Kaman Corporation (KAMN)
Apr 19, 2023 - KAMN was delisted (reason: acquired by Arcline)
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Kaman Market Cap

Kaman is not actively traded anymore. When Kaman last traded, it had a market cap or net worth of $1.30 billion.

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Market Cap Chart

Since December 1, 1998, Kaman's market cap has increased from $390.70M to $1.30B, an increase of 233.53%. That is a compound annual growth rate of 4.86%.


DateMarket Cap% Change
Apr 18, 20241.30B92.46%
Dec 29, 2023676.70M8.31%
Dec 30, 2022624.80M-48.01%
Dec 31, 20211.20B-24.00%
Dec 31, 20201.58B-13.91%
Dec 31, 20191.84B17.12%
Dec 31, 20181.57B-4.18%
Dec 29, 20171.64B23.39%
Dec 30, 20161.33B19.97%
Dec 31, 20151.11B1.70%
Dec 31, 20141.09B0.90%
Dec 31, 20131.08B10.29%
Dec 31, 2012976.90M36.44%
Dec 30, 2011716.00M-5.23%
Dec 31, 2010755.50M27.06%
Dec 31, 2009594.60M28.81%
Dec 31, 2008461.60M-49.07%
Dec 31, 2007906.40M68.10%
Dec 29, 2006539.20M18.74%
Dec 30, 2005454.10M57.84%
Dec 31, 2004287.70M-0.03%
Dec 31, 2003287.80M16.61%
Dec 31, 2002246.80M-29.26%
Dec 31, 2001348.90M-7.03%
Dec 29, 2000375.30M25.18%
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Market Capitalization

Market capitalization, also called net worth, is the total value of all of a company's outstanding shares. It is calculated by multiplying the stock price by the number of shares outstanding.

Formula: Market Cap = Stock Price * Shares Outstanding
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