Invesco ETFs

Invesco has 221 ETFs listed with a total of 498.58B in assets under management, which makes Invesco the 4th biggest ETF provider on the U.S. stock market. The funds have an average expense ratio of 0.42%.

Listed Funds
Total Assets
Average Assets
Average Cost
Dividend Yield
1Y Return

221 ETFs

Symbol Fund Name Assets Div. Yield Exp. Ratio Change 1Y
QQQInvesco QQQ Trust Series I250.41B0.62%0.20%33.56%
RSPInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF54.01B1.61%0.20%9.43%
QQQMInvesco NASDAQ 100 ETF22.74B0.68%0.15%33.62%
SPHQInvesco S&P 500 Quality ETF8.51B1.33%0.15%21.84%
BKLNInvesco Senior Loan ETF7.37B8.78%0.65%0.33%
SPLVInvesco S&P 500 Low Volatility ETF7.07B2.45%0.25%-1.63%
PRFInvesco FTSE RAFI US 1000 ETF6.80B1.76%0.39%14.53%
OMFLInvesco Russell 1000 Dynamic Multifactor ETF6.07B1.44%0.29%7.74%
PDBCInvesco Optimum Yield Diversified Commodity Strategy No K-1 ETF5.07B3.97%0.59%-3.42%
SPGPInvesco S&P 500 GARP ETF4.85B1.33%0.34%17.37%
XMHQInvesco S&P MidCap Quality ETF4.55B0.62%0.25%39.13%
PBUSInvesco MSCI USA ETF4.50B1.29%0.04%22.48%
PGXInvesco Preferred ETF4.23B6.40%0.50%-2.24%
XLGInvesco S&P 500 Top 50 ETF4.04B0.88%0.20%29.30%
RSPTInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Technology ETF3.79B0.54%0.40%21.93%
BSCPInvesco Bulletshares 2025 Corporate Bond ETF3.77B3.60%0.10%0.64%
BSCOInvesco BulletShares 2024 Corporate Bond ETF3.42B2.94%0.10%1.96%
BSCQInvesco BulletShares 2026 Corporate Bond ETF3.01B3.67%0.10%-0.16%
PPAInvesco Aerospace & Defense ETF2.96B0.64%0.58%20.47%
RWLInvesco S&P 500 Revenue ETF2.91B1.53%0.39%16.21%
SPHDInvesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility ETF2.85B4.48%0.30%-1.07%
PZAInvesco National AMT-Free Municipal Bond ETF2.75B3.04%0.28%-1.18%
PRFZInvesco FTSE RAFI US 1500 Small-Mid ETF2.22B1.38%0.39%10.32%
XMMOInvesco S&P MidCap Momentum ETF2.14B0.47%0.34%43.35%
RPVInvesco S&P 500 Pure Value ETF2.03B2.41%0.35%7.83%
PHOInvesco Water Resources ETF2.03B0.55%0.59%19.64%
GSYInvesco Ultra Short Duration ETF1.96B5.37%0.23%0.44%
DBCInvesco DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund1.79B4.67%0.87%-4.21%
BSCRInvesco BulletShares 2027 Corporate Bond ETF1.76B3.94%0.10%-0.91%
PXFInvesco FTSE RAFI Developed Markets ex-U.S. ETF1.67B3.55%0.45%6.02%
TBLLInvesco Short Term Treasury ETF1.63B4.95%0.08%0.00%
VRPInvesco Variable Rate Preferred ETF1.60B6.43%0.50%5.01%
RPGInvesco S&P 500 Pure Growth ETF1.54B0.95%0.35%11.32%
BSCSInvesco BulletShares 2028 Corporate Bond ETF1.52B4.14%0.10%-1.34%
PCYInvesco Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt ETF1.45B6.87%0.50%2.83%
RWJInvesco S&P SmallCap 600 Revenue ETF1.44B1.35%0.39%6.05%
KBWBInvesco KBW Bank ETF1.43B3.34%0.35%15.77%
BABInvesco Taxable Municipal Bond ETF1.25B3.83%0.28%-2.70%
GTOInvesco Total Return Bond ETF1.23B4.28%0.25%-2.68%
PDPInvesco Dorsey Wright Momentum ETF1.21B0.28%0.62%21.77%
PXHInvesco FTSE RAFI Emerging Markets ETF1.21B4.54%0.49%1.39%
SPMOInvesco S&P 500 Momentum ETF1.19B1.10%0.13%36.62%
PEYInvesco High Yield Equity Dividend Achievers ETF1.16B5.18%0.52%-3.82%
TANInvesco Solar ETF1.12B0.12%0.67%-48.83%
PKWInvesco Buyback Achievers ETF1.09B1.16%0.62%18.80%
RSPHInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Health Care ETF959.42M0.66%0.40%-1.87%
CGWInvesco S&P Global Water Index ETF953.34M1.54%0.56%7.32%
QVMLInvesco S&P 500 QVM Multi-factor ETF919.96M1.31%0.11%20.72%
PGFInvesco Financial Preferred ETF889.66M6.25%0.56%-1.76%
VRIGInvesco Variable Rate Investment Grade ETF884.55M6.18%0.30%1.43%
PIDInvesco International Dividend Achievers ETF878.78M3.50%0.53%-5.43%
PWVInvesco Large Cap Value ETF869.92M2.04%0.55%16.63%
DWASInvesco Dorsey Wright SmallCap Momentum ETF869.90M1.44%0.60%13.17%
BSCTInvesco BulletShares 2029 Corporate Bond ETF868.29M4.19%0.10%-1.64%
BSJPInvesco BulletShares 2025 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF842.76M7.25%0.42%2.05%
PWZInvesco California AMT-Free Municipal Bond ETF841.56M2.99%0.28%-0.97%
DBAInvesco DB Agriculture Fund831.19M3.78%0.93%19.86%
PWBInvesco Large Cap Growth ETF819.16M0.25%0.56%30.97%
XMLVInvesco S&P MidCap Low Volatility ETF781.99M2.31%0.25%1.79%
PSIInvesco Semiconductors ETF774.40M0.26%0.57%36.65%
XSVMInvesco S&P SmallCap Value with Momentum ETF759.50M1.53%0.36%15.95%
PNQIInvesco NASDAQ Internet ETF741.83M-0.60%39.73%
RDIVInvesco S&P Ultra Dividend Revenue ETF726.07M4.17%0.39%3.23%
PCEFInvesco CEF Income Composite ETF718.39M9.75%3.08%-1.70%
RWKInvesco S&P MidCap 400 Revenue ETF714.43M1.09%0.39%19.83%
RSPNInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Industrials ETF683.49M1.01%0.40%22.20%
BSJOInvesco BulletShares 2024 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF680.64M6.10%0.43%1.61%
QQQJInvesco NASDAQ Next Gen 100 ETF668.73M0.74%0.15%7.09%
GOVIInvesco Equal Weight 0-30 Year Treasury ETF663.85M3.32%0.15%-8.80%
BSCUInvesco BulletShares 2030 Corporate Bond ETF659.45M4.35%0.10%-2.55%
PHBInvesco Fundamental High Yield Corporate Bond ETF632.89M5.08%0.50%1.49%
PFMInvesco Dividend Achievers ETF632.68M1.83%0.53%9.18%
RSPGInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Energy ETF613.37M2.37%0.40%15.13%
EQWLInvesco S&P 100 Equal Weight ETF608.70M1.95%0.25%14.01%
SPHBInvesco S&P 500 High Beta ETF607.56M0.92%0.25%18.07%
CQQQInvesco China Technology ETF591.56M0.64%0.65%-31.59%
EQALInvesco Russell 1000 Equal Weight ETF576.08M1.89%0.20%5.30%
PDNInvesco FTSE RAFI Developed Markets ex-US Small-Mid ETF498.69M3.08%0.49%0.03%
BSJQInvesco BulletShares 2026 High Yield Corp Bond ETF496.76M6.70%0.42%0.44%
IUSInvesco RAFI Strategic US ETF493.41M1.64%0.19%17.72%
IMFLInvesco International Developed Dynamic Multifactor ETF455.49M3.91%0.34%1.50%
EELVInvesco S&P Emerging Markets Low Volatility ETF450.61M4.20%0.29%-2.16%
BSCWInvesco BulletShares 2032 Corporate Bond ETF426.58M4.98%0.10%-3.49%
RSPSInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Consumer Staples ETF422.27M2.82%0.40%-9.79%
BSCVInvesco BulletShares 2031 Corporate Bond ETF419.99M4.74%0.10%-2.96%
RSPDInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Consumer Discretionary ETF411.17M1.09%0.40%9.90%
IDLVInvesco S&P International Developed Low Volatility ETF406.19M3.34%0.25%-3.48%
UUPInvesco DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund398.55M6.05%0.77%3.99%
XSMOInvesco S&P SmallCap Momentum ETF394.36M0.73%0.39%22.11%
BTCOInvesco Galaxy Bitcoin ETF380.18M-0.39%-
GRPMInvesco S&P MidCap 400 GARP ETF377.38M0.82%0.35%29.70%
PTFInvesco Dorsey Wright Technology Momentum ETF377.02M0.07%0.60%25.87%
KBWDInvesco KBW High Dividend Yield Financial ETF358.75M12.41%2.02%-2.27%
FXYInvesco Currencyshares Japanese Yen Trust356.94M-0.40%-13.40%
SOXQInvesco PHLX Semiconductor ETF356.65M0.77%0.19%49.07%
OMFSInvesco Russell 2000 Dynamic Multifactor ETF355.88M1.60%0.39%-1.43%
RFGInvesco S&P Midcap 400 Pure Growth ETF337.27M0.77%0.35%27.49%
XSLVInvesco S&P SmallCap Low Volatility ETF323.22M2.34%0.25%-0.88%
PBWInvesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETF321.15M3.96%0.66%-47.76%
KBWPInvesco KBW Property & Casualty Insurance ETF305.58M1.56%0.35%20.01%
PSCTInvesco S&P SmallCap Information Technology ETF302.32M0.04%0.29%1.61%
RFVInvesco S&P Midcap 400 Pure Value ETF300.91M1.32%0.35%16.99%
QVMMInvesco S&P MidCap 400 QVM Multi-factor ETF291.81M1.34%0.15%13.82%
DJDInvesco Dow Jones Industrial Average Dividend ETF290.47M3.59%0.07%5.05%
RSPMInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Materials ETF286.26M2.00%0.40%5.19%
PKBInvesco Building & Construction ETF286.05M0.29%0.62%47.54%
PIOInvesco Global Water ETF281.19M0.80%0.75%15.79%
PEJInvesco Leisure and Entertainment ETF278.00M0.51%0.58%6.08%
IGPTInvesco AI and Next Gen Software ETF273.72M-0.60%28.03%
IDHQInvesco S&P International Developed High Quality ETF272.09M2.29%0.29%7.99%
PJPInvesco Pharmaceuticals ETF262.51M0.97%0.57%-2.71%
DBOInvesco DB Oil Fund262.10M4.06%0.77%4.35%
RSPFInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Financials ETF257.73M2.11%0.40%15.51%
PSCEInvesco S&P SmallCap Energy ETF242.11M2.15%0.29%16.18%
RSPUInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Utilities ETF241.70M2.95%0.40%-4.98%
PINInvesco India ETF240.86M2.00%0.78%27.07%
PSPInvesco Global Listed Private Equity ETF237.04M4.77%1.06%22.93%
PBEInvesco Biotechnology & Genome ETF230.19M0.06%0.58%-5.59%
RZVInvesco S&P Smallcap 600 Pure Value ETF229.39M1.24%0.35%8.76%
BSCXInvesco BulletShares 2033 Corporate Bond ETF225.43M2.19%0.10%-
PRNInvesco Dorsey Wright Industrials Momentum ETF223.50M0.37%0.60%41.31%
BSMPInvesco BulletShares 2025 Municipal Bond ETF216.62M2.31%0.18%-0.98%
XMVMInvesco S&P MidCap Value with Momentum ETF210.85M1.48%0.39%16.43%
PSCHInvesco S&P SmallCap Health Care ETF207.77M0.10%0.29%-10.11%
BSMOInvesco BulletShares 2024 Municipal Bond ETF201.20M2.31%0.18%0.12%
CZAInvesco Zacks Mid-Cap ETF193.64M1.34%0.72%9.41%
POWAInvesco Bloomberg Pricing Power ETF193.44M1.56%0.40%9.17%
BSJRInvesco BulletShares 2027 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF193.29M6.70%0.42%0.41%
KBWYInvesco KBW Premium Yield Equity REIT ETF188.91M9.41%0.35%-5.16%
FXEInvesco CurrencyShares Euro Trust186.47M2.10%0.40%-2.46%
PSCIInvesco S&P SmallCap Industrials ETF184.39M0.71%0.29%27.19%
ERTHInvesco MSCI Sustainable Future ETF179.01M1.56%0.62%-19.64%
BSMQInvesco BulletShares 2026 Municipal Bond ETF178.20M2.53%0.18%-1.43%
IDMOInvesco S&P International Developed Momentum ETF178.16M2.41%0.25%19.02%
QVMSInvesco S&P SmallCap 600 QVM Multi-factor ETF175.94M1.55%0.15%8.88%
BSJSInvesco BulletShares 2028 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF172.72M6.89%0.42%0.68%
PXEInvesco Energy Exploration & Production ETF153.15M2.20%0.60%27.32%
FXFInvesco CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust150.88M0.05%0.40%-1.43%
DBPInvesco DB Precious Metals Fund147.77M3.86%0.77%12.62%
PGJInvesco Golden Dragon China ETF145.86M2.66%0.70%-17.39%
XSHQInvesco S&P SmallCap Quality ETF143.43M1.19%0.29%15.43%
PTHInvesco Dorsey Wright Healthcare Momentum ETF140.25M-0.60%1.81%
DBBInvesco DB Base Metals Fund135.89M6.66%0.77%-0.05%
PGHYInvesco Global ex-US High Yield Corporate Bond ETF133.59M8.21%0.35%1.40%
PIEInvesco Dorsey Wright Emerging Markets Momentum ETF132.80M2.27%0.90%13.16%
PBJInvesco Food & Beverage ETF129.05M1.49%0.57%2.04%
BSMRInvesco BulletShares 2027 Municipal Bond ETF126.85M2.74%0.18%-1.59%
PIZInvesco Dorsey Wright Developed Markets Momentum ETF123.25M1.48%0.80%7.06%
PICBInvesco International Corporate Bond ETF123.16M2.59%0.50%0.23%
PBDInvesco Global Clean Energy ETF115.92M2.84%0.75%-31.60%
PHDGInvesco S&P 500 Downside Hedged ETF114.37M1.79%0.39%7.41%
CVYInvesco Zacks Multi-Asset Income ETF111.52M4.09%1.06%13.08%
SPVUInvesco S&P 500 Enhanced Value ETF111.32M2.75%0.13%15.05%
RSPRInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Real Estate ETF111.07M3.77%0.40%-0.81%
UPGDInvesco Bloomberg Analyst Rating Improvers ETF110.30M1.36%0.40%12.75%
BSMSInvesco BulletShares 2028 Municipal Bond ETF100.15M2.66%0.18%-1.79%
RZGInvesco S&P Smallcap 600 Pure Growth ETF98.68M1.34%0.35%15.28%
BMVPInvesco Bloomberg MVP Multi-factor ETF96.94M1.74%0.29%14.84%
BSMTInvesco BulletShares 2029 Municipal Bond ETF96.60M2.66%0.18%-1.52%
PZTInvesco New York AMT-Free Municipal Bond ETF94.45M2.89%0.28%-1.20%
DBEInvesco DB Energy Fund94.26M3.54%0.77%-1.99%
PBPInvesco S&P 500 BuyWrite ETF93.22M5.24%0.29%3.94%
PXJInvesco Oil & Gas Services ETF91.70M1.96%0.63%22.32%
IPKWInvesco International BuyBack Achievers ETF89.85M2.48%0.55%11.66%
BSMUInvesco BulletShares 2030 Municipal Bond ETF85.27M2.75%0.18%-2.06%
PSLInvesco Dorsey Wright Consumer Staples Momentum ETF81.77M1.27%0.60%5.49%
PSCCInvesco S&P SmallCap Consumer Staples ETF76.73M1.56%0.29%-5.96%
PXIInvesco Dorsey Wright Energy Momentum ETF74.49M1.37%0.60%19.40%
ICLOInvesco AAA CLO Floating Rate Note ETF74.43M8.00%0.27%0.43%
RSPCInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Communication Services ETF68.88M1.11%0.40%3.46%
FXAInvesco CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust67.16M1.34%0.40%-3.98%
PYZInvesco Dorsey Wright Basic Materials Momentum ETF65.92M1.19%0.60%4.76%
PSRInvesco Active U.S. Real Estate Fund64.81M3.40%0.35%-7.15%
PBTPInvesco 0-5 Yr US TIPS ETF63.63M2.44%0.07%0.82%
BSMWInvesco BulletShares 2032 Municipal Bond ETF63.04M3.30%0.18%-2.02%
FXCInvesco CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar Trust60.38M2.31%0.40%-2.70%
FXBInvesco CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling Trust59.88M3.11%0.40%0.67%
CUTInvesco MSCI Global Timber ETF58.27M2.45%0.67%6.06%
UDNInvesco DB US Dollar Index Bearish Fund57.57M5.41%0.78%-6.03%
BSMVInvesco BulletShares 2031 Municipal Bond ETF56.86M2.77%0.18%-1.98%
CSDInvesco S&P Spin-Off ETF56.06M0.49%0.65%20.77%
PEZInvesco Dorsey Wright Consumer Cyclicals Momentum ETF55.67M0.44%0.60%27.32%
BSJTInvesco BulletShares 2029 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF54.03M6.56%0.42%1.47%
PFIInvesco Dorsey Wright Financial Momentum ETF53.46M1.72%0.60%13.77%
IHYFInvesco High Yield Bond Factor ETF52.26M7.11%0.39%1.29%
PFIGInvesco Fundamental Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF51.95M3.74%0.22%-1.20%
KBWRInvesco KBW Regional Banking ETF51.01M3.41%0.35%2.42%
IIGDInvesco Investment Grade Defensive ETF47.60M4.04%0.13%-1.49%
BSJUInvesco BulletShares 2030 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF45.33M6.75%0.42%0.56%
XRLVInvesco S&P 500 ex-Rate Sensitive Low Volatility ETF39.98M2.59%0.25%-1.67%
PSCDInvesco S&P SmallCap Consumer Discretionary ETF39.22M1.17%0.29%11.17%
KNCTInvesco Next Gen Connectivity ETF38.93M0.94%0.40%19.38%
PVIInvesco Floating Rate Municipal Income ETF38.51M3.45%0.25%-0.46%
QQMGInvesco ESG NASDAQ 100 ETF38.31M0.58%0.20%34.65%
PUIInvesco Dorsey Wright Utilities Momentum ETF37.20M2.44%0.60%-3.69%
SPVMInvesco S&P 500 Value with Momentum ETF37.13M2.15%0.39%9.91%
BSSXInvesco BulletShares 2033 Municipal Bond ETF33.58M1.77%0.18%-
PDBAInvesco Agriculture Commodity Strategy No K-1 ETF31.45M5.55%0.59%18.36%
IMSIInvesco Municipal Strategic Income ETF30.52M4.09%0.39%0.25%
GGMEInvesco Next Gen Media and Gaming ETF30.32M0.89%0.60%18.32%
IBBQInvesco Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF30.30M0.89%0.19%-3.75%
XSHDInvesco S&P SmallCap High Dividend Low Volatility ETF28.92M8.49%0.30%-13.16%
BSJVInvesco BulletShares 2031 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF23.13M3.18%0.42%-
PSCFInvesco S&P SmallCap Financials ETF18.50M3.50%0.29%4.57%
PSCMInvesco S&P SmallCap Materials ETF15.51M0.77%0.29%9.61%
PSCUInvesco S&P SmallCap Utilities & Communication Services ETF14.19M1.65%0.29%-14.94%
HIYSInvesco High Yield Select ETF10.03M7.40%0.50%-0.33%
ISDBInvesco Short Duration Bond ETF9.89M5.75%0.36%-1.16%
EVMTInvesco Electric Vehicle Metals Commodity Strategy No K-1 ETF8.73M5.26%0.59%-23.28%
RSPEInvesco ESG S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF8.56M1.88%0.20%8.87%
SATOInvesco Alerian Galaxy Crypto Economy ETF7.80M3.35%0.60%55.33%
QQQSInvesco NASDAQ Future Gen 200 ETF7.44M0.69%0.20%-13.97%
EEMOInvesco S&P Emerging Markets Momentum ETF6.30M3.23%0.29%14.62%
GBLDInvesco MSCI Green Building ETF5.53M7.26%0.39%-7.69%
QQJGInvesco ESG NASDAQ Next Gen 100 ETF5.32M0.61%0.20%10.22%
SPMVInvesco S&P 500 Minimum Variance ETF5.31M2.24%0.10%8.20%
IVRAInvesco Real Assets ESG ETF4.55M2.65%0.59%-5.21%
QOWZInvesco Nasdaq Free Cash Flow Achievers ETF2.75M0.11%0.39%-
BLKCInvesco Alerian Galaxy Blockchain Users and Decentralized Commerce ETF2.72M2.21%0.60%49.79%
DIVGInvesco S&P 500 High Dividend Growers ETF2.72M0.65%0.39%-
GRPZInvesco S&P SmallCap 600 GARP ETF2.41M-0.35%-