Corporate Actions

2006 Corporate Actions

Dec 29, 2006WBKC1Symbol ChangeWBKC ticker symbol changed to WBKC1
Dec 29, 2006WBKC1DelistedWestbank was delisted
Dec 29, 2006SBGAAcquisitionSBGA was acquired by UCBHQ
Dec 29, 2006BLSAcquisitionBLS was acquired by T
Dec 29, 2006SWSH1Symbol ChangeTPC ticker symbol changed to SWSH1
Dec 29, 2006SBGADelistedSummit Bank was delisted
Dec 29, 2006RNAIDelistedSirna Therapeutics was delisted
Dec 29, 2006RBNC1Symbol ChangeRBNC ticker symbol changed to RBNC1
Dec 29, 2006RBNC1DelistedRepublic Bancorp was delisted
Dec 29, 2006WBKC1AcquisitionWBKC1 was acquired by NAL
Dec 29, 2006RNAIAcquisitionRNAI was acquired by MRK
Dec 29, 2006MHLDelistedMortgageit Holdings was delisted
Dec 29, 2006LFCStock SplitLFC stock split: 2.6667 for 1
Dec 29, 2006IMI1AcquisitionIMI1 was acquired by ISNPY
Dec 29, 2006IMI1DelistedSanpaolo Imi Spa was delisted
Dec 29, 2006IMI1Symbol ChangeIMI ticker symbol changed to IMI1
Dec 29, 2006IFCJDelistedInterchange Financial Services was delisted
Dec 29, 2006MHLAcquisitionMHL was acquired by DB
Dec 29, 2006RBNC1AcquisitionRBNC1 was acquired by CRBC
Dec 29, 2006CHLNSymbol ChangePNWP ticker symbol changed to CHLN
Dec 29, 2006IFCJAcquisitionIFCJ was acquired by BNK1
Dec 29, 2006BLSDelistedBellsouth was delisted
Dec 28, 2006THNKQSymbol ChangeCGN ticker symbol changed to THNKQ
Dec 28, 2006QMMISymbol ChangeQMM ticker symbol changed to QMMI
Dec 28, 2006CNCT1AcquisitionCNCT1 was acquired by Stiefel Laboratories
Dec 28, 2006EXKSymbol ChangeEDRGF ticker symbol changed to EXK
Dec 28, 2006CNCT1DelistedConnetics was delisted
Dec 28, 2006CNCT1Symbol ChangeCNCT ticker symbol changed to CNCT1
Dec 28, 2006CFISStock SplitCFIS stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 27, 2006RGRXSymbol ChangeRGRX ticker symbol changed to RGRX
Dec 27, 2006HOMZQSymbol ChangeHOMZ ticker symbol changed to HOMZQ
Dec 27, 2006GNSYYSymbol ChangeGNSY ticker symbol changed to GNSYY
Dec 27, 2006GLDDListedGreat Lakes Dredge & Dock was listed
Dec 27, 2006DLGSDelistedDialog Semiconductor PLC was delisted
Dec 27, 2006AIPCSymbol ChangePLB ticker symbol changed to AIPC
Dec 26, 2006AMVDelistedAmerivest Properties was delisted
Dec 26, 2006AMVBankruptcyAMV was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 22, 2006WINNListedWinn Dixie Stores was listed
Dec 22, 2006WCAPDelistedWinfield Capital was delisted
Dec 22, 2006WCAPBankruptcyWCAP was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 22, 2006VIRCSymbol ChangeVIR ticker symbol changed to VIRC
Dec 22, 2006SPAStock SplitSPA stock split: 1.05 for 1
Dec 22, 2006PYRAQSymbol ChangePLRA ticker symbol changed to PYRAQ
Dec 22, 2006PLRBQSymbol ChangePLRB ticker symbol changed to PLRBQ
Dec 22, 2006PLRBQDelistedPlymouth Rubber Co was delisted
Dec 22, 2006PLRBQBankruptcyPLRBQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 22, 2006BPOMSymbol ChangeNGRU ticker symbol changed to BPOM
Dec 22, 2006BFNBQStock SplitBFNBQ stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 22, 2006ARTEQListedArtes Medical was listed
Dec 21, 2006VCATDelistedVenture Catalyst was delisted
Dec 21, 2006TMAVDelistedTimco Aviation Services was delisted
Dec 21, 2006SYNListedSynthetic Biologics was listed
Dec 21, 2006RHEListedRegional Health Properties was listed
Dec 21, 2006OCHTQSymbol ChangeIMNR ticker symbol changed to OCHTQ
Dec 21, 2006TMAVAcquisitionTMAV was acquired by Owl Creek Asset Management LP
Dec 21, 2006MTLGAcquisitionMTLG was acquired by Francisco Partners Gp LLC
Dec 21, 2006MTLGDelistedMetrologic Instruments was delisted
Dec 21, 2006VCATAcquisitionVCAT was acquired by IGT1
Dec 20, 2006TCCDelistedTrammell Crow Co. was delisted
Dec 20, 2006SMVEListedSmart Move was listed
Dec 20, 2006POSOQSymbol ChangePOSO ticker symbol changed to POSOQ
Dec 20, 2006POSOQDelistedProsoft Learning was delisted
Dec 20, 2006POSOQBankruptcyPOSOQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 20, 2006OCHTQStock SplitOCHTQ reverse stock split: 1 for 100
Dec 20, 2006NPSNYSymbol ChangeNPSN ticker symbol changed to NPSNY
Dec 20, 2006HQCLListedHanwha Q Cells Co Ltd. was listed
Dec 20, 2006DSUPQListedDayton Superior was listed
Dec 20, 2006TCCAcquisitionTCC was acquired by CBRE
Dec 19, 2006WRSAcquisitionWRS was acquired by WELL
Dec 19, 2006UAASymbol ChangeUARM ticker symbol changed to UAA
Dec 19, 2006TSLListedTrina Solar Ltd. was listed
Dec 19, 2006TPTHDelistedTripath Imaging was delisted
Dec 19, 2006SMBKStock SplitSMBK stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 19, 2006PLTEListedClaymont Steel Holdings was listed
Dec 19, 2006ARSAcquisitionARS was acquired by Tpg Capital LP
Dec 19, 2006MLCOListedMelco Resorts & Entertainment Ltd. was listed
Dec 19, 2006LIHRSymbol ChangeLIHRY ticker symbol changed to LIHR
Dec 19, 2006CNXSAcquisitionCNXS was acquired by GSK
Dec 19, 2006FFHLListedFuwei Films (holdings) Co Ltd. was listed
Dec 19, 2006DSUPQStock SplitDSUPQ stock split: 2.1673 for 1
Dec 19, 2006CNXSDelistedCns was delisted
Dec 19, 2006TPTHAcquisitionTPTH was acquired by BDX
Dec 19, 2006ARSDelistedAleris International was delisted
Dec 19, 2006AEOStock SplitAEO stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 18, 2006SHYFStock SplitSHYF stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 18, 2006SBIBStock SplitSBIB stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 18, 2006SAVBStock SplitSAVB stock split: 1.25 for 1
Dec 18, 2006GSTYStock SplitGSTY reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Dec 18, 2006ENLCStock SplitENLC stock split: 3 for 1
Dec 18, 2006EBHIQSymbol ChangeEBHC ticker symbol changed to EBHIQ
Dec 15, 2006USBEListedUs Bioenergy was listed
Dec 15, 2006TASTListedCarrols Restaurant Group was listed
Dec 15, 2006TAROSymbol ChangeTARO ticker symbol changed to TARO
Dec 15, 2006TALK1Symbol ChangeTALK ticker symbol changed to TALK1
Dec 15, 2006TALK1DelistedTalk America Holdings was delisted
Dec 15, 2006SCEIQListedSino Clean Energy was listed
Dec 15, 2006PZA1Symbol ChangePZA ticker symbol changed to PZA1
Dec 15, 2006PZA1DelistedProvena Foods was delisted
Dec 15, 2006PRCMDelistedProcom Technology was delisted
Dec 15, 2006MSLVAcquisitionMSLV was acquired by ORCL

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