2005 Corporate Actions

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Dec 30, 2005YELLSymbol ChangeYELL ticker symbol changed to YELL
Dec 30, 2005TLLEQSymbol ChangeTLL ticker symbol changed to TLLEQ
Dec 30, 2005TCMIQListedTriple Crown Media was listed
Dec 30, 2005SILCSymbol ChangeSILCF ticker symbol changed to SILC
Dec 30, 2005PYRAQDelistedPlymouth Rubber Co was delisted
Dec 30, 2005CBNAcquisitionCBN was acquired by NAL
Dec 30, 2005MSCSSymbol ChangeMNSC ticker symbol changed to MSCS
Dec 30, 2005MACMStock SplitMACM reverse stock split: 1 for 7
Dec 30, 2005KRBDelistedMbna was delisted
Dec 30, 2005INXISymbol ChangeISR ticker symbol changed to INXI
Dec 30, 2005HEDYYSymbol ChangeHED ticker symbol changed to HEDYY
Dec 30, 2005FVCCQDelistedFirst Virtual Communications was delisted
Dec 30, 2005FVCCQBankruptcyFVCCQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 30, 2005FVCCQSymbol ChangeFVCC ticker symbol changed to FVCCQ
Dec 30, 2005CPTVAcquisitionCPTV was acquired by EMC
Dec 30, 2005DSLNSymbol ChangeBIZ ticker symbol changed to DSLN
Dec 30, 2005CPTVDelistedCaptiva Software was delisted
Dec 30, 2005CKNNSymbol ChangeCKN ticker symbol changed to CKNN
Dec 30, 2005CBNDelistedCornerstone Bancorp was delisted
Dec 30, 2005KRBAcquisitionKRB was acquired by BAC
Dec 30, 2005ABLSQSymbol ChangeABRXQ ticker symbol changed to ABLSQ
Dec 29, 2005VRTY1Symbol ChangeVRTY ticker symbol changed to VRTY1
Dec 29, 2005VRTY1DelistedVerity was delisted
Dec 29, 2005UBMTStock SplitUBMT stock split: 1.25 for 1
Dec 29, 2005SPSNQListedSpansion was listed
Dec 29, 2005LICBAcquisitionLICB was acquired by NYCB
Dec 29, 2005NSSCStock SplitNSSC stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 29, 2005NEBSStock SplitNEBS stock split: 2.3683 for 1
Dec 29, 2005MSSymbol ChangeMWD ticker symbol changed to MS
Dec 29, 2005LICBDelistedLong Island Financial was delisted
Dec 29, 2005JMBIStock SplitJMBI stock split: 1.25 for 1
Dec 29, 2005CPNTDelistedChampionship Auto Racing Teams was delisted
Dec 29, 2005CPNTBankruptcyCPNT was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 29, 2005CBBOStock SplitCBBO stock split: 1.1 for 1
Dec 29, 2005VRTY1AcquisitionVRTY1 was acquired by AUTNY
Dec 29, 2005ABCStock SplitABC stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 28, 2005WTHNYSymbol ChangeWTHN ticker symbol changed to WTHNY
Dec 28, 2005WHITSymbol ChangeWECP ticker symbol changed to WHIT
Dec 28, 2005WFMStock SplitWFM stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 28, 2005WCDelistedWellchoice was delisted
Dec 28, 2005VROTDelistedVitrotech was delisted
Dec 28, 2005VROTBankruptcyVROT was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 28, 2005SWWCStock SplitSWWC stock split: 1.05 for 1
Dec 28, 2005SKODelistedShopko Stores was delisted
Dec 28, 2005SDRL1ListedSeadrill Ltd. was listed
Dec 28, 2005SKOAcquisitionSKO was acquired by Sun Capital Partners LLC
Dec 28, 2005CMSymbol ChangeBCM ticker symbol changed to CM
Dec 28, 2005WCAcquisitionWC was acquired by ANTM
Dec 27, 2005WARR1Stock SplitWARR1 reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 27, 2005SCHWSymbol ChangeSCH ticker symbol changed to SCHW
Dec 27, 2005RYI1Symbol ChangeRT ticker symbol changed to RYI1
Dec 27, 2005PBSOQSymbol ChangeDHB ticker symbol changed to PBSOQ
Dec 27, 2005MRTNStock SplitMRTN stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 27, 2005KNX1Stock SplitKNX1 stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 27, 2005JBLUStock SplitJBLU stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 27, 2005GSLMDelistedGrand Central Silver Mines was delisted
Dec 27, 2005EZM2Symbol ChangeEZMCF ticker symbol changed to EZM2
Dec 27, 2005ANCXStock SplitANCX stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 23, 2005STEKDelistedSystemone Technologies was delisted
Dec 23, 2005STEKBankruptcySTEK was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 23, 2005PCTY1Symbol ChangePCTY ticker symbol changed to PCTY1
Dec 23, 2005PCTY1DelistedParty City was delisted
Dec 23, 2005NCSTListedNucryst Pharmaceuticals was listed
Dec 23, 2005PCTY1AcquisitionPCTY1 was acquired by Berkshire Partners LLC
Dec 23, 2005HESSymbol ChangeAHC ticker symbol changed to HES
Dec 23, 2005GLRPStock SplitGLRP reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Dec 23, 2005GILTSymbol ChangeGILTF ticker symbol changed to GILT
Dec 23, 2005GBSVDelistedGlobal Industrial Services was delisted
Dec 23, 2005GBSVBankruptcyGBSV was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 23, 2005EZM2ListedEurozinc Mining was listed
Dec 23, 2005CPNLQSymbol ChangeCPNL ticker symbol changed to CPNLQ
Dec 22, 2005USPLDelistedU S Plastic Lumber was delisted
Dec 22, 2005USPLBankruptcyUSPL was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 22, 2005GP1AcquisitionGP1 was acquired by Koch Industries
Dec 22, 2005GRBEQSymbol ChangeGBEL ticker symbol changed to GRBEQ
Dec 22, 2005GP1DelistedGeorgia Pacific was delisted
Dec 22, 2005GP1Symbol ChangeGP ticker symbol changed to GP1
Dec 22, 2005CCU1SpinoffLYV spun off from CCU1
Dec 22, 2005AMPPQSymbol ChangeAPPPQ ticker symbol changed to AMPPQ
Dec 21, 2005PXPLYListedPixelplus Co Ltd. was listed
Dec 21, 2005MUFGSymbol ChangeMTF ticker symbol changed to MUFG
Dec 21, 2005LYVListedLive Nation Entertainment was listed
Dec 21, 2005LJPC1Stock SplitLJPC1 reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Dec 21, 2005IESCSymbol ChangeIES ticker symbol changed to IESC
Dec 21, 2005GTEListedGran Tierra Energy was listed
Dec 21, 2005GNOWListedAmerican Caresource Holdings was listed
Dec 21, 2005FFDBDelistedFirstfed Bancorp was delisted
Dec 20, 2005WEST1Symbol ChangeWSZZ ticker symbol changed to WEST1
Dec 20, 2005PHSAcquisitionPHS was acquired by UNH
Dec 20, 2005TNCCListedTennessee Commerce Bancorp was listed
Dec 20, 2005PRGN1Symbol ChangePRGN ticker symbol changed to PRGN1
Dec 20, 2005PRGN1DelistedPeregrine Systems was delisted
Dec 20, 2005PHSDelistedPacificare Health Systems was delisted
Dec 20, 2005MTYGDelistedMarlton Technologies was delisted
Dec 20, 2005KAREDelistedKoala was delisted
Dec 20, 2005KAREBankruptcyKARE was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 20, 2005ICOR1DelistedIcoria was delisted
Dec 20, 2005ICOR1Symbol ChangeICOR ticker symbol changed to ICOR1
Dec 20, 2005HYSLStock SplitHYSL stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 20, 2005PRGN1AcquisitionPRGN1 was acquired by HPQ

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