Stock Splits

Latest stock splits. A regular split increases the share count and lowers the stock price, while a reverse split decreases the share count and raises the stock price.

DateSymbolTypeSplit RatioCompany Name
Aug 2, 2021GEReverse Split1 for 8General Electric Co
Jul 28, 2021SBETReverse Split1 for 2Sharplink Gaming Ltd
Jul 27, 2021NTECReverse Split1 for 4Intec Pharma Ltd
Jul 27, 2021IRCPSplit4.29 for 1Irsa Propiedades Comerciales Sa
Jul 23, 2021REAXSplit4 for 1Real Brokerage Inc
Jul 23, 2021MITTReverse Split1 for 3Ag Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
Jul 21, 2021STLYReverse Split1 for 12Hg Holdings Inc
Jul 20, 2021SCVLSplit2 for 1Shoe Carnival Inc
Jul 20, 2021NVDASplit4 for 1Nvidia Corp
Jul 20, 2021KAVLReverse Split1 for 12Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc
Jul 19, 2021AHTReverse Split1 for 10Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
Jul 15, 2021FSBWSplit2 for 1Fs Bancorp Inc
Jul 15, 2021BCOWSplit1.316 for 11895 Bancorp Of Wisconsin Inc
Jul 13, 2021ARCOSplit1.0143 for 1Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc
Jul 6, 2021FXLVSplit2 for 1F45 Training Holdings Inc
Jul 2, 2021BLNDReverse Split1 for 3Blend Labs Inc
Jul 1, 2021STAFReverse Split1 for 6Staffing 360 Solutions Inc
Jun 29, 2021CSXSplit3 for 1Csx Corp
Jun 29, 2021BTTRReverse Split1 for 6Better Choice Co Inc
Jun 28, 2021TPSTReverse Split1 for 15Tempest Therapeutics Inc
Jun 28, 2021MMATReverse Split1 for 2Meta Materials Inc
Jun 28, 2021CSGPSplit10 for 1Costar Group Inc
Jun 24, 2021BOTJSplit1.1 for 1Bank Of The James Financial Group Inc
Jun 18, 2021RCRTReverse Split1 for 2Recruitercom Group Inc
Jun 17, 2021TTDSplit10 for 1Trade Desk Inc
Jun 16, 2021RSLSReverse Split1 for 3Reshape Lifesciences Inc
Jun 11, 2021SBEVReverse Split1 for 3Splash Beverage Group Inc
Jun 8, 2021DALNReverse Split1 for 4Dallasnews Corp
Jun 7, 2021NEOGSplit2 for 1Neogen Corp
Jun 1, 2021TEFSplit1.05 for 1Telefonica S A
Jun 1, 2021REAXReverse Split1 for 4Real Brokerage Inc
Jun 1, 2021IINNReverse Split1 for 3Inspira Technologies Oxy Bhn Ltd
May 28, 2021ZIVOReverse Split1 for 80Zivo Bioscience Inc
May 28, 2021TRSTReverse Split1 for 5Trustco Bank Corp N Y
May 28, 2021SLHGReverse Split1 for 5Skylight Health Group Inc
May 28, 2021OSATReverse Split1 for 5Orbsat Corp
May 28, 2021CTRMReverse Split1 for 10Castor Maritime Inc
May 26, 2021NOVNReverse Split1 for 10Novan Inc
May 24, 2021IAUReverse Split1 for 2Ishares Gold Trust
May 21, 2021ONTXReverse Split1 for 15Onconova Therapeutics Inc
May 19, 2021SNPXReverse Split1 for 4Synaptogenix Inc
May 19, 2021GROMReverse Split1 for 32Grom Social Enterprises Inc
May 18, 2021ASRTReverse Split1 for 4Assertio Holdings Inc
May 14, 2021DTSTReverse Split1 for 40Data Storage Corp
May 14, 2021CPSplit5 for 1Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd
May 13, 2021SRLSplit1.09 for 1Scully Royalty Ltd
May 13, 2021QIPTReverse Split1 for 4Quipt Home Medical Corp
May 13, 2021HITIReverse Split1 for 15High Tide Inc
May 11, 2021FXBYReverse Split1 for 5Foxby Corp
May 3, 2021CIGSplit1.11497 for 1Energy Co Of Minas Gerais
May 3, 2021BRBSSplit1.5 for 1Blue Ridge Bankshares Inc
May 3, 2021AMOTSplit1.5 for 1Allied Motion Technologies Inc
Apr 28, 2021PALIReverse Split1 for 6Palisade Bio Inc
Apr 28, 2021ELPReverse Split1 for 5Energy Co Of Parana
Apr 27, 2021NSPRReverse Split1 for 15Inspiremd Inc
Apr 27, 2021BYRNReverse Split1 for 10Byrna Technologies Inc
Apr 19, 2021MYMDReverse Split1 for 2Mymd Pharmaceuticals Inc
Apr 19, 2021BBDSplit1.1 for 1Bank Bradesco
Apr 8, 2021AVNWSplit2 for 1Aviat Networks Inc
Apr 1, 2021SHWSplit3 for 1Sherwin Williams Co
Apr 1, 2021NMTCReverse Split1 for 3Neuroone Medical Technologies Corp
Apr 1, 2021HFBLSplit2 for 1Home Federal Bancorp Inc Of Louisiana
Mar 29, 2021VEVReverse Split1 for 3Vicinity Motor Corp
Mar 26, 2021ENPCSplit2.5 for 1Executive Network Partnering Corp
Mar 26, 2021BTXReverse Split1 for 2Brooklyn Immunotherapeutics Inc
Mar 24, 2021NMGReverse Split1 for 10Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc
Mar 24, 2021ALHCSplit260 for 1Alignment Healthcare Inc
Mar 18, 2021IINNReverse Split1 for 13Inspira Technologies Oxy Bhn Ltd
Mar 18, 2021ELPSplit10 for 1Energy Co Of Parana
Mar 17, 2021CMMBReverse Split1 for 16Chemomab Therapeutics Ltd
Mar 15, 2021VRNSSplit3 for 1Varonis Systems Inc
Mar 15, 2021LEEReverse Split1 for 10Lee Enterprises Inc
Mar 12, 2021EDUSplit10 for 1New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc
Mar 5, 2021OLOSplit17 for 1Olo Inc
Mar 5, 2021APHSplit2 for 1Amphenol Corp
Mar 3, 2021CLWTSplit1.5 for 1Euro Tech Holdings Co Ltd
Mar 2, 2021MDCSplit1.08333 for 1Mdc Holdings Inc
Mar 2, 2021HWKNSplit2 for 1Hawkins Inc
Mar 1, 2021REPXReverse Split1 for 12Riley Exploration Permian Inc
Mar 1, 2021LGOReverse Split1 for 10Largo Resources Ltd
Mar 1, 2021GHSIReverse Split1 for 6Guardion Health Sciences Inc
Feb 25, 2021VIRXReverse Split1 for 4Viracta Therapeutics Inc
Feb 25, 2021SVFDReverse Split1 for 7Save Foods Inc
Feb 22, 2021SXTCReverse Split1 for 4China Sxt Pharmaceuticals Inc
Feb 22, 2021FIZZSplit2 for 1National Beverage Corp
Feb 17, 2021VINOReverse Split1 for 15Gaucho Group Holdings Inc
Feb 17, 2021GBOXReverse Split1 for 6Greenbox Pos
Feb 17, 2021AMPGReverse Split1 for 20Amplitech Group Inc
Feb 17, 2021ACRReverse Split1 for 3Acres Commercial Realty Corp
Feb 16, 2021VYNEReverse Split1 for 4Vyne Therapeutics Inc
Feb 16, 2021EXPISplit2 for 1Exp World Holdings Inc
Feb 12, 2021AUUDReverse Split1 for 10Auddia Inc
Feb 11, 2021GTBPReverse Split1 for 17Gt Biopharma Inc
Feb 9, 2021VLONReverse Split1 for 40Vallon Pharmaceuticals Inc
Feb 9, 2021RELIReverse Split1 for 85Reliance Global Group Inc
Feb 2, 2021CUENReverse Split1 for 3Cuentas Inc
Feb 1, 2021NVOSReverse Split1 for 10Novo Integrated Sciences Inc
Feb 1, 2021MBRXReverse Split1 for 6Moleculin Biotech Inc
Jan 29, 2021PPTAReverse Split1 for 10Perpetua Resources Corp
Jan 28, 2021LSISplit1.5 for 1Life Storage Inc
Jan 26, 2021XELAReverse Split1 for 3Exela Technologies Inc
Jan 25, 2021CRKNReverse Split1 for 3Crown Electrokinetics Corp
Jan 25, 2021AUGGReverse Split1 for 6Augusta Gold Corp
Jan 22, 2021COMSReverse Split1 for 3Comsovereign Holding Corp
Jan 21, 2021SLGReverse Split1 for 1Sl Green Realty Corp
Jan 19, 2021IGLDFReverse Split1 for 250Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd
Jan 14, 2021DRVNSplit91889.3 for 1Driven Brands Holdings Inc
Jan 12, 2021LEXXReverse Split1 for 30Lexaria Bioscience Corp
Jan 6, 2021UGROReverse Split1 for 6Urban-Gro Inc
Jan 6, 2021RSPIReverse Split1 for 10Respirerx Pharmaceuticals Inc
Jan 4, 2021ISIGReverse Split1 for 7Insignia Systems Inc
Jan 4, 2021HSDTReverse Split1 for 35Helius Medical Technologies Inc
Jan 4, 2021ACORReverse Split1 for 6Acorda Therapeutics Inc
Dec 31, 2020ENVBReverse Split1 for 4Enveric Biosciences Inc
Dec 30, 2020CTAMReverse Split1 for 10A M Castle & Co
Dec 28, 2020KMPHReverse Split1 for 16Kempharm Inc
Dec 24, 2020FATSplit1.14286 for 1Fat Brands Inc
Dec 23, 2020YMTXReverse Split1 for 20Yumanity Therapeutics Inc
Dec 23, 2020HEXOReverse Split1 for 4Hexo Corp
Dec 22, 2020WPGReverse Split1 for 9Washington Prime Group Inc
Dec 18, 2020VERReverse Split1 for 5Vereit Inc
Dec 18, 2020ETHESplit9 for 1Grayscale Ethereum Trust (Eth)
Dec 17, 2020SFSplit1.5 for 1Stifel Financial Corp
Dec 15, 2020KAYSReverse Split1 for 15Kaya Holdings Inc
Dec 14, 2020BEPCSplit1.5 for 1Brookfield Renewable Corp
Dec 14, 2020BEPSplit1.5 for 1Brookfield Renewable Partners Lp
Dec 11, 2020ROLSplit1.5 for 1Rollins Inc
Dec 11, 2020HTBXReverse Split1 for 7Heat Biologics Inc
Dec 9, 2020EYPTReverse Split1 for 10Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals Inc
Dec 9, 2020CYTHReverse Split1 for 100Cyclo Therapeutics Inc
Dec 9, 2020AYTUReverse Split1 for 10Aytu Biopharma Inc
Dec 8, 2020CRCUFReverse Split1 for 5Canagold Resources Ltd
Dec 7, 2020WFCFReverse Split1 for 4Where Food Comes From Inc
Dec 3, 2020NBRVReverse Split1 for 10Nabriva Therapeutics Plc
Dec 2, 2020VIVEReverse Split1 for 10Viveve Medical Inc
Dec 1, 2020TTNPReverse Split1 for 30Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc
Dec 1, 2020NCSMReverse Split1 for 20Ncs Multistage Holdings Inc
Dec 1, 2020MKCSplit2 for 1Mccormick & Co Inc
Dec 1, 2020LARKSplit1.05 for 1Landmark Bancorp Inc
Dec 1, 2020AIVReverse Split1 for 1Apartment Investment & Management Co
Nov 30, 2020HJLIReverse Split1 for 25Hancock Jaffe Laboratories Inc
Nov 27, 2020DLPNReverse Split1 for 5Dolphin Entertainment Inc
Nov 27, 2020CDRReverse Split1 for 7Cedar Realty Trust Inc
Nov 24, 2020UANReverse Split1 for 10Cvr Partners Lp
Nov 24, 2020TPXSplit4 for 1Tempur Sealy International Inc
Nov 23, 2020HTGMReverse Split1 for 15Htg Molecular Diagnostics Inc
Nov 23, 2020FSTXReverse Split1 for 4F-Star Therapeutics Inc
Nov 23, 2020ENSVReverse Split1 for 15Enservco Corp
Nov 20, 2020WINRReverse Split1 for 10Simplicity Esports & Gaming Co
Nov 20, 2020LIXTReverse Split1 for 6Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc
Nov 20, 2020CVEOReverse Split1 for 12Civeo Corp
Nov 20, 2020BKYIReverse Split1 for 8Bio Key International Inc
Nov 19, 2020XYFReverse Split1 for 3X Financial
Nov 18, 2020MDVLReverse Split1 for 12Medavail Holdings Inc
Nov 17, 2020RMEDReverse Split1 for 25Ra Medical Systems Inc
Nov 17, 2020DQSplit5 for 1Daqo New Energy Corp
Nov 16, 2020ONDSReverse Split1 for 3Ondas Holdings Inc
Nov 13, 2020VRDNReverse Split1 for 15Viridian Therapeutics Inc
Nov 12, 2020TLSReverse Split1 for 1Telos Corp
Nov 12, 2020PDSReverse Split1 for 20Precision Drilling Corp
Nov 11, 2020MRVISplit253916.941 for 1Maravai Lifesciences Holdings Inc
Nov 10, 2020SMLPReverse Split1 for 15Summit Midstream Partners Lp
Nov 10, 2020JILLReverse Split1 for 5Jjill Inc
Nov 10, 2020IPAReverse Split1 for 5Immunoprecise Antibodies Ltd
Nov 10, 2020FETReverse Split1 for 20Forum Energy Technologies Inc
Nov 9, 2020WYYReverse Split1 for 10Widepoint Corp
Nov 9, 2020INVOReverse Split1 for 2Invo Bioscience Inc
Nov 9, 2020COGTReverse Split1 for 4Cogent Biosciences Inc
Nov 6, 2020OCUPReverse Split1 for 4Ocuphire Pharma Inc
Nov 2, 2020PSHGReverse Split1 for 10Performance Shipping Inc
Nov 2, 2020MDLYReverse Split1 for 10Medley Management Inc
Oct 30, 2020NTECReverse Split1 for 20Intec Pharma Ltd
Oct 30, 2020JTReverse Split1 for 8Jianpu Technology Inc
Oct 30, 2020HPRReverse Split1 for 50Highpoint Resources Corp
Oct 27, 2020NEESplit4 for 1Nextera Energy Inc
Oct 26, 2020TRQReverse Split1 for 10Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd
Oct 26, 2020NEGGReverse Split1 for 8Newegg Commerce Inc
Oct 22, 2020TCReverse Split1 for 4Tuanche Ltd
Oct 21, 2020GLBSReverse Split1 for 100Globus Maritime Ltd
Oct 19, 2020SPRCYReverse Split1 for 70Scisparc Ltd
Oct 19, 2020NUWEReverse Split1 for 30Nuwellis Inc
Oct 19, 2020NCTYReverse Split1 for 10The9 Ltd
Oct 19, 2020AXASReverse Split1 for 20Abraxas Petroleum Corp
Oct 14, 2020SIMPReverse Split1 for 10Simply Inc
Oct 14, 2020LFMDReverse Split1 for 5Lifemd Inc
Oct 14, 2020ARRYSplit127000 for 1Array Technologies Inc
Oct 13, 2020SEIIReverse Split1 for 50Sharing Economy International Inc
Oct 13, 2020RZLTReverse Split1 for 50Rezolute Inc
Oct 13, 2020RUSHBSplit1.5 for 1Rush Enterprises Inc
Oct 13, 2020RUSHASplit1.5 for 1Rush Enterprises Inc
Oct 5, 2020ELDNReverse Split1 for 18Eledon Pharmaceuticals Inc
Oct 2, 2020NTESSplit5 for 1Netease Inc
Oct 2, 2020KDNYReverse Split1 for 5Chinook Therapeutics Inc
Sep 29, 2020JENGQReverse Split1 for 33Just Energy Group Inc
Sep 24, 2020SYTAReverse Split1 for 145Siyata Mobile Inc
Sep 24, 2020GOVXReverse Split1 for 20Geovax Labs Inc
Sep 23, 2020MRNSReverse Split1 for 4Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc
Sep 21, 2020NOGReverse Split1 for 10Northern Oil & Gas Inc
Sep 18, 2020SVBLReverse Split1 for 8Silver Bull Resources Inc
Sep 16, 2020AROWSplit1.03 for 1Arrow Financial Corp
Sep 16, 2020ACETReverse Split1 for 7Adicet Bio Inc
Sep 15, 2020TREXSplit2 for 1Trex Co Inc
Sep 15, 2020TOMZReverse Split1 for 8Tomi Environmental Solutions Inc
Sep 15, 2020EGLEReverse Split1 for 7Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc
Sep 14, 2020HGENReverse Split1 for 5Humanigen Inc
Sep 11, 2020DXIEFReverse Split1 for 100Dxi Energy Inc
Sep 10, 2020SCONReverse Split1 for 10Superconductor Technologies Inc
Sep 10, 2020EVTNReverse Split1 for 10Enviro Technologies Us Inc
Sep 9, 2020BNLSplit4 for 1Broadstone Net Lease Inc
Sep 8, 2020BIOCReverse Split1 for 10Biocept Inc
Sep 3, 2020VIRXReverse Split1 for 10Viracta Therapeutics Inc
Sep 3, 2020AEHLReverse Split1 for 3Antelope Enterprise Holdings Ltd
Sep 2, 2020HGSHReverse Split1 for 2China Hgs Real Estate Inc
Sep 2, 2020APEXReverse Split1 for 10Apex Global Brands Inc
Aug 31, 2020TSLASplit5 for 1Tesla Inc
Aug 31, 2020AAPLSplit4 for 1Apple Inc
Aug 28, 2020MDWTReverse Split1 for 500Midwest Holding Inc
Aug 27, 2020BTBReverse Split1 for 10Bit Brother Ltd
Aug 26, 2020PLMReverse Split1 for 10Polymet Mining Corp
Aug 24, 2020LRFCReverse Split1 for 6Logan Ridge Finance Corp
Aug 24, 2020HXReverse Split1 for 3Xiaobai Maimai Inc
Aug 21, 2020PPBTReverse Split1 for 10Purple Biotech Ltd
Aug 19, 2020POWISplit2 for 1Power Integrations Inc
Aug 19, 2020ONVOReverse Split1 for 20Organovo Holdings Inc
Aug 17, 2020TYHTReverse Split1 for 9Shineco Inc
Aug 17, 2020GPReverse Split1 for 7Greenpower Motor Co Inc
Aug 17, 2020CRTDReverse Split1 for 3Creatd Inc
Aug 14, 2020VJETReverse Split1 for 5Voxeljet Ag
Aug 14, 2020OCNReverse Split1 for 15Ocwen Financial Corp
Aug 14, 2020MRTNSplit1.5 for 1Marten Transport Ltd
Aug 14, 2020IPIReverse Split1 for 10Intrepid Potash Inc
Aug 13, 2020CIGSplit1.04113 for 1Energy Co Of Minas Gerais
Aug 11, 2020CVACSplit133.0778 for 1Curevac Nv
Aug 11, 2020ATNMReverse Split1 for 30Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc
Aug 10, 2020TOPSReverse Split1 for 25Top Ships Inc
Aug 10, 2020CPEReverse Split1 for 10Callon Petroleum Co
Aug 5, 2020NYCReverse Split1 for 2New York City Reit Inc
Aug 3, 2020VISLReverse Split1 for 6Vislink Technologies Inc
Aug 3, 2020HUSAReverse Split1 for 13Houston American Energy Corp
Jul 31, 2020TLSASplit2.5 for 1Tiziana Life Sciences Plc
Jul 31, 2020ARCOSplit1.01333 for 1Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc
Jul 31, 2020ACHVReverse Split1 for 20Achieve Life Sciences Inc
Jul 30, 2020TAOPReverse Split1 for 6Taoping Inc
Jul 30, 2020ATTOReverse Split1 for 5Atento Sa