Xtrackers ETFs

Xtrackers, owned by DWS, has 40 ETFs listed with a total of 20.72B in assets under management, which makes DWS the 21st biggest ETF provider on the U.S. stock market. The funds have an average expense ratio of 0.24%.

Listed Funds
Total Assets
Average Assets
Average Cost
Dividend Yield
1Y Return

40 ETFs

Symbol Fund Name Assets Div. Yield Exp. Ratio Change 1Y
DBEFXtrackers MSCI EAFE Hedged Equity ETF5.58B4.15%0.36%10.52%
HYLBXtrackers USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF3.12B6.10%0.05%0.81%
USCAXtrackers MSCI USA Climate Action Equity ETF1.97B1.35%0.07%25.29%
ASHRXtrackers Harvest CSI 300 China A-Shares ETF1.70B2.43%0.65%-19.37%
HDEFXtrackers MSCI EAFE High Dividend Yield Equity ETF1.48B5.05%0.09%0.76%
SNPEXtrackers S&P 500 ESG ETF1.11B1.23%0.10%21.47%
USSGXtrackers MSCI USA ESG Leaders Equity ETF1.05B1.44%0.10%25.05%
HAUZXtrackers International Real Estate ETF676.51M3.76%0.10%-5.65%
BHYBXtrackers USD High Yield BB-B ex Financials ETF621.07M2.54%0.20%-
KOKUXtrackers MSCI Kokusai Equity ETF553.62M1.70%0.09%16.65%
DBEUXtrackers MSCI Europe Hedged Equity ETF532.58M3.45%0.46%6.53%
EMCRXtrackers Emerging Markets Carbon Reduction and Climate Improvers ETF470.48M1.98%0.15%1.54%
DBJPXtrackers MSCI Japan Hedged Equity ETF390.87M4.50%0.47%33.62%
HYDWXtrackers Low Beta High Yield Bond ETF212.92M5.90%0.20%-0.98%
USNZXtrackers Net Zero Pathway Paris Aligned US Equity ETF181.93M1.17%0.10%21.09%
DEUSXtrackers Russell US Multifactor ETF151.19M1.37%0.17%13.11%
DBAWXtrackers MSCI All World ex US Hedged Equity ETF149.70M3.27%0.41%8.82%
RVNUXtrackers Municipal Infrastructure Revenue Bond ETF123.53M2.86%0.15%-0.55%
DBEMXtrackers MSCI Emerging Markets Hedged Equity ETF103.33M2.55%0.66%2.06%
SHYLXtrackers Short Duration High Yield Bond ETF102.75M7.03%0.20%0.42%
QARPXtrackers Russell 1000 US Quality at a Reasonable Price ETF63.77M1.32%0.19%17.72%
DEEFXtrackers FTSE Developed ex US Multifactor ETF54.99M3.88%0.24%3.08%
EASGXtrackers MSCI EAFE ESG Leaders Equity ETF48.39M2.50%0.14%4.05%
HYRMXtrackers Risk Managed USD High Yield Strategy ETF41.96M6.02%0.30%1.09%
DBEZXtrackers MSCI Eurozone Hedged Equity ETF38.53M1.73%0.45%10.93%
CRTCXtrackers US National Critical Technologies ETF36.90M0.36%0.35%-
EMSGXtrackers MSCI Emerging Markets ESG Leaders Equity ETF25.41M3.11%0.20%-3.84%
CAXtrackers California Municipal Bond ETF22.43M0.67%0.07%-
ASHSXtrackers Harvest CSI 500 China A-Shares Small Cap ETF21.13M0.67%0.65%-21.46%
HYUPXtrackers High Beta High Yield Bond ETF12.09M7.80%0.20%1.36%
NRESXtrackers RREEF Global Natural Resources ETF11.69M0.23%0.45%-
HDAWXtrackers MSCI All World ex US High Dividend Yield Equity ETF11.04M5.26%0.20%0.38%
SNPGXtrackers S&P 500 Growth ESG ETF9.34M0.89%0.15%29.55%
CHPSXtrackers Semiconductor Select Equity ETF7.21M0.50%0.15%-
MIDEXtrackers S&P MidCap 400 ESG ETF7.04M1.40%0.15%11.86%
SNPVXtrackers S&P 500 Value ESG ETF5.84M1.77%0.15%13.53%
PSWDXtrackers Cybersecurity Select Equity ETF5.80M0.70%0.20%-
SNPDXtrackers S&P ESG Dividend Aristocrats ETF5.11M2.64%0.15%1.81%
UPGRXtrackers US Green Infrastructure Select Equity ETF4.10M0.60%0.35%-
SMLEXtrackers S&P SmallCap 600 ESG ETF1.28M1.64%0.15%10.26%