eMagin Corporation (EMAN)
Oct 18, 2023 - EMAN was delisted (reason: acquired by Samsung Display)
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eMagin Market Cap

eMagin is not actively traded anymore. When eMagin last traded, it had a market cap or net worth of $172.20 million.

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Market Cap Chart

Since March 31, 2003, eMagin's market cap has increased from $29.50M to $172.20M, an increase of 483.73%. That is a compound annual growth rate of 8.96%.


DateMarket Cap% Change
Oct 17, 2023172.20M158.95%
Dec 30, 202266.50M-29.10%
Dec 31, 202193.80M-15.80%
Dec 31, 2020111.40M559.17%
Dec 31, 201916.90M-63.66%
Dec 31, 201846.50M-19.41%
Dec 29, 201757.70M-15.15%
Dec 30, 201668.00M90.48%
Dec 31, 201535.70M-38.55%
Dec 31, 201458.10M-14.05%
Dec 31, 201367.60M-20.00%
Dec 31, 201284.50M-1.97%
Dec 30, 201186.20M-29.29%
Dec 31, 2010121.90M282.13%
Dec 31, 200931.90M293.83%
Dec 31, 20088.10M-50.00%
Dec 31, 200716.20M52.83%
Dec 29, 200610.60M-81.37%
Dec 30, 200556.90M-39.72%
Dec 31, 200494.40M63.89%
Dec 31, 200357.60M95.25%
Mar 31, 200329.50M-
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Market Capitalization

Market capitalization, also called net worth, is the total value of all of a company's outstanding shares. It is calculated by multiplying the stock price by the number of shares outstanding.

Formula: Market Cap = Stock Price * Shares Outstanding
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