AAM Low Duration Preferred and Income Securities ETF (PFLD)
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Jun 25, 2024, 9:37 AM EDT - Market open

PFLD Holdings List

Jun 18, 2024
No.SymbolName WeightShares
1n/aInvesco Shrt-Trm Inv Gov&Agcy Instl2.57%8,320,207
2GSpDThe Goldman Sachs Group Inc DR2.48%338,647
3n/aJPMorgan Chase & Co. 6%2.47%318,516
4n/aJPMorgan Chase & Co. 5.75%2.26%292,127
5DUKpADuke Energy Corp 5.75% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser A 1/1000th Int1.95%250,827
6USBpHU.S. Bancorp DR1.69%250,827
7ATH.PRAAthene Holding Ltd FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser A 1/1000 Int Dep1.52%207,692
8SCHWpDCharles Schwab Corp DR1.47%188,182
9BACpBBank of America Corp 6% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser GG 1/1000th int1.45%187,544
10n/a7.125% Fixed-Rate Rst Sbd Dbtrs due 20521.42%175,553
11NLYpFAnnaly Capital Management Inc Cum Conv Red Pfd Registered Shs Series -F-1.42%180,591
12GSpAThe Goldman Sachs Group Inc DR1.37%188,182
13n/aNextEra Energy Capital Holdings Inc 5.65%1.31%172,419
14n/aCMS Energy Corporation 5.88%1.19%157,984
15METpAMetLife Inc Floating Rate Non Cum Pfd Registered Shs Series -A-1.15%150,472
16n/aBank of America Corp. 6.45%1.14%145,811
17JXNpAJackson Financial Inc FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser A1.11%137,941
18ATHpCAthene Holding Ltd PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser C 1/1,000th Int1.10%144,475
19n/aAthene Holding Ltd 7.25%1.09%138,477
20QRTEPQurate Retail Inc 8% PRF REDEEM 15/03/2031 USD - Ser A1.08%79,736
21n/aPrudential Financial, Inc. 5.63%1.08%141,698
22AGNCPAGNC Investment Corp FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 Series F1.08%144,204
23KEYpLKeyCorp FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser H1.06%150,472
24MSpAMorgan Stanley DR1.03%142,429
25n/aCHS Inc 7.5%1.03%129,769
27MSpIMorgan Stanley DR1.01%129,452
28ALLpBAllstate Corp Pfd1.01%125,385
29MSpKMorgan Stanley DR0.99%129,452
30SYFpBSynchrony Financial 8.25% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Dep rep 1/40 Ser B0.99%125,385
31USBpAU.S. Bancorp Deposit Shs Repr 1/100th Non-Cumulative Perp Pfd Shs Series A0.97%3,605
32RFpBRegions Financial Corp DR0.97%125,385
33ATHpEAthene Holding Ltd FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser E 1/1000th Int0.96%120,664
34CHSCMCHS Inc Pfd Shs -B- Series 30.96%123,507
35STTpGState Street Corporation DR0.94%125,385
36BANCpFBanc of California Inc 7.75% PRF PERPETUAL USD - 1/40th int Ser F0.93%128,724
37KEYpIKeyCorp DR0.92%125,385
38FITBIFifth Third Bancorp Deposit Shs Repr 1/1000th Non-Cum Perp Pfd Shs Series -0.91%112,860
39BACpKBank of America Corp Pfd0.91%117,819
40RFpCRegions Financial Corp Pfd0.89%125,385
41NLYpIAnnaly Capital Management Inc Pfd0.87%110,977
42MSpEMorgan Stanley DR0.87%110,614
43MSpFMorgan Stanley DR0.86%109,019
44RITMpDRithm Capital Corp FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser D0.85%116,617
45CHSCNCHS Inc Cum Red Pfd Registered Shs -B- Series -2-0.84%105,342
46NLYpGAnnaly Capital Management Inc FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser G0.84%106,593
47AGNCOAGNC Investment Corp FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 Ser E 1/10000.78%100,932
48ESGRPEnstar Group Ltd FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - Ser D 1/1000th Int0.77%100,304
49n/aReinsurance Group of America, Incorporated 5.75%0.76%100,304
50ANG.PRAAmerican National Group Inc Series A0.75%100,304
As of Jun 18, 2024
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