ChangeTSIBU ticker symbol changed to TSIB
Apr 5, 2021PSDelistedPluralsight was delisted
Apr 5, 2021PSAcquisitionPS was acquired by Vista Equity Partners Management LLC
Apr 5, 2021APEXAcquisitionAPEX was acquired by Galaxy Universal LLC
Apr 5, 2021GIGSymbol ChangeGIGGU ticker symbol changed to GIG
Apr 5, 2021FOASymbol ChangeRPLA ticker symbol changed to FOA
Apr 5, 2021CVIISymbol ChangeCVII.U ticker symbol changed to CVII
Apr 5, 2021CTOSSymbol ChangeNSCO ticker symbol changed to CTOS
Apr 5, 2021CRBODelistedCarbon Energy was delisted
Apr 5, 2021CHAASymbol ChangeCHAA.U ticker symbol changed to CHAA
Apr 5, 2021CGIPSymbol ChangeCGIPQ ticker symbol changed to CGIP
Apr 5, 2021CCVISymbol ChangeCCVI.U ticker symbol changed to CCVI
Apr 5, 2021APGBSymbol ChangeAPGB.U ticker symbol changed to APGB
Apr 5, 2021APEXDelistedApex Global Brands was delisted
Apr 1, 2021ULCCListedFrontier Group Holdings was listed
Apr 1, 2021TPVYDelistedTriplepoint Venture Growth Bdc was delisted
Apr 1, 2021TBCPSymbol ChangeTBCPU ticker symbol changed to TBCP
Apr 1, 2021SONYSymbol ChangeSNE ticker symbol changed to SONY
Apr 1, 2021SMTXDelistedSmtc was delisted
Apr 1, 2021SHWStock SplitSHW stock split: 3 for 1
Apr 1, 2021PICCSymbol ChangePICC.U ticker symbol changed to PICC
Apr 1, 2021NMTCStock SplitNMTC reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Apr 1, 2021SMTXAcquisitionSMTX was acquired by Hig Capital LLC
Apr 1, 2021KRNLSymbol ChangeKRNLU ticker symbol changed to KRNL
Apr 1, 2021KAROListedKarooooo Ltd. was listed
Apr 1, 2021HPRDelistedHighpoint Resources was delisted
Apr 1, 2021HFBLStock SplitHFBL stock split: 2 for 1
Apr 1, 2021EMListedSmart Share Global Ltd. was listed
Apr 1, 2021COMPListedCompass was listed
Apr 1, 2021HPRAcquisitionHPR was acquired by BCEI
Apr 1, 2021ARQQSymbol ChangeCENHU ticker symbol changed to ARQQ
Mar 31, 2021VYNTSymbol ChangeCGIX ticker symbol changed to VYNT
Mar 31, 2021FBSSAcquisitionFBSS was acquired by VABK
Mar 31, 2021SYNCDelistedSynacor was delisted
Mar 31, 2021PSFESymbol ChangeBFT ticker symbol changed to PSFE
Mar 31, 2021PANDDelistedPandion Therapeutics was delisted
Mar 31, 2021OTELDelistedOtelco was delisted
Mar 31, 2021NMCIAcquisitionNMCI was acquired by NMM
Mar 31, 2021NMCIDelistedNavios Maritime Containers Lp was delisted
Mar 31, 2021SYNCAcquisitionSYNC was acquired by Centre Lane Partners LLC
Mar 31, 2021OTELAcquisitionOTEL was acquired by Oak Hill Capital Partners L P
Mar 31, 2021HMSYAcquisitionHMSY was acquired by Gainwell Technologies
Mar 31, 2021PANDAcquisitionPAND was acquired by MRK
Mar 31, 2021HMSYDelistedHms Holdings was delisted
Mar 31, 2021FRSTSymbol ChangeSONA ticker symbol changed to FRST
Mar 31, 2021FBSSDelistedFauquier Bankshares was delisted
Mar 31, 2021COURListedCoursera was listed
Mar 31, 2021AUIDListedIpsidy was listed
Mar 31, 2021AUGXListedAugmedix was listed
Mar 31, 2021ACHLListedAchilles Therapeutics PLC was listed
Mar 30, 2021TWOAListedTwo was listed
Mar 30, 2021RILYZ1Symbol ChangeRILYZ ticker symbol changed to RILYZ1
Mar 30, 2021RILYZ1DelistedB Riley Financial was delisted
Mar 30, 2021RILYKListedB Riley Financial was listed
Mar 30, 2021PRPCSymbol ChangePRPC.U ticker symbol changed to PRPC
Mar 30, 2021OTLCSymbol ChangeMATN ticker symbol changed to OTLC
Mar 30, 2021HCIISymbol ChangeHCIIU ticker symbol changed to HCII
Mar 30, 2021FGPRQDelistedFerrellgas Partners L P was delisted
Mar 30, 2021FGPRQBankruptcyFGPRQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Mar 30, 2021AXODelistedAxos Financial was delisted
Mar 29, 2021VEVStock SplitVEV reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Mar 29, 2021NXUSymbol ChangeNXU.U ticker symbol changed to NXU
Mar 29, 2021ECCWListedEagle Point Credit Co was listed
Mar 29, 2021DHHCSymbol ChangeDHHCU ticker symbol changed to DHHC
Mar 29, 2021ACIISymbol ChangeACII.U ticker symbol changed to ACII
Mar 26, 2021ZHListedZhihu was listed
Mar 26, 2021UROVDelistedUrovant Sciences Ltd. was delisted
Mar 26, 2021TDUPListedThredup was listed
Mar 26, 2021UROVAcquisitionUROV was acquired by Sumitovant Biopharma Ltd.
Mar 26, 2021IKNAListedIkena Oncology was listed
Mar 26, 2021HYWListedHywin Holdings Ltd. was listed
Mar 26, 2021GSQDSymbol ChangeGSQD.U ticker symbol changed to GSQD
Mar 26, 2021GENNSymbol ChangeGEN ticker symbol changed to GENN
Mar 26, 2021EWTXListedEdgewise Therapeutics was listed
Mar 26, 2021ENPCStock SplitENPC stock split: 2.5 for 1
Mar 26, 2021DSGNListedDesign Therapeutics was listed
Mar 26, 2021BTXSymbol ChangeNTN ticker symbol changed to BTX
Mar 26, 2021BTXStock SplitBTX reverse stock split: 1 for 2
Mar 26, 2021ALHCListedAlignment Healthcare was listed
Mar 25, 2021WMPNListedWilliam Penn Bancorporation was listed
Mar 25, 2021VZIOListedVizio Holding was listed
Mar 25, 2021SJIVSymbol ChangeSJIIU ticker symbol changed to SJIV
Mar 25, 2021SJIVListedSouth Jersey Industries was listed
Mar 25, 2021SEMRListedSemrush Holdings was listed
Mar 25, 2021RCPDelistedReady Capital was delisted
Mar 25, 2021OLKListedOlink Holding Ab (Publ) was listed
Mar 25, 2021GSUMAcquisitionGSUM was acquired by Guosheng Qi
Mar 25, 2021LVTXListedLava Therapeutics Nv was listed
Mar 25, 2021LCAListedLandcadia Holdings Iv was listed
Mar 25, 2021GSUMDelistedGridsum Holding was delisted
Mar 25, 2021EEIQListedElite Education Group International Ltd. was listed
Mar 25, 2021DSEYListedDiversey Holdings Ltd. was listed
Mar 25, 2021CRCTListedCricut was listed
Mar 25, 2021ARVLSymbol ChangeCIIC ticker symbol changed to ARVL
Mar 24, 2021NMGStock SplitNMG reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Mar 24, 2021DOCNListedDigitalocean Holdings was listed
Mar 24, 2021CRZNListedCorazon Capital V838 Monoceros was listed
Mar 24, 2021ALHCStock SplitALHC stock split: 260 for 1
Mar 24, 2021AFCDelistedAllied Capital was delisted
Mar 24, 2021ACVAListedAcv Auctions was listed
Mar 23, 2021UPCListedUniverse Pharmaceuticals was listed
Mar 23, 2021RKTAListedRocket Internet Growth Opportunities was listed
Mar 23, 2021NVVESymbol ChangeNBAC ticker symbol changed to NVVE
Mar 23, 2021MOVEListedMovano was listed
Mar 23, 2021LEGAListedLead Edge Growth Opportunities Ltd. was listed
Mar 23, 2021JENGQSymbol ChangeJE ticker symbol changed to JENGQ
Mar 23, 2021GGPIListedGores Guggenheim was listed
Mar 23, 2021DGNUListedDragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp Iii was listed
Mar 23, 2021ACTDListedArclight Clean Transition Corp Ii was listed
Mar 22, 2021SINADelistedSina was delisted
Mar 22, 2021NOTVSymbol ChangeBASI ticker symbol changed to NOTV
Mar 22, 2021SINAAcquisitionSINA was acquired by Charles Chao
Mar 22, 2021MITSymbol ChangeMIT.U ticker symbol changed to MIT
Mar 22, 2021LBPSSymbol ChangeLOAC ticker symbol changed to LBPS
Mar 22, 2021FSSISymbol ChangeFSSIU ticker symbol changed to FSSI
Mar 19, 2021TILListedInstil Bio was listed
Mar 19, 2021SNDEQSymbol ChangeSNDE ticker symbol changed to SNDEQ
Mar 19, 2021ANHAcquisitionANH was acquired by RC
Mar 19, 2021NEOSDelistedNeos Therapeutics was delisted
Mar 19, 2021LVRAListedLevere Holdings was listed
Mar 19, 2021LMDXSymbol ChangeCAHCU ticker symbol changed to LMDX
Mar 19, 2021LDHAListedLdh Growth Corp I was listed
Mar 19, 2021FNCHListedFinch Therapeutics Group was listed
Mar 19, 2021CNTBListedConnect Biopharma Holdings Ltd. was listed
Mar 19, 2021NEOSAcquisitionNEOS was acquired by AYTU
Mar 19, 2021ANHDelistedAnworth Mortgage Asset was delisted
Mar 19, 2021AFCGListedAfc Gamma was listed
Mar 18, 2021VEIListedVine Energy was listed
Mar 18, 2021TUYAListedTuya was listed
Mar 18, 2021TCOMStock SplitTuya was listed
Mar 18, 2021RACBListedResearch Alliance Corp Ii was listed
Mar 18, 2021PCTSymbol ChangeROCH ticker symbol changed to PCT
Mar 18, 2021OEPWSymbol ChangeOEPWU ticker symbol changed to OEPW
Mar 18, 2021OCSIAcquisitionOCSI was acquired by OCSL
Mar 18, 2021OCSIDelistedOaktree Strategic Income was delisted
Mar 18, 2021NAPAListedDuckhorn Portfolio was listed
Mar 18, 2021IINNStock SplitIINN reverse stock split: 1 for 13
Mar 18, 2021HLAHSymbol ChangeHLAHU ticker symbol changed to HLAH
Mar 18, 2021GANXListedGain Therapeutics was listed
Mar 18, 2021FMIVListedForum Merger Iv was listed
Mar 18, 2021ELPStock SplitELP stock split: 10 for 1
Mar 17, 2021TETCListedTech & Energy Transition was listed
Mar 17, 2021SNCYListedSun Country Airlines Holdings was listed
Mar 17, 2021RLHDelistedRed Lion Hotels was delisted
Mar 17, 2021OLOListedOlo was listed
Mar 17, 2021RLHAcquisitionRLH was acquired by Sonesta International Hotels
Mar 17, 2021DLAcquisitionDL was acquired by Champion Distance Education Investments Limited
Mar 17, 2021KSIListedKadem Sustainable Impact was listed
Mar 17, 2021JWELListedJowell Global Ltd. was listed
Mar 17, 2021JCICSymbol ChangeJCICU ticker symbol changed to JCIC
Mar 17, 2021GBNHSymbol ChangeGBOKF ticker symbol changed to GBNH
Mar 17, 2021GBNHListedGreenbrook Tms was listed
Mar 17, 2021DLDelistedChina Distance Education Holdings Ltd. was delisted
Mar 17, 2021CMMBStock SplitCMMB reverse stock split: 1 for 16
Mar 17, 2021CMMBSymbol ChangeANCN ticker symbol changed to CMMB
Mar 16, 2021RTPYListedReinvent Technology Partners Y was listed
Mar 16, 2021QEPDelistedQep Resources was delisted
Mar 16, 2021MIGISymbol ChangeWIZP ticker symbol changed to MIGI
Mar 16, 2021QEPAcquisitionQEP was acquired by FANG
Mar 15, 2021VRNSStock SplitVRNS stock split: 3 for 1
Mar 15, 2021PYRListedPyrogenesis Canada was listed
Mar 15, 2021OUSTSymbol ChangeCLA ticker symbol changed to OUST
Mar 15, 2021LEEStock SplitLEE reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Mar 15, 2021GMIISymbol ChangeGMIIU ticker symbol changed to GMII
Mar 15, 2021GMBTSymbol ChangeGMBTU ticker symbol changed to GMBT
Mar 15, 2021DNKDelistedPhoenix Tree Holdings Ltd. was delisted
Mar 15, 2021AEVASymbol ChangeIPV ticker symbol changed to AEVA
Mar 15, 2021AESCSymbol ChangeAESUU ticker symbol changed to AESC
Mar 15, 2021AESCListedAes was listed
Mar 12, 2021VIEDelistedViela Bio was delisted
Mar 12, 2021RXDXListedPrometheus Biosciences was listed
Mar 12, 2021MITCListedMeatech 3D Ltd. was listed
Mar 12, 2021LBPHListedLongboard Pharmaceuticals was listed
Mar 12, 2021JOANListedJoann was listed
Mar 12, 2021VIEAcquisitionVIE was acquired by HZNP
Mar 12, 2021HAYWListedHayward Holdings was listed
Mar 12, 2021GTPBListedGores Technology Partners Ii was listed
Mar 12, 2021GTPAListedGores Technology Partners was listed
Mar 12, 2021EDUStock SplitEDU stock split: 10 for 1
Mar 12, 2021AIZPDelistedAssurant was delisted
Mar 11, 2021DCMYYAcquisitionDCMYY was acquired by NTTYY
Mar 11, 2021FHSListedFirst High-School Education Group Co Ltd. was listed
Mar 11, 2021DCMYYDelistedNtt Docomo was delisted
Mar 11, 2021CSANListedCosan SA was listed
Mar 11, 2021CPNGListedCoupang was listed
Mar 10, 2021SBIIListedSandbridge X2 was listed
Mar 10, 2021RBLXListedRoblox was listed
Mar 10, 2021LKSDQDelistedLsc Communications was delisted
Mar 10, 2021LKSDQBankruptcyLKSDQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Mar 10, 2021IBRXSymbol ChangeNK ticker symbol changed to IBRX
Mar 10, 2021DTOCListedDigital Transformation Opportunities was listed
Mar 10, 2021AGGRListedAgile Growth was listed
Mar 9, 2021VWTRSymbol ChangePICO ticker symbol changed to VWTR
Mar 9, 2021VIEWSymbol ChangeCFII ticker symbol changed to VIEW
Mar 9, 2021SVFCListedSvf Investment Corp 3 was listed
Mar 9, 2021SVFBListedSvf Investment Corp 2 was listed
Mar 9, 2021NAPAStock SplitNAPA stock split: 1017134.6 for 1
Mar 9, 2021GROYListedGold Royalty was listed
Mar 9, 2021FINMSymbol ChangeFINMU ticker symbol changed to FINM
Mar 9, 2021ACQRListedIndependence Holdings was listed
Mar 8, 2021STRCSymbol ChangeROT.U ticker symbol changed to STRC
Mar 8, 2021HCICSymbol ChangeHCICU ticker symbol changed to HCIC
Mar 8, 2021HCCCSymbol ChangeHCCCU ticker symbol changed to HCCC
Mar 8, 2021GTMMDelistedGuitammer Co. was delisted
Mar 8, 2021FERGListedFerguson PLC was listed
Mar 8, 2021CLASSymbol ChangeCLAS.U ticker symbol changed to CLAS
Mar 8, 2021CEODelistedCnooc Ltd. was delisted
Mar 8, 2021CBDSpinoffASAI spun off from CBD
Mar 8, 2021ASNAQDelistedMahwah Bergen Retail Group was delisted
Mar 8, 2021ASNAQBankruptcyASNAQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Mar 8, 2021ASAIListedSendas Distributor SA was listed
Mar 5, 2021WPCBListedWarburg Pincus Capital Corp I-B was listed
Mar 5, 2021WPCAListedWarburg Pincus Capital Corp I-A was listed
Mar 5, 2021VCKASymbol ChangeVCKAU ticker symbol changed to VCKA
Mar 5, 2021PNTMSymbol ChangePNTM.U ticker symbol changed to PNTM
Mar 5, 2021OXFDAcquisitionOXFD was acquired by PKI
Mar 5, 2021OXFDDelistedOxford Immunotec Global PLC was delisted
Mar 5, 2021OLOStock SplitOLO stock split: 17 for 1
Mar 5, 2021IPVIListedInterprivate Iv Infratech Partners was listed
Mar 5, 2021IPVFListedInterprivate Iii Financial Partners was listed
Mar 5, 2021FRSGListedFirst Reserve Sustainable Growth was listed
Mar 5, 2021ENFASymbol ChangeENFAU ticker symbol changed to ENFA
Mar 5, 2021DMYQListedDmy Technology Group Inc Iv was listed
Mar 5, 2021CZZDelistedCosan Ltd. was delisted
Mar 5, 2021ATVCListedTribe Capital Growth Corp I was listed
Mar 5, 2021ASXCSymbol ChangeTRXC ticker symbol changed to ASXC
Mar 5, 2021APHStock SplitAPH stock split: 2 for 1
Mar 4, 2021POWSymbol ChangePOWRU ticker symbol changed to POW
Mar 4, 2021INNVListedInnovage Holding was listed
Mar 4, 2021ASTLSymbol ChangeLEGOU ticker symbol changed to ASTL
Mar 3, 2021PRGXDelistedPrgx Global was delisted
Mar 3, 2021OSCRListedOscar Health was listed
Mar 3, 2021PRGXAcquisitionPRGX was acquired by Ardian
Mar 3, 2021MACCListedMission Advancement was listed
Mar 3, 2021FORAListedForian was listed
Mar 3, 2021CLWTStock SplitCLWT stock split: 1.5 for 1
Mar 2, 2021TCPAcquisitionTCP was acquired by TRP
Mar 2, 2021TCPDelistedTc Pipelines Lp was delisted
Mar 2, 2021NSTDListedNorthern Star Investment Corp Iv was listed
Mar 2, 2021NSTCListedNorthern Star Investment Corp Iii was listed
Mar 2, 2021MDCStock SplitMDC stock split: 1.08333 for 1
Mar 2, 2021IMCCListedIm Cannabis was listed
Mar 2, 2021HWKNStock SplitHWKN stock split: 2 for 1
Mar 2, 2021HLIXDelistedHelix Technologies was delisted
Mar 2, 2021DHBCListedDhb Capital was listed
Mar 2, 2021AMPIListedAdvanced Merger Partners was listed
Mar 1, 2021SWBKSymbol ChangeSWBK.U ticker symbol changed to SWBK
Mar 1, 2021SPNTSymbol ChangeTPRE ticker symbol changed to SPNT
Mar 1, 2021REPXStock SplitREPX reverse stock split: 1 for 12
Mar 1, 2021PRTGSymbol ChangePTGEF ticker symbol changed to PRTG
Mar 1, 2021PRTGListedPortage Biotech was listed
Mar 1, 2021PRSRSymbol ChangePRSRU ticker symbol changed to PRSR
Mar 1, 2021PPGHSymbol ChangePPGHU ticker symbol changed to PPGH
Mar 1, 2021LHCSymbol ChangeLHC.U ticker symbol changed to LHC
Mar 1, 2021LGOStock SplitLGO reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Mar 1, 2021IDBAListedIdex Biometrics Asa was listed
Mar 1, 2021GHSIStock SplitGHSI reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Mar 1, 2021EPWRSymbol ChangeEPWR.U ticker symbol changed to EPWR
Mar 1, 2021EFTRSymbol ChangeLWACU ticker symbol changed to EFTR
Mar 1, 2021CHPTSymbol ChangeSBE ticker symbol changed to CHPT
Mar 1, 2021BIDUStock SplitSBE ticker symbol changed to CHPT
Feb 26, 2021WBXListedWallbox Bv was listed
Feb 26, 2021TWLVListedTwelve Seas Investment Co Ii was listed
Feb 26, 2021REPXSymbol ChangeTGC ticker symbol changed to REPX
Feb 26, 2021CPAHAcquisitionCPAH was acquired by Alianza
Feb 26, 2021EVAcquisitionEV was acquired by MS
Feb 26, 2021LIIIListedLeo Holdings Iii was listed
Feb 26, 2021IBERListedIbere Pharmaceuticals was listed
Feb 26, 2021EVDelistedEaton Vance was delisted
Feb 26, 2021ACIAAcquisitionACIA was acquired by CSCO
Feb 26, 2021CPAHDelistedCounterpath was delisted
Feb 26, 2021BHILSymbol ChangeSTPC.U ticker symbol changed to BHIL
Feb 26, 2021ACIADelistedAcacia Communications was delisted
Feb 25, 2021ZEPPSymbol ChangeHMI ticker symbol changed to ZEPP
Feb 25, 2021VIRXStock SplitVIRX reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Feb 25, 2021SVFDStock SplitSVFD reverse stock split: 1 for 7
Feb 25, 2021SGAcquisitionSG was acquired by SPNT
Feb 25, 2021SGDelistedSirius International Insurance Group Ltd. was delisted
Feb 25, 2021SCRListedScore Media & Gaming was listed
Feb 25, 2021NHLDAcquisitionNHLD was acquired by RILY
Feb 25, 2021NHLDDelistedNational Holdings was delisted
Feb 25, 2021HBSIDelistedHighlands Bankshares was delisted
Feb 25, 2021GIIXListedGores Holdings Viii was listed
Feb 25, 2021HBSIAcquisitionHBSI was acquired by FCBC
Feb 24, 2021VIRXSymbol ChangeSNSS ticker symbol changed to VIRX
Feb 24, 2021HIIIListedHudson Executive Investment Corp Iii was listed
Feb 24, 2021GLBLListedCartesian Growth was listed
Feb 24, 2021DNAListedGinkgo Bioworks Holdings was listed
Feb 24, 2021COLIListedColicity was listed
Feb 24, 2021BCTXSymbol ChangeBCTXF ticker symbol changed to BCTX
Feb 24, 2021BCTXListedBriacell Therapeutics was listed
Feb 23, 2021SLGCListedSomalogic was listed
Feb 23, 2021SLAMListedSlam was listed
Feb 23, 2021GSEVListedGores Holdings Vii was listed
Feb 22, 2021ZAGGDelistedZagg was delisted
Feb 22, 2021SXTCStock SplitSXTC reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Feb 22, 2021ZAGGAcquisitionZAGG was acquired by Evercel
Feb 22, 2021LFMDSymbol ChangeCVLB ticker symbol changed to LFMD
Feb 22, 2021LBCCDelistedLong Blockchain was delisted
Feb 22, 2021FIZZStock SplitFIZZ stock split: 2 for 1
Feb 19, 2021CBMGAcquisitionCBMG was acquired by Liu Tony
Feb 19, 2021CBMGDelistedCellular Biomedicine Group was delisted
Feb 17, 2021VRPXListedVirpax Pharmaceuticals was listed
Feb 17, 2021VINOListedGaucho Group Holdings was listed
Feb 17, 2021VINOStock SplitVINO reverse stock split: 1 for 15
Feb 17, 2021TNLSymbol ChangeWYND ticker symbol changed to TNL
Feb 17, 2021GBOXStock SplitGBOX reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Feb 17, 2021GBOXSymbol ChangeGRBX ticker symbol changed to GBOX
Feb 17, 2021FSIIListedFs Development Corp Ii was listed
Feb 17, 2021BWSNListedBabcock & Wilcox Enterprises was listed
Feb 17, 2021AUUDListedAuddia was listed
Feb 17, 2021AMPGStock SplitAMPG reverse stock split: 1 for 20
Feb 17, 2021AMPGListedAmplitech Group was listed
Feb 17, 2021ACRSymbol ChangeXAN ticker symbol changed to ACR
Feb 17, 2021ACRStock SplitACR reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Feb 16, 2021VYNEStock SplitVYNE reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Feb 16, 2021TNAVDelistedTelenav was delisted
Feb 16, 2021RCCListedReady Capital was listed
Feb 16, 2021TNAVAcquisitionTNAV was acquired by Jin Hp
Feb 16, 2021FTISpinoffTHNPY spun off from FTI
Feb 16, 2021EXPIStock SplitEXPI stock split: 2 for 1
Feb 16, 2021BFLYSymbol ChangeLGVW ticker symbol changed to BFLY
Feb 15, 2021PPTASymbol ChangeMDRPF ticker symbol changed to PPTA
Feb 12, 2021VIISymbol ChangeVIIAU ticker symbol changed to VII
Feb 12, 2021TSIBListedTishman Speyer Innovation Corp Ii was listed
Feb 12, 2021TLISListedTalis Biomedical was listed
Feb 12, 2021PBBDelistedProspect Capital was delisted
Feb 12, 2021NEXIListedNeximmune was listed
Feb 12, 2021LGVNListedLongeveron was listed
Feb 12, 2021DBTXListedDecibel Therapeutics was listed
Feb 12, 2021CVIIListedChurchill Capital Corp Vii was listed
Feb 12, 2021CTAADelistedQwest was delisted
Feb 12, 2021CHAAListedCatcha Investment was listed
Feb 12, 2021CCVIListedChurchill Capital Corp Vi was listed
Feb 12, 2021AUUDStock SplitAUUD reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Feb 11, 2021SGFYListedSignify Health was listed
Feb 11, 2021SCADelistedStellus Capital Investment was delisted
Feb 11, 2021PLBYSymbol ChangeMCAC ticker symbol changed to PLBY
Feb 11, 2021NUVBSymbol ChangePANA ticker symbol changed to NUVB
Feb 11, 2021NSTBSymbol ChangeNSTB.U ticker symbol changed to NSTB
Feb 11, 2021LDIListedLoandepot was listed
Feb 11, 2021GTBPStock SplitGTBP reverse stock split: 1 for 17
Feb 11, 2021BVSListedBioventus was listed
Feb 11, 2021BMBLListedBumble was listed
Feb 11, 2021BGRYSymbol ChangeRAACU ticker symbol changed to BGRY
Feb 11, 2021APRListedApria was listed
Feb 10, 2021VRTUDelistedVirtusa was delisted
Feb 10, 2021VLONListedVallon Pharmaceuticals was listed
Feb 10, 2021SPRCYSymbol ChangeTRPXY ticker symbol changed to SPRCY
Feb 10, 2021SCOBListedScion Tech Growth Ii was listed
Feb 10, 2021VRTUAcquisitionVRTU was acquired by Baring Private Equity Asia
Feb 10, 2021EIGIAcquisitionEIGI was acquired by Clearlake Capital Partners LLC
Feb 10, 2021MILESymbol ChangeINAQ ticker symbol changed to MILE
Feb 10, 2021EIGIDelistedEndurance International Group Holdings was delisted
Feb 10, 2021DSPListedViant Technology was listed
Feb 10, 2021CHKAQDelistedChesapeake Energy was delisted
Feb 10, 2021CHKAQBankruptcyCHKAQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Feb 10, 2021CHKListedChesapeake Energy was listed
Feb 10, 2021BPTSListedBiophytis SA was listed
Feb 10, 2021APGBListedApollo Strategic Growth Capital Ii was listed
Feb 9, 2021VWEListedVintage Wine Estates was listed
Feb 9, 2021VLONStock SplitVLON reverse stock split: 1 for 40
Feb 9, 2021SDHListedGlobal Internet Of People was listed
Feb 9, 2021RELIStock SplitRELI reverse stock split: 1 for 85
Feb 9, 2021RAASListedCloopen Group Holding Ltd. was listed
Feb 9, 2021PICCListedPivotal Investment Corp Iii was listed
Feb 9, 2021MINMSymbol ChangeZMTP ticker symbol changed to MINM
Feb 9, 2021GIGListedGigcapital4 was listed
Feb 9, 2021ENNVListedEcp Environmental Growth Opportunities was listed
Feb 9, 2021CRXTSymbol ChangeBLUWU ticker symbol changed to CRXT
Feb 9, 2021ADAGListedAdagene was listed
Feb 8, 2021YELLSymbol ChangeYRCW ticker symbol changed to YELL
Feb 8, 2021SCOASymbol ChangeSCOAU ticker symbol changed to SCOA
Feb 8, 2021BEAT1AcquisitionBEAT1 was acquired by PHG
Feb 8, 2021NETISymbol ChangeSALT ticker symbol changed to NETI
Feb 8, 2021NEBLQDelistedNoble was delisted
Feb 8, 2021NEBLQBankruptcyNEBLQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Feb 8, 2021GMTXSymbol ChangeFSDC ticker symbol changed to GMTX
Feb 8, 2021BEAT1DelistedBiotelemetry was delisted
Feb 8, 2021BEAT1Symbol ChangeBEAT ticker symbol changed to BEAT1
Feb 8, 2021BAOSListedBaosheng Media Group Holdings Ltd. was listed
Feb 5, 2021VORListedVor Biopharma was listed
Feb 5, 2021TERNListedTerns Pharmaceuticals was listed
Feb 5, 2021TBCPListedThunder Bridge Capital Partners Iii was listed
Feb 5, 2021SMRTListedSmartrent was listed
Feb 5, 2021PHVSListedPharvaris Nv was listed
Feb 5, 2021CLCTAcquisitionCLCT was acquired by Turner Nat
Feb 5, 2021LHDXListedLucira Health was listed
Feb 5, 2021IMCRListedImmunocore Holdings PLC was listed
Feb 5, 2021GSQDListedG Squared Ascend I was listed
Feb 5, 2021EVAXListedEvaxion Biotech A was listed
Feb 5, 2021CNEYListedCn Energy Group was listed
Feb 5, 2021CLCTDelistedCollectors Universe was delisted
Feb 5, 2021CCVSymbol ChangeCCV.U ticker symbol changed to CCV
Feb 5, 2021CCIHYDelistedChinacache International Holdings Ltd. was delisted
Feb 5, 2021BOLTListedBolt Biotherapeutics was listed
Feb 5, 2021ATHMStock SplitBolt Biotherapeutics was listed
Feb 5, 2021ANGNListedAngion Biomedica was listed
Feb 5, 2021AEISymbol ChangeHFEN ticker symbol changed to AEI
Feb 5, 2021ADNSymbol ChangeAMCI ticker symbol changed to ADN
Feb 4, 2021SPNXDelistedSuperior Energy Services was delisted
Feb 4, 2021SPNXBankruptcySPNX was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Feb 4, 2021SNSEListedSensei Biotherapeutics was listed
Feb 4, 2021SANAListedSana Biotechnology was listed
Feb 4, 2021NXUListedNovus Capital Corp Ii was listed
Feb 4, 2021LABPListedLandos Biopharma was listed
Feb 4, 2021KINZSymbol ChangeKINZU ticker symbol changed to KINZ
Feb 4, 2021ETWOSymbol ChangePCPL ticker symbol changed to ETWO
Feb 4, 2021ENJYSymbol ChangeMRACU ticker symbol changed to ENJY
Feb 4, 2021ATCListedAtotech Ltd. was listed
Feb 4, 2021ARQQListedArqit Quantum was listed
Feb 4, 2021AMRSymbol ChangeCTRA ticker symbol changed to AMR
Feb 4, 2021AMCIU1DelistedAdvent Technologies Holdings was delisted
Feb 4, 2021AMCIU1Symbol ChangeAMCIU ticker symbol changed to AMCIU1
Feb 4, 2021ACKITListedAckrell Spac Partners I Co. was listed
Feb 4, 2021ACIIListedAtlas Crest Investment Corp Ii was listed
Feb 3, 2021TIXTListedTelus International (Cda) was listed
Feb 3, 2021PRPCListedCc Neuberger Principal Holdings Iii was listed
Feb 3, 2021ONTFListedOn24 was listed
Feb 3, 2021KRNLListedKernel Group Holdings was listed
Feb 2, 2021VRNTSpinoffCGNT spun off from VRNT
Feb 2, 2021PCPCSymbol ChangePCPC.U ticker symbol changed to PCPC
Feb 2, 2021MTTRSymbol ChangeGHVIU ticker symbol changed to MTTR
Feb 2, 2021CUENStock SplitCUEN reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Feb 2, 2021CUENListedCuentas was listed
Feb 2, 2021CGNTSymbol ChangeCGNTV ticker symbol changed to CGNT
Feb 1, 2021WFGSymbol ChangeWFTBF ticker symbol changed to WFG
Feb 1, 2021WFGListedWest Fraser Timber Co Ltd. was listed
Feb 1, 2021ROVRSymbol ChangeNEBCU ticker symbol changed to ROVR
Feb 1, 2021RNWSymbol ChangeRMGBU ticker symbol changed to RNW
Feb 1, 2021NVOSStock SplitNVOS reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Feb 1, 2021MKRSAcquisitionMKRS was acquired by McKean Defense Group
Feb 1, 2021MOTVSymbol ChangeMOTV.U ticker symbol changed to MOTV
Feb 1, 2021MKRSDelistedMikros Systems was delisted
Feb 1, 2021MBRXStock SplitMBRX reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Feb 1, 2021DCOMSymbol ChangeBDGE ticker symbol changed to DCOM
Feb 1, 2021CPPRQDelistedOld Copper Company was delisted
Feb 1, 2021CPPRQBankruptcyCPPRQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Feb 1, 2021CLVTSymbol ChangeCCC ticker symbol changed to CLVT
Feb 1, 2021APPHSymbol ChangeNOVS ticker symbol changed to APPH
Feb 1, 2021ALTOSymbol ChangePEIX ticker symbol changed to ALTO
Jan 29, 2021XMListedQualtrics International was listed
Jan 29, 2021WSGDelistedWanda Sports Group Co Ltd. was delisted
Jan 29, 2021OSBAcquisitionOSB was acquired by WFG
Jan 29, 2021TRINListedTrinity Capital was listed
Jan 29, 2021SMICYDelistedSemiconductor Manufacturing International was delisted
Jan 29, 2021PPTAStock SplitPPTA reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Jan 29, 2021OSBDelistedNorbord was delisted
Jan 29, 2021NLSPListedNls Pharmaceutics Ltd. was listed
Jan 29, 2021WSGAcquisitionWSG was acquired by Wanda Culture Holding Co Ltd.
Jan 29, 2021ATVAcquisitionATV was acquired by First Ostia Port Ltd.
Jan 29, 2021MITListedMason Industrial Technology was listed
Jan 29, 2021HMPTListedHome Point Capital was listed
Jan 29, 2021DCOM1DelistedDime Community Bancshares was delisted
Jan 29, 2021DCOM1Symbol ChangeDCOM ticker symbol changed to DCOM1
Jan 29, 2021DCOM1AcquisitionDCOM1 was acquired by DCOM
Jan 29, 2021ATVDelistedAcorn International was delisted
Jan 28, 2021ZIMListedZim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. was listed
Jan 28, 2021VINPListedVinci Partners Investments Ltd. was listed
Jan 28, 2021OCDXListedOrtho Clinical Diagnostics Holdings PLC was listed
Jan 28, 2021FBMAcquisitionFBM was acquired by American Securities Llc
Jan 28, 2021LSIStock SplitLSI stock split: 1.5 for 1
Jan 28, 2021KNMCYDelistedKonami was delisted
Jan 28, 2021FBMDelistedFoundation Building Materials was delisted
Jan 28, 2021CGNTListedCognyte Software Ltd. was listed
Jan 28, 2021AGFYListedAgrify was listed
Jan 27, 2021VCSYDelistedVertical Computer Systems was delisted
Jan 27, 2021TIRXListedTian Ruixiang Holdings Ltd. was listed
Jan 27, 2021SVFASymbol ChangeSVFAU ticker symbol changed to SVFA
Jan 27, 2021SHLSListedShoals Technologies Group was listed
Jan 27, 2021LMDXListedLumiradx Ltd. was listed
Jan 27, 2021FSSIListedFortistar Sustainable Solutions was listed
Jan 26, 2021XELAStock SplitXELA reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Jan 26, 2021RILYTListedB Riley Financial was listed
Jan 26, 2021NSTBListedNorthern Star Investment Corp Ii was listed
Jan 26, 2021HCIIListedHudson Executive Investment Corp Ii was listed
Jan 26, 2021EZGOListedEzgo Technologies Ltd. was listed
Jan 26, 2021DHHCListedDiamondhead Holdings was listed
Jan 26, 2021BTNBListedBridgetown 2 Holdings Ltd. was listed
Jan 26, 2021AXONSymbol ChangeAAXN ticker symbol changed to AXON
Jan 25, 2021VLDSymbol ChangeSPFR.U ticker symbol changed to VLD
Jan 25, 2021PTICSymbol ChangePTICU ticker symbol changed to PTIC
Jan 25, 2021NVTSSymbol ChangeLOKB.U ticker symbol changed to NVTS
Jan 25, 2021HTPASymbol ChangeHTPA.U ticker symbol changed to HTPA
Jan 25, 2021EIDXDelistedEidos Therapeutics was delisted
Jan 25, 2021CRKNStock SplitCRKN reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Jan 25, 2021EIDXAcquisitionEIDX was acquired by BBIO
Jan 22, 2021UWMCSymbol ChangeGHIV ticker symbol changed to UWMC
Jan 22, 2021RLXListedRlx Technology was listed
Jan 22, 2021PAXListedPatria Investments Ltd. was listed
Jan 22, 2021OEPWListedOne Equity Partners Open Water I was listed
Jan 22, 2021ARAAcquisitionARA was acquired by Innovative Renal Care
Jan 22, 2021MNTKListedMontauk Renewables was listed
Jan 22, 2021LOTZSymbol ChangeACAM ticker symbol changed to LOTZ
Jan 22, 2021JCICListedJack Creek Investment was listed
Jan 22, 2021HUDIListedHuadi International Group Co Ltd. was listed
Jan 22, 2021DOMASymbol ChangeCAP.U ticker symbol changed to DOMA
Jan 22, 2021COMSStock SplitCOMS reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Jan 22, 2021ARADelistedAmerican Renal Associates Holdings was delisted
Jan 21, 2021XOGListedExtraction Oil & Gas was listed
Jan 21, 2021SLGStock SplitSLG reverse stock split: 1 for 1
Jan 21, 2021PRVLDelistedPrevail Therapeutics was delisted
Jan 21, 2021MYTEListedMyt Netherlands Parent Bv was listed
Jan 21, 2021PRVLAcquisitionPRVL was acquired by LLY
Jan 21, 2021ISUNSymbol ChangePECK ticker symbol changed to ISUN
Jan 21, 2021HIMSSymbol ChangeOAC ticker symbol changed to HIMS
Jan 21, 2021DFHListedDream Finders Homes was listed
Jan 21, 2021AFBIListedAffinity Bancshares was listed
Jan 20, 2021VRDNSymbol ChangeMGEN ticker symbol changed to VRDN
Jan 20, 2021MCEPAcquisitionMCEP was acquired by MCF
Jan 20, 2021MCEPDelistedMid-Con Energy Partners Lp was delisted
Jan 20, 2021GMIIListedGores Metropoulos Ii was listed
Jan 20, 2021GMBTListedQueen's Gambit Growth Capital was listed
Jan 20, 2021CFBIDelistedCommunity First Bancshares was delisted
Jan 20, 2021ASTLListedAlgoma Steel Group was listed
Jan 19, 2021XOGAQDelistedExtraction Oil & Gas was delisted
Jan 19, 2021XOGAQBankruptcyXOGAQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jan 19, 2021STLASymbol ChangeFCAU ticker symbol changed to STLA
Jan 15, 2021VSSymbol ChangeVRSSF ticker symbol changed to VS
Jan 15, 2021VSListedVersus Systems was listed
Jan 15, 2021SUNLSymbol ChangeSPRQ.U ticker symbol changed to SUNL
Jan 15, 2021STRCListedSarcos Technology & Robotics was listed
Jan 15, 2021PLTKListedPlaytika Holding was listed
Jan 15, 2021ISListedIronsource Ltd. was listed
Jan 15, 2021HCICListedHennessy Capital Investment Corp V was listed
Jan 15, 2021HCCCListedHealthcare Capital was listed
Jan 15, 2021DRVNListedDriven Brands Holdings was listed
Jan 15, 2021CXODelistedConcho Resources was delisted
Jan 15, 2021CXOAcquisitionCXO was acquired by COP
Jan 15, 2021CLASListedClass Acceleration was listed
Jan 15, 2021CBKCQSymbol ChangeCBKC ticker symbol changed to CBKCQ
Jan 15, 2021BODYSymbol ChangeFRX.U ticker symbol changed to BODY
Jan 14, 2021WOOFListedPetco Health & Wellness Company was listed
Jan 14, 2021RDWSymbol ChangeGNPK.U ticker symbol changed to RDW
Jan 14, 2021POSHListedPoshmark was listed
Jan 14, 2021DRVNStock SplitDRVN stock split: 91889.3 for 1
Jan 13, 2021TUEMListedTuesday Morning was listed
Jan 13, 2021REESymbol ChangeVCVCU ticker symbol changed to REE
Jan 13, 2021PNTMListedPontem was listed
Jan 13, 2021MSGMListedMotorsport Games was listed
Jan 13, 2021HLAHListedHamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I was listed
Jan 13, 2021GBNYListedGenerations Bancorp Ny was listed
Jan 13, 2021FITDelistedFitbit was delisted
Jan 13, 2021FINMListedMarlin Technology was listed
Jan 13, 2021BTRSSymbol ChangeSMMC ticker symbol changed to BTRS
Jan 13, 2021AFRMListedAffirm Holdings was listed
Jan 12, 2021QLIListedQilian International Holding Group Ltd. was listed
Jan 12, 2021PEAcquisitionPE was acquired by PXD
Jan 12, 2021PHICSymbol ChangePHICU ticker symbol changed to PHIC
Jan 12, 2021PEDelistedParsley Energy was delisted
Jan 12, 2021LEXXStock SplitLEXX reverse stock split: 1 for 30
Jan 12, 2021KUKEListedKuke Music Holding Ltd. was listed
Jan 12, 2021FGPRQSymbol ChangeFGPR ticker symbol changed to FGPRQ
Jan 12, 2021ENFAListed890 5Th Avenue Partners was listed
Jan 11, 2021SRZNSymbol ChangeCHFW.U ticker symbol changed to SRZN
Jan 11, 2021RESIDelistedFront Yard Residential was delisted
Jan 11, 2021RESIAcquisitionRESI was acquired by Pretium
Jan 11, 2021LIDRSymbol ChangeCFACU ticker symbol changed to LIDR
Jan 11, 2021HIPOSymbol ChangeRTPZ.U ticker symbol changed to HIPO
Jan 8, 2021SWBKListedSwitchback Ii was listed
Jan 8, 2021SVFAListedSvf Investment was listed
Jan 8, 2021PRSRListedProspector Capital was listed
Jan 8, 2021POWListedPowered Brands was listed
Jan 8, 2021LSEASymbol ChangeLFAC ticker symbol changed to LSEA
Jan 8, 2021LHCListedLeo Holdings Corp Ii was listed
Jan 8, 2021KAVLListedKaival Brands Innovations Group was listed
Jan 8, 2021GRCLListedGracell Biotechnologies was listed
Jan 8, 2021EPWRListedEmpowerment & Inclusion Capital I was listed
Jan 8, 2021EFTRListedEffector Therapeutics was listed
Jan 8, 2021CRKNListedCrown Electrokinetics was listed
Jan 8, 2021CPPRQSymbol ChangeJCPNQ ticker symbol changed to CPPRQ
Jan 8, 2021CLOVSymbol ChangeIPOC ticker symbol changed to CLOV
Jan 8, 2021CHUDelistedChina Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. was delisted
Jan 8, 2021CHLDelistedChina Mobile Ltd. was delisted
Jan 8, 2021CHADelistedChina Telecom Corp Ltd. was delisted
Jan 8, 2021CGEMListedCullinan Oncology was listed
Jan 7, 2021VCKAListedVickers Vantage Corp I was listed
Jan 7, 2021OMEGListedOmega Alpha Spac was listed
Jan 7, 2021MODVSymbol ChangePRSC ticker symbol changed to MODV
Jan 7, 2021AGCBListedAltimeter Growth Corp 2 was listed
Jan 6, 2021WPXDelistedWpx Energy was delisted
Jan 6, 2021UGROStock SplitUGRO reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Jan 6, 2021TIFDelistedTiffany & Co. was delisted
Jan 6, 2021RSPIStock SplitRSPI reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Jan 6, 2021PPGHListedPoema Global Holdings was listed
Jan 6, 2021TIFAcquisitionTIF was acquired by LVMUY
Jan 6, 2021GLADDDelistedGladstone Capital was delisted
Jan 6, 2021WPXAcquisitionWPX was acquired by DVN
Jan 6, 2021BHILListedBenson Hill was listed
Jan 6, 2021BGGSQDelistedBriggs & Stratton was delisted
Jan 6, 2021BGGSQBankruptcyBGGSQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jan 5, 2021RCATListedRed Cat Holdings was listed
Jan 5, 2021MFODelistedMfa Financial was delisted
Jan 5, 2021ELDNSymbol ChangeNVUS ticker symbol changed to ELDN
Jan 5, 2021HUSKFAcquisitionHUSKF was acquired by CVE
Jan 5, 2021CRBOStock SplitCRBO reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Jan 4, 2021TURNStock SplitTURN reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Jan 4, 2021TUESQDelistedTuesday Morning was delisted
Jan 4, 2021TUESQBankruptcyTUESQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jan 4, 2021STRRSymbol ChangeDRAD ticker symbol changed to STRR
Jan 4, 2021RTWIQDelistedRtw Retailwinds was delisted
Jan 4, 2021RTWIQBankruptcyRTWIQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jan 4, 2021PFXSymbol ChangeMCC ticker symbol changed to PFX
Jan 4, 2021MCFSymbol ChangeBTUX ticker symbol changed to MCF
Jan 4, 2021ISIGStock SplitISIG reverse stock split: 1 for 7
Jan 4, 2021IONQSymbol ChangeDMYI.U ticker symbol changed to IONQ
Jan 4, 2021HSDTStock SplitHSDT reverse stock split: 1 for 35
Jan 4, 2021GMOLQDelistedGeneral Moly was delisted
Jan 4, 2021GMOLQBankruptcyGMOLQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Jan 4, 2021ACORStock SplitACOR reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Dec 31, 2020PACDQDelistedPacific Drilling SA was delisted
Dec 31, 2020PACDQBankruptcyPACDQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 31, 2020NGHCDelistedNational General Holdings was delisted
Dec 31, 2020GANSAcquisitionGANS was acquired by State Farm Mutual
Dec 31, 2020LTCHSymbol ChangeTSIAU ticker symbol changed to LTCH
Dec 31, 2020IPASymbol ChangeIPATF ticker symbol changed to IPA
Dec 31, 2020IPAListedImmunoprecise Antibodies Ltd. was listed
Dec 31, 2020GANSDelistedGainsco was delisted
Dec 31, 2020ENVBStock SplitENVB reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Dec 31, 2020ENVBSymbol ChangeAMRH ticker symbol changed to ENVB
Dec 31, 2020CVIAQDelistedCovia Holdings was delisted
Dec 31, 2020CVIAQBankruptcyCVIAQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 31, 2020CLNNSymbol ChangeTOTA ticker symbol changed to CLNN
Dec 31, 2020BMCHDelistedBmc Stock Holdings was delisted
Dec 31, 2020BMCHAcquisitionBMCH was acquired by BLDR
Dec 31, 2020NGHCAcquisitionNGHC was acquired by ALL
Dec 30, 2020RSISymbol ChangeDMYT ticker symbol changed to RSI
Dec 30, 2020RMOSymbol ChangeRMG ticker symbol changed to RMO
Dec 30, 2020PETVStock SplitPETV reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Dec 30, 2020PDLIDelistedPdl Biopharma was delisted
Dec 30, 2020PDLIBankruptcyPDLI was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 30, 2020GVAcquisitionGV was acquired by First Reserve
Dec 30, 2020GVDelistedGoldfield was delisted
Dec 30, 2020GNOGSymbol ChangeLCA ticker symbol changed to GNOG
Dec 30, 2020DNMRSymbol ChangeLOAK ticker symbol changed to DNMR
Dec 29, 2020MRMListedMedirom Healthcare Technologies was listed
Dec 29, 2020GOROSpinoffFTCO spun off from GORO
Dec 29, 2020GEGSymbol ChangeGEC ticker symbol changed to GEG
Dec 29, 2020CCRAcquisitionCCR was acquired by CEIX
Dec 29, 2020CCRDelistedConsol Coal Resources Lp was delisted
Dec 28, 2020TCODelistedTaubman Centers was delisted
Dec 28, 2020TCOAcquisitionTCO was acquired by SPG
Dec 28, 2020KMPHStock SplitKMPH reverse stock split: 1 for 16
Dec 24, 2020VINCSymbol ChangeLSAC ticker symbol changed to VINC
Dec 24, 2020PRCHSymbol ChangePTAC ticker symbol changed to PRCH
Dec 24, 2020LFGSymbol ChangeRICE.U ticker symbol changed to LFG
Dec 24, 2020FATStock SplitFAT stock split: 1.14286 for 1
Dec 23, 2020YMTXSymbol ChangePTI ticker symbol changed to YMTX
Dec 23, 2020YMTXStock SplitYMTX reverse stock split: 1 for 20
Dec 23, 2020VIIListed7Gc & Co Holdings was listed
Dec 23, 2020RVRADelistedRiviera Resources was delisted
Dec 23, 2020RVRABankruptcyRVRA was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 23, 2020PHARListedPharming Group Nv was listed
Dec 23, 2020MVCDDelistedMvc Capital was delisted
Dec 23, 2020MVCDelistedMvc Capital was delisted
Dec 23, 2020LNDelistedLine was delisted
Dec 23, 2020IKTListedInhibikase Therapeutics was listed
Dec 23, 2020HEXOStock SplitHEXO reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Dec 23, 2020HDSDelistedHd Supply Holdings was delisted
Dec 23, 2020HDSAcquisitionHDS was acquired by HD
Dec 23, 2020GBSListedGbs was listed
Dec 23, 2020CONXSymbol ChangeCONXU ticker symbol changed to CONX
Dec 23, 2020MVCAcquisitionMVC was acquired by BBDC
Dec 23, 2020ASLESymbol ChangeMNCL ticker symbol changed to ASLE
Dec 23, 2020ARKOSymbol ChangeHYAC ticker symbol changed to ARKO
Dec 22, 2020XLSymbol ChangePIC ticker symbol changed to XL
Dec 22, 2020WPGGQStock SplitWPGGQ reverse stock split: 1 for 9
Dec 22, 2020PPBTSymbol ChangeKTOV ticker symbol changed to PPBT
Dec 22, 2020ORLASymbol ChangeORRLF ticker symbol changed to ORLA
Dec 22, 2020ORLAListedOrla Mining Ltd. was listed
Dec 22, 2020GOEVSymbol ChangeHCAC ticker symbol changed to GOEV
Dec 21, 2020OPENSymbol ChangeIPOB ticker symbol changed to OPEN
Dec 21, 2020MYPSSymbol ChangeACACU ticker symbol changed to MYPS
Dec 21, 2020CSRSymbol ChangeIRET ticker symbol changed to CSR
Dec 18, 2020VERStock SplitVER reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Dec 18, 2020SKLZSymbol ChangeFEAC ticker symbol changed to SKLZ
Dec 18, 2020SAEXQSymbol ChangeSAEX ticker symbol changed to SAEXQ
Dec 18, 2020SAEXQDelistedSaexploration Holdings was delisted
Dec 18, 2020SAEXQBankruptcySAEXQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 18, 2020PRCPDelistedPerceptron was delisted
Dec 18, 2020MASSListed908 Devices was listed
Dec 18, 2020GLIBAAcquisitionGLIBA was acquired by LBRDA
Dec 18, 2020GLIBADelistedGci Liberty was delisted
Dec 18, 2020CZOOSymbol ChangeAJAX.U ticker symbol changed to CZOO
Dec 18, 2020CLVRSymbol ChangeSAMA ticker symbol changed to CLVR
Dec 18, 2020BARKSymbol ChangeSTIC.U ticker symbol changed to BARK
Dec 18, 2020PRCPAcquisitionPRCP was acquired by ATLKY
Dec 18, 2020ACHRSymbol ChangeACIC.U ticker symbol changed to ACHR
Dec 17, 2020ZESTStock SplitZEST reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Dec 17, 2020VIRIListedVirios Therapeutics was listed
Dec 17, 2020TATDelistedTransatlantic Petroleum Ltd. was delisted
Dec 17, 2020SFStock SplitSF stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 17, 2020SCOAListedScion Tech Growth I was listed
Dec 17, 2020TATAcquisitionTAT was acquired by Longfellow Energy LP
Dec 17, 2020FGFSymbol ChangePIH ticker symbol changed to FGF
Dec 17, 2020BHSESymbol ChangeBHSEU ticker symbol changed to BHSE
Dec 17, 2020BFISymbol ChangeOPES ticker symbol changed to BFI
Dec 16, 2020WISHListedContextlogic was listed
Dec 16, 2020UPSTListedUpstart Holdings was listed
Dec 16, 2020SFEGDelistedSanta Fe Gold was delisted
Dec 16, 2020SCPSListedScopus Biopharma was listed
Dec 16, 2020EOCCYDelistedEnel Generacion Chile SA was delisted
Dec 16, 2020CCVListedChurchill Capital Corp V was listed
Dec 16, 2020BCABListedBioatla was listed
Dec 15, 2020WNWListedMeiwu Technology Co Ltd. was listed
Dec 15, 2020UZEListedUnited States Cellular was listed
Dec 15, 2020RVPHSymbol ChangeTZAC ticker symbol changed to RVPH
Dec 15, 2020OCGListedOriental Culture Holding Ltd. was listed
Dec 15, 2020KINZListedKins Technology Group was listed
Dec 15, 2020FRANQSymbol ChangeFRAN ticker symbol changed to FRANQ
Dec 15, 2020ENJYListedEnjoy Technology was listed
Dec 15, 2020ELUDelistedEntergy Louisiana LLC was delisted
Dec 15, 2020ELJDelistedEntergy Louisiana LLC was delisted
Dec 15, 2020CRXTListedClarus Therapeutics Holdings was listed
Dec 15, 2020AIVSpinoffAIRC spun off from AIV
Dec 15, 2020AIRCListedApartment Income Reit was listed
Dec 14, 2020OWLSymbol ChangeATAC.U ticker symbol changed to OWL
Dec 14, 2020DNKNAcquisitionDNKN was acquired by Inspire Brands
Dec 14, 2020HYZNSymbol ChangeDCRBU ticker symbol changed to HYZN
Dec 14, 2020DNKNDelistedDunkin' Brands Group was delisted
Dec 14, 2020CSUStock SplitCSU reverse stock split: 1 for 15
Dec 14, 2020BEPCStock SplitBEPC stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 14, 2020BEPStock SplitBEP stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 14, 2020AACHDelistedAac Holdings was delisted
Dec 14, 2020AACHBankruptcyAACH was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 11, 2020XPOASymbol ChangeXPOA.U ticker symbol changed to XPOA
Dec 11, 2020VVUSQDelistedVivus was delisted
Dec 11, 2020VVUSQBankruptcyVVUSQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 11, 2020VVOSListedVivos Therapeutics was listed
Dec 11, 2020RSVRListedReservoir Media was listed
Dec 11, 2020ROLStock SplitROL stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 11, 2020OPADSymbol ChangeSPNV.U ticker symbol changed to OPAD
Dec 11, 2020NBTXListedNanobiotix SA was listed
Dec 11, 2020MTTRListedMatterport was listed
Dec 11, 2020MOTVListedMotive Capital was listed
Dec 11, 2020KORESymbol ChangeCTAC.U ticker symbol changed to KORE
Dec 11, 2020HTBXStock SplitHTBX reverse stock split: 1 for 7
Dec 11, 2020FDMTListed4D Molecular Therapeutics was listed
Dec 11, 2020CTYDelistedQwest was delisted
Dec 11, 2020CERTListedCertara was listed
Dec 11, 2020ABCLListedAbcellera Biologics was listed
Dec 10, 2020RNWListedRenew Energy Global PLC was listed
Dec 10, 2020PCPCListedPeriphas Capital Partnering was listed
Dec 10, 2020HYFMListedHydrofarm Holdings Group was listed
Dec 10, 2020HTOOListedFusion Fuel Green PLC was listed
Dec 10, 2020DMSymbol ChangeTRNE ticker symbol changed to DM
Dec 10, 2020ABNBListedAirbnb was listed
Dec 9, 2020XOSSymbol ChangeNGACU ticker symbol changed to XOS
Dec 9, 2020SNPXListedSynaptogenix was listed
Dec 9, 2020ROVRListedRover Group was listed
Dec 9, 2020PUBMListedPubmatic was listed
Dec 9, 2020EYPTStock SplitEYPT reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 9, 2020DJCIDelistedUbs Ag Jersey Brh was delisted
Dec 9, 2020DASHListedDoordash was listed
Dec 9, 2020CYTHStock SplitCYTH reverse stock split: 1 for 100
Dec 9, 2020CYTHSymbol ChangeCTDH ticker symbol changed to CYTH
Dec 9, 2020AYTUStock SplitAYTU reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 9, 2020AIListedC3Ai was listed
Dec 8, 2020ROIVSymbol ChangeMAACU ticker symbol changed to ROIV
Dec 8, 2020EMISAcquisitionEMIS was acquired by NVO
Dec 8, 2020EMISDelistedEmisphere Technologies was delisted
Dec 8, 2020BGRYListedBerkshire Grey was listed
Dec 7, 2020WFCFStock SplitWFCF reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Dec 7, 2020VEVSymbol ChangeGWTNF ticker symbol changed to VEV
Dec 7, 2020CIFRSymbol ChangeGWACU ticker symbol changed to CIFR
Dec 7, 2020BTWNSymbol ChangeBTWNU ticker symbol changed to BTWN
Dec 4, 2020YQListed17 Education & Technology Group was listed
Dec 4, 2020SGTXListedSigilon Therapeutics was listed
Dec 4, 2020SEERListedSeer was listed
Dec 4, 2020SBTXListedSilverback Therapeutics was listed
Dec 4, 2020PTICListedProptech Investment Corp Ii was listed
Dec 4, 2020LLEXQDelistedLilis Energy was delisted
Dec 4, 2020LLEXQBankruptcyLLEXQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 4, 2020DCBOListedDocebo was listed
Dec 3, 2020VLDListedVelo3D was listed
Dec 3, 2020NVTSListedNavitas Semiconductor was listed
Dec 3, 2020NBRVStock SplitNBRV reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 3, 2020LAZRSymbol ChangeGMHI ticker symbol changed to LAZR
Dec 3, 2020KNTEListedKinnate Biopharma was listed
Dec 3, 2020INVBDelistedInventabiotech was delisted
Dec 3, 2020HTPAListedHighland Transcend Partners I was listed
Dec 3, 2020HLMNSymbol ChangeLCYAU ticker symbol changed to HLMN
Dec 3, 2020GMOLQSymbol ChangeGMOL ticker symbol changed to GMOLQ
Dec 2, 2020VIVEStock SplitVIVE reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 2, 2020TLRDQDelistedTailored Brands was delisted
Dec 2, 2020TLRDQBankruptcyTLRDQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 2, 2020SDLPQSymbol ChangeSDLPF ticker symbol changed to SDLPQ
Dec 2, 2020PTPIListedPetros Pharmaceuticals was listed
Dec 2, 2020PSFESymbol ChangeBFT.U ticker symbol changed to PSFE
Dec 2, 2020PBLASymbol ChangeSNBP ticker symbol changed to PBLA
Dec 2, 2020ENVXListedEnovix was listed
Dec 2, 2020DOMAListedDoma Holdings was listed
Dec 2, 2020AGCSymbol ChangeAGCUU ticker symbol changed to AGC
Dec 1, 2020WRAPSymbol ChangeWRTC ticker symbol changed to WRAP
Dec 1, 2020TTNPStock SplitTTNP reverse stock split: 1 for 30
Dec 1, 2020SNXSpinoffCNXC spun off from SNX
Dec 1, 2020NTRPAcquisitionNTRP was acquired by PTPI
Dec 1, 2020PRGSymbol ChangeAAN ticker symbol changed to PRG
Dec 1, 2020PRGSpinoffAAN spun off from PRG
Dec 1, 2020NTRPDelistedNeurotrope was delisted
Dec 1, 2020NCSMStock SplitNCSM reverse stock split: 1 for 20
Dec 1, 2020MKC.VStock SplitMKC.V stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 1, 2020MKCStock SplitMKC stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 1, 2020LARKStock SplitLARK stock split: 1.05 for 1
Dec 1, 2020HUMASymbol ChangeAHACU ticker symbol changed to HUMA
Dec 1, 2020BSTCAcquisitionBSTC was acquired by ENDP
Dec 1, 2020CNXCSymbol ChangeCNXCV ticker symbol changed to CNXC
Dec 1, 2020BSTCDelistedBiospecifics Technologies was delisted
Dec 1, 2020AIVStock SplitAIV reverse stock split: 1 for 1
Dec 1, 2020AANSymbol ChangeAAN.W ticker symbol changed to AAN
Nov 30, 2020SOFISymbol ChangeIPOE.U ticker symbol changed to SOFI
Nov 30, 2020NVNOStock SplitNVNO reverse stock split: 1 for 25
Nov 30, 2020MOBLAcquisitionMOBL was acquired by Ivanti
Nov 30, 2020HUDAcquisitionHUD was acquired by Dufry Ag
Nov 30, 2020MOBLDelistedMobileiron was delisted
Nov 30, 2020LONEQDelistedLonestar Resources Us was delisted
Nov 30, 2020LONEQBankruptcyLONEQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Nov 30, 2020HUDDelistedHudson Ltd. was delisted
Nov 30, 2020GWHSymbol ChangeSTWOU ticker symbol changed to GWH
Nov 27, 2020TPGYSymbol ChangeTPGY.U ticker symbol changed to TPGY
Nov 27, 2020QSSymbol ChangeKCAC ticker symbol changed to QS
Nov 27, 2020NRDYSymbol ChangePACE.U ticker symbol changed to NRDY
Nov 27, 2020HLLYSymbol ChangeEMPW.U ticker symbol changed to HLLY
Nov 27, 2020GSHHYSymbol ChangeGSH ticker symbol changed to GSHHY
Nov 27, 2020GPORQSymbol ChangeGPOR ticker symbol changed to GPORQ
Nov 27, 2020DLPNStock SplitDLPN reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Nov 27, 2020BAMIListedBrookfield Finance was listed
Nov 25, 2020UNDelistedUnilever N V was delisted
Nov 25, 2020SUNLListedSunlight Financial Holdings was listed
Nov 25, 2020PTRASymbol ChangeACTCU ticker symbol changed to PTRA
Nov 25, 2020OZONListedOzon Holdings PLC was listed
Nov 25, 2020BODYListedBeachbody Company was listed
Nov 25, 2020AIZNListedAssurant was listed
Nov 25, 2020AANListedAaron's Company was listed
Nov 24, 2020VMARListedVision Marine Technologies was listed
Nov 24, 2020UANStock SplitUAN reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Nov 24, 2020TPXStock SplitTPX stock split: 4 for 1
Nov 24, 2020SKINSymbol ChangeVSPRU ticker symbol changed to SKIN
Nov 24, 2020RKLBSymbol ChangeVACQU ticker symbol changed to RKLB
Nov 24, 2020REEListedRee Automotive Ltd. was listed
Nov 24, 2020RDWListedRedwire was listed
Nov 24, 2020EVGOSymbol ChangeCLII.U ticker symbol changed to EVGO
Nov 24, 2020CNXCListedConcentrix was listed
Nov 24, 2020AEIListedAlset Ehome International was listed
Nov 23, 2020SHCRSymbol ChangeFCACU ticker symbol changed to SHCR
Nov 23, 2020PTEODelistedProteo was delisted
Nov 23, 2020PTEOBankruptcyPTEO was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Nov 23, 2020MESymbol ChangeVGAC.U ticker symbol changed to ME
Nov 23, 2020LILMSymbol ChangeQELLU ticker symbol changed to LILM
Nov 23, 2020IMPXSymbol ChangeIMPX.U ticker symbol changed to IMPX
Nov 23, 2020IDSymbol ChangeLGC ticker symbol changed to ID
Nov 23, 2020HTGMStock SplitHTGM reverse stock split: 1 for 15
Nov 23, 2020FSTXSymbol ChangeSBPH ticker symbol changed to FSTX
Nov 23, 2020FSTXStock SplitFSTX reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Nov 23, 2020ENSVStock SplitENSV reverse stock split: 1 for 15
Nov 23, 2020APSGSymbol ChangeAPSG.U ticker symbol changed to APSG
Nov 20, 2020WINRStock SplitWINR reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Nov 20, 2020VYGGSymbol ChangeVYGG.U ticker symbol changed to VYGG
Nov 20, 2020SNCEListedScience 37 Holdings was listed
Nov 20, 2020SHCListedSotera Health Co. was listed
Nov 20, 2020PWPSymbol ChangeFTIVU ticker symbol changed to PWP
Nov 20, 2020OPFISymbol ChangeFGNA.U ticker symbol changed to OPFI
Nov 20, 2020OASListedOasis Petroleum was listed
Nov 20, 2020FORKAcquisitionFORK was acquired by Guilan Jiang
Nov 20, 2020MRVIListedMaravai Lifesciences Holdings was listed
Nov 20, 2020LIXTStock SplitLIXT reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Nov 20, 2020FORKDelistedFuling Global was delisted
Nov 20, 2020CVEOStock SplitCVEO reverse stock split: 1 for 12
Nov 20, 2020BKYIStock SplitBKYI reverse stock split: 1 for 8
Nov 19, 2020YSGListedYatsen Holding Ltd. was listed
Nov 19, 2020XYFStock SplitXYF reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Nov 19, 2020TVTXSymbol ChangeRTRX ticker symbol changed to TVTX
Nov 19, 2020TLSListedTelos was listed
Nov 19, 2020SRZNListedSurrozen was listed
Nov 19, 2020OLMAListedOlema Pharmaceuticals was listed
Nov 19, 2020OASPQDelistedOasis Petroleum was delisted
Nov 19, 2020OASPQBankruptcyOASPQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Nov 19, 2020NSRSymbol ChangeCLHRF ticker symbol changed to NSR
Nov 19, 2020NGMSListedNeogames SA was listed
Nov 19, 2020MIMOSymbol ChangeNBA.U ticker symbol changed to MIMO
Nov 19, 2020MCXDelistedPhenixfin was delisted
Nov 19, 2020HIPOListedHippo Holdings was listed
Nov 19, 2020BKKTSymbol ChangeVIHAU ticker symbol changed to BKKT
Nov 18, 2020UKSymbol ChangeORSN ticker symbol changed to UK
Nov 18, 2020PHICListedPopulation Health Investment Co was listed
Nov 18, 2020MPSymbol ChangeFVAC ticker symbol changed to MP
Nov 18, 2020MDVLStock SplitMDVL reverse stock split: 1 for 12
Nov 18, 2020MDVLSymbol ChangeMYOS ticker symbol changed to MDVL
Nov 18, 2020GCMGSymbol ChangeCFFA ticker symbol changed to GCMG
Nov 17, 2020YINDelistedYintech Investment Holdings Ltd. was delisted
Nov 17, 2020VTRSSymbol ChangeMYL ticker symbol changed to VTRS
Nov 17, 2020RMEDStock SplitRMED reverse stock split: 1 for 25
Nov 17, 2020PFESpinoffVTRS spun off from PFE
Nov 17, 2020YINAcquisitionYIN was acquired by Yinke Holdings Ltd.
Nov 17, 2020EOSESymbol ChangeBMRG ticker symbol changed to EOSE
Nov 17, 2020DQStock SplitDQ stock split: 5 for 1
Nov 17, 2020DGNSListedDragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp Ii was listed
Nov 17, 2020CIXXSymbol ChangeCIFAF ticker symbol changed to CIXX
Nov 17, 2020CIXXListedCi Financial was listed
Nov 16, 2020SMFRSymbol ChangeCMLFU ticker symbol changed to SMFR
Nov 16, 2020PRTCListedPuretech Health PLC was listed
Nov 16, 2020ONDSStock SplitONDS reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Nov 16, 2020NISNSymbol ChangeHEBT ticker symbol changed to NISN
Nov 16, 2020MYOKDelistedMyokardia was delisted
Nov 16, 2020LICYSymbol ChangePDAC.U ticker symbol changed to LICY
Nov 16, 2020LBYYQDelistedLibbey was delisted
Nov 16, 2020LBYYQBankruptcyLBYYQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Nov 16, 2020INVOListedInvo Bioscience was listed
Nov 16, 2020INMSymbol ChangeIMLFF ticker symbol changed to INM
Nov 16, 2020INMListedInmed Pharmaceuticals was listed
Nov 16, 2020MYOKAcquisitionMYOK was acquired by BMY
Nov 13, 2020VRDNStock SplitVRDN reverse stock split: 1 for 15
Nov 13, 2020UPSymbol ChangeASPL.U ticker symbol changed to UP
Nov 13, 2020SIOXSymbol ChangeAXGT ticker symbol changed to SIOX
Nov 13, 2020QSISymbol ChangeCAPAU ticker symbol changed to QSI
Nov 13, 2020AMAGAcquisitionAMAG was acquired by Covis Group SARL
Nov 13, 2020LIDRListedAeye was listed
Nov 13, 2020IONQListedIonq was listed
Nov 13, 2020AMAGDelistedAmag Pharmaceuticals was delisted
Nov 13, 2020AFGHDelistedAmerican Financial Group was delisted
Nov 12, 2020TLSStock SplitTLS reverse stock split: 1 for 1
Nov 12, 2020MRAcquisitionMR was acquired by SWN
Nov 12, 2020PDSStock SplitPDS reverse stock split: 1 for 20
Nov 12, 2020MRDelistedMontage Resources was delisted
Nov 12, 2020BBIGSymbol ChangeEDNT ticker symbol changed to BBIG
Nov 12, 2020AENZSymbol ChangeGRAM ticker symbol changed to AENZ
Nov 11, 2020WMGIDelistedWright Medical Group Nv was delisted
Nov 11, 2020TRITSymbol ChangeNFIN ticker symbol changed to TRIT
Nov 11, 2020WMGIAcquisitionWMGI was acquired by SYK
Nov 11, 2020MRVIStock SplitMRVI stock split: 253916.941 for 1
Nov 11, 2020BARKListedOriginal Bark Co. was listed
Nov 10, 2020TTLODelistedTorotel was delisted
Nov 10, 2020THRYListedThryv Holdings was listed
Nov 10, 2020SMLPStock SplitSMLP reverse stock split: 1 for 15
Nov 10, 2020RZLTListedRezolute was listed
Nov 10, 2020TTLOAcquisitionTTLO was acquired by TT Electronics plc
Nov 10, 2020LTCHListedLatch was listed
Nov 10, 2020JILLStock SplitJILL reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Nov 10, 2020IPAStock SplitIPA reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Nov 10, 2020FETStock SplitFET reverse stock split: 1 for 20
Nov 10, 2020ELYSSymbol ChangeNWGI ticker symbol changed to ELYS
Nov 10, 2020ARBESymbol ChangeITACU ticker symbol changed to ARBE
Nov 9, 2020WYYStock SplitWYY reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Nov 9, 2020MILESymbol ChangeINAQU ticker symbol changed to MILE
Nov 9, 2020JOBYSymbol ChangeRTP.U ticker symbol changed to JOBY
Nov 9, 2020INVOStock SplitINVO reverse stock split: 1 for 2
Nov 9, 2020COGTStock SplitCOGT reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Nov 9, 2020BALYSymbol ChangeTRWH ticker symbol changed to BALY
Nov 9, 2020ATNFSymbol ChangeKBLM ticker symbol changed to ATNF
Nov 6, 2020OCUPSymbol ChangeREXN ticker symbol changed to OCUP
Nov 6, 2020OCUPStock SplitOCUP reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Nov 6, 2020ENPCSymbol ChangeENPC.U ticker symbol changed to ENPC
Nov 6, 2020CLBTSymbol ChangeTWCTU ticker symbol changed to CLBT
Nov 5, 2020OWLTSymbol ChangeSBG.U ticker symbol changed to OWLT
Nov 5, 2020JCAPAcquisitionJCAP was acquired by Nexpoint Advisors Lp
Nov 5, 2020JCAPDelistedJernigan Capital was delisted
Nov 3, 2020SPIRSymbol ChangeNSH.U ticker symbol changed to SPIR
Nov 3, 2020PACDQSymbol ChangePACD ticker symbol changed to PACDQ
Nov 3, 2020CRHCSymbol ChangeCRHC.U ticker symbol changed to CRHC
Nov 3, 2020CBLAQSymbol ChangeCBL ticker symbol changed to CBLAQ
Nov 2, 2020VLTASymbol ChangeSNPR.U ticker symbol changed to VLTA
Nov 2, 2020TLMDSymbol ChangeHCCO ticker symbol changed to TLMD
Nov 2, 2020BITAAcquisitionBITA was acquired by TCEHY
Nov 2, 2020PSHGStock SplitPSHG reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Nov 2, 2020BITAAcquisitionBITA was acquired by Yiche Holding Limited
Nov 2, 2020MDLYStock SplitMDLY reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Nov 2, 2020LEAPSymbol ChangeLEAP.U ticker symbol changed to LEAP
Nov 2, 2020BITAAcquisitionBITA was acquired by JD
Nov 2, 2020CYXTSymbol ChangeSVACU ticker symbol changed to CYXT
Nov 2, 2020CRCListedCalifornia Resources was listed
Nov 2, 2020BITADelistedBitauto Holdings Ltd. was delisted
Oct 30, 2020WEINDelistedWest End Indiana Bancshares was delisted
Oct 30, 2020WEINBankruptcyWEIN was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Oct 30, 2020SQZListedSqz Biotechnologies Co. was listed
Oct 30, 2020NWBBDelistedNew Bancorp was delisted
Oct 30, 2020NWBBAcquisitionNWBB was acquired by Teachers Credit Union
Oct 30, 2020MIMOListedAirspan Networks Holdings was listed
Oct 30, 2020LUListedLufax Holding Ltd. was listed
Oct 30, 2020JUPWListedJupiter Wellness was listed
Oct 30, 2020JTStock SplitJT reverse stock split: 1 for 8
Oct 30, 2020INDPStock SplitINDP reverse stock split: 1 for 20
Oct 30, 2020HTZGQSymbol ChangeHTZ ticker symbol changed to HTZGQ
Oct 30, 2020HPRStock SplitHPR reverse stock split: 1 for 50
Oct 30, 2020GNCIQDelistedGnc Holdings was delisted
Oct 30, 2020GNCIQBankruptcyGNCIQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Oct 30, 2020FSRSymbol ChangeSPAQ ticker symbol changed to FSR
Oct 30, 2020EZTDelistedEntergy Texas was delisted
Oct 30, 2020CONXListedConx was listed
Oct 30, 2020BHSEListedBull Horn Holdings was listed
Oct 30, 2020AVIRListedAtea Pharmaceuticals was listed
Oct 29, 2020ADSWAcquisitionADSW was acquired by WM
Oct 29, 2020LVGOAcquisitionLVGO was acquired by TDOC
Oct 29, 2020LVGODelistedLivongo Health was delisted
Oct 29, 2020LESLListedLeslie's was listed
Oct 29, 2020HUSNStock SplitHUSN reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Oct 29, 2020GLTOListedGalecto was listed
Oct 29, 2020BURSymbol ChangeBRFRY ticker symbol changed to BUR
Oct 29, 2020BURListedBurford Capital Ltd. was listed
Oct 29, 2020ALGMListedAllegro Microsystems was listed
Oct 29, 2020ADVSymbol ChangeCPAA ticker symbol changed to ADV
Oct 29, 2020ADSWDelistedAdvanced Disposal Services was delisted
Oct 28, 2020ROOTListedRoot was listed
Oct 28, 2020MAXListedMediaalpha was listed
Oct 28, 2020GATOListedGatos Silver was listed
Oct 28, 2020CZOOListedCazoo Group Ltd. was listed
Oct 28, 2020CPAAU1DelistedAdvantage Solutions was delisted
Oct 28, 2020CPAAU1Symbol ChangeCPAAU ticker symbol changed to CPAAU1
Oct 28, 2020BDSXListedBiodesix was listed
Oct 28, 2020ACHRListedArcher Aviation was listed
Oct 28, 2020ABSTSymbol ChangeALSWF ticker symbol changed to ABST
Oct 28, 2020ABSTListedAbsolute Software was listed
Oct 27, 2020TBLASymbol ChangeIACA.U ticker symbol changed to TBLA
Oct 27, 2020GARSAcquisitionGARS was acquired by PTMN
Oct 27, 2020NEEStock SplitNEE stock split: 4 for 1
Oct 27, 2020GARSDelistedGarrison Capital was delisted
Oct 27, 2020CRCQQDelistedCalifornia Resources was delisted
Oct 27, 2020CRCQQBankruptcyCRCQQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Oct 27, 2020CERESymbol ChangeARYB ticker symbol changed to CERE
Oct 26, 2020TRQStock SplitTRQ reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Oct 26, 2020RIDESymbol ChangeDPHC ticker symbol changed to RIDE
Oct 26, 2020NEGGStock SplitNEGG reverse stock split: 1 for 8
Oct 26, 2020AAICSymbol ChangeAI ticker symbol changed to AAIC