All Active SPACs on the US Stock Market

These are all the actively traded SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) on the US stock market. These are also known as blank check companies or shell companies.

201 Stocks

No. Symbol Company Name Stock Price % Change IPO Date Market Cap
1DWACDigital World Acquisition Corp.45.9117.90%Sep 3, 20211.66B
2SCRMScreaming Eagle Acquisition Corp.10.66-0.09%Jan 6, 20221.00B
3MTALMetals Acquisition Corp11.90-3.25%Jul 29, 2021853.06M
4AACTAres Acquisition Corporation II10.540.05%Apr 21, 2023639.44M
5SAGASagaliam Acquisition Corp.10.890.18%Dec 21, 2021533.47M
6ALCCAltC Acquisition Corp.10.650.19%Jul 8, 2021458.16M
7ANSCAgriculture & Natural Solutions Acquisition Corporation10.140.10%Nov 9, 2023437.29M
8LCAAL Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp13.512.43%Mar 11, 2021391.06M
9RRACRigel Resource Acquisition Corp.11.140.09%Nov 5, 2021356.94M
10SVIISpring Valley Acquisition Corp. II10.950.18%Oct 13, 2022335.19M
11IPXXInflection Point Acquisition Corp. II10.45-0.05%May 25, 2023326.56M
12IVCBInvestcorp Europe Acquisition Corp I11.150.09%Dec 15, 2021307.25M
13HYACHaymaker Acquisition Corp. III10.350.29%Jul 26, 2023304.93M
14JWSMJaws Mustang Acquisition Corporation10.94-Feb 2, 2021298.45M
15TRTLTortoiseEcofin Acquisition Corp. III10.73-0.09%Jul 20, 2021278.06M
16PRLHPearl Holdings Acquisition Corp10.700.09%Dec 15, 2021267.50M
17EMLDFTAC Emerald Acquisition Corp.10.47-0.29%Dec 16, 2021263.82M
18PLAOPatria Latin American Opportunity Acquisition Corp.11.290.36%Mar 10, 2022254.59M
19CLBRColombier Acquisition Corp.10.25-Nov 21, 2023250.15M
20PLMJPlum Acquisition Corp. III10.850.56%Jul 28, 2021244.30M
21LEGTLegato Merger Corp. III10.100.10%Feb 6, 2024227.10M
22CNDAConcord Acquisition Corp II10.46-Sep 1, 2021227.00M
23PHYTPyrophyte Acquisition Corp.11.150.36%Oct 27, 2021211.30M
24CFFSCF Acquisition Corp. VII10.83-0.37%Dec 16, 2021209.97M
25HLXBHelix Acquisition Corp. II10.32-0.82%Feb 9, 2024208.62M
26NFYSEnphys Acquisition Corp.10.76-Oct 6, 2021202.54M
27SEDASDCL EDGE Acquisition Corporation10.930.09%Oct 29, 2021198.32M
28KVACKeen Vision Acquisition Corporation10.43-Jul 25, 2023198.12M
29MNTNEverest Consolidator Acquisition Corporation11.13-0.62%Nov 24, 2021197.41M
30MCAAMountain & Co. I Acquisition Corp.11.400.09%Nov 5, 2021196.97M
31XPDBPower & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition II Corp.10.78-Dec 10, 2021191.66M
32PEGRProject Energy Reimagined Acquisition Corp.10.68-Oct 29, 2021186.62M
33IVCAInvestcorp India Acquisition Corp11.14-0.04%May 10, 2022180.79M
34TRISTristar Acquisition I Corp.10.930.18%Oct 14, 2021178.47M
35APCAAP Acquisition Corp.11.230.04%Dec 17, 2021175.20M
36VAQCVector Acquisition Corporation II10.67-Mar 10, 2021173.46M
37EVEEVe Mobility Acquisition Corp10.87-0.18%Dec 15, 2021169.92M
38SPKLSpark I Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Share10.260.29%Oct 6, 2023168.49M
39GAQGeneration Asia I Acquisition Limited11.010.09%Jan 20, 2022166.85M
40BRKHBurtech Acquisition Corp.10.90-Dec 13, 2021165.27M
41ALCYAlchemy Investments Acquisition Corp 110.570.14%May 5, 2023158.24M
42BFACBattery Future Acquisition Corp.10.94-0.36%Dec 15, 2021151.48M
43IFINInFinT Acquisition Corporation11.400.44%Nov 19, 2021150.56M
44ROSSRoss Acquisition Corp II11.060.45%Mar 12, 2021150.46M
45ESHAESH Acquisition Corp.10.370.39%Jun 14, 2023148.53M
46BCSABlockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp. I11.00-0.18%Nov 10, 2021148.04M
47TLGYTLGY Acquisition Corporation11.26-Dec 1, 2021146.76M
48VCXB10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp. III10.78-Jan 12, 2022142.23M
49FLFVFeutune Light Acquisition Corporation10.91-0.18%Jun 16, 2022139.79M
50ALSAAlpha Star Acquisition Corporation11.27-0.04%Dec 13, 2021138.27M
51ISRLIsrael Acquisitions Corp10.740.09%Jan 13, 2023137.62M
52IRRXIntegrated Rail and Resources Acquisition Corp.11.07-0.27%Nov 12, 2021135.86M
53LGVCLAMF Global Ventures Corp. I10.950.74%Nov 11, 2021135.79M
54ATEKAthena Technology Acquisition Corp. II11.20-0.27%Dec 10, 2021135.13M
55NNAG99 Acquisition Group Inc.10.280.10%Aug 18, 2023133.13M
56CNDBConcord Acquisition Corp III11.044.94%Nov 4, 2021132.20M
57ZLSZalatoris II Acquisition Corp.10.77-0.19%Jul 30, 2021129.05M
58RMGCRMG Acquisition Corp. III10.00-Feb 5, 2021127.11M
59FIACFocus Impact Acquisition Corp.10.98-0.54%Oct 28, 2021126.44M
60ARRWArrowroot Acquisition Corp.10.79-0.09%Mar 2, 2021125.52M
61WNNRAndretti Acquisition Corp.11.0720.46%Jan 13, 2022125.40M
62GATEMarblegate Acquisition Corp.10.43-0.29%Oct 1, 2021125.06M
63DSAQDirect Selling Acquisition Corp.11.020.09%Sep 24, 2021124.91M
64NPABNew Providence Acquisition Corp. II10.790.55%Nov 5, 2021124.28M
65PLMIPlum Acquisition Corp. I11.00-Mar 16, 2021123.60M
66KCGIKensington Capital Acquisition Corp. V10.840.46%Aug 13, 2021123.58M
67BOCNBlue Ocean Acquisition Corp.10.940.09%Dec 3, 2021119.09M
68RCFARCF Acquisition Corp.11.04-0.18%Nov 10, 2021118.43M
69IXAQIX Acquisition Corp.11.120.09%Oct 7, 2021115.80M
70COOLCorner Growth Acquisition Corp.10.88-0.98%Dec 17, 2020114.29M
71BYNObyNordic Acquisition Corporation11.06-Feb 9, 2022113.55M
72PGSSPegasus Digital Mobility Acquisition Corp.11.250.54%Oct 22, 2021113.30M
73APXIAPx Acquisition Corp. I11.350.13%Dec 7, 2021112.48M
74CDAQCompass Digital Acquisition Corp.10.660.09%Oct 15, 2021111.88M
75SHAPSpree Acquisition Corp. 1 Limited10.91-0.18%Dec 16, 2021111.09M
76PFTAPerception Capital Corp. III10.650.08%Jul 21, 2021110.54M
77TGAATarget Global Acquisition I Corp.11.130.09%Dec 9, 2021110.01M
78CMCACapitalworks Emerging Markets Acquisition Corp11.010.55%Dec 1, 2021109.98M
79CITECartica Acquisition Corp11.02-Jan 5, 2022109.81M
80DHCADHC Acquisition Corp.11.11-6.87%Mar 2, 2021109.64M
81DPCSDP Cap Acquisition Corp I11.000.36%Nov 9, 2021107.51M
82MCACMonterey Capital Acquisition Corporation10.990.18%May 11, 2022106.15M
83PORTSouthport Acquisition Corporation10.790.65%Dec 10, 2021106.13M
84CSLMCSLM Acquisition Corp10.99-0.09%Jan 13, 2022104.68M
85MITAColiseum Acquisition Corp.10.72-0.09%Jun 23, 2021103.31M
86GPACGlobal Partner Acquisition Corp II11.060.29%Jan 12, 2021102.82M
87BLUABlueRiver Acquisition Corp.10.750.37%Jan 29, 2021102.46M
88FNVTFinnovate Acquisition Corp.11.18-0.18%Nov 4, 2021101.58M
89FTIIFutureTech II Acquisition Corp.11.210.81%Feb 16, 2022100.64M
90ATMVAlphaVest Acquisition Corp10.89-Dec 20, 202299.98M
91CNGLCanna-Global Acquisition Corp11.04-Nov 30, 202199.49M
92PWUPPowerUp Acquisition Corp.10.97-0.45%Feb 18, 202299.08M
93TENKTenX Keane Acquisition Ordinary Share11.01-Oct 14, 202298.44M
94PMGMPriveterra Acquisition Corp.11.02-0.18%-97.22M
95QDROQuadro Acquisition One Corp.11.444.67%Feb 18, 202196.43M
96RWODRedwoods Acquisition Corp.10.950.18%Mar 31, 202296.27M
97BLACBellevue Life Sciences Acquisition Corp.10.771.22%Feb 10, 202395.80M
98BOWNBowen Acquisition Corp10.430.68%Jul 12, 202395.61M
99OSIOsiris Acquisition Corp.10.640.38%May 14, 202193.85M
100WELIntegrated Wellness Acquisition Corp11.320.09%Dec 9, 202193.57M
101HSPOHorizon Space Acquisition I Corp.10.80-0.18%Dec 22, 202293.40M
102GODNGolden Star Acquisition Corporation10.610.57%May 2, 202392.36M
103DISADisruptive Acquisition Corporation I10.68-1.66%Mar 24, 202191.68M
104ALTUAltitude Acquisition Corp.10.340.29%Dec 9, 202091.53M
105GLACGlobal Lights Acquisition Corp10.16-Nov 14, 202391.19M
106QETAQuetta Acquisition Corporation10.18-Oct 6, 202391.08M
107EMCGEmbrace Change Acquisition Corp11.080.09%Aug 10, 202290.17M
108EACEdify Acquisition Corp.11.33-Jan 15, 202189.40M
109APACStoneBridge Acquisition Corporation11.292.64%Jul 16, 202189.04M
110IROHIron Horse Acquisitions Corp.9.990.05%Dec 27, 202388.86M
111ARYDARYA Sciences Acquisition Corp IV11.220.18%Feb 26, 202188.79M
112AACIArmada Acquisition Corp. I10.98-0.09%Aug 13, 202188.64M
113DYCQDT Cloud Acquisition Corporation10.15-Feb 21, 202488.26M
114ONYXOnyx Acquisition Co. I11.07-Nov 3, 202187.96M
115ACABAtlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp. II10.69-0.37%Jan 14, 202287.31M
116TMTCTMT Acquisition Corp10.660.09%Mar 28, 202386.77M
117USCTRoth CH Acquisition Co11.02-Oct 27, 202186.72M
118XFINExcelFin Acquisition Corp.10.860.05%Oct 21, 202186.35M
119IVCPSwiftmerge Acquisition Corp.10.95-Dec 15, 202186.20M
120GLSTGlobal Star Acquisition, Inc.10.660.19%Sep 20, 202285.93M
121BITEBite Acquisition Corp.10.69-Feb 12, 202185.51M
122IMAQInternational Media Acquisition Corp.11.350.27%Jul 29, 202185.15M
123BHACFocus Impact BH3 Acquisition Co.10.46-Oct 5, 202184.33M
124DUETDUET Acquisition Corp.11.000.09%Jan 20, 202284.29M
125OCAXOCA Acquisition Corp.10.85-0.09%Jan 15, 202182.87M
127JVSAJVSPAC Acquisition Corp.10.19-Jan 19, 202481.68M
128BACABerenson Acquisition Corp. I10.27-0.58%Sep 28, 202181.57M
129AEAEAltEnergy Acquisition Corp.11.100.27%Oct 29, 202181.32M
130ASCBA SPAC II Acquisition Corporation11.13-0.09%May 3, 202281.28M
131BUJABukit Jalil Global Acquisition 1 Ltd10.440.29%Jun 28, 202381.03M
132BAYABayview Acquisition Corp10.10-Dec 15, 202381.00M
133PUCKGoal Acquisitions Corp.10.70-Feb 11, 202180.81M
134OAKUOak Woods Acquisition Corporation10.660.19%Mar 24, 202380.28M
135LIBYLiberty Resources Acquisition Corp.11.06-Nov 1, 202179.76M
136CETUCetus Capital Acquisition Corp.10.540.48%Feb 1, 202379.39M
137GTACGlobal Technology Acquisition Corp. I11.19-Oct 21, 202179.34M
138TCOAZalatoris Acquisition Corp10.830.19%Dec 10, 202177.88M
139IRAAIris Acquisition Corp10.630.09%Mar 5, 202177.60M
140RFACRF Acquisition Corp.10.900.93%Mar 24, 202277.58M
141GBBKGlobal Blockchain Acquisition Corp.10.740.09%May 10, 202277.24M
142INAQInsight Acquisition Corp.10.770.19%Sep 2, 202175.40M
143FRLAFortune Rise Acquisition Corporation11.14-Nov 3, 202174.91M
144TRONCorner Growth Acquisition Corp. 211.51-0.09%Jun 17, 202174.71M
145ATMCAlphaTime Acquisition Corp10.86-Dec 30, 202274.65M
146GDSTGoldenstone Acquisition Limited10.90-0.37%Mar 17, 202274.60M
147TETETechnology & Telecommunication Acquisition Corporation11.670.26%Jan 18, 202274.57M
148BWAQBlue World Acquisition Corporation11.15-0.18%Jan 31, 202273.95M
149FORLFour Leaf Acquisition Corporation10.630.09%Mar 17, 202372.54M
150VHAQViveon Health Acquisition Corp.10.81-3.05%Dec 23, 202071.87M
151MSSAMetal Sky Star Acquisition Corporation11.07-Apr 1, 202270.93M
152HCMAHCM Acquisition Corp4.69-5.63%Jan 21, 202270.71M
153GMFIAetherium Acquisition Corp.11.706.56%Dec 30, 202170.21M
154DISTDistoken Acquisition Corporation10.64-Feb 15, 202368.41M
155NVACNorthView Acquisition Corporation11.25-Dec 21, 202167.81M
156MAQCMaquia Capital Acquisition Corporation10.98-May 5, 202167.66M
157ROCLRoth Ch Acquisition V Co.10.79-Dec 1, 202167.02M
158KYCHKeyarch Acquisition Corporation10.91-0.55%Jan 25, 202265.43M
159AFARAura FAT Projects Acquisition Corp11.030.09%Apr 13, 202263.77M
160NBSTNewbury Street Acquisition Corporation10.790.19%Mar 23, 202163.08M
161SEPASEP Acquisition Corp.10.80-0.87%Jul 28, 202162.68M
162IGTAInception Growth Acquisition Limited10.860.18%Dec 9, 202160.58M
163ACACAcri Capital Acquisition Corporation11.180.27%Jun 10, 202260.34M
164BNIXBannix Acquisition Corp.10.950.18%Sep 10, 202159.75M
165HAIAHealthcare AI Acquisition Corp.10.97-0.09%Dec 10, 202159.19M
166RCACRevelstone Capital Acquisition Corp.10.70-Dec 17, 202157.90M
167CCTSCactus Acquisition Corp. 1 Limited11.32-0.26%Oct 29, 202157.60M
168PEPLPepperLime Health Acquisition Corporation10.920.46%Oct 15, 202155.04M
169MBTCNocturne Acquisition Corporation12.43-Mar 31, 202154.51M
170RACYRelativity Acquisition Corp.12.28-Feb 11, 202254.04M
171PLTNPlutonian Acquisition Corp.10.71-Nov 10, 202253.56M
172BRACBroad Capital Acquisition Corp.11.240.09%Jan 11, 202252.97M
173ESACESGEN Acquisition Corporation5.93-4.51%Oct 20, 202151.60M
174BREZBreeze Holdings Acquisition Corp.11.701.30%Nov 23, 202049.81M
175AQUAquaron Acquisition Corp.10.83-Oct 4, 202249.31M
176VSACVision Sensing Acquisition Corp.11.13-0.62%Nov 1, 202148.73M
177WTMAWelsbach Technology Metals Acquisition Corp.10.91-Dec 28, 202148.60M
178MARXMars Acquisition Corp.10.65-Feb 14, 202347.64M
179HUDAHudson Acquisition I Corp.10.52-Oct 14, 202247.25M
180AOGOArogo Capital Acquisition Corp.10.820.19%Dec 27, 202146.98M
181WINVWinVest Acquisition Corp.11.211.72%Sep 15, 202145.96M
182INTEIntegral Acquisition Corporation 110.82-0.14%Nov 3, 202144.07M
183MCAFMountain Crest Acquisition Corp. IV14.2010.08%Jun 30, 202143.92M
184YOTAYotta Acquisition Corporation11.004.66%Apr 20, 202243.39M
185KACLKairous Acquisition Corp. Limited11.72-0.09%Dec 14, 202143.21M
186MACAMoringa Acquisition Corp11.10-Feb 17, 202142.96M
187NOVVNova Vision Acquisition Corporation11.600.87%Aug 6, 202142.50M
188DHACDigital Health Acquisition Corp.11.47-2.30%Nov 4, 202142.31M
189AIBAIB Acquisition Corporation11.56-0.26%Jan 19, 202241.83M
190TGVCTG Venture Acquisition Corp.10.75-2.45%Nov 3, 202141.41M
191ACBAAce Global Business Acquisition Limited12.03-0.12%Apr 6, 202141.26M
192OTECOceanTech Acquisitions I Corp.11.750.43%May 28, 202141.10M
193QOMOQomolangma Acquisition Corp.10.89-Sep 30, 202238.94M
194DECADenali Capital Acquisition Corp.5.75-Apr 7, 202237.75M
195WAVSWestern Acquisition Ventures Corp.10.58-0.19%Jan 12, 202237.70M
196ASCAA SPAC I Acquisition Corp.9.80-2.10%Feb 15, 202236.52M
197MCAGMountain Crest Acquisition Corp. V10.800.09%Nov 12, 202134.24M
198PPHPPHP Ventures Acquisition Corp.11.30-Aug 12, 202128.75M
199ADOCEdoc Acquisition Corp.6.785.12%Nov 10, 202023.71M
200LBBBLakeshore Acquisition II Corp.4.80-5.88%Mar 9, 202218.30M
201HNRAHNR Acquisition Corp1.93-3.50%Feb 11, 202210.47M