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2009 Stock Splits

157 Splits

DateSymbolTypeSplit RatioCompany Name
Dec 29, 2009FTWRQReverse1 for 10Fibertower Corp.
Dec 29, 2009ASURReverse1 for 10Asure Software, Inc.
Dec 22, 2009SCMRReverse1 for 10Sycamore Networks, Inc.
Dec 21, 2009PUBGYForward2 for 1Publicis Groupe SA
Dec 21, 2009LTRXReverse1 for 6Lantronix, Inc.
Dec 21, 2009BHReverse1 for 20Biglari Holdings, Inc.
Dec 18, 2009NWBIForward2.25 for 1Northwest Bancshares, Inc.
Dec 17, 2009STAKReverse1 for 10Stack-It Storage, Inc.
Dec 17, 2009COHNReverse1 for 10Cohen & Co, Inc.
Dec 16, 2009UHSForward2 for 1Universal Health Services, Inc.
Dec 16, 2009NEOGForward1.5 for 1Neogen Corp.
Dec 15, 2009LDISForward8.912 for 1Leadis Technology, Inc.
Dec 9, 2009OVRLReverse1 for 3Overland Storage, Inc.
Dec 9, 2009KARForward10 for 1Kar Auction Services, Inc.
Dec 8, 2009INTForward2 for 1World Fuel Services Corp.
Dec 2, 2009KOSSForward2 for 1Koss Corp.
Dec 2, 2009DUNRQReverse1 for 5Dune Energy, Inc.
Nov 27, 2009LARKForward1.05 for 1Landmark Bancorp, Inc.
Nov 25, 2009FNBGForward1.05 for 1Fnb Bancorp
Nov 25, 2009CBSHForward1.05 for 1Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
Nov 24, 2009TXCCQReverse1 for 8Transwitch Corp.
Nov 24, 2009LSTZBReverse1 for 1Qurate Retail, Inc.
Nov 24, 2009FTBKReverse1 for 10Frontier Financial Corp.
Nov 24, 2009ECTYQReverse1 for 60Ecotality, Inc.
Nov 20, 2009LSTZAReverse1 for 1Qurate Retail, Inc.
Nov 18, 2009ULCMReverse1 for 4Ulticom, Inc.
Nov 17, 2009SOFOReverse1 for 10Sonic Foundry, Inc.
Nov 17, 2009SKBIForward2 for 1Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Co.
Nov 17, 2009ONBIReverse1 for 5One Bio Corp.
Nov 9, 2009TENXReverse1 for 15Tenax Therapeutics, Inc.
Nov 5, 2009ITPReverse1 for 4It Tech Packaging, Inc.
Nov 4, 2009GLDUQReverse1 for 5Guildmaster, Inc.
Oct 29, 2009LIONForward1.005 for 1Fidelity Southern Corp.
Oct 27, 2009ICLK1Reverse1 for 2Interclick, Inc.
Oct 26, 2009UISReverse1 for 10Unisys Corp.
Oct 23, 2009SBAYReverse1 for 100Subaye, Inc.
Oct 20, 2009TGHIReverse1 for 599Touchpoint Group Holdings, Inc.
Oct 19, 2009CDMOReverse1 for 5Avid Bioservices, Inc.
Oct 13, 2009SSFNForward1.05 for 1Stewardship Financial Corp.
Oct 13, 2009SEIIReverse1 for 3Sharing Economy International, Inc.
Oct 12, 2009GUREReverse1 for 4Gulf Resources, Inc.
Oct 8, 2009CELMReverse1 for 2China Electric Motor, Inc.
Oct 7, 2009UBFOForward1.01 for 1United Security Bancshares
Oct 7, 2009AAICReverse1 for 20Arlington Asset Investment Corp.
Oct 6, 2009WWIN2Reverse1 for 2Winner Medical Group, Inc.
Oct 5, 2009DEERForward2 for 1Deer Consumer Products, Inc.
Sep 30, 2009PZEReverse1 for 3Petrobras Argentina SA
Sep 30, 2009ENTNReverse1 for 12Entorian Technologies, Inc.
Sep 29, 2009LTBRReverse1 for 30Lightbridge Corp.
Sep 28, 2009FNSRReverse1 for 8Finisar Corp.
Sep 23, 2009UTHRForward2 for 1United Therapeutics Corp.
Sep 23, 2009TRCBForward1.03 for 1Two River Bancorp
Sep 23, 2009EPLReverse1 for 16Epl Oil & Gas, Inc.
Sep 18, 2009AIROReverse1 for 15Airspan Networks, Inc.
Sep 16, 2009AROWForward1.03 for 1Arrow Financial Corp.
Sep 11, 2009KTOSReverse1 for 10Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.
Sep 11, 2009DGReverse1 for 2Dollar General Corp.
Sep 10, 2009VRSKForward50 for 1Verisk Analytics, Inc.
Sep 10, 2009FUELQReverse1 for 5Smf Energy Corp.
Sep 9, 2009VRNMReverse1 for 12Verenium Corp.
Sep 8, 2009CAGCReverse1 for 4China Agritech, Inc.
Aug 27, 2009SFEReverse1 for 6Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.
Aug 27, 2009OPMRReverse1 for 5Optimal Group, Inc.
Aug 26, 2009BIMIReverse1 for 3Bimi International Medical, Inc.
Aug 25, 2009OSATReverse1 for 150Orbsat Corp.
Aug 24, 2009RITTReverse1 for 8Rit Technologies Ltd.
Aug 24, 2009GTMAYReverse1 for 5Grupo Tmm Sab
Aug 21, 2009ABVTForward2 for 1Abovenet, Inc.
Aug 19, 2009CAVOReverse1 for 40Cavico Corp.
Aug 17, 2009SANMReverse1 for 6Sanmina Corp.
Aug 11, 2009MEADReverse1 for 20Meade Instruments Corp.
Aug 7, 2009ITNMReverse1 for 6International Monetary Systems Ltd.
Aug 7, 2009DIAL1Reverse1 for 200Dial Global, Inc.
Aug 5, 2009MANFReverse1 for 100,000Manifold Capital
Aug 3, 2009GSTCQReverse1 for 5Gastar Exploration, Inc.
Aug 3, 2009ACAPForward1.33333 for 1American Physicians Capital, Inc.
Jul 30, 2009PUDAReverse1 for 7Puda Coal, Inc.
Jul 30, 2009LIONForward1.005 for 1Fidelity Southern Corp.
Jul 30, 2009CVVTReverse1 for 2China Valves Technology, Inc.
Jul 30, 2009CHTForward1.1 for 1Chunghwa Telecom Co Ltd.
Jul 29, 2009AXLLReverse1 for 25Axiall Corp.
Jul 27, 2009TXMDForward3 for 1Therapeuticsmd, Inc.
Jul 27, 2009MRKRReverse1 for 10Marker Therapeutics, Inc.
Jul 21, 2009EVOLReverse1 for 2Evolving Systems, Inc.
Jul 15, 2009CZFSForward1.01 for 1Citizens Financial Services, Inc.
Jul 13, 2009NEWNReverse1 for 10New Energy Systems Group
Jul 8, 2009UBFOForward1.01 for 1United Security Bancshares
Jul 7, 2009PGCForward1.05 for 1Peapack Gladstone Financial Corp.
Jul 7, 2009DINEReverse1 for 3Rewards Network, Inc.
Jul 1, 2009AIGReverse1 for 20American International Group, Inc.
Jun 26, 2009GNTAReverse1 for 50Genta Inc De
Jun 23, 2009LEXXReverse1 for 4Lexaria Bioscience Corp.
Jun 22, 2009XTLBReverse1 for 5Xtl Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.
Jun 16, 2009ABCForward2 for 1Amerisourcebergen Corp.
Jun 12, 2009BOTJForward1.05 for 1Bank Of The James Financial Group, Inc.
Jun 11, 2009UFSReverse1 for 12Domtar Corp.
Jun 11, 2009HWBKForward1.04 for 1Hawthorn Bancshares, Inc.
Jun 9, 2009OPHCForward1.05 for 1Optimumbank Holdings, Inc.
Jun 9, 2009GMCRForward1.5 for 1Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.
Jun 8, 2009VCBPForward1.05 for 1Valley Commerce Bancorp

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