Invesco Total Return Bond ETF (GTO)
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May 24, 2024, 4:00 PM EDT - Market closed

GTO Holdings List

May 24, 2024
No.SymbolName WeightShares
2T 4.375 05.15.34United States Treasury Note/Bond6.57%100,640,900
3n/aCBOT 10 Year US Treasury Note4.53%635
4T 4.25 02.15.54United States Treasury Note/Bond4.52%72,546,500
5T 4.625 04.30.29United States Treasury Note/Bond4.50%68,134,200
6n/aCBOT 2 Year US Treasury Note Future4.01%301
7FNCL 5 6.11Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac2.95%46,541,206
8n/aCBOT US Treasure Bond Futures2.29%299
9FNCL 4 6.11Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac2.24%37,432,361
10FNCL 5.5 6.11Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac1.94%30,000,000
11G2SF 6 6.11Ginnie Mae II Pool1.89%28,542,000
12FNCL 3.5 6.11Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac1.79%31,006,501
13FNCL 6 6.11Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac1.70%25,785,141
14FNCL 4.5 6.11Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac1.50%24,304,732
15FNCL 2.5 6.11Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac1.48%27,877,711
16G2SF 4.5 6.11Ginnie Mae II Pool0.94%15,045,006
17T 4.875 04.30.26United States Treasury Note/Bond0.77%11,676,000
18G2SF 5.5 6.11Ginnie Mae II Pool0.76%11,702,317
19FNCL 3 6.11Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac0.74%13,373,242
20WFCIT 2024-A1 AWF Card Issuance Trust0.65%9,926,000
21BX 2021-LGCY BBX Trust 2021-LGCY0.65%10,000,000
22BX 2021-VOLT DBX Commercial Mortgage Trust 2021-VOLT0.57%8,799,000
23T 4.5 02.15.44United States Treasury Note/Bond0.57%8,820,800
24GCBSL 2019-40A ARGolub Capital Partners CLO 40B Ltd0.49%7,470,493
25FNCI 1.5 6.14Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac0.49%8,760,000
26FR RA9448Freddie Mac Pool0.49%7,389,076
27n/aUltra U.S. Treasury Bond Futures0.48%59
28FN FS5767Fannie Mae Pool0.46%7,125,408
29QDOBA 2023-1A A2Qdoba Funding LLC0.43%6,383,002
30FR RA9375Freddie Mac Pool0.42%6,414,002
31AGL 2024-29A A1AGL CLO 29 Ltd0.40%6,019,000
32T 4.625 04.30.31United States Treasury Note/Bond0.38%5,670,900
33BRAZIL 6.125 03.15.34Brazilian Government International Bond0.37%5,835,000
34GLM 2019-5A ARGoldentree Loan Management US CLO 5 Ltd0.33%5,000,000
35KKR 30A A1RKKR CLO 30 Ltd0.31%4,650,754
36BA 6.528 05.01.34 144ABoeing Co/The0.29%4,365,000
37B 0 09.05.24United States Treasury Bill0.29%4,412,000
38FR SD3640Freddie Mac Pool0.27%4,146,140
39OCP 2014-6A A1R2OCP CLO 2014-6 Ltd0.27%4,126,000
40FNCI 2 6.12Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac0.27%4,687,000
41AMSR 2021-SFR3 BAMSR 2021-SFR3 Trust0.27%4,460,000
42GS V7.5 PERP WGoldman Sachs Group Inc/The0.26%3,738,000
43G2SF 2 6.13Ginnie Mae II Pool0.25%4,826,634
44GS V7.5 PERP XGoldman Sachs Group Inc/The0.25%3,758,000
45DELIFE 2.662 06.29.26 21-1Delaware Life Global Funding0.25%4,125,000
46ZAXBY 2021-1A A2Zaxbys Funding LLC0.24%4,181,750
47CARMX 2024-1 A3CarMax Auto Owner Trust 2024-10.24%3,710,000
48APID 2016-25A A1R2Apidos Clo Xxv0.24%3,638,415
49AOMT 2024-2 A1Angel Oak Mortgage Trust 2024-20.24%3,643,539
50PANIRP 0 04.05.32 144APanama Infrastructure Receivable Purchaser PLC0.23%5,606,000
As of May 24, 2024
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