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2021 Corporate Actions

2202 Actions

Sep 21, 2021RJFStock SplitRJF stock split: 1.5 for 1
Sep 21, 2021NRDYSymbol ChangePACE ticker symbol changed to NRDY
Sep 21, 2021MCHPStock SplitMCHP stock split: 2 for 1
Sep 20, 2021VATESymbol ChangeHCHC ticker symbol changed to VATE
Sep 20, 2021RBOTSymbol ChangeDEH ticker symbol changed to RBOT
Sep 20, 2021PUKSpinoffJXN spun off from PUK
Sep 20, 2021MDVAListedModiv was listed
Sep 20, 2021JXNListedJackson Financial was listed
Sep 17, 2021PFBIDelistedPremier Financial Bancorp was delisted
Sep 17, 2021PFBIAcquisitionPFBI was acquired by PEBO
Sep 17, 2021DNASymbol ChangeSRNG ticker symbol changed to DNA
Sep 17, 2021ACHRSymbol ChangeACIC ticker symbol changed to ACHR
Sep 16, 2021SONMStock SplitSONM reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Sep 16, 2021FSFGStock SplitFSFG stock split: 3 for 1
Sep 16, 2021FORGListedForgerock was listed
Sep 16, 2021AROWStock SplitAROW stock split: 1.03 for 1
Sep 16, 2021ACTListedEnact Holdings was listed
Sep 15, 2021TYRAListedTyra Biosciences was listed
Sep 15, 2021TWKSListedThoughtworks Holding was listed
Sep 15, 2021PRCTListedProcept Biorobotics was listed
Sep 15, 2021ONONListedOn Holding Ag was listed
Sep 15, 2021LILMSymbol ChangeQELL ticker symbol changed to LILM
Sep 15, 2021KTTAListedPasithea Therapeutics was listed
Sep 15, 2021GREEListedGreenidge Generation Holdings was listed
Sep 15, 2021EZFLListedEzfill Holdings was listed
Sep 15, 2021DICEListedDice Therapeutics was listed
Sep 15, 2021DHListedDefinitive Healthcare was listed
Sep 15, 2021BROSListedDutch Bros was listed
Sep 14, 2021TBIODelistedTranslate Bio was delisted
Sep 14, 2021SRADListedSportradar Group Ag was listed
Sep 14, 2021SPRTDelistedSupportcom was delisted
Sep 14, 2021TBIOAcquisitionTBIO was acquired by SNY
Sep 14, 2021SGMLListedSigma Lithium was listed
Sep 14, 2021IFFTDelistedInternational Flavors & Fragrances was delisted
Sep 14, 2021HIVESymbol ChangeHVBT ticker symbol changed to HIVE
Sep 14, 2021AEBDelistedAegon Nv was delisted
Sep 13, 2021AZRXStock SplitAZRX reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Sep 10, 2021TNTSymbol ChangePKKFF ticker symbol changed to TNT
Sep 10, 2021TNTListedPeak Fintech Group was listed
Sep 10, 2021TMCSymbol ChangeSOAC ticker symbol changed to TMC
Sep 10, 2021CRXTSymbol ChangeBLUW ticker symbol changed to CRXT
Sep 10, 2021CLOESymbol ChangeCLOEU ticker symbol changed to CLOE
Sep 10, 2021BKSYSymbol ChangeSFTW ticker symbol changed to BKSY
Sep 9, 2021THCPSymbol ChangeTHCPU ticker symbol changed to THCP
Sep 9, 2021SQBGQSymbol ChangeSQBG ticker symbol changed to SQBGQ
Sep 9, 2021SCONStock SplitSCON reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Sep 9, 2021OSNDelistedOssen Innovation Co Ltd. was delisted
Sep 9, 2021OSNAcquisitionOSN was acquired by Liang Tang
Sep 9, 2021ATXSSymbol ChangeCATB ticker symbol changed to ATXS
Sep 8, 2021JAGXStock SplitJAGX reverse stock split: 1 for 3
Sep 7, 2021NWHMDelistedNew Home Co was delisted
Sep 7, 2021ASPASymbol ChangeASPAU ticker symbol changed to ASPA
Sep 7, 2021ARQQSymbol ChangeCENH ticker symbol changed to ARQQ
Sep 7, 2021NWHMAcquisitionNWHM was acquired by APO
Sep 3, 2021RDWSymbol ChangeGNPK ticker symbol changed to RDW
Sep 3, 2021RCORSymbol ChangeCHAQ ticker symbol changed to RCOR
Sep 3, 2021MFNCAcquisitionMFNC was acquired by NCBS
Sep 3, 2021CBBAcquisitionCBB was acquired by Macquarie Infrastructure Partners V Lp
Sep 3, 2021MFNCDelistedMackinac Financial was delisted
Sep 3, 2021CBBDelistedCincinnati Bell was delisted
Sep 2, 2021SLGCSymbol ChangeCMII ticker symbol changed to SLGC
Sep 2, 2021OPADSymbol ChangeSPNV ticker symbol changed to OPAD
Sep 1, 2021SHSPDelistedSharpspring was delisted
Sep 1, 2021COREAcquisitionCORE was acquired by PFGC
Sep 1, 2021SHSPAcquisitionSHSP was acquired by Clearlake Capital Partners LLC
Sep 1, 2021INCRSymbol ChangeIRCLF ticker symbol changed to INCR
Sep 1, 2021INCRListedIntercure Ltd. was listed
Sep 1, 2021COREDelistedCore-Mark Holding Company was delisted
Aug 31, 2021UZADelistedUnited States Cellular was delisted
Aug 31, 2021TDIDelistedTelephone & Data Systems was delisted
Aug 31, 2021STGStock SplitSTG reverse stock split: 1 for 13
Aug 31, 2021STABSymbol ChangeCBLI ticker symbol changed to STAB
Aug 31, 2021ORBCDelistedOrbcomm was delisted
Aug 31, 2021NSRSymbol ChangeNSRXF ticker symbol changed to NSR
Aug 31, 2021NSRListedNomad Royalty Co Ltd. was listed
Aug 31, 2021ORBCAcquisitionORBC was acquired by GI Partners
Aug 31, 2021DDIListedDoubledown Interactive Co Ltd. was listed
Aug 31, 2021CLBTSymbol ChangeTWCT ticker symbol changed to CLBT
Aug 31, 2021CHRBListedCharah Solutions was listed
Aug 31, 2021ACSTStock SplitACST reverse stock split: 1 for 8
Aug 30, 2021SAFDelistedSaratoga Investment was delisted
Aug 30, 2021PFPTDelistedProofpoint was delisted
Aug 30, 2021PFPTAcquisitionPFPT was acquired by Thoma Bravo Ugp LLC
Aug 30, 2021JXNStock SplitJXN stock split: 104960.38363 for 1
Aug 30, 2021FICVSymbol ChangeFICVU ticker symbol changed to FICV
Aug 30, 2021DRUADelistedDominion Energy was delisted
Aug 30, 2021CIFRSymbol ChangeGWAC ticker symbol changed to CIFR
Aug 30, 2021QTSAcquisitionQTS was acquired by BX
Aug 30, 2021ATIFStock SplitATIF reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Aug 27, 2021WAYSDelistedWave Sync was delisted
Aug 27, 2021WAYSBankruptcyWAYS was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021VLTASymbol ChangeSNPR ticker symbol changed to VLTA
Aug 27, 2021TRNXDelistedBbhc was delisted
Aug 27, 2021TRNXBankruptcyTRNX was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021TIXCDelistedTix was delisted
Aug 27, 2021TIXCBankruptcyTIXC was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021SYNEDelistedSynthesis Energy Systems was delisted
Aug 27, 2021SYNEBankruptcySYNE was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Aug 27, 2021SQLListedSeqll was listed
Aug 27, 2021SPHSDelistedSophiris Bio was delisted

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