JPMorgan Chase ETFs

JPMorgan Chase has 59 ETFs listed with a total of 144.52B in assets under management, which makes JPMorgan Chase the 7th biggest ETF provider on the U.S. stock market. The funds have an average expense ratio of 0.29%.

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1Y Return

59 ETFs

Symbol Fund Name Assets Div. Yield Exp. Ratio Change 1Y
JEPIJPMorgan Equity Premium Income Fund JPMorgan Equity Premium Income Fund32.56B7.67%0.35%1.24%
JPSTJPMorgan Ultra-Short Income ETF Ultra Short Income Fund22.70B5.08%0.18%0.20%
JEPQJPMorgan NASDAQ Equity Premium Income ETF11.90B9.26%0.35%15.88%
BBJPJPMorgan BetaBuilders Japan Fund BetaBuilders Japan Fund11.54B2.91%0.19%13.92%
BBEUJPMorgan BetaBuilders Europe ETF7.52B3.09%0.09%3.82%
BBCAJPMorgan BetaBuilders Canada ETF6.87B2.54%0.19%3.45%
JIREJPMorgan International Research Enhanced Equity ETF JPMorgan International Research Enhanced Equity ETF5.89B2.66%0.24%6.62%
BBAXJPMorgan BetaBuilders Developed Asia Pacific ex-Japan ETF4.38B4.50%0.19%-8.55%
JQUAJPMorgan U.S. Quality Factor ETF US Quality Factor Fund4.02B1.20%0.12%19.90%
BBINJPMorgan BetaBuilders International Equity ETF BetaBuilders International Equity Fund3.97B3.29%0.07%4.46%
BBUSJPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Equity ETF3.06B1.34%0.02%21.59%
JCPBJPMorgan Core Plus Bond ETF JPMorgan Core Plus Bond Fund2.87B4.70%0.40%-3.37%
JGLOJPMorgan Global Select Equity ETF Global Select Equity ETF2.77B0.30%0.47%-
JMSTJPMorgan Ultra-Short Municipal Income ETF2.61B3.26%0.18%-0.13%
BBMCJPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF BetaBuilders US Mid Cap Equity ETF1.60B1.32%0.07%13.63%
BBAGJPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF1.60B4.08%0.03%-4.20%
JGROJPMorgan Active Growth ETF1.33B0.15%0.44%38.25%
JMUBJPMorgan Municipal ETF1.31B3.33%0.18%-1.42%
JPIEJPMorgan Income ETF1.24B5.99%0.41%-1.65%
JAVAJPMorgan Active Value ETF1.07B1.63%0.44%8.01%
JEMAJPMorgan ActiveBuilders Emerging Markets Equity ETF1.00B3.01%0.33%-2.51%
JMEEJPMorgan Market Expansion Enhanced Equity ETF Market Expansion Enhanced Equity ETF999.34M1.23%0.24%14.02%
BBHYJPMorgan BetaBuilders USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF951.04M6.68%0.15%1.03%
JMOMJPMorgan U.S. Momentum Factor ETF US Momentum Factor Fund845.21M0.97%0.12%25.95%
JVALJPMorgan U.S. Value Factor ETF US Value Factor Fund802.46M2.42%0.12%14.45%
BBREJPMorgan BetaBuilders MSCI US REIT ETF JPMorgan BetaBuilders MSCI U.S. REIT Fund763.28M3.79%0.11%-1.25%
JPLDJPMorgan Limited Duration Bond ETF JPMorgan Limited Duration Bond ETF716.10M2.96%0.24%-
JCPIJPMorgan Inflation Managed Bond ETF JPMorgan Inflation Managed Bond ETF655.30M3.58%0.25%-2.16%
JPMBJPMorgan USD Emerging Markets Sovereign Bond ETF USD Emerging Markets Sovereign Bond Fund651.51M6.05%0.39%-1.95%
BBEMJPMorgan BetaBuilders Emerging Markets Equity ETF566.69M2.06%0.15%-
JPEFJPMorgan Equity Focus ETF JPMorgan Equity Focus ETF552.01M0.36%0.50%-
HELOJPMorgan Hedged Equity Laddered Overlay ETF JPMorgan Hedged Equity Laddered Overlay ETF483.91M0.28%0.50%-
JPSEJPMorgan Diversified Return U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF Diversified Return US Small Cap Equity462.43M1.90%0.29%6.02%
BBSCJPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund446.53M1.76%0.09%6.97%
JPUSJPMorgan Diversified Return Use Equity JPMorgan Diversified Return Use Equity423.10M2.22%0.18%9.68%
JPIBJPMorgan International Bond Opportunities ETF415.10M4.73%0.50%-1.00%
JSCPJPMorgan Short Duration Core Plus ETF408.79M4.29%0.33%-0.45%
JPINPMXF Diversified Return Intl Ex-North America Equity372.23M6.02%0.37%0.73%
JPMEJPMorgan Diversified Return U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF Diversified Return U.S. Mid Cap Equity360.75M1.83%0.24%7.68%
JTEKJPMorgan U.S. Tech Leaders ETF JPMorgan U.S. Tech Leaders ETF346.90M-0.65%-
JPREJPMorgan Realty Income ETF JPMorgan Realty Income ETF314.29M3.34%0.50%-3.33%
JPEMJPMorgan Diversified Return Emerging Markets Equity ETF JPMorgan Diversified Return Emerging Markets Equity312.21M4.44%0.44%2.86%
JMSIJPMorgan Sustainable Municipal Income ETF Sustainable Municipal Income ETF210.42M2.72%0.18%-
JBNDJPMorgan Active Bond ETF199.29M2.24%0.30%-
JMHIJPMorgan High Yield Municipal ETF High Yield Municipal ETF173.27M3.65%0.35%-
JIGJPMorgan International Growth Fund JPMorgan International Growth Fund86.70M1.64%0.55%2.64%
BBCBJPMorgan BetaBuilders USD Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF47.48M4.81%0.09%-3.38%
BLLDJPMorgan Sustainable Infrastructure Fund JPMorgan Sustainable Infrastructure Fund23.72M1.80%0.49%-6.40%
TEMPJPMorgan Climate Change Solutions ETF23.33M1.07%0.49%5.92%
BBLBJPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Treasury Bond 20+ Year ETF23.07M4.53%0.07%-
JPSVJPMorgan Active Small Cap Value ETF JPMorgan Active Small Cap Value ETF15.67M-0.74%10.85%
BBSAJPMorgan Betabuilders 1-5 Year U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF14.11M3.30%0.05%-1.16%
JIVEJPMorgan International Value ETF13.43M0.71%0.55%-
JCHIJPMorgan Active China ETF Active China ETF10.12M-0.65%-22.75%
JDOCJPMorgan Healthcare Leaders ETF Healthcare Leaders ETF8.31M0.14%0.65%-
JCTRJPMorgan Carbon Transition U.S. Equity Fund JPMorgan Carbon Transition U.S. Equity Fund5.12M1.80%0.15%20.96%
BBIBJPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Treasury Bond 3-10 Year ETF4.04M3.87%0.07%-
BBSBJPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Treasury Bond 1-3 Year ETF2.92M4.77%0.07%-
BBIPJPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. TIPS 0-5 Year ETF970.90K5.15%0.07%-