abrdn Bloomberg All Commodity Longer Dated Strategy K-1 Free ETF (BCD)
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BCD Holdings List

Nov 23, 2021
No.SymbolName WeightShares
1B 0 02.03.22United States Treasury10.96%5,400,000
2B 0 11.18.21United States Treasury8.73%4,300,000
3B 0 01.20.22United States Treasury7.81%3,850,000
4B 0 11.04.21United States Treasury7.51%3,700,000
5B 0 10.28.21United States Treasury6.60%3,250,000
6B 0 11.12.21United States Treasury6.09%3,000,000
7B 0 01.13.22United States Treasury6.09%3,000,000
8B 0 12.16.21United States Treasury5.89%2,900,000
9B 0 03.24.22United States Treasury5.78%2,850,000
10B 0 03.03.22United States Treasury5.48%2,700,000
11B 0 11.26.21United States Treasury4.87%2,400,000
13B 0 12.23.21United States Treasury3.65%1,800,000
14B 0 03.31.22United States Treasury3.04%1,500,000
15B 0 03.10.22United States Treasury2.74%1,350,000
16B 0 12.02.21United States Treasury2.44%1,200,000
17n/aNew York Mercantile Exchange1.73%119
18B 0 10.21.21United States Treasury1.01%500,000
19B 0 12.30.21United States Treasury0.81%400,000
20n/aICE Futures Europe0.77%50
21n/aNew York Mercantile Exchange0.67%64
22n/aLondon Metal Exchange0.54%31
23n/aLondon Metal Exchange0.46%26
24n/aICE Futures U.S., Inc.0.36%68
25n/aICE Futures Europe0.29%24
26n/aLondon Metal Exchange0.24%-10
27n/aNew York Mercantile Exchange0.19%13
28n/aICE Futures U.S., Inc.0.19%15
29n/aICE Futures U.S., Inc.0.17%24
30n/aNew York Mercantile Exchange0.14%14
31n/aChicago Board of Trade0.10%48
32n/aChicago Mercantile Exchange0.09%25
33n/aLondon Metal Exchange0.08%-17
34n/aLondon Metal Exchange0.06%-8
35n/aCommodities Exchange Center0.05%31
36n/aLondon Metal Exchange0.03%17
37n/aChicago Board of Trade0.01%21
38n/aLondon Metal Exchange0.00%8
39n/aLondon Metal Exchange0.00%33
40n/aLondon Metal Exchange0.00%-31
41n/aLondon Metal Exchange-0.00%14
42n/aLondon Metal Exchange-0.02%-14
43n/aChicago Board of Trade-0.05%36
44n/aChicago Board of Trade-0.08%34
45n/aLondon Metal Exchange-0.08%18
46n/aChicago Board of Trade-0.09%33
47n/aLondon Metal Exchange-0.09%10
48n/aChicago Mercantile Exchange-0.18%33
49n/aChicago Board of Trade-0.19%90
50n/aCommodities Exchange Center-0.20%13
As of Nov 23, 2021
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