Global X ETFs

Global X has 94 ETFs listed with a total of 48.79B in assets under management, which makes Global X the 14th biggest ETF provider on the U.S. stock market. The funds have an average expense ratio of 0.53%.

Listed Funds
Total Assets
Average Assets
Average Cost
Dividend Yield
1Y Return

94 ETFs

Symbol Fund Name Assets Div. Yield Exp. Ratio Change 1Y
QYLDGlobal X NASDAQ 100 Covered Call ETF8.23B11.60%0.61%-
PAVEGlobal X U.S. Infrastructure Development ETF7.55B0.64%0.47%23.83%
URAGlobal X Uranium ETF3.38B5.69%0.69%32.97%
XYLDGlobal X S&P 500 Covered Call ETF2.90B9.44%0.60%-1.84%
BOTZGlobal X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF2.79B0.18%0.68%6.73%
COPXGlobal X Copper Miners ETF2.57B2.02%0.65%12.86%
PFFDGlobal X U.S. Preferred ETF2.31B6.43%0.23%2.19%
AIQGlobal X Artificial Intelligence & Technology ETF2.00B0.14%0.68%26.05%
MLPAGlobal X MLP ETF1.61B7.44%0.45%10.67%
MLPXGlobal X MLP & Energy Infrastructure ETF1.52B4.98%0.45%22.21%
RYLDGlobal X Russell 2000 Covered Call ETF1.40B12.71%0.60%-13.25%
LITGlobal X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF1.39B1.39%0.75%-37.33%
SILGlobal X Silver Miners ETF1.10B0.53%0.65%17.79%
CATHGlobal X S&P 500 Catholic Values Custom ETF881.72M1.03%0.29%21.85%
SDIVGlobal X Superdividend ETF775.05M11.39%0.58%-3.47%
BUGGlobal X Cybersecurity ETF769.92M0.11%0.50%15.10%
KRMAGlobal X Conscious Companies ETF653.11M1.06%0.43%19.68%
DIVGlobal X SuperDividend US ETF602.29M6.96%0.45%1.13%
DRIVGlobal X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF540.14M1.66%0.68%-7.95%
CLOUGlobal X Cloud Computing ETF433.41M-0.68%-4.90%
CLIPGlobal X 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF410.80M4.96%0.07%-
ARGTGlobal X MSCI Argentina ETF309.56M1.40%0.59%35.48%
FINXGlobal X FinTech ETF292.16M0.21%0.68%14.35%
SNSRGlobal X Internet of Things ETF276.71M0.72%0.68%4.13%
AUSFGlobal X Adaptive U.S. Factor ETF264.10M1.98%0.27%25.09%
SHLDGlobal X Defense Tech ETF250.81M0.22%0.50%-
PFFVGlobal X Variable Rate Preferred ETF249.43M7.18%0.25%6.52%
CHIQGlobal X MSCI China Consumer Discretionary ETF228.82M2.24%0.65%-6.27%
SRETGlobal X SuperDividend REIT ETF209.14M8.15%0.59%-10.13%
GREKGlobal X MSCI Greece ETF198.75M2.45%0.57%8.57%
BKCHGlobal X Blockchain ETF165.09M2.09%0.50%109.56%
EMCGlobal X Emerging Markets Great Consumer ETF155.68M0.84%0.75%5.52%
SPFFGlobal X SuperIncome Preferred ETF150.33M6.25%0.48%2.44%
EMBDGlobal X Emerging Markets Bond ETF146.12M5.46%0.39%3.97%
SOCLGlobal X Social Media ETF145.70M0.58%0.65%11.73%
ONOFGlobal X Adaptive U.S. Risk Management ETF127.60M1.20%0.40%16.56%
MILNGlobal X Millennial Consumer ETF117.40M0.31%0.50%22.10%
HEROGlobal X Video Games & Esports ETF114.38M0.71%0.50%-0.14%
QYLGGlobal X Nasdaq 100 Covered Call & Growth ETF109.78M5.38%0.35%15.09%
GNOMGlobal X Genomics & Biotechnology ETF97.84M-0.50%-17.70%
DJIAGlobal X Dow 30 Covered Call ETF84.13M6.90%0.60%-1.76%
DTCRGlobal X Data Center And Digital Infrastructure ETF75.79M1.14%0.50%10.47%
DAXGlobal X DAX Germany ETF71.95M2.38%0.20%6.35%
EBIZGlobal X E-Commerce ETF65.10M-0.50%29.35%
XYLGGlobal X S&P 500 Covered Call & Growth ETF62.66M4.37%0.35%11.18%
AGNGGlobal X Aging Population ETF61.74M0.91%0.50%6.99%
NORWGlobal X MSCI Norway ETF51.80M5.20%0.51%5.61%
HYDRGlobal X Hydrogen ETF48.83M-0.50%-41.02%
CTECGlobal X CleanTech ETF48.63M0.60%0.50%-39.22%
EDOCGlobal X Telemedicine & Digital Health ETF Registered46.62M-0.68%-21.34%
SDEMGlobal X MSCI SuperDividend Emerging Markets ETF46.10M7.27%0.68%8.94%
GXGGlobal X MSCI Colombia ETF43.69M6.58%0.63%12.93%
GURUGlobal X Guru Index ETF41.87M0.54%0.75%18.86%
ASEAGlobal X FTSE Southeast Asia ETF41.32M3.88%0.65%-3.89%
RNRGGlobal X Renewable Energy Producers ETF39.60M1.57%0.65%-16.13%
GOEXGlobal X Gold Explorers ETF38.28M0.04%0.65%10.54%
XRMIGlobal X S&P 500 Risk Managed Income ETF35.00M12.30%0.60%-7.72%
ALTYGlobal X Alternative Income ETF33.75M7.34%0.50%0.27%
BITSGlobal X Blockchain & Bitcoin Strategy ETF27.76M10.38%0.65%113.14%
EMMGlobal X Emerging Markets ex-China ETF27.09M0.62%0.75%7.62%
QDIVGlobal X S&P 500 Quality Dividend ETF26.79M3.19%0.20%5.14%
GDVDCopper Place Global Dividend Growth ETF25.13M2.42%0.88%9.11%
GXTGGlobal X Thematic Growth ETF18.21M2.11%0.50%-12.27%
EMFMGlobal X MSCI Next Emerging & Frontier ETF16.80M1.44%0.56%-0.72%
NDIAGlobal X India Active ETF14.76M0.26%0.76%-
QRMIGlobal X NASDAQ 100 Risk Managed Income ETF14.47M12.21%0.61%-6.73%
VNAMGlobal X MSCI Vietnam ETF12.69M0.49%0.55%0.45%
EFASGlobal X MSCI SuperDividend EAFE ETF11.69M6.34%0.56%5.49%
CEFAGlobal X S&P Catholic Values Developed ex-US ETF10.18M2.24%0.35%6.71%
AQWAGlobal X Clean Water ETF10.12M1.46%0.50%11.96%
RYLGGlobal X Russell 2000 Covered Call & Growth ETF7.72M6.44%0.35%-3.44%
TYLGGlobal X Information Technology Covered Call & Growth ETF7.27M11.45%0.60%9.26%
RAYSGlobal X Solar ETF6.51M-0.50%-37.69%
DMATGlobal X Disruptive Materials ETF5.56M1.90%0.59%-22.83%
KROPGlobal X AgTech & Food Innovation ETF4.17M1.45%0.51%-20.90%
FLOWGlobal X U.S. Cash Flow Kings 100 ETF3.28M1.85%0.25%-
BRAZGlobal X Brazil Active ETF3.25M2.32%0.75%-
PTECGlobal X PropTech ETF3.10M2.28%0.51%14.48%
HYLGGlobal X Health Care Covered Call & Growth ETF2.79M6.66%0.60%4.43%
WNDYGlobal X Wind Energy ETF2.74M1.50%0.51%-20.64%
QTRGlobal X NASDAQ 100 Tail Risk ETF2.69M0.46%0.25%26.82%
FYLGGlobal X Financials Covered Call & Growth ETF2.56M4.95%0.60%9.49%
MLPDMLP & Energy Infrastructure Covered Call ETF2.49M0.71%0.60%-
XTRGlobal X S&P 500 Tail Risk ETF2.47M0.96%0.25%21.75%
QDCCS&P 500 Quality Dividend Covered Call ETF2.45M-0.35%-
QYLEGlobal X Nasdaq 100 ESG Covered Call ETF2.43M11.29%0.61%1.24%
BTRNGlobal X Bitcoin Trend Strategy ETF2.34M-0.95%-
XCLRGlobal X S&P 500 Collar 95-110 ETF2.15M1.24%0.25%17.84%
RATEGlobal X Interest Rate Hedge ETF1.98M31.22%0.50%-19.88%
EMCCGlobal X MSCI Emerging Markets Covered Call ETF1.94M6.30%0.60%-
DYLGGlobal X Dow 30 Covered Call & Growth ETF1.89M2.69%0.35%-
QCLRGlobal X NASDAQ 100 Collar 95-110 ETF1.81M0.42%0.26%22.11%
IRVHGlobal X Interest Rate Volatility & Inflation Hedge ETF1.64M3.62%0.50%-5.69%
XYLEGlobal X S&P 500 ESG Covered Call ETF1.30M6.76%0.60%1.97%