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Invesco BulletShares 2026 Municipal Bond ETF (BSMQ)

NASDAQ: BSMQ · IEX Real-Time Price · USD
25.83 0.00 (0.00%)
Oct 15, 2021 4:00 PM EDT - Market closed

293 Holdings

No.SymbolCompany Name% AssetsShares
1n/aState of California1.98%420,000
2n/aNew York City Water & Sewer System1.96%415,000
3n/aState of Illinois1.86%400,000
4n/aUniversity of Houston1.80%395,000
5n/aMetropolitan Transportation Authority1.67%350,000
6n/aCommonwealth of Massachusetts1.63%400,000
7n/aMassachusetts Development Finance Agency1.43%300,000
8n/aCommonwealth of Pennsylvania1.39%300,000
9n/aNew Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority1.30%280,000
10n/aImperial Irrigation District Electric System Revenue1.15%250,000
11n/aState of New Mexico1.12%240,000
12n/aCity of New York NY1.12%240,000
13n/aNew Jersey Turnpike Authority1.10%240,000
14n/aMetropolitan Transportation Authority1.08%250,000
15n/aCounty of Bexar TX1.03%220,000
16n/aCalifornia Health Facilities Financing Authority1.02%250,000
17n/aChicago O'Hare International Airport1.01%220,000
18n/aCity & County of Denver CO1.00%215,000
19n/aIllinois Finance Authority1.00%215,000
20n/aCalifornia State Public Works Board0.99%220,000
21n/aNew Jersey Economic Development Authority0.94%200,000
22n/aUniversity of Washington0.94%200,000
23n/aHampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission0.94%200,000
24n/aState of Wisconsin Environmental Improvement Fund Revenue0.94%200,000
25n/aState of Texas0.94%200,000
26n/aVirginia Commonwealth Transportation Board0.94%200,000
27n/aArizona State University0.92%200,000
28n/aCalifornia Public Finance Authority0.91%200,000
29n/aCentral Unified School District0.87%200,000
30n/aInfirmary Health System Special Care Facilities Financing Au0.85%200,000
31n/aDistrict of Columbia0.82%175,000
32n/aMain Street Natural Gas Inc0.81%170,000
33n/aMetropolitan Transportation Authority0.75%160,000
34n/aNew York State Thruway Authority0.75%165,000
35n/aOregon Health & Science University0.74%160,000
36n/aCity of Dallas TX Waterworks & Sewer System Revenue0.74%160,000
37n/aNew Hope Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corp0.74%200,000
38n/aLos Angeles Unified School District/CA0.72%170,000
39n/aCommonwealth of Pennsylvania0.71%150,000
40n/aMichigan Finance Authority0.71%165,000
41n/aMetropolitan Water District of Southern California0.71%150,000
42n/aUtility Debt Securitization Authority0.70%150,000
43n/aLouisiana State Citizens Property Insurance Corp0.69%150,000
44n/aSouth Carolina Public Service Authority0.69%150,000
45n/aBoard of Regents of the University of Texas System0.64%135,000
46n/aState of California0.62%130,000
47n/aState of Connecticut0.62%130,000
49n/aNew York State Dormitory Authority0.59%125,000
50n/aMiami-Dade County Expressway Authority0.58%125,000
51n/aMetropolitan Transportation Authority0.57%125,000
52n/aCity of Los Angeles Department of Airports0.56%120,000
53n/aState of Michigan0.54%115,000
54n/aCounty of Montgomery MD0.48%100,000
55n/aState of Hawaii0.48%100,000
56n/aCounty of Cook IL0.48%100,000
57n/aCounty of Miami-Dade FL Aviation Revenue0.47%100,000
58n/aNew York State Dormitory Authority0.47%100,000
59n/aState of California0.47%100,000
60n/aLouisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Government0.47%100,000
61n/aState of California0.47%100,000
62n/aPort Authority of New York & New Jersey0.47%100,000
63n/aNew York City Water & Sewer System0.47%100,000
64n/aMetropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County TN0.47%100,000
65n/aState of Connecticut Special Tax Revenue0.47%100,000
66n/aMontebello Unified School District0.46%100,000
67n/aCalifornia State University0.46%100,000
68n/aCalifornia State University0.46%100,000
69n/aCounty of Miami-Dade FL Water & Sewer System Revenue0.46%100,000
70n/aMetropolitan Transportation Authority0.46%100,000
71n/aLos Angeles Department of Water & Power Water System Revenue0.46%100,000
72n/aChicago O'Hare International Airport0.46%100,000
73n/aWisconsin Health & Educational Facilities Authority0.45%100,000
74n/aClark County School District0.45%95,000
75n/aNew York City Water & Sewer System0.44%100,000
76n/aState of California0.44%100,000
77n/aCentral Florida Expressway Authority0.44%100,000
78n/aAlameda Corridor Transportation Authority0.44%100,000
79n/aCity of Chicago IL0.44%100,000
80n/aCommonwealth of Massachusetts0.43%90,000
81n/aDenver City & County School District No 10.42%90,000
82n/aIowa Higher Education Loan Authority0.42%90,000
83n/aState of Washington0.42%90,000
84n/aNew York City Transitional Finance Authority Future Tax Secu0.42%90,000
85n/aLycoming County Authority0.41%100,000
86n/aAnaheim City School District/CA0.41%100,000
87n/aState of North Carolina0.40%85,000
88n/aState of Hawaii0.40%85,000
89n/aChicago O'Hare International Airport0.40%90,000
90n/aState of Ohio0.39%85,000
91n/aCounty of Utah UT0.39%95,000
92n/aPennsylvania Turnpike Commission0.38%80,000
93n/aNew Hope Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corp0.37%100,000
94n/aState of Illinois0.37%85,000
95n/aState of Maryland Department of Transportation0.36%75,000
96n/aMetropolitan Transportation Authority0.35%75,000
97n/aUniversity of Michigan0.35%75,000
98n/aFlorida Municipal Power Agency0.35%75,000
99n/aUniversity of Houston0.34%75,000
100n/aCounty of DeKalb GA Water & Sewerage Revenue0.33%70,000
101n/aCity of New York NY0.33%70,000
102n/aSweetwater Union High School District0.33%80,000
103n/aState of Ohio0.33%70,000
104n/aHouston Independent School District0.32%70,000
105n/aMassachusetts Transportation Trust Fund Metropolitan Highway0.32%70,000
106n/aCalifornia Health Facilities Financing Authority0.31%70,000
107n/aState of Maryland0.31%65,000
108n/aCounty of Miami-Dade FL0.30%65,000
109n/aPort Authority of New York & New Jersey0.30%65,000
110n/aCommonwealth of Pennsylvania0.29%65,000
111n/aState of California0.29%60,000
112n/aCalifornia Health Facilities Financing Authority0.28%60,000
113n/aSan Diego Public Facilities Financing Authority0.28%60,000
114n/aIllinois State Toll Highway Authority0.28%60,000
115n/aCommonwealth of Massachusetts0.28%60,000
116n/aCity of Houston TX Airport System Revenue0.28%60,000
117n/aCounty of Bexar TX0.28%60,000
118n/aNew York State Dormitory Authority0.28%60,000
119n/aState of Wisconsin0.28%60,000
120n/aTuscaloosa City Board of Education0.28%60,000
121n/aNorth Carolina Capital Facilities Finance Agency0.26%55,000
122n/aCity of New York NY0.26%55,000
123n/aIllinois State Toll Highway Authority0.25%55,000
124n/aSchool District of Broward County/FL0.25%55,000
125n/aState of California0.24%50,000
126n/aKing County School District No 405 Bellevue0.24%50,000
127n/aCanadian County Educational Facilities Authority0.24%50,000
128n/aOrange County School Board0.24%50,000
129n/aRhode Island Commerce Corp0.24%50,000
130n/aCalifornia Health Facilities Financing Authority0.24%55,000
131n/aMiami University/Oxford OH0.23%50,000
132n/aLos Angeles Department of Water & Power Water System Revenue0.23%50,000
133n/aUniversity of Minnesota0.23%50,000
134n/aState of Ohio0.23%50,000
135n/aNew York State Dormitory Authority0.23%50,000
136n/aMetropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County TN0.23%50,000
137n/aMetropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority0.23%50,000
138n/aHouston Independent School District0.23%50,000
139n/aDistrict of Columbia0.23%50,000
140n/aEnergy Northwest0.23%50,000
141n/aCity of Indianapolis Department of Public Utilities Water Sy0.21%45,000
142n/aIowa Finance Authority0.21%45,000
143n/aMichigan State Hospital Finance Authority0.21%45,000
144n/aPennsylvania Turnpike Commission0.21%45,000
145n/aNew York State Dormitory Authority0.21%45,000
146n/aHouston Independent School District0.21%45,000
147n/aFlorida Municipal Power Agency0.19%40,000
148n/aMichigan State Building Authority0.19%40,000
149n/aMassachusetts School Building Authority0.19%40,000
150n/aNew York State Dormitory Authority0.19%40,000
151n/aCalifornia Health Facilities Financing Authority0.19%40,000
152n/aState of Washington0.19%40,000
153n/aOhio Water Development Authority0.19%40,000
154n/aState of Maryland0.19%40,000
155n/aCity of San Francisco CA Public Utilities Commission Water R0.19%40,000
156n/aHayward Unified School District0.19%45,000
157n/aState of Ohio0.18%40,000
158n/aLas Vegas Valley Water District0.18%40,000
159n/aLos Angeles Unified School District/CA0.18%45,000
160n/aRhode Island Turnpike & Bridge Authority0.18%40,000
161n/aNew York State Urban Development Corp0.18%40,000
162n/aDistrict of Columbia0.17%35,000
163n/aState of Washington0.17%35,000
164n/aBoard of Regents of the University of Texas System0.17%35,000
165n/aTennessee State School Bond Authority0.17%35,000
166n/aPermanent University Fund - University of Texas System0.17%35,000
167n/aTexas Transportation Commission State Highway Fund0.17%35,000
168n/aCounty of Hamilton OH Sales Tax Revenue0.17%35,000
169n/aSt Louis County Reorganized School District No R-60.16%35,000
170n/aCommonwealth of Pennsylvania0.16%35,000
171n/aCalifornia State Public Works Board0.16%35,000
172n/aNew York City Transitional Finance Authority Future Tax Secu0.16%35,000
173n/aNew York City Transitional Finance Authority Future Tax Secu0.16%35,000
174n/aSan Francisco City & County Airport Comm-San Francisco Inter0.16%35,000
175n/aVirginia College Building Authority0.16%35,000
176n/aMichigan State Building Authority0.16%35,000
177n/aNew York State Dormitory Authority0.16%35,000
178n/aMetropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority0.16%35,000
179n/aNew York State Dormitory Authority0.16%35,000
180n/aSandy Springs Public Facilities Authority0.16%35,000
181n/aHazelwood School District0.15%35,000
182n/aState of Nevada Highway Improvement Revenue0.14%30,000
183n/aDallas County Utility & Reclamation District0.14%30,000
184n/aCounty of Sacramento CA Airport System Revenue0.14%30,000
185n/aState of Washington0.14%30,000
186n/aChicago O'Hare International Airport0.14%30,000
187n/aState of Texas0.14%30,000
188n/aTennessee Energy Acquisition Corp0.14%30,000
189n/aCommonwealth of Pennsylvania0.14%30,000
190n/aCounty of Miami-Dade FL0.14%30,000
191n/aSan Diego Unified School District/CA0.14%30,000
192n/aCalifornia State Public Works Board0.14%30,000
193n/aColorado Higher Education0.14%30,000
194n/aNew York City Transitional Finance Authority Future Tax Secu0.14%30,000
195n/aCounty of Hamilton OH Sales Tax Revenue0.14%30,000
196n/aIrvine Ranch Water District0.14%30,000
197n/aNorth East Independent School District/TX0.14%30,000
198n/aTexas A&M University0.13%30,000
199n/aFresno Unified School District0.13%30,000
200n/aCity of Columbus OH Sewerage Revenue0.12%25,000
As of Oct 14, 2021

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