1998 Corporate Actions

2472 Actions

Dec 31, 1998EESI1AcquisitionEESI1 was acquired by WM
Dec 31, 1998WCBIDelistedWestco Bancorp was delisted
Dec 31, 1998TSIXDelistedTransition Systems was delisted
Dec 31, 1998CF2AcquisitionCF2 was acquired by STI
Dec 31, 1998SISBDelistedSis Bancorp was delisted
Dec 31, 1998SAIDelistedSunamerica was delisted
Dec 31, 1998RPLDelistedAdrien Arpel was delisted
Dec 31, 1998RPLBankruptcyRPL was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 31, 1998RHCDelistedRio Hotel & Casino was delisted
Dec 31, 1998REDBDelistedRed Brick Systems was delisted
Dec 31, 1998ICMTAcquisitionICMT was acquired by Q1
Dec 31, 1998PZLListedPennzoil Quaker State Co. was listed
Dec 31, 1998PZE1SpinoffPZL spun off from PZE1
Dec 31, 1998CTRA1AcquisitionCTRA1 was acquired by ORCL
Dec 31, 1998DR1AcquisitionDR1 was acquired by Scott Steven M Md
Dec 31, 1998WCBIAcquisitionWCBI was acquired by MAFB
Dec 31, 1998LEAF1Stock SplitLEAF1 reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Dec 31, 1998ICMTDelistedIcon Cmt was delisted
Dec 31, 1998RHCAcquisitionRHC was acquired by HET
Dec 31, 1998GNDDelistedGrand Casinos was delisted
Dec 31, 1998FBCV1AcquisitionFBCV1 was acquired by GABC
Dec 31, 1998FBCV1DelistedFirst Bancorp was delisted
Dec 31, 1998FBCV1Symbol ChangeFBCV ticker symbol changed to FBCV1
Dec 31, 1998EVGN1DelistedEvergreen Bancorp was delisted
Dec 31, 1998EVGN1Symbol ChangeEVGN ticker symbol changed to EVGN1
Dec 31, 1998DWRXAcquisitionDWRX was acquired by EPIC
Dec 31, 1998EESI1DelistedEastern Environmental Services was delisted
Dec 31, 1998EESI1Symbol ChangeEESI ticker symbol changed to EESI1
Dec 31, 1998TSIXAcquisitionTSIX was acquired by ECLP
Dec 31, 1998DWRXDelistedDataworks was delisted
Dec 31, 1998DR1DelistedPhyamerica Physician Group was delisted
Dec 31, 1998DR1Symbol ChangeDR ticker symbol changed to DR1
Dec 31, 1998GNDAcquisitionGND was acquired by CZR1
Dec 31, 1998CTRA1DelistedConcentra was delisted
Dec 31, 1998CTRA1Symbol ChangeCTRA ticker symbol changed to CTRA1
Dec 31, 1998CF2DelistedCrestar Financial was delisted
Dec 31, 1998CF2Symbol ChangeCF ticker symbol changed to CF2
Dec 31, 1998CCE1ListedCoca-Cola Enterprises was listed
Dec 31, 1998CCBI1Stock SplitCCBI1 stock split: 1.08 for 1
Dec 31, 1998CCA1DelistedCorrections Corp Of America was delisted
Dec 31, 1998CCA1Symbol ChangeCCA ticker symbol changed to CCA1
Dec 31, 1998AN1AcquisitionAN1 was acquired by BP
Dec 31, 1998SISBAcquisitionSISB was acquired by BNK2
Dec 31, 1998EVGN1AcquisitionEVGN1 was acquired by BKNG1
Dec 31, 1998BIMCStock SplitBIMC reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 31, 1998REDBAcquisitionREDB was acquired by ASCL
Dec 31, 1998AN1DelistedAmoco was delisted
Dec 31, 1998AN1Symbol ChangeAN ticker symbol changed to AN1
Dec 31, 1998SAIAcquisitionSAI was acquired by AIG
Dec 30, 1998PNBFAcquisitionPNBF was acquired by WEBC1
Dec 30, 1998SWPADelistedSouthwest National was delisted
Dec 30, 1998SPN1ListedSecurity Of Pennsylvania Financial was listed
Dec 30, 1998PNBFDelistedPnb Financial Group was delisted
Dec 30, 1998LNMAcquisitionLNM was acquired by PKI
Dec 30, 1998PABNAcquisitionPABN was acquired by PCBC
Dec 30, 1998PABNDelistedPacific Capital Bancorp was delisted
Dec 30, 1998ONFCListedOneida Financial was listed
Dec 30, 1998LNMDelistedLumen Technologies was delisted
Dec 30, 1998LNCBListedLincoln Bancorp was listed
Dec 30, 1998KSF1DelistedQuaker State was delisted
Dec 30, 1998KSF1Symbol ChangeKSF ticker symbol changed to KSF1
Dec 30, 1998JLTDelistedJalate Ltd was delisted
Dec 30, 1998IMSXDelistedInternational Manufacturing Services was delisted
Dec 30, 1998HZWVDelistedHorizon Bancorp was delisted
Dec 30, 1998SWPAAcquisitionSWPA was acquired by FCF
Dec 30, 1998FAIRDelistedRenaissance Entertainment was delisted
Dec 30, 1998FAIRBankruptcyFAIR was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 30, 1998EDMC1Stock SplitEDMC1 stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 30, 1998IMSXAcquisitionIMSX was acquired by CLS
Dec 30, 1998HZWVAcquisitionHZWV was acquired by CHCO
Dec 30, 1998CFBKListedCf Bankshares was listed
Dec 29, 1998SLNTDelistedSalant was delisted
Dec 29, 1998SLNTBankruptcySLNT was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 29, 1998SKMStock SplitSKM stock split: 1.03 for 1
Dec 29, 1998RCFOStock SplitRCFO reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Dec 29, 1998MIGSStock SplitMIGS reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Dec 29, 1998LCEStock SplitLCE stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 29, 1998ISFCListedInnes Street Financial was listed
Dec 29, 1998CNBI2DelistedCn Biosciences was delisted
Dec 29, 1998CNBI2Symbol ChangeCNBI ticker symbol changed to CNBI2
Dec 29, 1998BNBCStock SplitBNBC stock split: 1.05 for 1
Dec 29, 1998BHStock SplitBH stock split: 1.25 for 1
Dec 28, 1998WFBCListedWillow Financial Bancorp was listed
Dec 28, 1998REPXListedRiley Exploration Permian was listed
Dec 28, 1998IGTIDelistedImage Guided Technologies was delisted
Dec 28, 1998IGTIBankruptcyIGTI was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 28, 1998BLSStock SplitBLS stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 24, 1998ROILADelistedRemington Oil & Gas was delisted
Dec 24, 1998PACT1ListedPacificnet was listed
Dec 24, 1998JSIBQDelistedJumbosports was delisted
Dec 24, 1998JSIBQBankruptcyJSIBQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 24, 1998JSIBQSymbol ChangeJSI ticker symbol changed to JSIBQ
Dec 24, 1998AFS.AStock SplitAFS.A stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 23, 1998VCAPListedVirginia Capital Bancshares was listed
Dec 23, 1998PHO1Symbol ChangePHO ticker symbol changed to PHO1
Dec 23, 1998PHO1DelistedPeoples Telephone Company was delisted
Dec 23, 1998ISDIAcquisitionISDI was acquired by Winbond Electronics
Dec 23, 1998MFNXQStock SplitMFNXQ stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 23, 1998ISDIDelistedInformation Storage Devices was delisted
Dec 23, 1998PHO1AcquisitionPHO1 was acquired by DAVL

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