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2012 Stock Splits

251 Splits

DateSymbolTypeSplit RatioCompany Name
Dec 31, 2012AIRMForward3 for 1Air Methods Corp.
Dec 28, 2012PRAForward2 for 1Proassurance Corp.
Dec 28, 2012OTLCReverse1 for 12Oncotelic Therapeutics, Inc.
Dec 27, 2012SOCBForward1.15 for 1Southcoast Financial Corp.
Dec 27, 2012MRVCReverse1 for 20Mrv Communications, Inc.
Dec 27, 2012AIQ1Reverse1 for 5Alliance Healthcare Services, Inc.
Dec 26, 2012NKEForward2 for 1Nike, Inc.
Dec 24, 2012PIOIQReverse1 for 5P10 Industries, Inc.
Dec 21, 2012NSPRReverse1 for 4Inspiremd, Inc.
Dec 21, 2012DQReverse1 for 5Daqo New Energy Corp.
Dec 20, 2012CCUForward2.5 for 1United Breweries Co, Inc.
Dec 19, 2012MEIPReverse1 for 6Mei Pharma, Inc.
Dec 19, 2012DYNTReverse1 for 5Dynatronics Corp.
Dec 18, 2012FWVBForward1.04 for 1First West VIrginia Bancorp, Inc.
Dec 18, 2012ALTIReverse1 for 6Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc.
Dec 17, 2012SCLForward2 for 1Stepan Co.
Dec 17, 2012CREXReverse1 for 5Creative Realities, Inc.
Dec 17, 2012ACERReverse1 for 4Acer Therapeutics, Inc.
Dec 14, 2012BOSCReverse1 for 4Bos Better Online Solutions Ltd.
Dec 12, 2012VISNReverse1 for 20Visionchina Media, Inc.
Dec 12, 2012MTXForward2 for 1Minerals Technologies, Inc.
Dec 12, 2012FNBGForward1.05 for 1Fnb Bancorp
Dec 12, 2012BIOLForward1.005 for 1Biolase, Inc.
Dec 10, 2012JASOReverse1 for 5Ja Solar Holdings Co Ltd.
Dec 5, 2012GPRCReverse1 for 2Guanwei Recycling Corp.
Dec 5, 2012CBMXReverse1 for 10Combimatrix Corp.
Dec 4, 2012FMSForward2 for 1Fresenius Medical Care Ag & Co Kgaa
Dec 3, 2012HAEForward2 for 1Haemonetics Corp.
Dec 3, 2012CASSForward1.1 for 1Cass Information Systems, Inc.
Nov 30, 2012DSKXReverse1 for 10Ds Healthcare Group, Inc.
Nov 29, 2012LARKForward1.05 for 1Landmark Bancorp, Inc.
Nov 28, 2012CBSHForward1.05 for 1Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
Nov 27, 2012BTTRReverse1 for 1,000Better Choice Co, Inc.
Nov 19, 2012CNYDReverse1 for 5China Yida Holding Co.
Nov 13, 2012QRHCReverse1 for 5Quest Resource Holding Corp.
Nov 13, 2012MYGGReverse1 for 40Mygo Games Holding Co.
Nov 13, 2012HBNCForward1.5 for 1Horizon Bancorp, Inc.
Nov 9, 2012VXRTReverse1 for 6Vaxart, Inc.
Nov 9, 2012PACTReverse1 for 14Pactera Technology International Ltd.
Nov 8, 2012HMSTForward2 for 1Homestreet, Inc.
Nov 7, 2012MNRKForward1.2 for 1Monarch Financial Holdings, Inc.
Nov 6, 2012LKCO1Reverse1 for 10Luokung Technology Corp.
Oct 31, 2012LIONForward1.01 for 1Fidelity Southern Corp.
Oct 26, 2012CBATReverse1 for 5Cbak Energy Technology, Inc.
Oct 25, 2012ATROForward1.15 for 1Astronics Corp.
Oct 23, 2012EOXLQReverse1 for 7Emerald Oil, Inc.
Oct 22, 2012BSACForward2.6 for 1Banco Santander Chile
Oct 19, 2012GEOSForward2 for 1Geospace Technologies Corp.
Oct 19, 2012CVLYForward1.05 for 1Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc.
Oct 17, 2012IMCB1Reverse1 for 10Intermountain Community Bancorp
Oct 17, 2012GRMSReverse1 for 10Green Energy Management Services Holdings, Inc.
Oct 15, 2012SHGForward2 for 1Shinhan Financial Group Co Ltd.
Oct 15, 2012SBLKReverse1 for 15Star Bulk Carriers Corp.
Oct 15, 2012MMPForward2 for 1Magellan Midstream Partners LP
Oct 12, 2012BZHReverse1 for 5Beazer Homes Usa, Inc.
Oct 11, 2012THCReverse1 for 4Tenet Healthcare Corp.
Oct 11, 2012SOMXReverse1 for 8Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Oct 11, 2012PPMTForward2 for 1Profit Planners Management, Inc.
Oct 11, 2012FBCReverse1 for 10Flagstar Bancorp, Inc.
Oct 10, 2012UBFOForward1.01 for 1United Security Bancshares
Oct 10, 2012CALIReverse1 for 6China Auto Logistics, Inc.
Oct 9, 2012FNRGReverse1 for 2Forcefield Energy, Inc.
Oct 9, 2012APENReverse1 for 7Apollo Endosurgery, Inc.
Oct 5, 2012AEZSReverse1 for 6Aeterna Zentaris, Inc.
Oct 4, 2012XTLBReverse1 for 10Xtl Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.
Oct 4, 2012IHGReverse1 for 1Intercontinental Hotels Group PLC
Oct 4, 2012CWTRQReverse1 for 4Coldwater Creek, Inc.
Oct 3, 2012RHEForward1.05 for 1Regional Health Properties, Inc.
Oct 3, 2012PZEForward2 for 1Petrobras Argentina SA
Oct 2, 2012PAAForward2 for 1Plains All American Pipeline LP
Oct 2, 2012CTRXForward2 for 1Catamaran Corp.
Oct 1, 2012RLGYReverse1 for 25Realogy Holdings Corp.
Oct 1, 2012LEATReverse1 for 25Leatt Corp.
Oct 1, 2012IIJIYReverse1 for 25Internet Initiative Japan, Inc.
Sep 27, 2012OBASReverse1 for 5Optibase Ltd.
Sep 27, 2012HYForward167545 for 1Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.
Sep 26, 2012NWBOReverse1 for 16Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc.
Sep 24, 2012VLOVReverse1 for 3Vlov, Inc.
Sep 24, 2012MDVNForward2 for 1Medivation, Inc.
Sep 24, 2012AIKIReverse1 for 20Aikido Pharma, Inc.
Sep 19, 2012LKQForward2 for 1Lkq Corp.
Sep 18, 2012OLCBReverse1 for 10Ohio Legacy Corp.
Sep 17, 2012XPLRReverse1 for 400Xplore Technologies Corp.
Sep 17, 2012OLCBReverse1 for 10Ohio Legacy Corp.
Sep 17, 2012DLGCReverse1 for 5Dialogic, Inc.
Sep 17, 2012AROWForward1.02 for 1Arrow Financial Corp.
Sep 12, 2012BIOLForward1.005 for 1Biolase, Inc.
Sep 11, 2012SQBGReverse1 for 15Sequential Brands Group, Inc.
Sep 10, 2012ODFLForward1.5 for 1Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.
Sep 4, 2012GNOWReverse1 for 3American Caresource Holdings, Inc.
Sep 4, 2012CTICReverse1 for 5Cti Biopharma Corp.
Aug 31, 2012AGHCReverse1 for 2Aeon Global Health Corp.
Aug 30, 2012AFSIForward1.1 for 1Amtrust Financial Services, Inc.
Aug 28, 2012CPSL1Reverse1 for 12China Precision Steel, Inc.
Aug 27, 2012CYCCReverse1 for 7Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Aug 24, 2012DGLYReverse1 for 8Digital Ally, Inc.
Aug 23, 2012BWENReverse1 for 10Broadwind, Inc.
Aug 22, 2012SWMForward2 for 1Schweitzer Mauduit International, Inc.
Aug 17, 2012MECKReverse1 for 7Mecklermedia Corp.
Aug 16, 2012ICADReverse1 for 5Icad, Inc.

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