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2010 Stock Splits

265 Splits

DateSymbolTypeSplit RatioCompany Name
Dec 31, 2010GTIMReverse1 for 3Good Times Restaurants, Inc.
Dec 30, 2010TGHIForward7 for 1Touchpoint Group Holdings, Inc.
Dec 30, 2010NOVBReverse1 for 5North Valley Bancorp
Dec 30, 2010HSKAReverse1 for 10Heska Corp.
Dec 29, 2010NOVTReverse1 for 3Novanta, Inc.
Dec 29, 2010ATNYReverse1 for 4Api Technologies Corp.
Dec 28, 2010WINTReverse1 for 15Windtree Therapeutics, Inc.
Dec 28, 2010PCBCReverse1 for 100Pacific Capital Bancorp
Dec 28, 2010ABV.CForward5 for 1American Beverage Co Ambev
Dec 28, 2010ABVForward5 for 1American Beverage Co Ambev
Dec 28, 2010ABEVForward5 for 1Ambev SA
Dec 27, 2010MNROForward1.5 for 1Monro, Inc.
Dec 23, 2010BARZForward18 for 15Barz International, Inc.
Dec 22, 2010CFFNForward2 for 1Capitol Federal Financial, Inc.
Dec 22, 2010AMEForward1.5 for 1Ametek, Inc.
Dec 21, 2010UNTKQReverse1 for 2Unitek Global Services, Inc.
Dec 21, 2010CHHPForward1.37335 for 1C&D Technologies, Inc.
Dec 21, 2010CCGMReverse1 for 4China Cgame, Inc.
Dec 20, 2010FWVBForward1.04 for 1First West VIrginia Bancorp, Inc.
Dec 17, 2010FRF2Forward5.25 for 1Fortegra Financial Corp.
Dec 16, 2010QADBReverse1 for 2Qad, Inc.
Dec 15, 2010MMATForward4 for 1Meta Materials, Inc.
Dec 13, 2010ROLForward1.5 for 1Rollins, Inc.
Dec 13, 2010RESForward1.5 for 1Rpc, Inc.
Dec 13, 2010INUVReverse1 for 10Inuvo, Inc.
Dec 10, 2010UNXLQReverse1 for 15Uni-Pixel
Dec 8, 2010PRTXReverse1 for 5Protalex, Inc.
Dec 3, 2010PTIXReverse1 for 4Protagenic Therapeutics, Inc.
Dec 2, 2010CBSHForward1.05 for 1Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
Dec 2, 2010ATRNQReverse1 for 4Atrinsic, Inc.
Dec 1, 2010FNBGForward1.05 for 1Fnb Bancorp
Nov 30, 2010XXIIForward2.782 for 122Nd Century Group, Inc.
Nov 30, 2010TSRIReverse1 for 2Tsr, Inc.
Nov 30, 2010HBOSReverse1 for 1Heritage Financial Group, Inc.
Nov 29, 2010LARKForward1.05 for 1Landmark Bancorp, Inc.
Nov 26, 2010MGAForward2 for 1Magna International, Inc.
Nov 22, 2010CACBReverse1 for 10Cascade Bancorp
Nov 19, 2010STSA1Reverse1 for 66Sterling Financial Corp.
Nov 19, 2010RVMReverse1 for 5Revett Minerals, Inc.
Nov 19, 2010LGNDReverse1 for 6Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Nov 18, 2010ENDRQReverse1 for 7Endeavour International Corp.
Nov 18, 2010ATISReverse1 for 7Attis Industries, Inc.
Nov 16, 2010SBRAReverse1 for 3Sabra Health Care Reit, Inc.
Nov 16, 2010RAIForward2 for 1Reynolds American, Inc.
Nov 16, 2010BNSSAReverse1 for 20Bns Holding, Inc.
Nov 16, 2010AOSForward1.5 for 1Smith A O Corp.
Nov 16, 2010ALTIReverse1 for 4Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc.
Nov 15, 2010WCNForward1.5 for 1Waste Connections, Inc.
Nov 15, 2010HCSGForward1.5 for 1Healthcare Services Group, Inc.
Nov 10, 2010GKNTReverse1 for 10Geeknet, Inc.
Nov 10, 2010CHMTReverse1 for 69Chemtura Corp.
Nov 9, 2010UNTKQReverse1 for 28Unitek Global Services, Inc.
Nov 9, 2010SGTIReverse1 for 2Shengtai Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Nov 9, 2010RVBDForward2 for 1Riverbed Technology, Inc.
Nov 8, 2010OPHCReverse1 for 4Optimumbank Holdings, Inc.
Nov 8, 2010KEMReverse1 for 3Kemet Corp.
Nov 5, 2010TPLMQReverse1 for 10Triangle Petroleum Corp.
Nov 4, 2010UFIReverse1 for 3Unifi, Inc.
Nov 4, 2010ABUSReverse1 for 5Arbutus Biopharma Corp.
Nov 1, 2010GMForward3 for 1General Motors Co.
Oct 31, 2010OBTLYReverse1 for 10Orbital Corp Ltd.
Oct 29, 2010LIONForward1.005 for 1Fidelity Southern Corp.
Oct 28, 2010CSBCForward1.05 for 1Citizens South Banking Corp.
Oct 18, 2010CDTIReverse1 for 6Cdti Advanced Materials, Inc.
Oct 18, 2010CBDForward2 for 1Brazilian Distribution Co Companhia Brasileira De Distr Cbd
Oct 15, 2010RPRX1Reverse1 for 4Repros Therapeutics, Inc.
Oct 15, 2010AIRIReverse1 for 400Air Industries Group
Oct 6, 2010UBFOForward1.01 for 1United Security Bancshares
Oct 4, 2010DLGCReverse1 for 5Dialogic, Inc.
Oct 2, 2010TOWRForward1466 for 1Tower International, Inc.
Oct 1, 2010YELLReverse1 for 25Yellow Corp.
Oct 1, 2010XCRAReverse1 for 3Xcerra Corp.
Sep 28, 2010RHEForward1.05 for 1Regional Health Properties, Inc.
Sep 28, 2010OGENReverse1 for 20Oragenics, Inc.
Sep 28, 2010HFBCForward1.02 for 1Hopfed Bancorp, Inc.
Sep 27, 2010PTNReverse1 for 10Palatin Technologies, Inc.
Sep 22, 2010TRCBForward1.05 for 1Two River Bancorp
Sep 22, 2010GRMSReverse1 for 3Green Energy Management Services Holdings, Inc.
Sep 21, 2010ICGNReverse1 for 8Icagen, Inc.
Sep 20, 2010CTRXForward2 for 1Catamaran Corp.
Sep 17, 2010AROWForward1.03 for 1Arrow Financial Corp.
Sep 16, 2010BIMIReverse1 for 3Bimi International Medical, Inc.
Sep 15, 2010ONBIReverse1 for 5One Bio Corp.
Sep 13, 2010TLONReverse1 for 4Talon Therapeutics, Inc.
Sep 13, 2010CHZSForward3.333 for 1Computer Horizons Corp.
Sep 8, 2010IAGIReverse1 for 40Asura Development Group, Inc.
Sep 8, 2010BKSCForward1.1 for 1Bank Of South Carolina Corp.
Sep 7, 2010LIVEReverse1 for 10Live Ventures, Inc.
Sep 3, 2010TSCOForward2 for 1Tractor Supply Co.
Sep 2, 2010IBCPReverse1 for 10Independent Bank Corp.
Aug 31, 2010RMDForward2 for 1Resmed, Inc.
Aug 31, 2010BNVIQReverse1 for 5Bionovo, Inc.
Aug 30, 2010AFOPReverse1 for 5Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc.
Aug 27, 2010THMOReverse1 for 4Thermogenesis Holdings, Inc.
Aug 24, 2010WSRReverse1 for 3Whitestone Reit
Aug 24, 2010ODFLForward1.5 for 1Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.
Aug 23, 2010AMIEQReverse1 for 8Ambassadors International, Inc.
Aug 20, 2010EVEIQReverse1 for 12Evergreen Energy, Inc.
Aug 19, 2010JOSBForward1.5 for 1Bank Jos A Clothiers, Inc.
Aug 19, 2010AIROReverse1 for 20Airspan Networks, Inc.

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