Corporate Actions

2000 Corporate Actions

Dec 29, 2000JWGAcquisitionJWG was acquired by WB1
Dec 29, 2000LINE1AcquisitionLINE1 was acquired by TRAD
Dec 29, 2000SNFCAStock SplitSNFCA stock split: 1.05 for 1
Dec 29, 2000SH1Symbol ChangeSH ticker symbol changed to SH1
Dec 29, 2000SH1DelistedShandong Huaneng Power Development Co Ltd. was delisted
Dec 29, 2000SECMDelistedSecom General was delisted
Dec 29, 2000SECMBankruptcySECM was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 29, 2000SAJDelistedSt Joseph Light & Power Co. was delisted
Dec 29, 2000RPD1Symbol ChangeRPD ticker symbol changed to RPD1
Dec 29, 2000RPD1DelistedDispatch Management Services was delisted
Dec 29, 2000RPD1BankruptcyRPD1 was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 29, 2000PGEXQSymbol ChangePGEX ticker symbol changed to PGEXQ
Dec 29, 2000PGEXQDelistedPacific Gateway Exchange was delisted
Dec 29, 2000PGEXQBankruptcyPGEXQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 29, 2000PGEIDelistedPetroglyph Energy was delisted
Dec 29, 2000PGEIAcquisitionPGEI was acquired by Iii Exploration Co.
Dec 29, 2000CFMTAcquisitionCFMT was acquired by MTSN
Dec 29, 2000LINE1DelistedOnlinetradinginc Com was delisted
Dec 29, 2000LINE1Symbol ChangeLINE ticker symbol changed to LINE1
Dec 29, 2000EGY1AcquisitionEGY1 was acquired by KP
Dec 29, 2000JWGDelistedJwgenesis Financial was delisted
Dec 29, 2000JPM1DelistedMorgan J P & Co was delisted
Dec 29, 2000JPM1Symbol ChangeJPM ticker symbol changed to JPM1
Dec 29, 2000SAJAcquisitionSAJ was acquired by ILA
Dec 29, 2000EGY1DelistedColumbus Energy was delisted
Dec 29, 2000EGY1Symbol ChangeEGY ticker symbol changed to EGY1
Dec 29, 2000CHRDelistedGener S A was delisted
Dec 29, 2000CFMTDelistedCfm Technologies was delisted
Dec 29, 2000BCL1DelistedBlc Financial Services was delisted
Dec 29, 2000BCL1Symbol ChangeBCL ticker symbol changed to BCL1
Dec 29, 2000BCL1AcquisitionBCL1 was acquired by ALD1
Dec 28, 2000TRBSStock SplitTRBS stock split: 1.1 for 1
Dec 28, 2000PCN.ADelistedPameco was delisted
Dec 28, 2000GZEAAcquisitionGZEA was acquired by Beloff William R
Dec 28, 2000LTVCQDelistedLtv was delisted
Dec 28, 2000LTVCQBankruptcyLTVCQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 28, 2000LTVCQSymbol ChangeLTV ticker symbol changed to LTVCQ
Dec 28, 2000LDSDDelistedLeadingside was delisted
Dec 28, 2000LDSDBankruptcyLDSD was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 28, 2000IHHIDelistedIn Home Health was delisted
Dec 28, 2000HOTTStock SplitHOTT stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 28, 2000IHHIAcquisitionIHHI was acquired by HCR1
Dec 28, 2000GZEADelistedGza Geoenvironmental Technologies was delisted
Dec 28, 2000FODGAcquisitionFODG was acquired by GSIC
Dec 28, 2000FODGDelistedFogdog was delisted
Dec 28, 2000CRYStock SplitCRY stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 27, 2000YNDDelistedMynd was delisted
Dec 27, 2000VIBCStock SplitVIBC stock split: 1.03 for 1
Dec 27, 2000BKFRAcquisitionBKFR was acquired by TFC
Dec 27, 2000HPBCAcquisitionHPBC was acquired by SCFS
Dec 27, 2000HPBCDelistedHome Port Bancorp was delisted
Dec 27, 2000GRKAStock SplitGRKA stock split: 1.05 for 1
Dec 27, 2000YNDAcquisitionYND was acquired by CSC
Dec 27, 2000BKFRDelistedBankfirst was delisted
Dec 26, 2000UNHStock SplitUNH stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 26, 2000SBH1Symbol ChangeSBH ticker symbol changed to SBH1
Dec 26, 2000SBH1DelistedSmithkline Beecham PLC was delisted
Dec 26, 2000DYHMAcquisitionDYHM was acquired by Peter Pichetti
Dec 26, 2000LUMIDelistedLumisys was delisted
Dec 26, 2000HTD1DelistedHuntingdon Life Sciences Group PLC was delisted
Dec 26, 2000HTD1Symbol ChangeHTD ticker symbol changed to HTD1
Dec 26, 2000LUMIAcquisitionLUMI was acquired by EKDKQ
Dec 26, 2000DYHMDelistedDynamic Homes was delisted
Dec 26, 2000CCLNDelistedCommodore Holdings Ltd. was delisted
Dec 26, 2000CCLNBankruptcyCCLN was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 26, 2000BRKC1ListedBracknell was listed
Dec 22, 2000VS1Symbol ChangeVS ticker symbol changed to VS1
Dec 22, 2000VS1DelistedVideo Services was delisted
Dec 22, 2000RCO1Symbol ChangeRCO ticker symbol changed to RCO1
Dec 22, 2000RCO1DelistedRamco Energy PLC was delisted
Dec 22, 2000VS1AcquisitionVS1 was acquired by L1
Dec 22, 2000FFYFAcquisitionFFYF was acquired by FPFCQ
Dec 22, 2000FFYFDelistedFfy Financial was delisted
Dec 22, 2000DOCDDelistedDocdata Nv was delisted
Dec 22, 2000CLTR2AcquisitionCLTR2 was acquired by CRXA
Dec 22, 2000CNVR1Symbol ChangeEXCA ticker symbol changed to CNVR1
Dec 22, 2000CLTR2DelistedCoulter Pharmaceuticals was delisted
Dec 22, 2000CLTR2Symbol ChangeCLTR ticker symbol changed to CLTR2
Dec 22, 2000BRCDStock SplitBRCD stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 22, 2000BLEEQDelistedBradlees was delisted
Dec 22, 2000BLEEQSymbol ChangeBRAD ticker symbol changed to BLEEQ
Dec 21, 2000WKGPStock SplitWKGP reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Dec 21, 2000QXLCStock SplitQXLC reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Dec 21, 2000BFXAcquisitionBFX was acquired by Mclean Robert H
Dec 21, 2000MKIDDelistedMultimedia K I D was delisted
Dec 21, 2000MKIDBankruptcyMKID was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 21, 2000JCOMSymbol ChangeJFAX ticker symbol changed to JCOM
Dec 21, 2000ILIStock SplitILI stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 21, 2000BFXDelistedBfx Hospitality Group was delisted
Dec 20, 2000ZHOMDelistedZaring National was delisted
Dec 20, 2000ZHOMBankruptcyZHOM was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 20, 2000LI.AAcquisitionLI.A was acquired by VAL1
Dec 20, 2000TWNEStock SplitTWNE reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Dec 20, 2000NWGN1AcquisitionNWGN1 was acquired by TTEC
Dec 20, 2000SFDLStock SplitSFDL stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 20, 2000PCOR1Symbol ChangePCOR ticker symbol changed to PCOR1
Dec 20, 2000PCOR1DelistedPcorder Com was delisted
Dec 20, 2000NWGN1Symbol ChangeNWGN ticker symbol changed to NWGN1
Dec 20, 2000NWGN1DelistedNewgen Results was delisted
Dec 20, 2000PCOR1AcquisitionPCOR1 was acquired by Trilogy Software

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