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2015 Stock Splits

256 Splits

DateSymbolTypeSplit RatioCompany Name
Dec 31, 2015WAVXQReverse1 for 10Wave Systems Corp.
Dec 31, 2015NETIReverse1 for 12Eneti, Inc.
Dec 31, 2015NADLQReverse1 for 10North Atlantic Drilling Ltd.
Dec 30, 2015WTERReverse1 for 50Alkaline Water Co, Inc.
Dec 30, 2015UBFOForward1.01 for 1United Security Bancshares
Dec 28, 2015YGEHYReverse1 for 10Yingli Green Energy Holding Co Ltd.
Dec 28, 2015HKRSQReverse1 for 5Halcon Resources Corp.
Dec 24, 2015NKEForward2 for 1Nike, Inc.
Dec 24, 2015ENSGForward2 for 1Ensign Group, Inc.
Dec 23, 2015NYNYReverse1 for 5Empire Resorts, Inc.
Dec 21, 2015NBYReverse1 for 25Novabay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Dec 16, 2015LEXXForward1.1 for 1Lexaria Bioscience Corp.
Dec 16, 2015GIGMReverse1 for 5Gigamedia Ltd.
Dec 16, 2015CRMZForward1.3 for 1Creditriskmonitor Com, Inc.
Dec 14, 2015GBSNReverse1 for 60Great Basin Scientific, Inc.
Dec 14, 2015EWForward2 for 1Edwards Lifesciences Corp.
Dec 11, 2015WKHSReverse1 for 10Workhorse Group, Inc.
Dec 11, 2015HELIQReverse1 for 30Chc Group Ltd.
Dec 9, 2015SUMForward1.015 for 1Summit Materials, Inc.
Dec 8, 2015INVTReverse1 for 10Inventergy Global, Inc.
Dec 8, 2015FGBIForward1.1 for 1First Guaranty Bancshares, Inc.
Dec 8, 2015ELONReverse1 for 10Echelon Corp.
Dec 8, 2015BTTGYForward2 for 1Bt Group PLC
Dec 4, 2015FCELReverse1 for 12Fuelcell Energy, Inc.
Dec 2, 2015TCOMForward2 for 1Tripcom Group Ltd.
Dec 2, 2015NUROReverse1 for 4Neurometrix, Inc.
Dec 1, 2015STGGForward1.943 for 1Stg Group, Inc.
Nov 30, 2015XSPAReverse1 for 10Xpresspa Group, Inc.
Nov 30, 2015LARKForward1.05 for 1Landmark Bancorp, Inc.
Nov 30, 2015IINXForward3 for 1Ionix Technology, Inc.
Nov 30, 2015ATVReverse1 for 7Acorn International, Inc.
Nov 25, 2015CRTDReverse1 for 5Creatd, Inc.
Nov 24, 2015CEQPReverse1 for 10Crestwood Equity Partners LP
Nov 24, 2015CBSHForward1.05 for 1Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
Nov 23, 2015IFNYReverse1 for 10Infinity Energy Resources, Inc.
Nov 20, 2015AEZSReverse1 for 100Aeterna Zentaris, Inc.
Nov 18, 2015AXForward4 for 1Axos Financial, Inc.
Nov 12, 2015SYBXForward15 for 1Synlogic, Inc.
Nov 12, 2015DTSSForward5 for 1Datasea, Inc.
Nov 9, 2015MNRKForward1.1 for 1Monarch Financial Holdings, Inc.
Nov 9, 2015CGRNReverse1 for 20Capstone Green Energy Corp.
Nov 6, 2015OMNTReverse1 for 50Ominto, Inc.
Nov 6, 2015MDGSReverse1 for 50Medigus Ltd.
Nov 5, 2015DHOXYReverse1 for 10Homex Development Corp.
Nov 3, 2015RNVAReverse1 for 10Rennova Health, Inc.
Nov 3, 2015GPNForward2 for 1Global Payments, Inc.
Nov 2, 2015NRFReverse1 for 2Northstar Realty Finance Corp.
Nov 2, 2015CPAHReverse1 for 10Counterpath Corp.
Oct 30, 2015UWHRForward1.02 for 1Uwharrie Capital Corp.
Oct 29, 2015OPTTReverse1 for 10Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.
Oct 29, 2015GSIHReverse1 for 5General Steel Holdings, Inc.
Oct 29, 2015COMSReverse1 for 40Comsovereign Holding Corp.
Oct 23, 2015CVLYForward1.05 for 1Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc.
Oct 21, 2015CTBOForward5 for 1Cantabio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Oct 19, 2015LFVNReverse1 for 7Lifevantage Corp.
Oct 16, 2015SKXForward3 for 1Skechers Usa, Inc.
Oct 15, 2015COYNQReverse1 for 50Copsync, Inc.
Oct 15, 2015ACSTReverse1 for 10Acasti Pharma, Inc.
Oct 9, 2015JOBReverse1 for 10Gee Group, Inc.
Oct 7, 2015SWKHReverse1 for 10Swk Holdings Corp.
Oct 7, 2015CTMXReverse1 for 63Cytomx Therapeutics, Inc.
Oct 7, 2015AVXLReverse1 for 4Anavex Life Sciences Corp.
Oct 6, 2015ATROForward1.15 for 1Astronics Corp.
Oct 2, 2015YPPNReverse1 for 10Yappn Corp.
Oct 1, 2015UBFOForward1.01 for 1United Security Bancshares
Oct 1, 2015NSPRReverse1 for 10Inspiremd, Inc.
Oct 1, 2015GLBRReverse1 for 10Global Brokerage, Inc.
Oct 1, 2015CAAReverse1 for 5Calatlantic Group, Inc.
Oct 1, 2015BTUUQReverse1 for 15Peabody Energy Corp.
Sep 29, 2015TTNPReverse1 for 6Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Sep 29, 2015ACERReverse1 for 8Acer Therapeutics, Inc.
Sep 28, 2015CHCIReverse1 for 7Comstock Holding Companies, Inc.
Sep 23, 2015SMBKReverse1 for 4Smartfinancial, Inc.
Sep 23, 2015HNSNReverse1 for 10Hansen Medical, Inc.
Sep 22, 2015SGRYForward32295.364 for 1Surgery Partners, Inc.
Sep 22, 2015JHXForward5 for 1James Hardie Industries PLC
Sep 21, 2015LOOPReverse1 for 4Loop Industries, Inc.
Sep 17, 2015STAFReverse1 for 10Staffing 360 Solutions, Inc.
Sep 17, 2015AROWForward1.02 for 1Arrow Financial Corp.
Sep 16, 2015MDVNForward2 for 1Medivation, Inc.
Sep 14, 2015VGRForward1.05 for 1Vector Group Ltd.
Sep 8, 2015BUSEReverse1 for 3First Busey Corp.
Sep 4, 2015AMBOReverse1 for 30Ambow Education Holding Ltd.
Sep 4, 2015ABIOReverse1 for 7Arca Biopharma, Inc.
Sep 3, 2015BKSCForward1.1 for 1Bank Of South Carolina Corp.
Sep 2, 2015EDSAReverse1 for 10Edesa Biotech, Inc.
Sep 1, 2015RAIForward2 for 1Reynolds American, Inc.
Sep 1, 2015GYRO1Reverse1 for 11Gyrodyne Co Of America, Inc.
Sep 1, 2015ACRReverse1 for 4Acres Commercial Realty Corp.
Aug 31, 2015FBIZForward2 for 1First Business Financial Services, Inc.
Aug 28, 2015ACURReverse1 for 5Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Aug 26, 2015NORNQReverse1 for 7Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp.
Aug 21, 2015CBIOReverse1 for 7Catalyst Biosciences, Inc.
Aug 20, 2015RTKHQReverse1 for 10Rentech, Inc.
Aug 17, 2015ZGForward3 for 1Zillow Group, Inc.
Aug 12, 2015RLMDReverse1 for 5Relmada Therapeutics, Inc.
Aug 12, 2015CSBRReverse1 for 12Champions Oncology, Inc.
Aug 10, 2015NAKD1Reverse1 for 40Naked Brand Group, Inc.
Aug 7, 2015QBIOForward2.5 for 1Q Biomed, Inc.
Aug 7, 2015ARMPReverse1 for 50Armata Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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