Stock Splits

Latest stock splits. A regular split increases the share count and lowers the stock price, while a reverse split decreases the share count and raises the stock price.

DateSymbolTypeSplit RatioCompany Name
Oct 26, 2020TRQReverse Split1 for 10Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd
Oct 26, 2020LLITReverse Split1 for 8Lianluo Smart Ltd
Oct 22, 2020TCReverse Split1 for 4Tuanche Ltd
Oct 21, 2020GLBSReverse Split1 for 100Globus Maritime Ltd
Oct 19, 2020NCTYReverse Split1 for 10The9 Ltd
Oct 19, 2020CHFSReverse Split1 for 30Chf Solutions Inc
Oct 19, 2020AXASReverse Split1 for 20Abraxas Petroleum Corp
Oct 14, 2020SIMPReverse Split1 for 10Simply Inc
Oct 13, 2020SEIIReverse Split1 for 50Sharing Economy International Inc
Oct 13, 2020RUSHBSplit1.5 for 1Rush Enterprises Inc
Oct 13, 2020RUSHASplit1.5 for 1Rush Enterprises Inc
Oct 6, 2020HCCCReverse Split1 for 20Vision Hydrogen Corp
Oct 5, 2020NVUSReverse Split1 for 18Novus Therapeutics Inc
Oct 2, 2020NTESSplit5 for 1Netease Inc
Oct 2, 2020KDNYReverse Split1 for 5Aduro Biotech Inc
Sep 29, 2020JEReverse Split1 for 33Just Energy Group Inc
Sep 24, 2020GOVXReverse Split1 for 20Geovax Labs Inc
Sep 23, 2020MRNSReverse Split1 for 4Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc
Sep 21, 2020NOGReverse Split1 for 10Northern Oil & Gas Inc
Sep 18, 2020SVBLReverse Split1 for 8Silver Bull Resources Inc
Sep 16, 2020AROWSplit1.03 for 1Arrow Financial Corp
Sep 16, 2020ACETReverse Split1 for 7Adicet Bio Inc
Sep 15, 2020TREXSplit2 for 1Trex Co Inc
Sep 15, 2020TOMZReverse Split1 for 8Tomi Environmental Solutions Inc
Sep 15, 2020EGLEReverse Split1 for 7Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc
Sep 14, 2020HGENReverse Split1 for 5Humanigen Inc
Sep 11, 2020DXIEFReverse Split1 for 100Dxi Energy Inc
Sep 10, 2020SCONReverse Split1 for 10Superconductor Technologies Inc
Sep 10, 2020EVTNReverse Split1 for 10Enviro Technologies Inc
Sep 9, 2020MOBQReverse Split1 for 400Mobiquity Technologies Inc
Sep 8, 2020BIOCReverse Split1 for 10Biocept Inc
Sep 3, 2020SNSSReverse Split1 for 10Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc
Sep 3, 2020AEHLReverse Split1 for 3Antelope Enterprise Holdings Ltd
Sep 2, 2020HGSHReverse Split1 for 2China Hgs Real Estate Inc
Sep 2, 2020APEXReverse Split1 for 10Apex Global Brands Inc
Aug 31, 2020TSLASplit5 for 1Tesla Inc
Aug 31, 2020AAPLSplit4 for 1Apple Inc
Aug 27, 2020MYTReverse Split1 for 10Urban Tea Inc
Aug 26, 2020PLMReverse Split1 for 10Polymet Mining Corp
Aug 24, 2020HXReverse Split1 for 3Hexindai Inc
Aug 21, 2020KTOVReverse Split1 for 10Kitov Pharma Ltd
Aug 19, 2020POWISplit2 for 1Power Integrations Inc
Aug 19, 2020ONVOReverse Split1 for 20Organovo Holdings Inc
Aug 17, 2020TYHTReverse Split1 for 9Shineco Inc
Aug 17, 2020GPReverse Split1 for 7Greenpower Motor Co Inc
Aug 17, 2020CRTDReverse Split1 for 3Creatd Inc
Aug 14, 2020VJETReverse Split1 for 5Voxeljet Ag
Aug 14, 2020OCNReverse Split1 for 15Ocwen Financial Corp
Aug 14, 2020MRTNSplit1.5 for 1Marten Transport Ltd
Aug 14, 2020IPIReverse Split1 for 10Intrepid Potash Inc
Aug 13, 2020CIGSplit1.04113 for 1Energy Co Of Minas Gerais
Aug 11, 2020ATNMReverse Split1 for 30Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc
Aug 10, 2020TOPSReverse Split1 for 25Top Ships Inc
Aug 10, 2020RGNPReverse Split1 for 150Reign Resources Corp
Aug 10, 2020CPEReverse Split1 for 10Callon Petroleum Co
Aug 3, 2020VISLReverse Split1 for 6Vislink Technologies Inc
Aug 3, 2020HUSAReverse Split1 for 13Houston American Energy Corp
Jul 31, 2020TLSASplit2.5 for 1Tiziana Life Sciences Plc
Jul 31, 2020ARCOSplit1.01333 for 1Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc
Jul 31, 2020ACHVReverse Split1 for 20Achieve Life Sciences Inc
Jul 30, 2020TAOPReverse Split1 for 6Taoping Inc
Jul 30, 2020ATTOReverse Split1 for 5Atento Sa
Jul 28, 2020KLXEReverse Split1 for 5Klx Energy Services Holdings Inc
Jul 27, 2020SQBGReverse Split1 for 40Sequential Brands Group Inc
Jul 23, 2020BVHReverse Split1 for 5Bluegreen Vacations Holding Corp
Jul 22, 2020PTEOReverse Split1 for 2,000Proteo Inc
Jul 17, 2020SCYXReverse Split1 for 10Scynexis Inc
Jul 16, 2020AHTReverse Split1 for 10Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
Jul 15, 2020CDYCFReverse Split1 for 10Cardero Resource Corp
Jul 10, 2020JAKKReverse Split1 for 10Jakks Pacific Inc
Jul 8, 2020SNFCASplit1.025 for 1Security National Financial Corp
Jul 7, 2020SINOReverse Split1 for 5Sino-Global Shipping America Ltd
Jul 6, 2020CHGCYSplit12 for 1Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Jul 1, 2020TNPReverse Split1 for 5Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd
Jul 1, 2020RCELReverse Split1 for 5Avita Therapeutics Inc
Jul 1, 2020ODPReverse Split1 for 10Odp Corp
Jul 1, 2020ALTMReverse Split1 for 20Altus Midstream Co
Jun 30, 2020SHIPReverse Split1 for 16Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp
Jun 29, 2020NSPXReverse Split1 for 30Inspyr Therapeutics Inc
Jun 19, 2020SFUNReverse Split1 for 10Fang Holdings Ltd
Jun 18, 2020VRMEReverse Split1 for 50Verifyme Inc
Jun 17, 2020TEFSplit1.04167 for 1Telefonica S A
Jun 16, 2020SONVFSplit1.00667 for 1Sonova Holding Ag
Jun 16, 2020FBRXReverse Split1 for 15Forte Biosciences Inc
Jun 12, 2020VTOLReverse Split1 for 3Bristow Group Inc
Jun 12, 2020HWBKSplit1.04 for 1Hawthorn Bancshares Inc
Jun 12, 2020EFOIReverse Split1 for 5Energy Focus Inc
Jun 11, 2020XSPAReverse Split1 for 3Xpresspa Group Inc
Jun 11, 2020MGHLReverse Split1 for 100Morgan Group Holding Co
Jun 11, 2020GRPNReverse Split1 for 20Groupon Inc
Jun 11, 2020CZFSSplit1.01 for 1Citizens Financial Services Inc
Jun 2, 2020VHIReverse Split1 for 12Valhi Inc
Jun 2, 2020LPIReverse Split1 for 20Laredo Petroleum Inc
Jun 1, 2020EWSplit3 for 1Edwards Lifesciences Corp
May 29, 2020LRMRReverse Split1 for 12Larimar Therapeutics Inc
May 29, 2020AYROReverse Split1 for 5Ayro Inc
May 28, 2020TLGTReverse Split1 for 10Teligent Inc
May 27, 2020HSTOReverse Split1 for 10Histogen Inc
May 26, 2020VLOWYReverse Split1 for 40Vallourec Sa
May 26, 2020QLGNReverse Split1 for 25Qualigen Therapeutics Inc
May 20, 2020RMBLReverse Split1 for 20Rumbleon Inc
May 19, 2020TMBRReverse Split1 for 12Timber Pharmaceuticals Inc
May 19, 2020MFHReverse Split1 for 2Mercurity Fintech Holding Inc
May 12, 2020FTSIReverse Split1 for 20Fts International Inc
May 11, 2020HRSTReverse Split1 for 10Harvest Oil & Gas Corp
May 11, 2020ACBReverse Split1 for 12Aurora Cannabis Inc
May 8, 2020DSSReverse Split1 for 30Document Security Systems Inc
May 5, 2020QDMIReverse Split1 for 100Qdm International Inc
May 1, 2020TYGReverse Split1 for 4Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp
May 1, 2020PDYPYSplit1.01 for 1Flutter Entertainment Plc
Apr 29, 2020WINTReverse Split1 for 3Windtree Therapeutics Inc
Apr 23, 2020NBRReverse Split1 for 50Nabors Industries Ltd
Apr 16, 2020GEENQReverse Split1 for 25Global Eagle Entertainment Inc
Apr 15, 2020TBLTReverse Split1 for 10Toughbuilt Industries Inc
Apr 15, 2020CYCCReverse Split1 for 20Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc
Apr 15, 2020CREGReverse Split1 for 10China Recycling Energy Corp
Apr 15, 2020CHKAQReverse Split1 for 200Chesapeake Energy Corp
Apr 13, 2020MCEPReverse Split1 for 20Mid-Con Energy Partners Lp
Apr 9, 2020WISAReverse Split1 for 20Summit Wireless Technologies Inc
Apr 7, 2020SALTReverse Split1 for 10Scorpio Bulkers Inc
Apr 2, 2020SONNReverse Split1 for 26Sonnet Biotherapeutics Holdings Inc
Apr 2, 2020BAMSplit1.5 for 1Brookfield Asset Management Inc
Mar 27, 2020APVOReverse Split1 for 14Aptevo Therapeutics Inc
Mar 25, 2020ODFLSplit1.5 for 1Old Dominion Freight Line Inc
Mar 25, 2020EKSOReverse Split1 for 15Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc
Mar 20, 2020USAUReverse Split1 for 10Us Gold Corp
Mar 20, 2020INLXReverse Split1 for 50Intellinetics Inc
Mar 19, 2020LUMOReverse Split1 for 9Lumos Pharma Inc
Mar 18, 2020TUSplit2 for 1Telus Corp
Mar 16, 2020SUMRReverse Split1 for 9Summer Infant Inc
Mar 12, 2020ICDReverse Split1 for 20Independence Contract Drilling Inc
Mar 9, 2020KEGXReverse Split1 for 50Key Energy Services Inc
Mar 6, 2020CANBReverse Split1 for 300Can B Corp
Mar 3, 2020MTPReverse Split1 for 5Midatech Pharma Plc
Mar 2, 2020TRSplit1.03 for 1Tootsie Roll Industries Inc
Feb 28, 2020SGLBReverse Split1 for 10Sigma Labs Inc
Feb 28, 2020FNRNSplit1.05 for 1First Northern Community Bancorp
Feb 21, 2020ANFCReverse Split1 for 300Black Ridge Oil & Gas Inc
Feb 20, 2020AVEOReverse Split1 for 10Aveo Pharmaceuticals Inc
Feb 14, 2020PKBKSplit1.1 for 1Parke Bancorp Inc
Feb 12, 2020NVIVReverse Split1 for 30Invivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp
Feb 10, 2020BANTReverse Split1 for 1,000Bantec Inc
Feb 7, 2020BLPHReverse Split1 for 15Bellerophon Therapeutics Inc
Feb 6, 2020SGBXReverse Split1 for 20Sg Blocks Inc
Feb 6, 2020BLCMReverse Split1 for 10Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc
Feb 5, 2020SNESReverse Split1 for 20Senestech Inc
Feb 4, 2020CFRXReverse Split1 for 10Contrafect Corp
Feb 3, 2020OPCHReverse Split1 for 4Option Care Health Inc
Jan 31, 2020MYOReverse Split1 for 30Myomo Inc
Jan 28, 2020GUREReverse Split1 for 5Gulf Resources Inc
Jan 28, 2020GMBLReverse Split1 for 15Esports Entertainment Group Inc
Jan 27, 2020OVVReverse Split1 for 5Ovintiv Inc
Jan 23, 2020SRRAReverse Split1 for 40Sierra Oncology Inc
Jan 17, 2020FFBWSplit1.173 for 1Ffbw Inc
Jan 17, 2020DUOTReverse Split1 for 14Duos Technologies Group Inc
Jan 17, 2020CDXIReverse Split1 for 200Cardax Inc
Jan 16, 2020YTENReverse Split1 for 40Yield10 Bioscience Inc
Jan 15, 2020PHIOReverse Split1 for 55Phio Pharmaceuticals Corp
Jan 15, 2020IDXGReverse Split1 for 10Interpace Biosciences Inc
Jan 14, 2020NTTYYSplit2 for 1Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp
Jan 10, 2020TARAReverse Split1 for 40Protara Therapeutics Inc
Jan 10, 2020JMEIReverse Split1 for 10Jumei International Holding Ltd
Jan 9, 2020SNFCASplit1.05 for 1Security National Financial Corp
Jan 9, 2020RENNReverse Split1 for 3Renren Inc
Jan 7, 2020INPXReverse Split1 for 45Inpixon
Jan 6, 2020USEGReverse Split1 for 10Us Energy Corp
Jan 6, 2020JRJCReverse Split1 for 10China Finance Online Co Ltd
Jan 6, 2020EYESReverse Split1 for 8Second Sight Medical Products Inc
Dec 31, 2019NRBOReverse Split1 for 25Neurobo Pharmaceuticals Inc
Dec 27, 2019RCONReverse Split1 for 5Recon Technology Ltd
Dec 24, 2019QUIKReverse Split1 for 14Quicklogic Corp
Dec 24, 2019DCTHReverse Split1 for 699Delcath Systems Inc
Dec 23, 2019PCSAReverse Split1 for 7Processa Pharmaceuticals Inc
Dec 23, 2019NVFYReverse Split1 for 5Nova Lifestyle Inc
Dec 20, 2019SPNXReverse Split1 for 10Superior Energy Services Inc
Dec 20, 2019PLXReverse Split1 for 10Protalix Biotherapeutics Inc
Dec 20, 2019NAKDReverse Split1 for 100Naked Brand Group Ltd
Dec 20, 2019ANFIFReverse Split1 for 20Amira Nature Foods Ltd
Dec 19, 2019ESEAReverse Split1 for 8Euroseas Ltd
Dec 19, 2019ASNAQReverse Split1 for 20Ascena Retail Group Inc
Dec 17, 2019GIGAReverse Split1 for 15Giga Tronics Inc
Dec 16, 2019PIXYReverse Split1 for 40Shiftpixy Inc
Dec 16, 2019GOVXReverse Split1 for 2,000Geovax Labs Inc
Dec 12, 2019TRXCReverse Split1 for 13Transenterix Inc
Dec 12, 2019IMBIReverse Split1 for 10Imedia Brands Inc
Dec 11, 2019NWGIReverse Split1 for 8Newgioco Group Inc
Dec 11, 2019CLSKReverse Split1 for 10Cleanspark Inc
Dec 6, 2019FWPReverse Split1 for 7Forward Pharma A
Dec 6, 2019FGBISplit1.1 for 1First Guaranty Bancshares Inc
Dec 6, 2019DLYTReverse Split1 for 2,000Dais Corp
Dec 5, 2019NMRDReverse Split1 for 10Nemaura Medical Inc
Dec 3, 2019SOSReverse Split1 for 10Sos Ltd
Nov 29, 2019SQNSReverse Split1 for 4Sequans Communications
Nov 29, 2019LODEReverse Split1 for 5Comstock Mining Inc
Nov 29, 2019LARKSplit1.05 for 1Landmark Bancorp Inc
Nov 27, 2019PHOTReverse Split1 for 150Growlife Inc
Nov 26, 2019SNDEReverse Split1 for 10Sundance Energy Inc
Nov 25, 2019TNKReverse Split1 for 8Teekay Tankers Ltd
Nov 25, 2019AMRHReverse Split1 for 25Ameri Holdings Inc
Nov 25, 2019AKERReverse Split1 for 24Akers Biosciences Inc
Nov 22, 2019PETVReverse Split1 for 1Petvivo Holdings Inc
Nov 19, 2019NUROReverse Split1 for 10Neurometrix Inc
Nov 19, 2019MYSZReverse Split1 for 15My Size Inc
Nov 18, 2019DRIOReverse Split1 for 20Dariohealth Corp
Nov 18, 2019BNTCReverse Split1 for 10Benitec Biopharma Inc
Nov 15, 2019ALIMReverse Split1 for 15Alimera Sciences Inc
Nov 13, 2019RSLSReverse Split1 for 120Reshape Lifesciences Inc
Nov 12, 2019OLBReverse Split1 for 30Olb Group Inc
Nov 12, 2019MBCNSplit2 for 1Middlefield Banc Corp
Nov 12, 2019CRESYSplit1.02661 for 1Cresud Inc
Nov 8, 2019VEROReverse Split1 for 15Venus Concept Inc
Nov 8, 2019TGSSplit1.03849 for 1Gas Transporter Of The South Inc
Nov 8, 2019TCONReverse Split1 for 10Tracon Pharmaceuticals Inc
Nov 8, 2019SLSReverse Split1 for 50Sellas Life Sciences Group Inc
Nov 8, 2019SKYSReverse Split1 for 3Sky Solar Holdings Ltd
Nov 1, 2019TNXPReverse Split1 for 10Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp
Nov 1, 2019FMFGSplit1.75 for 1Farmers & Merchants Bancshares Inc
Nov 1, 2019APDNReverse Split1 for 40Applied Dna Sciences Inc
Oct 29, 2019TLSASplit2 for 1Tiziana Life Sciences Plc
Oct 29, 2019POAIReverse Split1 for 10Predictive Oncology Inc
Oct 29, 2019CEIReverse Split1 for 50Camber Energy Inc
Oct 25, 2019CGIXReverse Split1 for 30Cancer Genetics Inc
Oct 23, 2019APOPReverse Split1 for 5Cellect Biotechnology Ltd
Oct 22, 2019NNDMReverse Split1 for 10Nano Dimension Ltd
Oct 22, 2019KGJIReverse Split1 for 6Kingold Jewelry Inc
Oct 22, 2019CPSTReverse Split1 for 10Capstone Turbine Corp
Oct 21, 2019SFETReverse Split1 for 20Safe-T Group Ltd
Oct 21, 2019LTBRReverse Split1 for 12Lightbridge Corp
Oct 18, 2019PVBCSplit2.0212 for 1Provident Bancorp Inc
Oct 17, 2019VCONReverse Split1 for 2,000Vicon Industries Inc
Oct 16, 2019ELSSplit2 for 1Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc
Oct 15, 2019AEMDReverse Split1 for 15Aethlon Medical Inc
Oct 9, 2019CLWTSplit1.5 for 1Euro Tech Holdings Co Ltd
Oct 7, 2019WSCRFReverse Split1 for 10North American Nickel Inc
Oct 1, 2019TGHIReverse Split1 for 25Touchpoint Group Holdings Inc
Oct 1, 2019RLMDReverse Split1 for 4Relmada Therapeutics Inc
Oct 1, 2019PWODSplit1.5 for 1Penns Woods Bancorp Inc
Oct 1, 2019FVEReverse Split1 for 10Five Star Senior Living Inc
Sep 30, 2019OCGNReverse Split1 for 60Ocugen Inc
Sep 27, 2019TTPHReverse Split1 for 20Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Inc
Sep 27, 2019CETXPSplit1.05 for 1Cemtrex Inc
Sep 27, 2019APEXReverse Split1 for 3Apex Global Brands Inc
Sep 26, 2019HDBSplit2 for 1Hdfc Bank Ltd
Sep 25, 2019LONCFReverse Split1 for 2Loncor Resources Inc
Sep 24, 2019SUZSplit2 for 1Suzano Sa
Sep 24, 2019NNVCReverse Split1 for 20Nanoviricides Inc
Sep 20, 2019VFRMReverse Split1 for 4Veritas Farms Inc
Sep 19, 2019VIVEReverse Split1 for 100Viveve Medical Inc
Sep 16, 2019VGRSplit1.05 for 1Vector Group Ltd
Sep 16, 2019RSSVReverse Split1 for 100Resort Savers Inc
Sep 16, 2019DSNYReverse Split1 for 5Destiny Media Technologies Inc
Sep 16, 2019AROWSplit1.03 for 1Arrow Financial Corp
Sep 12, 2019OIL2Split5 for 1Ipath S&P Gsci Crude Ol B
Sep 3, 2019CMCTReverse Split1 for 3Cim Commercial Trust Corp
Sep 3, 2019BBIReverse Split1 for 7Brickell Biotech Inc
Aug 30, 2019SUNWReverse Split1 for 7Sunworks Inc
Aug 30, 2019EYEGReverse Split1 for 15Eyegate Pharmaceuticals Inc
Aug 29, 2019OPGNReverse Split1 for 20Opgen Inc
Aug 28, 2019MOSYReverse Split1 for 20Mosys Inc
Aug 26, 2019TRNXReverse Split1 for 5Bbhc Inc
Aug 23, 2019SPSCSplit2 for 1Sps Commerce Inc
Aug 22, 2019TOPSReverse Split1 for 20Top Ships Inc
Aug 21, 2019GLAEReverse Split1 for 200Glassbridge Enterprises Inc
Aug 20, 2019IPWRReverse Split1 for 10Ideal Power Inc
Aug 19, 2019BLUReverse Split1 for 4Bellus Health Inc
Aug 16, 2019IGLDFReverse Split1 for 100Internet Gold Golden Lines Ltd
Aug 15, 2019KSPNReverse Split1 for 20Kaspien Holdings Inc
Aug 15, 2019HONESplit1.795 for 1Harborone Bancorp Inc
Aug 15, 2019GENEReverse Split1 for 4Genetic Technologies Ltd
Aug 9, 2019FALCReverse Split1 for 100Falconstor Software Inc
Aug 6, 2019PSTVReverse Split1 for 50Plus Therapeutics Inc
Aug 6, 2019DPWReverse Split1 for 40Dpw Holdings Inc
Aug 1, 2019TAReverse Split1 for 5Travelcenters Of America Inc
Jul 30, 2019CRTDReverse Split1 for 20Creatd Inc
Jul 29, 2019SLNGReverse Split1 for 8Stabilis Solutions Inc
Jul 29, 2019SINTReverse Split1 for 30Sintx Technologies Inc
Jul 25, 2019PSTIReverse Split1 for 10Pluristem Therapeutics Inc
Jul 25, 2019OBLNReverse Split1 for 10Obalon Therapeutics Inc
Jul 25, 2019GTSSplit1.05111 for 1Triple-S Management Corp
Jul 24, 2019NTRBReverse Split1 for 4Nutriband Inc
Jul 24, 2019BWReverse Split1 for 10Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises Inc
Jul 22, 2019SYNEReverse Split1 for 8Synthesis Energy Systems Inc
Jul 22, 2019SLRXReverse Split1 for 25Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc
Jul 18, 2019SNCAReverse Split1 for 20Seneca Biopharma Inc
Jul 18, 2019EMMAReverse Split1 for 6Emmaus Life Sciences Inc
Jul 17, 2019LAABReverse Split1 for 95Startech Labs Inc
Jul 15, 2019FLUXReverse Split1 for 10Flux Power Holdings Inc
Jul 15, 2019BLRXReverse Split1 for 15Biolinerx Ltd
Jul 8, 2019SFUNReverse Split1 for 5Fang Holdings Ltd
Jul 8, 2019LCReverse Split1 for 5Lendingclub Corp
Jul 8, 2019CEIReverse Split1 for 25Camber Energy Inc
Jul 3, 2019YUMAReverse Split1 for 15Yuma Energy Inc
Jul 2, 2019SDLPFReverse Split1 for 10Seadrill Partners Llc
Jul 2, 2019NVCNReverse Split1 for 10Neovasc Inc
Jul 2, 2019FRANReverse Split1 for 12Francesca'S Holdings Corp
Jul 1, 2019NTICSplit2 for 1Northern Technologies International Corp
Jul 1, 2019LIFEReverse Split1 for 14Atyr Pharma Inc
Jul 1, 2019ENBPSplit2 for 1Enb Financial Corp
Jun 28, 2019CGAReverse Split1 for 12China Green Agriculture Inc
Jun 25, 2019XBIOReverse Split1 for 12Xenetic Biosciences Inc
Jun 25, 2019VABKSplit1.05 for 1Virginia National Bankshares Corp
Jun 24, 2019AVGRReverse Split1 for 10Avinger Inc
Jun 20, 2019SNOAReverse Split1 for 9Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc
Jun 20, 2019PIRRQReverse Split1 for 20Pier 1 Imports Inc
Jun 20, 2019CTBOReverse Split1 for 5,000Cantabio Pharmaceuticals Inc
Jun 17, 2019CUZReverse Split1 for 4Cousins Properties Inc
Jun 17, 2019APRNReverse Split1 for 15Blue Apron Holdings Inc
Jun 13, 2019CZFSSplit1.01 for 1Citizens Financial Services Inc
Jun 13, 2019CETXReverse Split1 for 8Cemtrex Inc
Jun 11, 2019PMMAFSplit10 for 1Puma Se
Jun 11, 2019HSONReverse Split1 for 10Hudson Global Inc
Jun 11, 2019BXEFFReverse Split1 for 12Bellatrix Exploration Ltd
Jun 11, 2019AIRTSplit1.5 for 1Air T Inc
Jun 11, 2019AIMReverse Split1 for 44Aim Immunotech Inc
Jun 10, 2019ONCTReverse Split1 for 7Oncternal Therapeutics Inc
Jun 10, 2019OBELFReverse Split1 for 7Obsidian Energy Ltd
Jun 10, 2019EDSAReverse Split1 for 6Edesa Biotech Inc
Jun 7, 2019JAGXReverse Split1 for 70Jaguar Health Inc
Jun 6, 2019EVVTYSplit2 for 1Evolution Gaming Group Ab
Jun 6, 2019BCDAReverse Split1 for 9Biocardia Inc
Jun 5, 2019THMOReverse Split1 for 10Thermogenesis Holdings Inc
Jun 5, 2019DRADReverse Split1 for 10Digirad Corp
Jun 5, 2019CAPRReverse Split1 for 10Capricor Therapeutics Inc
Jun 4, 2019FFINSplit2 for 1First Financial Bankshares Inc
Jun 3, 2019HEPAReverse Split1 for 70Hepion Pharmaceuticals Inc
Jun 3, 2019DDReverse Split1 for 3Dupont De Nemours Inc
May 23, 2019TMOAFReverse Split1 for 2Tomtom Nv
May 23, 2019FASTSplit2 for 1Fastenal Co
May 22, 2019GNCAReverse Split1 for 8Genocea Biosciences Inc
May 21, 2019ONCSReverse Split1 for 10Oncosec Medical Inc
May 21, 2019NMMReverse Split1 for 15Navios Maritime Partners Lp
May 20, 2019VLRXReverse Split1 for 20Valeritas Holdings Inc
May 13, 2019VISLReverse Split1 for 10Vislink Technologies Inc
May 10, 2019SMTIReverse Split1 for 100Sanara Medtech Inc
May 10, 2019NVAXReverse Split1 for 20Novavax Inc
May 10, 2019CANFReverse Split1 for 15Can-Fite Biopharma Ltd
May 10, 2019ARMPReverse Split1 for 14Armata Pharmaceuticals Inc
May 10, 2019AIKIReverse Split1 for 4Aikido Pharma Inc
May 9, 2019FCELReverse Split1 for 12Fuelcell Energy Inc
May 8, 2019KTRAReverse Split1 for 10Kintara Therapeutics Inc
May 8, 2019AXGTReverse Split1 for 8Axovant Gene Therapies Ltd
May 6, 2019ADYXReverse Split1 for 6Adynxx Inc
May 2, 2019GOVXReverse Split1 for 500Geovax Labs Inc
May 2, 2019DACReverse Split1 for 14Danaos Corp
May 2, 2019BLINReverse Split1 for 50Bridgeline Digital Inc
May 1, 2019EARSReverse Split1 for 20Auris Medical Holding Ltd
Apr 30, 2019MFGPReverse Split1 for 1Micro Focus International Plc
Apr 29, 2019PRPOReverse Split1 for 15Precipio Inc
Apr 26, 2019TSTReverse Split1 for 10Thestreet Inc
Apr 26, 2019TMBRReverse Split1 for 25Timber Pharmaceuticals Inc
Apr 26, 2019NAVBReverse Split1 for 20Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc
Apr 25, 2019UGPSplit2 for 1Ultrapar Holdings Inc
Apr 23, 2019WWRReverse Split1 for 50Westwater Resources Inc
Apr 22, 2019RMHBReverse Split1 for 20Rocky Mountain High Brands Inc
Apr 22, 2019RADReverse Split1 for 20Rite Aid Corp
Apr 22, 2019MOXCReverse Split1 for 5Moxian Inc
Apr 22, 2019JANReverse Split1 for 5Janone Inc
Apr 18, 2019OBLGReverse Split1 for 10Oblong Inc
Apr 16, 2019MRAAYSplit3 for 1Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd
Apr 16, 2019FTLFReverse Split1 for 10Fitlife Brands Inc
Apr 16, 2019BEEMReverse Split1 for 50Envision Solar International Inc
Apr 15, 2019IMUXReverse Split1 for 40Immunic Inc
Apr 12, 2019REXNReverse Split1 for 12Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc
Apr 11, 2019VALPQReverse Split1 for 4Valaris Plc
Apr 11, 2019CROLSplit1.05 for 1Carroll Bancorp Inc
Apr 11, 2019ANTEReverse Split1 for 5Airnet Technology Inc
Apr 9, 2019LIQTReverse Split1 for 4Liqtech International Inc
Apr 8, 2019MTPReverse Split1 for 10Midatech Pharma Plc
Apr 8, 2019MARAReverse Split1 for 4Marathon Patent Group Inc
Apr 5, 2019RRTSReverse Split1 for 25Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc
Apr 4, 2019ABIOReverse Split1 for 18Arca Biopharma Inc
Apr 3, 2019WRBSplit1.5 for 1Berkley W R Corp
Apr 1, 2019RWLKReverse Split1 for 25Rewalk Robotics Ltd
Apr 1, 2019NSPRReverse Split1 for 50Inspiremd Inc
Apr 1, 2019BBDOSplit1.2 for 1Bank Bradesco
Apr 1, 2019BBDSplit1.2 for 1Bank Bradesco
Mar 29, 2019HOVReverse Split1 for 25Hovnanian Enterprises Inc
Mar 29, 2019CETXPSplit1.05 for 1Cemtrex Inc
Mar 29, 2019ADXSReverse Split1 for 15Advaxis Inc
Mar 26, 2019CRMDReverse Split1 for 5Cormedix Inc
Mar 25, 2019GSLReverse Split1 for 8Global Ship Lease Inc
Mar 20, 2019SHIPReverse Split1 for 15Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp
Mar 18, 2019PDSBReverse Split1 for 20Pds Biotechnology Corp
Mar 18, 2019OTLKReverse Split1 for 8Outlook Therapeutics Inc
Mar 18, 2019INNVReverse Split1 for 105Innovus Pharmaceuticals Inc
Mar 18, 2019ATISReverse Split1 for 8Attis Industries Inc
Mar 15, 2019WITSplit1.33333 for 1Wipro Ltd
Mar 15, 2019DPWReverse Split1 for 20Dpw Holdings Inc
Mar 14, 2019XFORReverse Split1 for 6X4 Pharmaceuticals Inc
Mar 14, 2019ICONReverse Split1 for 10Iconix Brand Group Inc
Mar 13, 2019FYRTYSplit4 for 1Familymart Co Ltd
Mar 12, 2019OPTTReverse Split1 for 20Ocean Power Technologies Inc
Mar 11, 2019EXDIReverse Split1 for 8Exactus Inc
Mar 11, 2019AYROReverse Split1 for 6Ayro Inc
Mar 6, 2019ENLVReverse Split1 for 8Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd
Mar 6, 2019ELGXQReverse Split1 for 10Endologix Inc
Mar 4, 2019TRSplit1.03 for 1Tootsie Roll Industries Inc
Mar 1, 2019SKASReverse Split1 for 30Saker Aviation Services Inc
Mar 1, 2019MRReverse Split1 for 15Montage Resources Corp
Feb 28, 2019ESESReverse Split1 for 4Eco-Stim Energy Solutions Inc
Feb 25, 2019XSPAReverse Split1 for 20Xpresspa Group Inc
Feb 21, 2019NTZReverse Split1 for 5Natuzzi S P A
Feb 21, 2019AIVReverse Split1 for 1Apartment Investment & Management Co
Feb 20, 2019CRDFReverse Split1 for 6Cardiff Oncology Inc
Feb 19, 2019CHYHYSplit2 for 1Chr Hansen Holding A
Feb 13, 2019MDCSplit1.08 for 1Mdc Holdings Inc
Feb 11, 2019CLDXReverse Split1 for 15Celldex Therapeutics Inc
Feb 7, 2019CNCSplit2 for 1Centene Corp
Feb 6, 2019PULMReverse Split1 for 10Pulmatrix Inc
Feb 4, 2019WORXReverse Split1 for 19Scworx Corp
Feb 4, 2019VERBReverse Split1 for 15Verb Technology Company Inc
Feb 4, 2019NBSEReverse Split1 for 20Neubase Therapeutics Inc
Feb 1, 2019TRNXReverse Split1 for 20Bbhc Inc
Jan 28, 2019HOFSQReverse Split1 for 10Hermitage Offshore Services Ltd
Jan 28, 2019CHDNSplit3 for 1Churchill Downs Inc
Jan 25, 2019TTNPReverse Split1 for 6Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc
Jan 24, 2019SEELReverse Split1 for 30Seelos Therapeutics Inc
Jan 22, 2019BICXReverse Split1 for 100Biocorrx Inc
Jan 18, 2019STNGReverse Split1 for 10Scorpio Tankers Inc
Jan 18, 2019BPTHReverse Split1 for 20Bio-Path Holdings Inc
Jan 17, 2019GLGReverse Split1 for 5Td Holdings Inc
Jan 16, 2019HENKYSplit4 for 1Henkel Ag & Co Kgaa
Jan 16, 2019EXDIReverse Split1 for 8Exactus Inc
Jan 16, 2019AKOMReverse Split1 for 5Aerkomm Inc
Jan 14, 2019IHGReverse Split1 for 1Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Jan 10, 2019SNFCASplit1.05 for 1Security National Financial Corp
Jan 7, 2019MAGEReverse Split1 for 50Magellan Gold Corp
Jan 4, 2019SKVIReverse Split1 for 50Skinvisible Inc
Jan 3, 2019NMReverse Split1 for 10Navios Maritime Holdings Inc
Jan 3, 2019CHFSReverse Split1 for 14Chf Solutions Inc
Jan 2, 2019RHEReverse Split1 for 12Regional Health Properties Inc
Jan 2, 2019OPIReverse Split1 for 4Office Properties Income Trust
Dec 31, 2018EGOReverse Split1 for 5Eldorado Gold Corp
Dec 31, 2018CATBReverse Split1 for 10Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Inc
Dec 28, 2018IRETReverse Split1 for 10Investors Real Estate Trust
Dec 28, 2018DELLSplit1.8066 for 1Dell Technologies Inc
Dec 24, 2018CEIReverse Split1 for 25Camber Energy Inc
Dec 17, 2018PLGReverse Split1 for 10Platinum Group Metals Ltd
Dec 14, 2018DFFNReverse Split1 for 15Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc
Dec 11, 2018ROLSplit1.5 for 1Rollins Inc
Dec 11, 2018KTYBSplit2 for 1Kentucky Bancshares Inc
Dec 10, 2018MLNDReverse Split1 for 15Millendo Therapeutics Inc
Dec 4, 2018SSNYQReverse Split1 for 10Samson Oil & Gas Ltd
Dec 4, 2018LITHReverse Split1 for 40Us Lithium Corp
Dec 3, 2018CASSSplit1.2 for 1Cass Information Systems Inc
Dec 3, 2018AINVReverse Split1 for 3Apollo Investment Corp
Nov 30, 2018LARKSplit1.05 for 1Landmark Bancorp Inc
Nov 28, 2018TNXPReverse Split1 for 10Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp
Nov 28, 2018ITUBSplit1.5 for 1Itau Unibanco Holding Sa
Nov 28, 2018BMRCSplit2 for 1Bank Of Marin Bancorp
Nov 27, 2018TRIReverse Split1 for 1Thomson Reuters Corp
Nov 23, 2018BCHSplit3 for 1Bank Of Chile
Nov 16, 2018SPIReverse Split1 for 10Spi Energy Co Ltd
Nov 15, 2018CREXReverse Split1 for 30Creative Realities Inc
Nov 14, 2018NNAReverse Split1 for 15Navios Maritime Acquisition Corp
Nov 8, 2018RSLSReverse Split1 for 140Reshape Lifesciences Inc
Nov 8, 2018AKERReverse Split1 for 8Akers Biosciences Inc
Nov 7, 2018TJXSplit2 for 1Tjx Companies Inc
Nov 6, 2018BONXFReverse Split1 for 10Bonterra Resources Inc
Nov 6, 2018ANYReverse Split1 for 8Sphere 3D Corp
Nov 2, 2018INPXReverse Split1 for 40Inpixon
Nov 2, 2018IMOSReverse Split1 for 1Chipmos Technologies Inc
Oct 30, 2018GSSReverse Split1 for 5Golden Star Resources Ltd
Oct 24, 2018AMTBBReverse Split1 for 3Amerant Bancorp Inc
Oct 24, 2018AMTBReverse Split1 for 3Amerant Bancorp Inc
Oct 16, 2018ARAVReverse Split1 for 6Aravive Inc
Oct 15, 2018YVRReverse Split1 for 5Liquid Media Group Ltd
Oct 15, 2018GLBSReverse Split1 for 10Globus Maritime Ltd
Oct 12, 2018SHOOSplit1.5 for 1Steven Madden Ltd
Oct 11, 2018COOPReverse Split1 for 12Mr Cooper Group Inc
Oct 11, 2018ATROSplit1.15 for 1Astronics Corp
Oct 5, 2018CASHSplit3 for 1Meta Financial Group Inc
Oct 4, 2018RGLSReverse Split1 for 12Regulus Therapeutics Inc
Oct 1, 2018PLAGReverse Split1 for 25Planet Green Holdings Corp
Oct 1, 2018NEONReverse Split1 for 10Neonode Inc
Sep 28, 2018CETXPSplit1.05 for 1Cemtrex Inc
Sep 26, 2018ONTXReverse Split1 for 15Onconova Therapeutics Inc
Sep 26, 2018MTHRFSplit2 for 1M3 Inc
Sep 24, 2018CDTIReverse Split1 for 5Cdti Advanced Materials Inc
Sep 21, 2018NVCNReverse Split1 for 100Neovasc Inc
Sep 18, 2018AROWSplit1.03 for 1Arrow Financial Corp
Sep 17, 2018VGRSplit1.05 for 1Vector Group Ltd
Sep 17, 2018SAEXReverse Split1 for 20Saexploration Holdings Inc
Sep 14, 2018SMSEYReverse Split1 for 5Samsonite International Sa
Sep 14, 2018IPCIFReverse Split1 for 10Intellipharmaceutics International Inc
Sep 14, 2018ALTReverse Split1 for 30Altimmune Inc
Sep 12, 2018INFYSplit2 for 1Infosys Ltd
Sep 11, 2018VVUSQReverse Split1 for 10Vivus Inc
Sep 11, 2018BSGMReverse Split1 for 3Biosig Technologies Inc
Sep 10, 2018JONEQReverse Split1 for 20Jones Energy Inc
Sep 6, 2018RTMVYSplit1.25 for 1Rightmove Plc
Sep 5, 2018MBOTReverse Split1 for 15Microbot Medical Inc
Aug 28, 2018GRVYSplit2 for 1Gravity Co Ltd
Aug 27, 2018PERIReverse Split1 for 3Perion Network Ltd
Aug 27, 2018MHHSplit2 for 1Mastech Digital Inc
Aug 23, 2018IPASReverse Split1 for 10Ipass Inc
Aug 23, 2018EDUCSplit2 for 1Educational Development Corp
Aug 21, 2018CFBKReverse Split1 for 5Cf Bankshares Inc
Aug 13, 2018SYNReverse Split1 for 35Synthetic Biologics Inc
Aug 13, 2018AYTUReverse Split1 for 20Aytu Bioscience Inc
Aug 1, 2018PSBQSplit3 for 1Psb Holdings Inc
Aug 1, 2018PCOAReverse Split1 for 250Pendrell Corp
Jul 31, 2018MFHReverse Split1 for 10Mercurity Fintech Holding Inc
Jul 30, 2018IDRAReverse Split1 for 8Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc
Jul 27, 2018PKDSQReverse Split1 for 15Parker Drilling Co
Jul 26, 2018BCHSplit1.02238 for 1Bank Of Chile
Jul 24, 2018SCONReverse Split1 for 10Superconductor Technologies Inc
Jul 24, 2018PGASReverse Split1 for 100Petrogress Inc
Jul 23, 2018GRCKReverse Split1 for 250Grey Cloak Tech Inc
Jul 17, 2018CLRBReverse Split1 for 10Cellectar Biosciences Inc
Jul 16, 2018SPBReverse Split1 for 6Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc
Jul 16, 2018MDGSReverse Split1 for 4Medigus Ltd
Jul 13, 2018PFCSplit2 for 1Premier Financial Corp
Jul 13, 2018BKJSplit1.05 for 1Bancorp Of New Jersey Inc
Jul 12, 2018MSVBSplit2.3462 for 1Mid-Southern Bancorp Inc
Jul 11, 2018GTXOReverse Split1 for 75Gtx Corp
Jul 11, 2018GLYEReverse Split1 for 125Glyeco Inc
Jul 10, 2018SEEDReverse Split1 for 10Origin Agritech Ltd
Jul 10, 2018BIOCReverse Split1 for 30Biocept Inc
Jul 9, 2018VICAReverse Split1 for 20Rafina Innovations Inc
Jul 9, 2018KOANReverse Split1 for 1,000Resonate Blends Inc
Jun 28, 2018HEISplit1.25 for 1Heico Corp
Jun 27, 2018SXYAYSplit3 for 1Sika Ag
Jun 27, 2018BIEIReverse Split1 for 250Premier Biomedical Inc
Jun 22, 2018LTGHYSplit1.01 for 1Life Healthcare Group Holdings Limited
Jun 21, 2018CCNCSplit2 for 1Code Chain New Continent Ltd
Jun 20, 2018NAKDReverse Split1 for 5Naked Brand Group Ltd
Jun 19, 2018TREXSplit2 for 1Trex Co Inc
Jun 18, 2018HBNCSplit1.5 for 1Horizon Bancorp Inc
Jun 14, 2018HWBKSplit1.04 for 1Hawthorn Bancshares Inc
Jun 14, 2018CZFSSplit1.01 for 1Citizens Financial Services Inc
Jun 14, 2018CCBCSplit1.2 for 1Chino Commercial Bancorp
Jun 11, 2018PFBISplit1.25 for 1Premier Financial Bancorp Inc
Jun 11, 2018IBIOReverse Split1 for 10Ibio Inc
Jun 8, 2018EXPOSplit2 for 1Exponent Inc
Jun 4, 2018RSLSReverse Split1 for 15Reshape Lifesciences Inc
Jun 4, 2018GEVOReverse Split1 for 20Gevo Inc
Jun 4, 2018CRDFReverse Split1 for 12Cardiff Oncology Inc
Jun 1, 2018JAGXReverse Split1 for 15Jaguar Health Inc
Jun 1, 2018CVIAQSplit89 for 1Covia Holdings Corp
May 30, 2018CRISReverse Split1 for 5Curis Inc
May 29, 2018WINMQReverse Split1 for 5Windstream Holdings Inc
May 29, 2018JCTCFSplit2 for 1Jewett Cameron Trading Co Ltd
May 29, 2018HEPAReverse Split1 for 8Hepion Pharmaceuticals Inc
May 25, 2018ONCYReverse Split1 for 10Oncolytics Biotech Inc
May 25, 2018HTHTSplit4 for 1Huazhu Group Ltd
May 25, 2018FCSCReverse Split1 for 5Fibrocell Science Inc
May 24, 2018PSTVReverse Split1 for 10Plus Therapeutics Inc
May 24, 2018HSBIReverse Split1 for 10Heritage Southeast Bancorporation Inc
May 24, 2018ACHVReverse Split1 for 10Achieve Life Sciences Inc
May 21, 2018SITCReverse Split1 for 2Site Centers Corp
May 15, 2018HLFSplit2 for 1Herbalife Nutrition Ltd
May 14, 2018OPRXReverse Split1 for 3Optimizerx Corp
May 11, 2018BIOLReverse Split1 for 5Biolase Inc
May 10, 2018MDRIQReverse Split1 for 3Mcdermott International Inc
May 9, 2018NCTYReverse Split1 for 3The9 Ltd
May 9, 2018COFSSplit1.05 for 1Choiceone Financial Services Inc
May 7, 2018FSNNReverse Split1 for 1Fusion Connect Inc
May 7, 2018EDSAReverse Split1 for 7Edesa Biotech Inc
May 3, 2018PKBKSplit1.1 for 1Parke Bancorp Inc
May 1, 2018GMABSplit5 for 1Genmab A
Apr 27, 2018BKSCSplit1.1 for 1Bank Of South Carolina Corp
Apr 25, 2018EPIXReverse Split1 for 20Essa Pharma Inc
Apr 20, 2018ATOSReverse Split1 for 12Atossa Therapeutics Inc
Apr 17, 2018NVIVReverse Split1 for 25Invivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp
Apr 13, 2018CCOEYSplit2 for 1Capcom Co Ltd
Apr 12, 2018SBSWSplit1.04 for 1Sibanye Stillwater Ltd
Apr 9, 2018ITTOYSplit2 for 1Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation
Apr 9, 2018HEARReverse Split1 for 4Turtle Beach Corp
Apr 9, 2018BBDOSplit1.1 for 1Bank Bradesco
Apr 4, 2018CHEKReverse Split1 for 12Check-Cap Ltd
Apr 2, 2018VABKSplit1.05 for 1Virginia National Bankshares Corp
Apr 2, 2018BBDSplit1.1 for 1Bank Bradesco
Mar 29, 2018CETXPSplit1.05 for 1Cemtrex Inc
Mar 29, 2018BROSplit2 for 1Brown & Brown Inc
Mar 28, 2018NEXOFSplit2 for 1Nexon Co Ltd
Mar 27, 2018UAVSReverse Split1 for 25Ageagle Aerial Systems Inc
Mar 26, 2018TOPSReverse Split1 for 10Top Ships Inc
Mar 23, 2018QLGNReverse Split1 for 10Qualigen Therapeutics Inc
Mar 23, 2018ABILFReverse Split1 for 10Ability Inc
Mar 20, 2018FISVSplit2 for 1Fiserv Inc
Mar 19, 2018AFLSplit2 for 1Aflac Inc
Mar 16, 2018NYRTReverse Split1 for 10New York Reit Inc
Mar 15, 2018EVLMCSplit2 for 1Eaton Vance Tabs 5-To-15 Year Laddered Munici...
Mar 14, 2018EARSReverse Split1 for 10Auris Medical Holding Ltd
Mar 14, 2018CAOVYSplit6 for 1China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd
Mar 13, 2018TRTCReverse Split1 for 15Terra Tech Corp
Mar 12, 2018EVSTCSplit2 for 1Eaton Vance Stock Nextshares
Mar 12, 2018EVLMCSplit2 for 1Eaton Vance Tabs 5-To-15 Year Laddered Munici...
Mar 12, 2018EVGBCSplit2 for 1Eaton Vance Global Income Builder Nextshares
Mar 9, 2018SIMPReverse Split1 for 5Simply Inc
Mar 7, 2018RTMVYSplit4 for 1Rightmove Plc
Mar 6, 2018ARGOSplit1.15 for 1Argo Group International Holdings Ltd
Mar 5, 2018TRSplit1.03 for 1Tootsie Roll Industries Inc
Mar 5, 2018CEIReverse Split1 for 25Camber Energy Inc
Feb 27, 2018FNRNSplit1.04 for 1First Northern Community Bancorp
Feb 26, 2018TENXReverse Split1 for 20Tenax Therapeutics Inc
Feb 23, 2018ICLDReverse Split1 for 100Intercloud Systems Inc
Feb 16, 2018MBVXReverse Split1 for 3Mabvax Therapeutics Holdings Inc
Feb 15, 2018WDDDReverse Split1 for 5Worlds Inc
Feb 14, 2018XTNTReverse Split1 for 12Xtant Medical Holdings Inc
Feb 14, 2018VXRTReverse Split1 for 11Vaxart Inc
Feb 9, 2018SFNCSplit2 for 1Simmons First National Corp
Feb 9, 2018BPTHReverse Split1 for 10Bio-Path Holdings Inc
Feb 8, 2018NSPRReverse Split1 for 35Inspiremd Inc
Feb 6, 2018INPXReverse Split1 for 30Inpixon
Feb 1, 2018NMTRReverse Split1 for 109 Meters Biopharma Inc
Feb 1, 2018HRTHReverse Split1 for 10Harte Hanks Inc
Jan 31, 2018AYROReverse Split1 for 4Ayro Inc
Jan 31, 2018AVGRReverse Split1 for 40Avinger Inc
Jan 29, 2018GBTCSplit91 for 1Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (Btc)
Jan 26, 2018ZSANReverse Split1 for 20Zosano Pharma Corp
Jan 24, 2018RKDAReverse Split1 for 20Arcadia Biosciences Inc
Jan 23, 2018HSDTReverse Split1 for 5Helius Medical Technologies Inc
Jan 22, 2018OGENReverse Split1 for 10Oragenics Inc
Jan 22, 2018HTBXReverse Split1 for 10Heat Biologics Inc
Jan 22, 2018ANXGFReverse Split1 for 4Anaconda Mining Inc
Jan 19, 2018OPGNReverse Split1 for 25Opgen Inc
Jan 19, 2018ARGSReverse Split1 for 20Argos Therapeutics Inc
Jan 18, 2018HEISplit1.25 for 1Heico Corp
Jan 18, 2018EVFMReverse Split1 for 6Evofem Biosciences Inc
Jan 17, 2018TRNXReverse Split1 for 15Bbhc Inc
Jan 11, 2018SNFCASplit1.05 for 1Security National Financial Corp
Jan 8, 2018PHIOReverse Split1 for 10Phio Pharmaceuticals Corp
Jan 5, 2018RCKTReverse Split1 for 4Rocket Pharmaceuticals Inc
Jan 4, 2018STAFReverse Split1 for 5Staffing 360 Solutions Inc
Jan 2, 2018SLSReverse Split1 for 30Sellas Life Sciences Group Inc
Jan 2, 2018NEOGSplit1.33333 for 1Neogen Corp
Dec 29, 2017DXFReverse Split1 for 3Dunxin Financial Holdings Ltd
Dec 28, 2017GGGSplit3 for 1Graco Inc
Dec 22, 2017WINTReverse Split1 for 20Windtree Therapeutics Inc
Dec 22, 2017BSTGReverse Split1 for 20Biostage Inc
Dec 21, 2017NWGISplit2 for 1Newgioco Group Inc
Dec 20, 2017PMTSReverse Split1 for 5Cpi Card Group Inc
Dec 20, 2017ELOXReverse Split1 for 20Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Inc
Dec 19, 2017NSPSplit2 for 1Insperity Inc
Dec 12, 2017GXXMSplit1.33333 for 1Gex Management Inc
Dec 11, 2017PATKSplit1.5 for 1Patrick Industries Inc
Dec 8, 2017PCSAReverse Split1 for 7Processa Pharmaceuticals Inc
Dec 8, 2017HQIReverse Split1 for 12Hirequest Inc
Dec 7, 2017SUMSplit1.014 for 1Summit Materials Inc
Dec 7, 2017ICLDReverse Split1 for 4Intercloud Systems Inc
Dec 7, 2017FGBISplit1.1 for 1First Guaranty Bancshares Inc
Dec 5, 2017PCOAReverse Split1 for 100Pendrell Corp
Dec 5, 2017INVBSplit1.5 for 1Inventabiotech Inc
Dec 4, 2017SYNEReverse Split1 for 8Synthesis Energy Systems Inc
Dec 4, 2017MDCSplit1.08 for 1Mdc Holdings Inc
Dec 4, 2017CGNXSplit2 for 1Cognex Corp
Dec 4, 2017CASSSplit1.1 for 1Cass Information Systems Inc
Dec 1, 2017SPOWFReverse Split1 for 10Strata Power Corp
Dec 1, 2017PEBKSplit1.1 for 1Peoples Bancorp Of North Carolina Inc
Nov 30, 2017LARKSplit1.05 for 1Landmark Bancorp Inc
Nov 30, 2017HFBKSplit1.03 for 1Harford Bank
Nov 29, 2017CNXSplit1.2 for 1Cnx Resources Corp
Nov 29, 2017CBSHSplit1.05 for 1Commerce Bancshares Inc
Nov 22, 2017GOLSplit2.5 for 1Gol Intelligent Airlines Inc
Nov 22, 2017ELTKReverse Split1 for 5Eltek Ltd
Nov 21, 2017INAPQReverse Split1 for 4Internap Corp
Nov 20, 2017MTWReverse Split1 for 4Manitowoc Co Inc
Nov 17, 2017LOVReverse Split1 for 12Spark Networks Se
Nov 16, 2017ORGSReverse Split1 for 12Orgenesis Inc
Nov 15, 2017UFPISplit3 for 1Ufp Industries Inc
Nov 15, 2017ARCTReverse Split1 for 7Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc
Nov 13, 2017VFRMSplit6 for 1Veritas Farms Inc
Nov 10, 2017SINTReverse Split1 for 12Sintx Technologies Inc
Nov 10, 2017LODEReverse Split1 for 5Comstock Mining Inc
Nov 9, 2017YUANFSplit2 for 1Fincera Inc
Nov 9, 2017WLLReverse Split1 for 4Whiting Petroleum Corp
Nov 8, 2017SPIReverse Split1 for 10Spi Energy Co Ltd
Nov 8, 2017SNBPReverse Split1 for 10Sun Biopharma Inc
Nov 6, 2017CEMPReverse Split1 for 5Cempra Inc
Nov 3, 2017BCDAReverse Split1 for 12Biocardia Inc
Nov 2, 2017TWOReverse Split1 for 2Two Harbors Investment Corp
Nov 2, 2017PSHGReverse Split1 for 7Performance Shipping Inc
Nov 1, 2017CYTRReverse Split1 for 6Cytrx Corp
Oct 30, 2017MARAReverse Split1 for 4Marathon Patent Group Inc
Oct 24, 2017VNCEReverse Split1 for 10Vince Holding Corp
Oct 23, 2017CVLYSplit1.05 for 1Codorus Valley Bancorp Inc
Oct 17, 2017BASFYSplit4 for 1Basf Aktiengesellschaft
Oct 16, 2017ASTCReverse Split1 for 5Astrotech Corp
Oct 13, 2017CHFSReverse Split1 for 20Chf Solutions Inc
Oct 11, 2017SIMPReverse Split1 for 5Simply Inc
Oct 10, 2017TNDMReverse Split1 for 10Tandem Diabetes Care Inc
Oct 6, 2017TOPSReverse Split1 for 2Top Ships Inc
Oct 6, 2017SLNOReverse Split1 for 5Soleno Therapeutics Inc
Oct 6, 2017MRINReverse Split1 for 7Marin Software Inc
Oct 6, 2017ISRGSplit3 for 1Intuitive Surgical Inc
Oct 6, 2017ADYXReverse Split1 for 10Adynxx Inc
Oct 5, 2017SBSWSplit1.02 for 1Sibanye Stillwater Ltd
Oct 5, 2017NETEReverse Split1 for 10Net Element Inc
Oct 4, 2017THYCYSplit4 for 1Taiheiyo Cement Corp
Oct 4, 2017MSLOYReverse Split1 for 2Mitsui Osk Lines Ltd
Sep 29, 2017TWERReverse Split1 for 75Towerstream Corp
Sep 29, 2017FDBCSplit1.5 for 1Fidelity D & D Bancorp Inc
Sep 28, 2017LSGOFReverse Split1 for 1Land Securities Group Plc
Sep 27, 2017MHVYFReverse Split1 for 10Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd
Sep 25, 2017PSHGReverse Split1 for 3Performance Shipping Inc
Sep 25, 2017ENLVReverse Split1 for 5Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd
Sep 22, 2017ORIGReverse Split1 for 9,091Ocean Rig Udw Inc
Sep 21, 2017FMAOSplit2 for 1Farmers & Merchants Bancorp Inc
Sep 21, 2017ACERReverse Split1 for 10Acer Therapeutics Inc
Sep 20, 2017BAYRYSplit4 for 1Bayer Aktiengesellschaft
Sep 19, 2017VGRSplit1.05 for 1Vector Group Ltd
Sep 19, 2017SPIReverse Split1 for 10Spi Energy Co Ltd
Sep 19, 2017AROWSplit1.03 for 1Arrow Financial Corp
Sep 18, 2017NWFLSplit1.5 for 1Norwood Financial Corp
Sep 15, 2017HSICSplit2 for 1Henry Schein Inc
Sep 11, 2017KNXReverse Split1 for 1Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc
Sep 6, 2017MTSLReverse Split1 for 3Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd
Sep 6, 2017MACKReverse Split1 for 10Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc
Sep 1, 2017MFGPReverse Split1 for 1Micro Focus International Plc
Sep 1, 2017COHNReverse Split1 for 10Cohen & Co Inc
Aug 30, 2017BLNKReverse Split1 for 50Blink Charging Co
Aug 29, 2017LINUFReverse Split1 for 6Liniu Technology Group
Aug 29, 2017AYTUReverse Split1 for 20Aytu Bioscience Inc
Aug 28, 2017SYBXReverse Split1 for 7Synlogic Inc
Aug 24, 2017PSHGReverse Split1 for 7Performance Shipping Inc
Aug 18, 2017FLUXReverse Split1 for 10Flux Power Holdings Inc
Aug 16, 2017TALSplit6 for 1Tal Education Group
Aug 16, 2017CALBSplit1.05 for 1California Bancorp
Aug 15, 2017RMGNReverse Split1 for 4Rmg Networks Holding Corp
Aug 11, 2017NPSNYReverse Split1 for 2Naspers Ltd
Aug 3, 2017TOPSReverse Split1 for 30Top Ships Inc
Aug 3, 2017ATRXReverse Split1 for 10Adhera Therapeutics Inc
Aug 3, 2017ACHVReverse Split1 for 11Achieve Life Sciences Inc
Aug 2, 2017SVUReverse Split1 for 7Supervalu Inc
Aug 2, 2017MTEMReverse Split1 for 11Molecular Templates Inc
Aug 1, 2017TDWReverse Split1 for 32Tidewater Inc
Aug 1, 2017BANFSplit2 for 1Bancfirst Corp
Jul 27, 2017PSHGReverse Split1 for 6Performance Shipping Inc
Jul 25, 2017BLINReverse Split1 for 5Bridgeline Digital Inc
Jul 25, 2017ALPNReverse Split1 for 4Alpine Immune Sciences Inc
Jul 21, 2017DRYSReverse Split1 for 7Dryships Inc
Jul 20, 2017DAREReverse Split1 for 10Dare Bioscience Inc
Jul 20, 2017BCHSplit1.02658 for 1Bank Of Chile
Jul 14, 2017SRLReverse Split1 for 5Scully Royalty Ltd
Jul 14, 2017KZIAReverse Split1 for 4Kazia Therapeutics Ltd