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238 Holdings

No.SymbolCompany Name% AssetsShares
1NY NYSHGR 5 03.15.2039New York State Dormitory Authority1.42%275,000
2IL ILSTRN 5 01.01.2039Illinois State Toll Highway Authority1.29%250,000
3NY NYSHGR 5 03.15.2038New York State Dormitory Authority1.29%250,000
4TX TXSUTL 5 12.15.2028Texas Municipal Gas Acquisition & Supply Corp III1.28%250,000
5NY NYSHGR 5 10.01.2038New York State Dormitory Authority1.26%235,000
6CT CTS 4 01.15.2028State of Connecticut1.18%230,000
7MA MAS 5 05.01.2028Commonwealth of Massachusetts1.15%210,000
8CO UCOHGR 4 06.01.2038University of Colorado1.13%230,000
9WA SNOSCD 5 12.01.2028Snohomish County School District No 201 Snohomish1.10%200,000
10MA MAS 5 11.01.2028Commonwealth of Massachusetts1.10%200,000
11TX TXSWTR 5 04.15.2030Texas Water Development Board1.10%200,000
12NC NCSGEN 5 05.01.2028State of North Carolina1.09%200,000
13NY NYC 5 11.01.2028City of New York NY1.09%200,000
14PA PAS 5 05.01.2028Commonwealth of Pennsylvania1.08%200,000
15CA CAS 5 11.01.2037State of California1.07%200,000
16PA PAS 5 01.15.2028Commonwealth of Pennsylvania1.06%200,000
17CA LOSUTL 5 07.01.2043Los Angeles Department of Water & Power Water System Revenue1.05%200,000
18DC DISUTL 5 10.01.2049District of Columbia Water & Sewer Authority1.05%200,000
19NJ NJS 5 06.01.2028State of New Jersey1.04%195,000
20PA PASTRN 5 12.01.2048Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission1.04%200,000
21VA VASTRN 5 03.15.2028Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board1.03%190,000
22CA CASHGR 5 11.01.2043California State University1.03%195,000
23NJ NJSTRN 5.25 06.15.2043New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority1.02%200,000
24NY MTATRN 5 11.15.2032Metropolitan Transportation Authority1.02%200,000
25MD MDS 4 08.01.2032State of Maryland1.02%200,000
26GA MELPWR 5 01.01.2056Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia1.02%200,000
27GA GAS 3.25 07.01.2037State of Georgia0.96%200,000
28NY NYCGEN 5 11.01.2028New York City Transitional Finance Authority Future Tax Secu0.95%175,000
29CA SFOUTL 4 10.01.2043San Francisco City & County Public Utilities Commission Wast0.95%200,000
30MA MASEDU 4 02.15.2043Massachusetts School Building Authority0.95%200,000
31IN INSGEN 5 02.01.2033Indiana Finance Authority0.94%175,000
32NY NYCUTL 4 06.15.2049New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority0.94%200,000
33AZ SALAGR 5 01.01.2037Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement & Power District0.93%175,000
34NJ NJSTRN 3.25 06.15.2039New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority0.91%220,000
35CA UNVHGR 5 05.15.2048University of California0.90%175,000
36TX SAN 5 08.01.2028City of San Antonio TX0.88%160,000
37WV WVSMED 4 06.01.2051West Virginia Hospital Finance Authority0.87%200,000
38NY NYCGEN 5 08.01.2036New York City Transitional Finance Authority Future Tax Secu0.84%160,000
39NY PORTRN 5 07.15.2030Port Authority of New York & New Jersey0.82%150,000
40FL MIATRN 4 07.01.2045County of Miami-Dade FL Transit System0.82%175,000
41OH OHSTRN 5 02.15.2030Ohio Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission0.81%150,000
42TX HURSCD 5 08.15.2028Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District0.81%150,000
43TX TXSWTR 5 04.15.2049Texas Water Development Board0.79%150,000
44CA LOSFAC 5 12.01.2043Los Angeles County Facilities Inc0.79%150,000
45NY NYCFAC 5 07.15.2035New York City Transitional Finance Authority Building Aid Re0.79%150,000
46NY NYSHGR 5 03.15.2038New York State Dormitory Authority0.77%150,000
47TX HARTRN 4 08.15.2038Harris County Toll Road Authority/The0.77%155,000
48TX DALUTL 4 10.01.2043City of Dallas TX Waterworks & Sewer System Revenue0.73%150,000
49TN MEM 4 05.01.2045City of Memphis TN0.73%150,000
50CA LOSUTL 5 07.01.2048Los Angeles Department of Water & Power Power System Revenue0.73%140,000
51CA CHFHGR 3 06.01.2046Chaffey Community College District0.72%185,000
52NJ NJSTRN 5 01.01.2036New Jersey Turnpike Authority0.71%135,000
53CA SLDSCD 4 08.01.2043San Leandro Unified School District0.71%150,000
55NY MTATRN 4 11.15.2035Metropolitan Transportation Authority0.70%150,000
56MN MNS 5 08.01.2028State of Minnesota0.69%125,000
57MD MDS 5 08.01.2031State of Maryland0.68%125,000
58WV WVS 5 06.01.2037State of West Virginia0.67%125,000
59CA UNVHGR 5 05.15.2038University of California0.66%125,000
60NY NYCFAC 5 07.15.2037New York City Transitional Finance Authority Building Aid Re0.65%125,000
61NY NYSDEV 5 03.15.2035New York State Urban Development Corp0.65%125,000
62PA BUCMED 3 08.15.2050Bucks County Industrial Development Authority0.64%180,000
63NY NYSHGR 5 07.01.2039New York State Dormitory Authority0.63%120,000
64OK OKSTRN 5 01.01.2028Oklahoma Turnpike Authority0.62%115,000
65NY MTATRN 4 11.15.2046Metropolitan Transportation Authority0.62%145,000
66TX TXSWTR 4 04.15.2048Texas Water Development Board0.61%130,000
67IL ILS 5 10.01.2033State of Illinois0.60%120,000
68OH OHSMED 4 01.01.2036State of Ohio0.60%125,000
69NJ NJSTRN 3.5 06.15.2046New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority0.59%150,000
70TX HOU 5 03.01.2028City of Houston TX0.59%110,000
71WA WHASCD 5 12.01.2036Whatcom County School District No 501 Bellingham/WA0.57%105,000
72NJ SPCTRN 5 01.01.2049South Jersey Port Corp0.57%115,000
73CA CAS 5 08.01.2028State of California0.57%105,000
74MN MNS 5 08.01.2028State of Minnesota0.55%100,000
75NY NYSHGR 5 03.15.2033New York State Dormitory Authority0.55%105,000
76OR UNOHGR 5 04.01.2048University of Oregon0.55%105,000
77CA CAS 5 11.01.2028State of California0.55%100,000
78WA ENEPWR 5 07.01.2028Energy Northwest0.55%100,000
79WA ENEPWR 5 07.01.2028Energy Northwest0.54%100,000
80CT CTS 5 02.15.2028State of Connecticut0.54%100,000
81NV CLAAPT 5 07.01.2028County of Clark NV Passenger Facility Charge Revenue0.54%100,000
82CA ORAUTL 5 02.01.2028Orange County Sanitation District0.54%100,000
83NY PORTRN 5 07.15.2036Port Authority of New York & New Jersey0.54%100,000
84CA CASGEN 4 03.01.2048California Statewide Communities Development Authority0.54%120,000
85NJ NJSTRN 5 01.01.2033New Jersey Turnpike Authority0.53%100,000
86NV LASGEN 5 07.01.2043Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority0.53%100,000
87NY NYSDEV 5 03.15.2044New York State Urban Development Corp0.52%100,000
88NY NYC 5 04.01.2043City of New York NY0.52%100,000
89IL ILS 5 11.01.2028State of Illinois0.51%100,000
90NY NYSHGR 5 03.15.2045New York State Dormitory Authority0.51%100,000
91MI GRTWTR 5 07.01.2028Great Lakes Water Authority Water Supply System Revenue0.51%95,000
92MA MASMED 5.2 01.01.2028Massachusetts Health & Educational Facilities Authority0.50%90,000
93TN MET 4 07.01.2028Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County TN0.49%95,000
94NY NYC 5 04.01.2033City of New York NY0.48%90,000
95CA SFOWTR 5 11.01.2028City of San Francisco CA Public Utilities Commission Water R0.46%85,000
96FL GAIUTL 5 10.01.2028City of Gainesville FL Utilities System Revenue0.46%85,000
97MS WRNUTL 5 01.01.2048West Rankin Utility Authority0.44%80,000
98IL ILS 4.62 05.01.2037State of Illinois0.43%90,000
99TX CGMHGR 3.75 08.15.2049College of the Mainland0.43%95,000
100CO JEFSCD 5 12.15.2033Jefferson County School District R-10.41%75,000
101IL REGTRN 5 07.01.2028Regional Transportation Authority0.41%75,000
102TX TXSWTR 5 10.15.2031Texas Water Development Board0.40%75,000
103FL HILEDU 5 07.01.2030Hillsborough County School Board0.40%75,000
104CA OXNSCD 5 08.01.2045Oxnard Union High School District0.39%75,000
105NY NYCGEN 5 05.01.2036New York City Transitional Finance Authority Future Tax Secu0.39%75,000
106NY NYSHGR 5 07.01.2036New York State Dormitory Authority0.37%70,000
107OH OHS 5 09.01.2028State of Ohio0.36%65,000
108NY MTATRN 5 11.15.2035Metropolitan Transportation Authority0.36%70,000
109MD MDS 5 03.15.2028State of Maryland0.33%60,000
110HI HIS 5 01.01.2028State of Hawaii0.33%60,000
111SC SPAMED 4 04.15.2043Spartanburg Regional Health Services District0.33%70,000
112TX EAMSCD 3 08.15.2045Eagle Mountain & Saginaw Independent School District0.32%80,000
113NJ NJSTRN 5 01.01.2030New Jersey Turnpike Authority0.32%60,000
114TX GPTTRN 5 10.01.2033Grand Parkway Transportation Corp0.32%60,000
115NY NYSDEV 5 03.15.2039New York State Urban Development Corp0.31%60,000
116MA MAS 5 05.01.2028Commonwealth of Massachusetts0.30%55,000
117CA LOSTRN 5 07.01.2031Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Sal0.30%55,000
118HI HONUTL 3.25 07.01.2047City & County Honolulu HI Wastewater System Revenue0.30%75,000
119CA HARHGR 3 08.01.2045Hartnell Community College District/CA0.30%75,000
120OR MARSCD 5 06.15.2037Salem-Keizer School District No 24J0.29%55,000
121CA SAASCD 2.12 08.01.2050Santa Ana Unified School District0.29%100,000
122CO ARASCD 5.5 12.01.2028Arapahoe County School District No 6 Littleton0.28%50,000
123NY TRBTRN 5 11.15.2028Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority0.27%50,000
124GA GASTRN 5 06.01.2028Georgia State Road & Tollway Authority0.27%50,000
125AZ MARMED 5 07.01.2028Maricopa County Special Health Care District0.27%50,000
126NV CLA 5 12.01.2033County of Clark NV0.27%50,000
127TX HOUAPT 5 07.01.2028City of Houston TX Airport System Revenue0.27%50,000
128IL COO 5 11.15.2028County of Cook IL0.27%50,000
129CA LOSSCD 5.25 07.01.2042Los Angeles Unified School District/CA0.26%50,000
130PA ALLMED 4 04.01.2044Allegheny County Hospital Development Authority0.25%55,000
131WA WAS 5 08.01.2028State of Washington0.24%45,000
132CA UNVHGR 5 05.15.2037University of California0.24%45,000
133CA SBBSCD 4 08.01.2044Santa Barbara Unified School District0.24%50,000
134OH OHSMED 5 01.01.2033State of Ohio0.23%45,000
135CA UPLCTF 5 01.01.2047City of Upland CA0.23%45,000
136NM NMSGEN 5 07.01.2028State of New Mexico Severance Tax Permanent Fund0.22%40,000
137WA ENEPWR 5 07.01.2030Energy Northwest0.22%40,000
138CO UCOHGR 5 06.01.2031University of Colorado0.22%40,000
139NV CLA 5 12.01.2034County of Clark NV0.22%40,000
140FL MIAUTL 5 10.01.2028County of Miami-Dade FL Water & Sewer System Revenue0.22%40,000
141FL SARMED 5.5 07.01.2028Sarasota County Public Hospital District0.21%40,000
142WA WAS 5 02.01.2041State of Washington0.21%40,000
143MN MINAPT 5 01.01.2028Minneapolis-St Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission0.21%40,000
144CA SFO 5 06.15.2030City & County of San Francisco CA0.19%35,000
145NY LSLPWR 5 09.01.2030Long Island Power Authority0.19%35,000
146FL HILEDU 5 07.01.2028Hillsborough County School Board0.19%35,000
147FL SMIMED 5 08.15.2028City Of South Miami Health Facilities Authority Inc0.18%35,000
148NY NYSDEV 5 03.15.2040New York State Urban Development Corp0.18%35,000
149CO ARASCD 5.5 12.01.2043Arapahoe County School District No 6 Littleton0.16%30,000
150DC DIS 5 06.01.2030District of Columbia0.16%30,000
151FL PALEDU 5 08.01.2028Palm Beach County School District0.16%30,000
152OH MIVHGR 3.75 12.01.2047Miami Valley Career Technology Center0.16%35,000
153CA UNVHGR 5 05.15.2038University of California0.16%30,000
154AR FTSUTL 5 10.01.2034City of Fort Smith AR Water & Sewer Revenue0.16%30,000
155PA ALLMED 5 04.01.2032Allegheny County Hospital Development Authority0.16%30,000
156MN NSPSCD 3 02.01.2041North St Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale Independent School District0.14%35,000
157MN MNS 5 08.01.2028State of Minnesota0.14%25,000
158OH OHS 5 09.01.2028State of Ohio0.14%25,000
159OH COL 5 04.01.2030City of Columbus OH0.14%25,000
160DC DISGEN 5 03.01.2028District of Columbia0.14%25,000
161NY NYSTRN 3.5 01.01.2037New York State Thruway Authority0.14%30,000
162CO LARSCD 5 12.15.2034Larimer County School District No R-1 Poudre0.14%25,000
163FL JACUTL 5 10.01.2028JEA Water & Sewer System Revenue0.14%25,000
164WI WISMED 5 11.15.2028Wisconsin Health & Educational Facilities Authority0.14%25,000
165OH COL 5 04.01.2034City of Columbus OH0.14%25,000
166OR MARSCD 5 06.15.2033Salem-Keizer School District No 24J0.14%25,000
167NY NYSHGR 5 03.15.2028New York State Dormitory Authority0.14%25,000
168NY NYC 3.38 04.01.2038City of New York NY0.13%30,000
169MN MNS 5 08.01.2037State of Minnesota0.13%25,000
170OH OHSTRN 5 02.15.2033Ohio Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission0.13%25,000
171AZ SALAGR 5 01.01.2034Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement & Power District0.13%25,000
172CO COSMED 5 08.01.2028Colorado Health Facilities Authority0.13%25,000
173MO MOSMED 5 06.01.2030Health & Educational Facilities Authority of the State of Mi0.13%25,000
174TX HOUAPT 5 07.01.2030City of Houston TX Airport System Revenue0.13%25,000
175OH NEOUTL 3.25 11.15.2040Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District0.13%30,000
176TX NRTTRN 5 01.01.2036North Texas Tollway Authority0.13%25,000
177PA DUBMED 4 07.15.2048DuBois Hospital Authority0.13%30,000
178MO SPRSCD 4 03.01.2030Springfield School District No R-120.13%25,000
179WI UNVMED 5 04.01.2043University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics0.13%25,000
180LA LASFAC 4 12.01.2043Louisiana Local Government Environmental Facilities & Commun0.12%25,000
181TX LWCGEN 4 05.15.2049Lower Colorado River Authority0.12%25,000
182CO COSMED 4 11.15.2048Colorado Health Facilities Authority0.11%25,000
183SC SPAMED 3.62 04.15.2039Spartanburg Regional Health Services District0.11%25,000
184TX DALTRN 5.25 12.01.2028Dallas Area Rapid Transit0.11%20,000
185FL ORLTRN 5 07.01.2028Central Florida Expressway Authority0.11%20,000
186TX TXSWTR 5 10.15.2028Texas Water Development Board0.11%20,000
187WA WAS 5 08.01.2028State of Washington0.11%20,000
188TX DALUTL 5 02.15.2028Dallas County Utility & Reclamation District0.11%20,000
189CA LOSAPT 5 05.15.2044City of Los Angeles Department of Airports0.10%20,000
190FL ORLTRN 5 07.01.2048Central Florida Expressway Authority0.10%20,000
191CA SFO 4 06.15.2032City & County of San Francisco CA0.10%20,000
192UT SALAPT 5 07.01.2048City of Salt Lake City UT Airport Revenue0.10%20,000
193PA ALLMED 4 04.01.2037Allegheny County Hospital Development Authority0.10%20,000
194FL SOUMED 4 05.01.2048South Broward Hospital District0.09%20,000
195MO MOSMED 4 11.15.2048Health & Educational Facilities Authority of the State of Mi0.09%20,000
196CA RSTHGR 5.12 09.01.2028Rancho Santiago Community College District0.08%15,000
197MD PRI 5 07.15.2028County of Prince George's MD0.08%15,000
198WA ENEPWR 5 07.01.2028Energy Northwest0.08%15,000
199CO JEFSCD 5 12.15.2032Jefferson County School District R-10.08%15,000
200NV LVVWTR 5 06.01.2028Las Vegas Valley Water District0.08%15,000
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