T. Rowe Price Floating Rate ETF (TFLR)
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TFLR Holdings List

Mar 31, 2024
No.SymbolName WeightShares
1n/aT. Rowe Price Gov. Reserve10.52%14,324,190
2HBGCN L 06.20.30 17HUB International2.47%3,355,460
3n/aTruist Insurance Holdings2.38%3,222,047
4ULTI L 02.10.31 9UKG1.60%2,170,873
5TIBX L 03.29.29 1Cloud Software1.59%2,179,435
6ZUFFAL L 04.29.26 9UFC Holdings1.58%2,152,655
7BMC L 12.29.28 7Boxer Parent1.58%2,142,552
8ULTI L 05.03.27 3UKG1.58%2,133,761
9EGLPT L 07.30.27 9Epicor Software1.51%2,047,491
10APPSYS L 02.24.31 10Applied Systems1.36%1,845,736
11n/aMedline Borrower1.31%1,786,356
12DAEL L 10.29.29 8Ellucian Holdings1.28%1,733,043
13n/aTruist Insurance Holdings1.15%1,575,000
14n/aCharter Next Generation1.15%1,565,545
15CALCOL L 01.30.31 5Wand NewCo 31.14%1,543,132
16AAL L 04.20.28 1AAdvantage Loyalty IP1.12%1,469,573
17CDK L 07.06.29 3Central Parent1.10%1,489,601
18FILGRO L 10.24.28 5Filtration1.09%1,482,016
19RIVHOL F 10.15.26Rivian Holdings Llc / Rivian Llc / Rivian Automotive Llc 11.4932%1.08%1,459,000
20n/aApplied Systems1.04%1,375,214
21ASUCOR L 01.22.29 6Asurion0.98%1,505,000
22ARGIHC L 12.15.27 8IRB Holding0.97%1,323,728
23n/aDynasty Acquisition0.89%1,208,990
24UAL L 06.21.27 1Mileage Plus Holdings0.86%1,144,077
25WRLDPY L 01.31.31 3Boost Newco Borrower0.85%1,160,000
26ATHENA L 02.15.29 4Athenahealth0.85%1,169,024
27n/aDelta 2 Lux Sarl0.83%1,130,000
28NLSN L 04.11.29 4Neptune Bidco US0.79%1,174,678
29SEDGEW L 02.24.28 6Sedgwick Claims Management Services0.78%1,066,601
30COMINV L 11.23.29 10USI Inc/NY0.77%1,052,504
31RP L 04.23.29 2RealPage0.75%1,027,143
32PRXL L 11.15.28 1Phoenix Newco0.74%1,001,567
33ASSPAR L 02.12.27 20AssuredPartners0.73%987,434
34MCFE L 03.01.29 1McAfee0.71%967,853
35PUGLLC L 03.12.30 6StubHub Holdco Sub0.70%951,198
36RP L 04.24.28 1RealPage0.69%966,996
37ALIANT L 11.06.30 17Alliant Holdings Intermediate0.69%931,758
38RLRN L 04.30.30 6Renaissance Holdings0.68%930,630
39EOCGRO L 05.04.28 4Mavis Tire Express Services Topco0.68%927,655
40ASCLER L 12.10.29 1Ascend Learning0.67%935,000
41FISBEI L 05.22.28 9Engineered Machinery Holdings0.64%873,402
42TERP L 05.30.29 2TerraForm Power Operating0.63%861,511
43n/aNouryon Usa0.63%853,117
44SURCEN L 12.19.30 7Surgery Center Holdings0.63%850,638
45WECHOL L 01.27.31 7Wec US Holdings0.61%825,340
46n/aJones Deslauriers Insurance Management0.60%818,643
47ASUCOR L 02.03.28 5Asurion0.60%910,000
48ASSPAR L 02.14.31 22AssuredPartners0.58%795,000
49n/aTalen Energy Supply0.58%791,583
50NAVCUR L 10.22.29 7Waystar Technologies0.55%753,746
As of Mar 31, 2024
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