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2014 Stock Splits

242 Splits

DateSymbolTypeSplit RatioCompany Name
Dec 31, 2014OPNTReverse1 for 100Opiant Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Dec 30, 2014OIBR.CReverse1 for 10Oi SA
Dec 30, 2014HAINForward2 for 1Hain Celestial Group, Inc.
Dec 29, 2014OIBRQReverse1 for 10Oi SA
Dec 23, 2014MARAForward2 for 1Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.
Dec 17, 2014DXFReverse1 for 4Dunxin Financial Holdings Ltd.
Dec 16, 2014SIAFReverse1 for 10Sino Agro Food, Inc.
Dec 11, 2014FNBGForward1.05 for 1Fnb Bancorp
Dec 9, 2014IBNForward5 for 1Icici Bank Ltd.
Dec 8, 2014VRTAReverse1 for 4Vestin Realty Mortgage I, Inc.
Dec 8, 2014INFYForward2 for 1Infosys Ltd.
Dec 5, 2014CTSOReverse1 for 25Cytosorbents Corp.
Nov 28, 2014LARKForward1.05 for 1Landmark Bancorp, Inc.
Nov 26, 2014BSFForward1.11 for 1Bear State Financial, Inc.
Nov 25, 2014JAHForward1.5 for 1Jarden Corp.
Nov 25, 2014CBSHForward1.05 for 1Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
Nov 20, 2014TRILReverse1 for 30Trillium Therapeutics, Inc.
Nov 19, 2014AFPWReverse1 for 250Alumifuel Power Corp.
Nov 17, 2014STNForward2 for 1Stantec, Inc.
Nov 17, 2014CAROForward2 for 1Carolina Financial Corp.
Nov 10, 2014DVAXReverse1 for 10Dynavax Technologies Corp.
Nov 6, 2014QRVOForward500 for 1Qorvo, Inc.
Nov 5, 2014NVROReverse1 for 24Nevro Corp.
Nov 4, 2014VIPSForward10 for 1Vipshop Holdings Ltd.
Nov 4, 2014SYNTForward2 for 1Syntel, Inc.
Nov 4, 2014RVENReverse1 for 20Reven Housing Reit, Inc.
Nov 3, 2014TLRSReverse1 for 12Timberline Resources Corp.
Nov 3, 2014CALMForward2 for 1Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.
Oct 31, 2014PRTKReverse1 for 12Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Oct 29, 2014TRXOReverse1 for 350T-Rex Oil, Inc.
Oct 29, 2014APDNReverse1 for 60Applied Dna Sciences, Inc.
Oct 28, 2014POAIReverse1 for 75Predictive Oncology, Inc.
Oct 24, 2014CVLYForward1.05 for 1Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc.
Oct 24, 2014ABEOReverse1 for 50Abeona Therapeutics, Inc.
Oct 23, 2014NEWTReverse1 for 5Newtek Business Services Corp.
Oct 23, 2014DSReverse1 for 2Drive Shack, Inc.
Oct 20, 2014NRZReverse1 for 2New Residential Investment Corp.
Oct 17, 2014RAMRReverse1 for 100Ram Holdings Ltd.
Oct 17, 2014PBHCForward1.5 for 1Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc.
Oct 16, 2014JRJRQReverse1 for 20Jrjr33, Inc.
Oct 16, 2014FLICForward1.5 for 1First Of Long Island Corp.
Oct 16, 2014EGLEReverse1 for 200Eagle Bulk Shipping, Inc.
Oct 15, 2014SNNForward2.5 for 1Smith & Nephew PLC
Oct 10, 2014APHForward2 for 1Amphenol Corp.
Oct 9, 2014PHXForward2 for 1Phx Minerals, Inc.
Oct 8, 2014UBFOForward1.01 for 1United Security Bancshares
Oct 7, 2014PMBSReverse1 for 40Puramed Bioscience, Inc.
Oct 7, 2014APTOReverse1 for 12Aptose Biosciences, Inc.
Oct 6, 2014DRIOReverse1 for 5Dariohealth Corp.
Oct 2, 2014PLAYForward224.98357 for 1Dave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc.
Oct 2, 2014GWBForward291.2787 for 1Great Western Bancorp, Inc.
Sep 30, 2014LEUReverse1 for 11Centrus Energy Corp.
Sep 29, 2014MMACReverse1 for 5Mma Capital Holdings, Inc.
Sep 29, 2014COLMForward2 for 1Columbia Sportswear Co.
Sep 25, 2014VIVEReverse1 for 100Viveve Medical, Inc.
Sep 25, 2014SIXDReverse1 for 26D Global Technologies, Inc.
Sep 24, 2014GRBKForward1.532 for 1Green Brick Partners, Inc.
Sep 18, 2014TYMEForward4.3334 for 1Tyme Technologies, Inc.
Sep 18, 2014CYT1Forward2 for 1Cytec Industries, Inc.
Sep 17, 2014PRQRForward101.80423 for 1Proqr Therapeutics Nv
Sep 17, 2014AROWForward1.02 for 1Arrow Financial Corp.
Sep 16, 2014BCLIReverse1 for 15Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
Sep 11, 2014VGRForward1.05 for 1Vector Group Ltd.
Sep 11, 2014CLRForward2 for 1Continental Resources, Inc.
Sep 10, 2014MBVXQReverse1 for 8Mabvax Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
Sep 10, 2014GDENReverse1 for 2Golden Entertainment, Inc.
Sep 9, 2014CPKForward1.5 for 1Chesapeake Utilities Corp.
Sep 9, 2014BODY1Reverse1 for 10Body Central Corp.
Sep 8, 2014UGIForward1.5 for 1Ugi Corp.
Sep 8, 2014AXPWQReverse1 for 50Axion Power International, Inc.
Sep 5, 2014LCForward2 for 1Lendingclub Corp.
Sep 5, 2014FENCReverse1 for 3Fennec Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Sep 3, 2014INLXReverse1 for 7Intellinetics, Inc.
Sep 3, 2014ATROForward1.2 for 1Astronics Corp.
Aug 28, 2014RKT1Forward2 for 1Rock-Tenn Co.
Aug 28, 2014OCATReverse1 for 100Ocata Therapeutics, Inc.
Aug 27, 2014ASTIReverse1 for 10Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.
Aug 26, 2014AVLPForward2 for 1Avalanche International Corp.
Aug 21, 2014EPDForward2 for 1Enterprise Products Partners LP
Aug 20, 2014ZAZAReverse1 for 10Zaza Energy Corp.
Aug 19, 2014GSTXReverse1 for 100Graphene & Solar Technologies Ltd.
Aug 19, 2014DSReverse1 for 3Drive Shack, Inc.
Aug 14, 2014VTGNReverse1 for 20Vistagen Therapeutics, Inc.
Aug 13, 2014IDNReverse1 for 8Intellicheck, Inc.
Aug 12, 2014SEVForward1.025 for 1Sevcon, Inc.
Aug 11, 2014SNBCReverse1 for 5Sun Bancorp, Inc.
Aug 8, 2014JOBSForward2 for 151Job, Inc.
Aug 7, 2014DISCKForward2 for 1Discovery, Inc.
Aug 7, 2014DISCAForward2 for 1Discovery, Inc.
Aug 5, 2014GWGHReverse1 for 2Gwg Holdings, Inc.
Aug 4, 2014LEAFReverse1 for 5Leaf Group Ltd.
Jul 29, 2014VBIV1Reverse1 for 5Vbi Vaccines, Inc.
Jul 29, 2014VBIVReverse1 for 5Vbi Vaccines, Inc.
Jul 29, 2014EBSBForward2.448 for 1Meridian Bancorp, Inc.
Jul 28, 2014XTNTReverse1 for 10Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc.
Jul 28, 2014UWHRForward1.02 for 1Uwharrie Capital Corp.
Jul 24, 2014FWONBForward2.865 for 1Liberty Media Corp.
Jul 24, 2014FWONAForward2.865 for 1Liberty Media Corp.
Jul 17, 2014SFBSForward3 for 1Servisfirst Bancshares, Inc.
Jul 17, 2014AAONForward1.5 for 1Aaon, Inc.

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