Canadian ETFs List

A list of Canadian ETFs that are actively trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

558 ETFs

No. Symbol Company Name Stock Price % Change Div. Yield Assets
1VFVVanguard S&P 500 Index ETF136.540.66%1.04%15.80B
2ZSPBMO S&P 500 Index ETF84.110.66%1.08%15.24B
3XICiShares Core S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF36.260.33%2.71%12.88B
4XIUiShares S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF34.370.35%2.94%12.46B
5XSPiShares Core S&P 500 Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)58.880.38%1.05%10.49B
6ZAGBMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF13.62-0.15%3.52%9.41B
7VUNVanguard US Total Market Index ETF102.850.78%0.99%8.96B
8XEFiShares Core MSCI EAFE IMI Index ETF38.22-0.55%2.57%8.60B
9ZEABMO MSCI EAFE Index ETF23.39-0.47%2.74%8.47B
10ZCNBMO S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF30.420.30%3.02%8.33B
11XBBiShares Core Canadian Universe Bond Index ETF27.79-3.19%7.37B
12CSAVCI High Interest Savings ETF50.150.02%4.90%7.27B
13VCNVanguard FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETF46.320.37%2.86%7.04B
14XUSiShares Core S&P 500 Index ETF95.390.63%1.03%6.77B
15VGROVanguard Growth ETF Portfolio35.260.28%2.43%5.42B
16VABVanguard Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF22.69-0.02%3.14%4.78B
17CASHHorizons High Interest Savings ETF50.100.02%5.00%4.74B
18VEQTVanguard All-Equity ETF Portfolio42.530.43%1.63%4.64B
19VIUVanguard FTSE Developed All Cap ex North America Index ETF35.10-0.35%2.46%4.47B
20XEQTiShares Core Equity ETF Portfolio31.710.32%1.91%4.11B
21HXTHorizons S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF58.240.31%-3.88B
22ZLBBMO Low Volatility Canadian Equity ETF44.96-0.07%2.49%3.60B
23HXSHorizons S&P 500 Index ETF78.610.67%-3.42B
24VSPVanguard S&P 500 Index ETF (CAD-hedged)91.550.38%1.07%3.38B
25ZEBBMO Equal Weight Banks Index ETF36.300.50%4.63%3.37B
26ZFLBMO Long Federal Bond Index ETF12.89-0.50%3.56%3.36B
27PSAPurpose High Interest Savings Fund50.130.02%5.03%3.18B
28XSEMiShares ESG Aware MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETF20.71-1.15%1.60%3.12B
29XQQiShares NASDAQ 100 Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)154.440.40%0.31%3.12B
30HBBHorizons Cdn Select Universe Bond ETF47.29-0.11%-3.10B
31XUUiShares Core S&P US Total Market Index ETF56.550.50%1.02%2.97B
32ZWBBMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF17.950.39%7.35%2.93B
33VBALVanguard Balanced ETF Portfolio31.680.19%2.60%2.88B
34NSCBNBI Sustainable Canadian Bond ETF22.200.09%2.94%2.82B
35ZMUBMO Mid-Term US IG Corporate Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETF12.64-0.47%4.23%2.82B
36VDYVanguard FTSE Canadian High Dividend Yield Index ETF44.790.52%4.63%2.65B
37ZUEBMO S&P 500 Hedged to CAD Index ETF78.080.41%1.11%2.64B
38NUBFNBI Unconstrained Fixed Income ETF21.27-0.28%3.57%2.58B
39XAWiShares Core MSCI All Country World Ex Canada Index ETF42.340.33%1.54%2.57B
40ZCSBMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF13.600.11%3.35%2.53B
41XGROiShares Core Growth ETF Portfolio28.770.17%2.12%2.38B
42ZMMKBMO Money Market Fund50.010.04%5.03%2.33B
43HSAVHorizons Cash Maximizer ETF112.620.04%-2.24B
44ZSTBMO Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF48.890.04%5.05%2.22B
45ZQQBMO Nasdaq 100 Equity Hedged to CAD Index ETF142.850.16%0.27%2.10B
46VXCVanguard FTSE Global All Cap ex Canada Index ETF60.690.31%1.50%2.01B
47XSBiShares Core Canadian Short Term Bond Index ETF26.360.04%2.88%2.00B
48NSCENBI Sustainable Canadian Equity ETF40.830.20%1.27%1.99B
49VEEVanguard FTSE Emerging Markets All Cap Index ETF37.10-0.70%2.39%1.98B
50TTPTD Canadian Equity Index ETF25.970.31%2.75%1.88B
51ZWUBMO Covered Call Utilities ETF10.30-0.39%8.16%1.82B
52TCLBTD Canadian Long Term Federal Bond ETF117.98-0.30%2.55%1.80B
53VCEVanguard FTSE Canada Index ETF49.550.34%3.06%1.78B
54XEGiShares S&P/TSX Capped Energy Index ETF18.651.69%3.31%1.64B
55TPETD International Equity Index ETF22.63-0.66%2.39%1.62B
56TDBTD Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF12.88-0.16%4.19%1.62B
57ZWCBMO Canadian High Dividend Covered Call ETF17.280.32%7.18%1.61B
58XCBiShares Core Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF19.650.05%3.91%1.61B
59XEIiShares S&P/TSX Composite High Dividend Index ETF25.510.47%5.30%1.59B
60VGGVanguard US Dividend Appreciation Index ETF87.390.56%1.28%1.58B
61XDViShares Canadian Select Dividend Index ETF27.870.04%4.93%1.54B
62XFHiShares Core MSCI EAFE IMI Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)32.59-0.49%2.78%1.48B
63QCNMackenzie Canadian Equity Index ETF138.930.55%3.15%1.44B
64XBALiShares Core Balanced ETF Portfolio28.89-2.45%1.41B
65XGDiShares S&P/TSX Global Gold Index ETF22.11-0.18%0.90%1.39B
66CACBCIBC Active Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF19.640.15%5.38%1.39B
67XFNiShares S&P/TSX Capped Financials Index ETF51.170.50%3.84%1.39B
68ZCMBMO Mid Corporate Bond Index ETF15.080.07%3.98%1.37B
69XINiShares MSCI EAFE Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)36.96-0.73%2.39%1.36B
70XDIViShares Core MSCI Canadian Quality Dividend Index ETF27.140.15%4.80%1.33B
71HXCNHorizons S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF36.920.46%-1.30B
72XSHiShares Core Canadian Short Term Corporate Bond Index ETF18.63-3.48%1.25B
73ZGBBMO Government Bond Index ETF45.07-0.04%2.71%1.20B
74NREANBI Global Real Assets Income ETF20.33-0.93%3.69%1.19B
75XLBiShares Core Canadian Long Term Bond Index ETF19.07-0.42%3.92%1.18B
76XREiShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index ETF15.520.84%4.98%1.15B
77ZEMBMO MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETF21.75-0.96%2.53%1.12B
78ZEQBMO MSCI Europe High Quality Hedged to CAD Index ETF31.98-1.08%2.16%1.12B
79XGBiShares Core Canadian Government Bond Index ETF19.09-0.10%2.90%1.08B
80NHYBNBI High Yield Bond ETF21.40-0.19%6.15%1.07B
81HPRHorizons Active Preferred Share ETF8.81-0.11%4.63%1.06B
82ZWHBMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF23.790.38%5.04%1.04B
83CPDiShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF12.03-5.29%1.04B
84ZDVBMO Canadian Dividend ETF20.500.34%4.20%1.03B
85XWDiShares MSCI World Index ETF89.840.17%1.22%1.02B
86VUSVanguard US Total Market Index ETF CAD-Hedged98.380.31%1.00%1.01B
87FIEiShares Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF7.290.41%6.58%1.00B
88CMRiShares Premium Money Market ETF50.140.04%4.89%989.23M
89ZHYBMO High Yield US Corporate Bond Hedged To CAD Index ETF11.170.18%6.34%953.48M
90MUBMackenzie Unconstrained Bond ETF18.300.03%5.14%945.93M
91VSBVanguard Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETF22.910.04%2.83%928.00M
92QDXMackenzie International Equity Index ETF120.42-0.31%2.41%922.05M
93VSCVanguard Canadian Short-Term Corporate Bond Index ETF23.580.08%3.39%909.40M
94CDZiShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index ETF32.310.31%3.95%870.51M
95HXQHorizons NASDAQ-100 Index ETF79.480.38%-854.90M
96ZUQBMO MSCI USA High Quality Index ETF83.440.46%0.71%846.63M
97QQC.FInvesco NASDAQ 100 Index ETF161.880.11%0.52%838.34M
98QBBMackenzie Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF91.92-0.03%2.92%834.49M
99ZDMBMO MSCI EAFE Hedged to CAD Index ETF30.32-0.62%2.64%831.11M
100ZDBBMO Discount Bond Index ETF14.74-2.44%824.65M
101HMAXHamilton Canadian Financials YIELD MAXIMIZER (TM) ETF13.740.40%15.27%821.09M
102DGRCCI Canada Quality Dividend Growth Index ETF38.980.49%2.16%811.18M
103CGLiShares Gold Bullion ETF Hedged19.260.29%-807.31M
104RQORBC Target 2026 Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF18.39-2.28%802.56M
105XFRiShares DEX Floating Rate Note Index Fund20.12-5.14%796.36M
106CLGiShares 1-10 Year Laddered Government Bond Index ETF16.92-0.06%2.56%788.08M
107ZWPBMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call ETF18.47-0.43%6.82%781.70M
108FGOCI Enhanced Government Bond ETF9.96-0.20%2.76%767.59M
109CBILHorizons 0-3 Month T-Bill ETF50.04-4.92%765.96M
110PDCInvesco Canadian Dividend Index ETF31.010.13%4.81%745.13M
111HSUV.UHorizons USD Cash Maximizer ETF110.69-0.01%-734.10M
112TGEDTD Active Global Enhanced Dividend ETF25.310.04%3.20%718.94M
113ZGQBMO MSCI All Country World High Quality Index ETF68.760.06%1.08%702.11M
114RQNRBC Target 2025 Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF20.27--696.21M
115DXGDynamic Active Global Dividend ETF63.310.03%0.39%696.21M
116VGHVanguard US Dividend Appreciation Index ETF (CAD-hedged)61.420.43%1.29%693.91M
117BTCX.BCI Galaxy Bitcoin ETF12.729.84%-689.07M
118CBOiShares 1-5 Year Laddered Corporate Bond Index ETF17.910.06%2.96%686.15M
119MKBMackenzie Core Plus Canadian Fixed Income ETF18.92-3.29%678.35M
120WSRIWealthsimple North America Socially Responsible Index ETF40.870.27%1.37%663.87M
121TXFCI Tech Giants Covered Call ETF22.600.04%7.37%655.98M
122ZFMBMO Mid Federal Bond Index ETF14.40-0.03%2.33%648.49M
123VEFVanguard FTSE Developed All Cap ex U.S. Index ETF (CAD-hedged)57.38-0.52%2.53%646.60M
124ZBKBMO Equal Weight US Banks Index ETF30.941.81%2.47%645.99M
125DXPDynamic Active Preferred Shares ETF22.010.05%5.35%641.87M
126WSRDWealthsimple Developed Markets ex North America Socially Responsible Index ETF29.02-0.62%2.39%635.84M
127XITiShares S&P/TSX Capped Information Technology Index ETF53.840.30%-629.69M
128ZGIBMO Global Infrastructure Index ETF44.64-0.71%3.14%626.81M
129XHCiShares S&P Global Healthcare Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)73.58-0.30%2.18%613.59M
130ZEFBMO Emerging Markets Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETF12.33-0.48%4.38%609.86M
131ZWEBMO Europe High Dividend Covered Call Hedged to CAD ETF20.85-0.95%6.91%604.11M
132PFLInvesco 1-3 Year Laddered Floating Rate Note Index ETF19.610.05%5.24%593.03M
133HXDMHorizons Intl Developed Markets Equity Index ETF47.58-0.67%-583.54M
134FCIQFidelity International High Quality ETF38.66-0.67%1.71%582.04M
135XSUiShares US Small Cap Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)42.101.81%0.99%576.63M
136RQPRBC Target 2027 Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF17.920.06%3.30%568.08M
137WXMCI Morningstar Canada Momentum Index ETF28.290.75%1.18%567.46M
138HYLDHamilton Enhanced U.S. Covered Call ETF14.100.36%10.84%563.50M
139MFTMackenzie Floating Rate Income ETF17.340.17%10.04%562.52M
140RPFRBC Canadian Preferred Share ETF20.660.05%5.40%556.90M
141FCUQFidelity U.S. High Quality ETF59.190.85%0.75%552.23M
142FCUVFidelity U.S. Value ETF18.240.55%1.10%548.50M
143BTCCPurpose Bitcoin ETF11.9010.39%-548.09M
144DCUDesjardins Canadian Universe Bond Index ETF17.58-0.03%2.82%543.77M
145ZREBMO Equal Weight REIT's Index ETF20.670.93%5.23%536.67M
146QUIGMackenzie US Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index ETF CAD Hed86.43-0.33%4.12%533.02M
147NSGENBI Sustainable Global Equity ETF40.65-0.73%0.41%528.30M
148ETHX.BCI Galaxy Ethereum ETF15.211.33%-524.81M
149HCALHamilton Enhanced Canadian Bank ETF20.970.58%7.27%521.04M
150ZDIBMO International Dividend ETF24.40-0.53%3.93%515.66M
151HULCHorizons US Large Cap Index ETF91.960.44%-504.71M
152CLFiShares 1-5 Year Laddered Government Bond Index ETF17.040.06%2.29%491.32M
153ZUTBMO Equal Weight Utilities Index ETF20.44-1.26%4.40%486.17M
154VCNSVanguard Conservative ETF Portfolio28.350.04%2.80%478.81M
155CIFiShares Global Infrastructure Index ETF43.31-0.02%2.87%466.11M
156XSUSiShares ESG Aware MSCI USA Index ETF40.830.69%0.91%464.40M
157TQCDTD Q Canadian Dividend ETF17.412.11%3.62%463.55M
158RITCI Canadian REIT ETF15.870.76%5.10%460.14M
159QQCInvesco NASDAQ 100 Index ETF33.130.64%0.49%455.24M
160ZUBBMO Equal Weight US Banks Hedged to CAD Index ETF28.291.51%2.56%443.20M
161HDIVHamilton Enhanced Multi-Sector Covered Call ETF17.070.83%10.49%442.73M
162ZMBSBMO Canadian MBS Index ETF29.55-0.20%1.43%438.13M
163MKCMackenzie Maximum Diversification Canada Index ETF36.020.36%1.65%437.84M
164SMAXHamilton U.S. Equity YIELD MAXIMIZER (TM) ETF19.180.47%9.40%437.22M
165FBTCFidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF28.8210.51%-434.77M
166VDUVanguard FTSE Developed All Cap ex U.S. Index ETF43.92-0.48%2.56%433.71M
167ZLCBMO Long Corporate Bond Index ETF15.00-0.40%5.07%431.10M
168FSFCI Global Financial Sector ETF26.51-0.60%1.58%426.39M
169NGPENBI Global Private Equity ETF47.300.55%1.54%425.42M
170NALTNBI Liquid Alternatives ETF24.080.50%2.95%424.63M
171HTBHorizons US 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF56.430.12%-418.56M
172XHYiShares US High Yield Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)16.580.06%5.70%416.04M
173XESGiShares ESG Aware MSCI Canada Index ETF27.380.26%2.75%403.07M
174ZDJBMO Dow Jones Industrial Average Hedged to CAD Index ETF62.310.65%1.46%399.83M
175HFRHorizons Active Ultra-Short Term Investment Grade Bond ETF Class E9.96-5.41%398.98M
176HQUBetaPro NASDAQ-100 2x Daily Bull ETF23.600.68%-390.47M
177VIVanguard FTSE Developed All Cap ex NA Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)40.34-0.64%2.45%384.93M
178CAFRCIBC Active Investment Grade Floating Rate Bond ETF19.84-0.05%4.70%383.58M
179CBHiShares 1-10 Year Laddered Corporate Bond Index ETF17.44-3.32%383.38M
180HDIFHarvest Diversified Monthly Income ETF8.460.42%10.09%374.54M
181ESGInvesco S&P 500 ESG Index ETF41.050.64%0.93%372.15M
182XTRiShares Diversified Monthly Income ETF10.760.19%4.46%370.55M
183ZFSBMO Short Federal Bond Index ETF13.58-1.97%370.24M
184PSBInvesco 1-5 Year Laddered Investment Grade Corporate Bond17.410.03%3.14%363.89M
185HAZHorizons Active Global Dividend ETF36.49-0.08%1.22%360.13M
186VVLVanguard Global Value Factor ETF50.060.68%2.43%359.74M
187FLGAFranklin Global Core Bond Fund18.83-2.64%350.93M
188HPYTHarvest Premium Yield Treasury ETF Trust Unit A11.02-0.72%12.25%344.04M
189ZIDBMO MSCI India ESG Leaders Index ETF51.810.12%0.97%342.89M
190ZWKBMO Covered Call US Banks ETF21.901.39%8.31%342.50M
191QMAXHamilton Technology YIELD MAXIMIZER (TM) ETF21.790.74%9.62%340.49M
192VCBVanguard Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF23.56-0.08%3.63%339.17M
193CWWiShares Global Water Index ETF57.71-0.65%1.13%334.69M
194XQBiShares High Quality Canadian Bond Index ETF18.69-0.11%3.13%330.19M
195HABHorizons Active Corporate Bond ETF9.980.10%3.79%325.69M
196MCLCManulife Multifactor Canadian Large Cap Index ETF38.340.55%2.69%321.42M
197ZLIBMO Low Volatility International Equity ETF24.65-0.40%2.60%320.74M
198UMAXHamilton Utilities YIELD MAXIMIZER (TM) ETF14.27-14.51%317.50M
199ZPSBMO Short Provincial Bond Index ETF12.13-2.97%316.29M
200ENCCHorizons Canadian Oil and Gas Equity Covered Call ETF11.251.08%13.87%315.69M
201XEUiShares MSCI Europe IMI Index ETF30.63-0.87%2.91%314.31M
202ZMPBMO Mid Provincial Bond Index ETF13.640.15%2.99%313.48M
203XBMiShares S&P/TSX Global Base Metals Index Fund22.34-0.71%1.27%309.94M
204XUHiShares Core S&P US Total Market Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)46.390.22%0.99%307.84M
205FXMCI Morningstar Canada Value Index ETF22.680.40%2.64%302.39M
206ZGROBMO Growth ETF43.370.05%2.03%301.65M
207XIGiShares US IG Corporate Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)20.07-0.42%4.34%301.08M
208CUDiShares US Dividend Growers Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)52.19-0.02%2.02%300.46M
209MWDMackenzie Maximum Diversification All World Developed Index ETF30.72-0.13%1.42%299.24M
210ZPLBMO Long Provincial Bond Index ETF12.31-0.40%4.22%297.36M
211RQLRBC Target 2024 Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF20.460.02%2.43%294.22M
212UBIL.UGlobal X 0-3 Month U.S. T-Bill ETF50.060.06%6.51%293.50M
213TPRFTD Active Preferred Share ETF10.53-5.02%291.87M
214XRBiShares Canadian Real Return Bond Index ETF22.29-0.18%2.75%290.71M
215ZUHBMO Equal Weight US Health Care Hedged to CAD Index ETF69.81-0.71%0.72%288.50M
216VRIFVanguard Retirement Income ETF Portfolio24.48-0.12%4.10%285.92M
217TQSMTD Q US Small Mid Cap Equity ETF22.951.15%0.87%279.08M
218VLBVanguard Canadian Long-Term Bond Index ETF20.81-0.57%3.69%277.24M
219BTCX.UCI Galaxy Bitcoin ETF10.72-0.74%-276.91M
220COWiShares Global Agriculture Index ETF61.010.48%1.33%276.27M
221XUTiShares S&P/TSX Capped Utilities Index Fund25.86-0.92%3.83%275.37M
222VREVanguard FTSE Canadian Capped REIT Index ETF30.570.76%2.86%273.79M
223FCIVFidelity International Value ETF34.90-0.34%2.78%272.62M
224QBTLAGF US Market Neutral Anti-Beta CAD-Hedged ETF19.20-0.72%-270.67M
225DXCDynamic Active Canadian Dividend ETF35.70-0.03%2.54%269.56M
226HSHHorizons S&P 500 CAD Hedged Index ETF69.410.51%-269.33M
227MCSMManulife Multifactor Canadian SMID Cap Index ETF40.40-2.06%268.61M
228CGL.CiShares Gold Bullion ETF Non-Hedged27.18-1.38%-263.22M
229QEBHMackenzie Emerging Markets Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)77.32-0.72%4.73%250.79M
230TUHYTD Active US High Yield Bond ETF21.000.19%-250.38M
231ZWGBMO Global High Dividend Covered Call ETF30.850.49%6.81%248.96M
232TGFITD Active Global Income ETF20.400.20%5.88%245.75M
233FCUDFidelity U.S. High Dividend ETF36.340.64%2.27%242.05M
234TQGDTD Q Global Dividend ETF19.500.21%3.29%241.86M
235RBNKRBC Canadian Bank Yield Index ETF24.300.83%4.92%240.19M
236IQDCI International Quality Dividend Growth Index ETF35.90-0.61%1.31%238.41M
237XUSRiShares ESG Advanced MSCI USA Index ETF84.600.51%0.75%237.58M
238XMHiShares S&P U.S. Mid-Cap Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)27.300.59%1.03%233.95M
239ZDHBMO International Dividend Hedged to CAD ETF27.96-0.60%3.86%233.18M
240XSTiShares S&P/TSX Capped Consumer Staples Index ETF102.540.01%0.84%227.45M
241XMViShares MSCI Min Vol Canada Index ETF42.730.40%2.49%226.50M
242ZBALBMO Balanced ETF38.620.21%2.28%224.35M
243XCSRiShares ESG Advanced MSCI Canada Index ETF66.170.32%2.44%221.61M
244ZEOBMO Equal Weight Oil & Gas Index ETF71.541.22%4.13%218.14M
245HACHorizons Seasonal Rotation ETF30.570.03%1.04%212.02M
246HUTLHarvest Equal Weight Global Utilities Income ETF16.64-0.18%8.44%209.62M
247XEMiShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETF33.27-0.69%2.08%208.28M
248VCIPVanguard Conservative Income ETF Portfolio25.59-3.03%206.60M
249XSEAiShares ESG Aware MSCI EAFE Index ETF26.30-0.68%2.45%206.27M
250ZWABMO Covered Call Dow Jones Industrial Avg Hedged to CAD ETF25.920.62%6.02%202.63M
251XMDiShares S&P/TSX Completion Index ETF35.920.34%1.75%199.09M
252CGRiShares Global Real Estate Index ETF29.360.20%2.53%198.07M
253USCCHorizons US Large Cap Equity Covered Call ETF18.850.43%10.34%197.92M
254USCC.UHorizons US Large Cap Equity Covered Call ETF13.770.36%8.72%197.92M
255FIGCI Investment Grade Bond ETF9.30-4.13%197.14M
256XPFiShares S&P/TSX North American Preferred Stock Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)15.030.13%5.43%192.28M
257CICCI Canadian Banks Covered Call Income Class ETF10.800.47%7.15%192.19M
258VEVanguard FTSE Developed Europe All Cap Index ETF36.40-0.68%2.94%188.29M
259VIDYVanguard FTSE Developed ex North America High Dividend Yield31.24-0.41%3.75%186.66M
260ETHX.UCI Galaxy Ethereum ETF13.981.38%-184.65M
261XHBiShares Canadian HYBrid Corporate Bond Index ETF19.24-4.38%183.47M
262XHUiShares US High Dividend Equity Index ETF30.870.75%2.95%182.47M
263FCCVFidelity Canadian Value ETF14.000.39%2.81%181.90M
264XHDiShares US High Dividend Equity Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)32.680.31%3.21%181.79M
265ZMTBMO Equal Weight Global Base Metals Hedged to CAD Index ETF70.431.22%0.70%180.48M
266TQGMTD Q Global Multifactor ETF17.640.34%2.38%177.83M
267PXCInvesco FTSE RAFI Canadian Index ETF38.420.42%3.46%172.45M
268XMWiShares MSCI Min Vol Global Index ETF51.610.04%1.84%171.36M
269FCCDFidelity Canadian High Dividend ETF28.110.68%4.47%170.01M
270XMAiShares S&P/TSX Capped Materials Index ETF21.52-0.19%1.05%168.61M
271XDSRiShares ESG Advanced MSCI EAFE Index ETF59.56-0.52%1.88%163.82M
272PDFPurpose Core Dividend Fund31.250.29%4.03%159.68M
273ESGYBMO MSCI USA ESG Leaders Index ETF55.000.27%0.93%159.67M
274XSABiShares ESG Aware Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF17.86-0.06%2.96%158.86M
275BPRFBrompton Flaherty & Crumrine Investment Grade Preferred ETF22.60-0.26%5.69%158.69M
276XCSiShares S&P/TSX SmallCap Index ETF20.360.89%2.33%156.65M
277ZSUBMO Short-Term US IG Corporate Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETF13.34-3.17%156.27M
278VMOVanguard Global Momentum Factor ETF60.260.97%0.85%156.25M
279QUSAGF Systematic US Equity ETF55.770.60%0.84%155.78M
280DXVDynamic Active Investment Grade Floating Rate ETF19.63-0.10%6.48%155.70M
281RCDRBC Quant Canadian Dividend Leaders ETF27.331.11%3.71%154.63M
282DXUDynamic Active US Dividend ETF59.880.20%-152.12M
283DGRCI U.S. Quality Dividend Growth Index ETF46.510.37%1.29%148.46M
284BKCCHorizons Equal Weight Canadian Bank Covered Call ETF13.730.29%13.11%148.00M
285NPRFNBI Active Canadian Preferred Shares ETF22.64-0.09%5.28%147.39M
286HSUBetaPro S&P 500 2x Daily Bull ETF24.380.76%-146.64M
287ZWTBMO Covered Call Technology ETF48.12-2.10%3.24%144.33M
288XEHiShares MSCI Europe IMI Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)33.26-0.27%2.97%143.97M
289HEWBHorizons Equal Weight Canada Banks Index ETF Class A32.730.46%-143.42M
290QQCCHorizons NASDAQ-100 Covered Call ETF12.370.41%10.43%142.28M
291HNUBetaPro Natural Gas Leveraged Daily Bull ETF2.92-11.78%-141.94M
292CYHiShares Global Monthly Dividend Index ETF20.98-0.10%4.48%140.42M
293HBALHorizons Balanced Asset Allocation ETF15.120.20%2.18%139.65M
294ZWSBMO US High Dividend Covered Call Hedged to CAD ETF20.630.10%5.24%138.22M
295RUDHRBC Quant U.S. Dividend Leaders (CAD Hedged) ETF47.83-0.10%2.38%136.68M
296TLFBrompton Tech Leaders Income ETF25.620.08%4.98%136.41M
297FCCQFidelity Canadian High Quality ETF35.020.40%2.07%136.17M
298HBAHamilton Australian Bank Equal-Weight Index ETF26.280.57%5.68%135.68M
299XCNSiShares Core Conservative Balanced ETF Portfolio22.64-0.04%2.73%134.42M
300HFINHamilton Enhanced Canadian Financials ETF16.010.44%5.62%132.93M
301TCSBTD Select Short Term Corporate Bond Ladder ETF14.550.14%4.95%131.71M
302XIDiShares India Index ETF56.960.04%0.33%129.85M
303DXBDynamic Active Tactical Bond ETF17.90-4.57%129.56M
304QCEMackenzie Canadian Large Cap Equity Index ETF137.260.43%3.29%128.00M
305XEBiShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)15.83-0.57%3.87%126.77M
306RBORBC 1-5 Year Laddered Canadian Corporate Bond ETF18.410.05%2.55%126.72M
307MRELMiddlefield Real Estate Dividend ETF11.911.02%7.56%123.84M
308HXHHorizons Cdn High Dividend Index ETF49.220.57%-123.83M
309LMAXHamilton Healthcare YIELD MAXIMIZER (TM) ETF15.79-0.25%4.86%123.08M
310ZFHBMO Floating Rate High Yield ETF14.840.13%8.36%121.84M
311TINFTD Active Global Infrastructure Equity ETF19.32-0.72%3.11%121.16M
312DLRHorizons US Dollar Currency ETF13.900.36%4.53%120.49M
313DLR.UHorizons US Dollar Currency ETF10.160.05%3.85%120.49M
314AMAXHamilton Gold Producer YIELD MAXIMIZER (TM) ETF Trust Unit E20.44-0.10%3.83%119.58M
315HBNDHamilton U.S. Bond YIELD MAXIMIZER (TM) ETF Trust Unit E15.06-0.73%7.79%118.99M
316ZUDBMO US Dividend Hedged to CAD ETF29.310.31%2.27%118.99M
317XSEiShares Conservative Strategic Fixed Income ETF17.81-0.11%3.74%118.98M
318HALHorizons Active Cdn Dividend ETF20.210.50%3.21%118.67M
319MGBMackenzie Core Plus Global Fixed Income ETF16.36-0.06%4.86%116.77M
320HXEHorizons S&P/TSX Capped Energy Index ETF38.311.73%-116.20M
321ZCBBMO Corporate Bond Index ETF45.97-0.04%3.92%115.89M
322EMAXHamilton Energy YIELD MAXIMIZER (TM) ETF Trust Unit E17.091.73%4.84%115.20M
323HGUBetaPro Canadian Gold Miners 2x Daily Bull ETF21.54-0.90%-114.86M
324XENiShares Jantzi Social Index ETF34.090.56%2.39%114.64M
325XQLTiShares MSCI USA Quality Factor Index ETF39.160.80%0.66%114.02M
326BGUBristol Gate Concentrated US Equity ETF45.070.66%-113.12M
327XMIiShares MSCI Min Vol EAFE Index ETF37.18-0.40%2.61%112.85M
328RLBRBC 1-5 Year Laddered Canadian Bond ETF18.430.16%-106.59M
329ZGDBMO Equal Weight Global Gold Index ETF101.100.68%0.55%106.42M
330ESGABMO MSCI Canada ESG Leaders Index ETF35.260.27%2.87%106.41M
331MUSMackenzie Maximum Diversification US Index ETF37.660.21%1.03%104.27M
332ETHIHorizons Global Sustainability Leaders Index ETF53.540.06%0.92%103.58M
333ZSBBMO Short-Term Bond Index ETF47.670.08%2.66%102.20M
334VAVanguard FTSE Developed Asia Pacific All Cap Index ETF39.74-0.33%2.15%102.02M
335GGROiShares ESG Growth ETF Portfolio54.190.17%1.76%100.88M
336HLPRHorizons Laddered Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF26.46-0.11%-100.70M
337HXXHorizons Europe 50 Index ETF51.93-0.80%-100.67M
338CGLOCIBC Global Growth ETF29.040.38%0.34%99.84M
339ZEQTBMO All-Equity ETF48.700.23%1.85%99.14M
340XSTBiShares ESG Aware Canadian Short Term Bond Index ETF19.380.10%2.42%98.57M
341XCHiShares China Index ETF17.32-1.87%2.31%96.87M
342HXEMHorizons Emerging Markets Equity Index ETF37.25-0.69%-96.79M
343GEQTiShares ESG Equity ETF Portfolio59.780.02%1.44%95.38M
344SVRiShares Silver Bullion ETF14.950.27%-93.85M
345HUTSHamilton Enhanced Utilities ETF11.67-0.60%8.00%93.36M
346CVDiShares Convertible Bond Index ETF16.810.12%5.30%92.29M
347HURAHorizons Global Uranium Index ETF39.18-0.99%0.91%91.25M
348HOUBetaPro Crude Oil Leveraged Daily Bull ETF15.35-0.32%-90.81M
349ESGEBMO MSCI EAFE ESG Leaders Index ETF35.69-0.53%2.55%90.69M
350ONEBCI ONE North American Core Plus Bond ETF48.720.29%2.77%89.78M
351FLICI U.S. & Canada Lifeco Covered Call ETF10.360.88%6.71%87.97M
352BDIVBrompton Global Dividend Growth ETF21.330.61%6.19%87.84M
353VGVVanguard Canadian Government Bond Index ETF22.16-0.14%2.94%87.78M
354ZRRBMO Real Return Bond Index ETF14.32-0.28%5.27%86.60M
355ENCLHorizons Enhanced Canadian Oil and Gas Equity Covered Call ETF20.101.36%12.99%86.43M
356FLCPFranklin Canadian Core Plus Bond Fund17.710.17%3.57%86.42M
357HRAAHorizons ReSolve Adaptive Asset Allocation ETF12.020.50%-85.17M
358XGIiShares S&P Global Industrials Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)52.690.17%0.90%84.93M
359HMMJHorizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF10.571.25%1.91%84.21M
360XCGiShares Canadian Growth Index ETF50.990.33%0.92%83.33M
361FSTFirst Trust Canadian Capital Strength ETF51.910.52%1.20%83.24M
362TLVInvesco S&P/TSX Composite Low Volatility Index ETF30.510.39%3.64%83.23M
363ZLHBMO Low Volatility US Equity Hedged to CAD ETF32.900.24%2.31%83.13M
364PRLysander-Slater Preferred Share ActivETF9.460.11%4.42%82.41M
365ZCHBMO MSCI China ESG Leaders Index ETF13.74-1.51%3.64%81.65M
366BKCLHorizons Enhanced Equal Weight Canadian Banks Covered Call ETF18.180.36%16.37%81.19M
367DCGDesjardins 1-5 year Laddered Canadian Government Bond Index ETF17.94-2.23%80.62M
368GBALiShares ESG Balanced ETF48.750.10%2.23%80.04M
369CHPSHorizons Global Semiconductor Index ETF44.79-0.67%0.38%77.45M
370ZWH.UBMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF Advisor Units23.21-2.80%76.92M
371HXFHorizons S&P/TSX Capped Financials Index ETF68.85-2.46%-76.66M
372XDGHiShares Core MSCI Global Quality Dividend Index ETF CAD-Hedged26.330.19%3.12%76.35M
373FCIDFidelity International High Dividend ETF27.25-0.55%3.78%76.30M
374ZJGBMO Junior Gold Index ETF87.83-0.10%0.68%74.98M
375TGRETD Active Global Real Estate Equity ETF14.420.14%4.74%74.94M
376ZLEBMO Low Volatility Emerging Markets Equity ETF18.55-1.43%3.24%74.25M
377XCViShares Canadian Value Index ETF35.670.62%3.85%74.06M
378XCDiShares S&P Global Consumer Discretionary Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)54.360.15%0.84%73.70M
379CINTCIBC International Equity ETF23.99-0.83%1.08%73.49M
380HTAEHarvest Tech Achievers Enhanced Income ETF17.980.33%8.66%73.43M
381HZUBetaPro Silver 2X Daily Bull ETF29.62-0.74%-72.88M
382QXMCI Morningstar National Bank Quebec Index ETF29.310.29%1.32%71.76M
383HQDBetaPro NASDAQ-100 -2x Daily Bear ETF11.20-0.71%-71.38M
384HCAHamilton Canadian Bank Mean Reversion Index ETF21.240.71%6.18%71.30M
385TILVTD Q International Low Volatility ETF16.18-0.06%3.28%70.01M
386BTCYPurpose Bitcoin Yield ETF6.309.19%8.89%68.08M
387ZESGBMO Balanced ESG ETF36.370.08%2.04%66.85M
388BMAXBrompton Enhanced Multi-Asset Income ETF13.83-0.07%8.86%66.39M
389USCLHorizons Enhanced US Large Cap Equity Covered Call ETF Trust Unit A22.170.50%12.46%66.24M
390MEEMackenzie Maximum Diversification Emerging Markets Index ETF27.95-0.07%1.41%66.13M
391DXODynamic Active Crossover Bond ETF19.470.05%5.61%65.58M
392HGYHorizons Gold Yield Fund10.830.37%5.54%63.88M
393XDUHiShares Core MSCI US Quality Dividend Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)26.790.26%2.54%62.56M
394ESGBBMO ESG Corporate Bond Index ETF27.010.11%3.55%62.24M
395FMAXHamilton U.S. Financials YIELD MAXIMIZER (TM) ETF17.341.23%4.66%61.90M
396BEPRBrompton Flaherty & Crumrine Enhanced Investment Grade Preferred ETF9.02-0.11%9.31%60.49M
397TULVTD Q U.S. Low Volatility ETF19.830.20%1.74%59.16M
398XSCiShares Conservative Short Term Strategic Fixed Income ETF17.78-0.17%4.30%58.67M
399HODBetaPro Crude Oil Inverse Leveraged Daily Bear ETF6.230.48%-58.20M
400SBT.BPurpose Silver Bullion Fund22.721.61%-58.11M
401QIEAGF Systematic International Equity ETF33.01-2.55%57.64M
402XMMiShares MSCI Min Vol Emerging Markets Index ETF28.65-2.56%57.08M
403TULBTD US Long Term Treasury Bond ETF113.70-0.93%3.48%56.39M
404HSDBetaPro S&P 500 -2x Daily Bear ETF16.85-0.77%-56.24M
405HNDBetaPro Natural Gas Inverse Leveraged Daily Bear ETF94.4311.47%-54.90M
406FSLFirst Trust Senior Loan ETF CAD Hedged17.000.12%8.09%54.66M
407ONEQCI ONE Global Equity ETF41.920.10%1.14%54.10M
408FCQHFidelity U.S. High Quality Currency Neutral ETF54.44-0.74%54.00M
409CAGSCI Canadian Short-Term Aggregate Bond Index ETF46.48-0.70%2.77%53.78M
410MINTManulife Multifactor Developed International Index ETF Hedged38.40-0.67%2.62%53.69M
411FLUSFranklin U.S. Large Cap Multifactor Index ETF45.240.29%0.80%53.69M
412RBOTHorizons Robotics & AI Index ETF31.02-0.39%0.10%53.47M
413FPRCI Preferred Share ETF21.72-0.50%5.44%53.34M
414THETD International Equity CAD Hedged Index ETF26.11-0.80%2.33%52.95M
415HIGBrompton Global Healthcare Income & Growth ETF8.65-0.17%7.63%52.79M
416ZVCBMO MSCI Canada Value Index ETF28.170.50%3.09%52.03M
417BFINBrompton North American Financials Dividend ETF21.981.20%5.37%50.45M
418FCRRFidelity U.S. Dividend for Rising Rates ETF41.090.69%1.89%49.75M
419CXFCI Canadian Convertible Bond ETF9.70-0.10%4.95%49.34M
420BASEEvolve Global Materials & Mining Enhanced Yield Index ETF26.000.19%9.23%49.02M
421THUTD U.S. Equity CAD Hedged Index ETF37.490.21%1.05%48.46M
422HFGHamilton Global Financials ETF24.690.65%3.40%48.10M
423HXUBetaPro S&P/TSX 60 2x Daily Bull ETF22.930.48%-47.48M
424ICPBIA Clarington Core Plus Bond Fund9.34-4.33%47.47M
425XSMCiShares S&P US Small-Cap Index ETF31.001.97%0.97%47.34M
426ZINBMO Equal Weight Industrials Index ETF39.921.29%1.54%45.90M
427HCREHorizons Equal Weight Canada REIT Index ETF Class A25.180.84%-45.87M
428ETHYPurpose Ether Yield ETF4.297.79%9.60%45.38M
429HCONHorizons Conservative Asset Allocation ETF13.29-0.67%2.48%45.14M
430HEUBetaPro S&P/TSX Capped Energy 2x Daily Bull ETF32.423.58%-44.55M
431ZWENBMO Covered Call Energy ETF Trust Unit29.510.37%8.64%44.15M
432XSIiShares Short Term Strategic Fixed Income ETF16.99-4.56%44.06M
433RIDHRBC Quant EAFE Dividend Leaders (CAD Hedged) ETF29.920.27%5.28%43.41M
434QAHMackenzie US Large Cap Equity Index ETF (CAD Hedged)185.830.35%1.10%42.73M
435ZCONBMO Conservative ETF34.140.09%2.58%42.54M
436JAPNCI Japan Equity Index ETF51.660.02%1.26%41.99M
437ESGGBMO MSCI Global ESG Leaders Index ETF47.840.36%1.31%40.26M
438QDXHMackenzie International Equity Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)136.00-0.90%2.56%39.71M
439XMSiShares MSCI Min Vol USA Index ETF CAD-Hedged35.740.25%1.33%38.76M
440TGGRTD Active Global Equity Growth ETF27.420.66%0.47%37.80M
441HADHorizons Active CDN Bond ETF8.89-3.04%37.54M
442ZVUBMO MSCI USA Value Index ETF29.410.86%2.45%36.90M
443HHLEHarvest Healthcare Leaders Enhanced Income ETF10.55-0.94%10.41%36.90M
444XINCiShares Core Income Balanced ETF Portfolio19.920.05%2.93%36.68M
445RPSBRBC PH&N Short Term Canadian Bond ETF19.64-0.38%3.37%36.41M
446QSBMackenzie Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETF97.14-0.48%2.83%35.04M
447FCVHFidelity U.S. Value Currency Neutral ETF17.360.29%0.77%34.95M
448BXFCI 1-5 Year Laddered Government Strip Bond Index ETF9.950.25%3.28%34.66M
449TCLVTD Q Canadian Low Volatility ETF20.410.20%2.93%34.44M
450DCPDesjardins Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF18.82-0.21%4.40%33.54M
451FCUHFidelity U.S. High Dividend Currency Neutral ETF32.220.41%2.30%33.51M
452ZXMCI Morningstar International Momentum Index ETF42.72-0.14%3.07%32.86M
453HAFHorizons Active Global Fixed Income ETF7.210.14%5.53%32.39M
454QQCLHorizons Enhanced Nasdaq 100 Covered Call ETF23.590.51%9.54%32.36M
455DISCBMO Global Consumer Discretionary Hedged to CAD Index ETF39.140.64%0.92%31.67M
456FHGFirst Trust AlphaDEX US Industrials Sector Index ETF51.031.45%0.74%31.60M
457INOCHorizons Inovestor Canadian Equity Index ETF15.600.13%1.81%31.50M
458HMPHorizons Active Cdn Municipal Bond ETF9.470.11%5.06%31.39M
459COMMBMO Global Communications Index ETF35.110.57%1.25%31.30M
460STPLBMO Global Consumer Staples Hedged to CAD Index ETF23.42-0.87%2.39%30.45M
461HFUBetaPro S&P/TSX Capped Financials 2x Daily Bull ETF23.091.23%-30.18M
462ZPAY.UBMO Premium Yield ETF29.880.40%3.48%29.75M
463XMLiShares MSCI Min Vol EAFE Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)26.67-1.59%2.62%29.67M
464HYLD.UHamilton Enhanced U.S. Covered Call ETF14.500.35%10.54%29.40M
465DXNDynamic Active Global Infrastructure ETF19.53-0.41%3.67%27.70M
466VVOVanguard Global Minimum Volatility ETF36.50-0.03%2.41%27.28M
467ZQBBMO High Quality Corporate Bond Index ETF28.340.07%3.18%27.24M
468ZZZDBMO Tactical Dividend ETF Fund27.97-0.04%4.29%26.35M
469HXDBetaPro S&P/TSX 60 -2x Daily Bear ETF5.68-0.44%-26.04M
470ZPHBMO US Put Write Hedged to CAD ETF14.91-9.19%25.84M
471HUCHorizons Crude Oil ETF22.86-0.22%-25.38M
472HUMHamilton U.S. Mid/Small-Cap Financials ETF30.801.99%1.30%25.24M
473DXZDynamic Active U.S. Mid-Cap ETF12.70-0.08%0.57%25.14M
474MXUMackenzie Maximum Diversification All World Developed ex North23.15-0.47%2.63%24.96M
475HUZHorizons Silver ETF13.860.29%-24.54M
476FCGIFidelity Global Monthly High Income ETF13.68-3.22%24.48M
477DXWDynamic Active International Dividend ETF23.16-0.47%2.44%24.31M
478ZLDBMO Low Volatility International Equity Hedged to CAD ETF26.92-2.53%23.53M
479XSMHiShares S&P US Small-Cap Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)28.061.56%0.77%23.40M
480GCNSiShares ESG Conservative Balanced ETF42.980.02%2.81%23.09M
481BGCBristol Gate Concentrated Canadian Equity ETF33.220.30%-23.04M
482HBLKBlockchain Technologies ETF18.057.06%-22.69M
483FHQFirst Trust AlphaDEX US Technology Sector Index ETF91.640.88%0.02%22.58M
484HCLNHarvest Clean Energy ETF8.71-3.01%-22.57M
485EDGFBrompton European Dividend Growth ETF10.74-0.83%5.15%22.48M
486XCHPiShares Semiconductor Index ETF61.91-0.24%0.21%22.43M
487UMICI U.S. MidCap Dividend Index ETF31.01-3.87%2.17%22.09M
488QEBLMackenzie Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond Index ETF73.06-1.44%20.91%21.99M
489HEROEvolve E-Gaming Index ETF32.89-0.24%0.61%21.25M
490HIUBetaPro S&P 500 Daily Inverse ETF11.34-0.09%-20.60M
491HGDBetaPro Canadian Gold Miners -2x Daily Bear ETF2.88--20.44M
492CGAACI Global Asset Allocation Private Pool27.300.07%1.93%19.72M
493ZHPBMO US Preferred Share Hedged to CAD Index ETF18.21-0.65%6.66%19.34M
494ZBBBBMO BBB Corporate Bond Index ETF27.91-0.04%3.55%19.22M
495BITIBetaPro Inverse Bitcoin ETF4.93-9.71%-18.86M
496TBNKTD Canadian Bank Dividend Index ETF26.410.92%4.54%18.78M
497HUVBetaPro S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETF7.321.95%-18.60M
498BREABrompton Sustainable Real Assets Dividend ETF25.87-0.65%4.56%18.57M
499FLCIFranklin Canadian Corporate Bond Fund17.56-0.11%4.44%18.41M
500HGRHarvest Global REIT Leaders Income ETF6.160.16%8.92%17.84M