2015 Corporate Actions

1642 Actions

Dec 31, 2015WAVXQStock SplitWAVXQ reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 31, 2015BZCAcquisitionBZC was acquired by TDG
Dec 31, 2015FCVAAcquisitionFCVA was acquired by PSTB
Dec 31, 2015NETIStock SplitNETI reverse stock split: 1 for 12
Dec 31, 2015NADLQStock SplitNADLQ reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 31, 2015FXENAcquisitionFXEN was acquired by ORLEN Upstream Sp
Dec 31, 2015KCLIDelistedKansas City Life Insurance Co. was delisted
Dec 31, 2015FXENDelistedFx Energy was delisted
Dec 31, 2015ASBIAcquisitionASBI was acquired by FRME
Dec 31, 2015FCVADelistedFirst Capital Bancorp was delisted
Dec 31, 2015BZCDelistedBreeze-Eastern was delisted
Dec 31, 2015ASBIDelistedAmeriana Bancorp was delisted
Dec 30, 2015WTERStock SplitWTER reverse stock split: 1 for 50
Dec 30, 2015UBFOStock SplitUBFO stock split: 1.01 for 1
Dec 30, 2015STLASymbol ChangeFCA ticker symbol changed to STLA
Dec 30, 2015ABATDelistedAdvanced Battery Technologies was delisted
Dec 30, 2015ABATBankruptcyABAT was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 29, 2015CCNCListedCode Chain New Continent Ltd. was listed
Dec 28, 2015YGEHYStock SplitYGEHY reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 28, 2015COSNAcquisitionCOSN was acquired by SPLP
Dec 28, 2015QMRKDelistedQualmark was delisted
Dec 28, 2015QMRKAcquisitionQMRK was acquired by ESPEC
Dec 28, 2015HKRSQStock SplitHKRSQ reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Dec 28, 2015COSNDelistedCosine Communications was delisted
Dec 24, 2015SFYWQSymbol ChangeSFY ticker symbol changed to SFYWQ
Dec 24, 2015PBCPAcquisitionPBCP was acquired by PBIP
Dec 24, 2015PBCPDelistedPolonia Bancorp was delisted
Dec 24, 2015NVDLDelistedNovadel Pharma was delisted
Dec 24, 2015NVDLBankruptcyNVDL was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 24, 2015NOECDelistedNew Oriental Energy & Chemical was delisted
Dec 24, 2015NOECBankruptcyNOEC was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 24, 2015NKEStock SplitNKE stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 24, 2015ALTR1AcquisitionALTR1 was acquired by INTC
Dec 24, 2015HUBBSymbol ChangeHUB.B ticker symbol changed to HUBB
Dec 24, 2015GSMListedFerroglobe PLC was listed
Dec 24, 2015ESSXDelistedEssex Rental was delisted
Dec 24, 2015ESSXBankruptcyESSX was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 24, 2015ENSGStock SplitENSG stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 24, 2015CRMBQDelistedCrumbs Bake Shop was delisted
Dec 24, 2015CRMBQBankruptcyCRMBQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 24, 2015ASMIYDelistedAsm International N V was delisted
Dec 24, 2015ALTR1DelistedAltera was delisted
Dec 24, 2015ALTR1Symbol ChangeALTR ticker symbol changed to ALTR1
Dec 23, 2015PGNPQSymbol ChangePGN ticker symbol changed to PGNPQ
Dec 23, 2015NYNYStock SplitNYNY reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Dec 23, 2015MTSDelistedMontgomery Streetome Securities was delisted
Dec 23, 2015MCXListedPhenixfin was listed
Dec 23, 2015HUB.ADelistedHubbell was delisted
Dec 23, 2015GSM1DelistedGlobe Specialty Metals was delisted
Dec 23, 2015GSM1Symbol ChangeGSM ticker symbol changed to GSM1
Dec 23, 2015GSM1AcquisitionGSM1 was acquired by GSM
Dec 22, 2015TWNKSymbol ChangeGRSHU ticker symbol changed to TWNK
Dec 22, 2015SPRO1Symbol ChangeSPRO ticker symbol changed to SPRO1
Dec 22, 2015SPRO1DelistedSmartpros Ltd. was delisted
Dec 22, 2015SENSListedSenseonics Holdings was listed
Dec 22, 2015SPRO1AcquisitionSPRO1 was acquired by DF Institute LLC
Dec 22, 2015MECKDelistedMecklermedia was delisted
Dec 22, 2015MECKBankruptcyMECK was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 21, 2015TPHSListedTrinity Place Holdings was listed
Dec 21, 2015PBBListedProspect Capital was listed
Dec 21, 2015NBYStock SplitNBY reverse stock split: 1 for 25
Dec 21, 2015ALTVAcquisitionALTV was acquired by Mbs Holdings
Dec 21, 2015MHRCQSymbol ChangeMHRC ticker symbol changed to MHRCQ
Dec 21, 2015ALTVDelistedAlteva was delisted
Dec 18, 2015YRDListedYiren Digital Ltd. was listed
Dec 18, 2015VIMCDelistedVimicro International was delisted
Dec 18, 2015USPI2Symbol ChangeUSPI ticker symbol changed to USPI2
Dec 18, 2015USPI2DelistedAlternate Marketing Networks was delisted
Dec 18, 2015OSGListedOverseas Shipholding Group was listed
Dec 18, 2015VIMCAcquisitionVIMC was acquired by Zhonghan Deng
Dec 18, 2015INOWDelistedInfonow was delisted
Dec 18, 2015INOWBankruptcyINOW was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 18, 2015HKFIQDelistedHancock Fabrics was delisted
Dec 18, 2015HKFIQBankruptcyHKFIQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 18, 2015HKFIQSymbol ChangeHKFI ticker symbol changed to HKFIQ
Dec 18, 2015CEAIDelistedChina Education Alliance was delisted
Dec 18, 2015CEAIBankruptcyCEAI was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 18, 2015ACTLDelistedArtec Global Media was delisted
Dec 18, 2015ACTLBankruptcyACTL was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 17, 2015RNDYDelistedRoundy's was delisted
Dec 17, 2015RNDYAcquisitionRNDY was acquired by KR
Dec 17, 2015CBNRQSymbol ChangeCBNR ticker symbol changed to CBNRQ
Dec 17, 2015AGRListedAvangrid was listed
Dec 16, 2015ZSPHDelistedZs Pharma was delisted
Dec 16, 2015UILDelistedUil Holdings was delisted
Dec 16, 2015LEXXStock SplitLEXX stock split: 1.1 for 1
Dec 16, 2015GIGMStock SplitGIGM reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Dec 16, 2015FCRZListedFirst Eagle Alternative Capital Bdc was listed
Dec 16, 2015CRMZStock SplitCRMZ stock split: 1.3 for 1
Dec 16, 2015ZSPHAcquisitionZSPH was acquired by AZN
Dec 15, 2015UVICDelistedUnilens Vision was delisted
Dec 15, 2015RMRListedRmr Group was listed
Dec 15, 2015LCLPListedLife Clips was listed
Dec 15, 2015UVICAcquisitionUVIC was acquired by BHC
Dec 14, 2015GBSNStock SplitGBSN reverse stock split: 1 for 60
Dec 14, 2015AWAY1AcquisitionAWAY1 was acquired by EXPE
Dec 14, 2015EWStock SplitEW stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 14, 2015AWAY1DelistedHomeaway was delisted
Dec 14, 2015AWAY1Symbol ChangeAWAY ticker symbol changed to AWAY1
Dec 11, 2015WKHSStock SplitWKHS reverse stock split: 1 for 10

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