Corporate Actions

2013 Corporate Actions

Dec 31, 2013TCXStock SplitTCX reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Dec 31, 2013STELDelistedStellarone was delisted
Dec 31, 2013SNTSDelistedSantarus was delisted
Dec 31, 2013SNTSAcquisitionSNTS was acquired by SLXP
Dec 31, 2013EIHIAcquisitionEIHI was acquired by PRA
Dec 31, 2013PNGDelistedPaa Natural Gas Storage LP was delisted
Dec 31, 2013PNGAcquisitionPNG was acquired by PAA
Dec 31, 2013EIHIDelistedEastern Insurance Holdings was delisted
Dec 31, 2013STELAcquisitionSTEL was acquired by AUB
Dec 31, 2013ALRN1DelistedAmerican Learning was delisted
Dec 31, 2013ALRN1BankruptcyALRN1 was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 31, 2013ALRN1Symbol ChangeALRN ticker symbol changed to ALRN1
Dec 30, 2013PZZAStock SplitPZZA stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 30, 2013OCZTQSymbol ChangeOCZ ticker symbol changed to OCZTQ
Dec 27, 2013VPCOStock SplitVPCO reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Dec 27, 2013TGLSSymbol ChangeANDA ticker symbol changed to TGLS
Dec 27, 2013SHSPStock SplitSHSP reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Dec 23, 2013VFCStock SplitVFC stock split: 4 for 1
Dec 23, 2013STEIDelistedStewart Enterprises was delisted
Dec 23, 2013SPRDDelistedSpreadtrum Communications was delisted
Dec 23, 2013SCR1Symbol ChangeSCR ticker symbol changed to SCR1
Dec 23, 2013SCR1DelistedSimcere Pharmaceutical Group was delisted
Dec 23, 2013STEIAcquisitionSTEI was acquired by SCI
Dec 23, 2013SPRDAcquisitionSPRD was acquired by Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd.
Dec 23, 2013SCR1AcquisitionSCR1 was acquired by Simcere Holding Limited
Dec 20, 2013BLCAcquisitionBLC was acquired by TGNA
Dec 20, 2013STARSymbol ChangeSFI ticker symbol changed to STAR
Dec 20, 2013MDStock SplitMD stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 20, 2013BLCDelistedBelo was delisted
Dec 19, 2013TPGIDelistedThomas Properties Group was delisted
Dec 19, 2013TPGIAcquisitionTPGI was acquired by PKY1
Dec 19, 2013PANLListedPangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd. was listed
Dec 19, 2013NVEDelistedNv Energy was delisted
Dec 19, 2013NVEAcquisitionNVE was acquired by MEC1
Dec 18, 2013AMCListedAmc Entertainment Holdings was listed
Dec 17, 2013SEDNSymbol ChangeSED ticker symbol changed to SEDN
Dec 17, 2013PSEAcquisitionPSE was acquired by PXD
Dec 17, 2013PSEDelistedPioneer Southwest Energy Partners LP was delisted
Dec 17, 2013ELNAcquisitionELN was acquired by PRGO
Dec 17, 2013PCXCQDelistedPatriot Coal was delisted
Dec 17, 2013PCXCQBankruptcyPCXCQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 17, 2013MSPDAcquisitionMSPD was acquired by MTSI
Dec 17, 2013MSPDDelistedMindspeed Technologies was delisted
Dec 17, 2013MDSOStock SplitMDSO stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 17, 2013FISVStock SplitFISV stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 17, 2013FFNTQDelistedFriendfinder Networks was delisted
Dec 17, 2013FFNTQBankruptcyFFNTQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 17, 2013ELNDelistedElan Corp PLC was delisted
Dec 17, 2013CAGMDelistedChina Green Material Technologies was delisted
Dec 17, 2013CAGMBankruptcyCAGM was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 17, 2013BWAStock SplitBWA stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 17, 2013AMCStock SplitAMC stock split: 49.514 for 1
Dec 16, 2013MAKOAcquisitionMAKO was acquired by SYK
Dec 16, 2013RLBYSymbol ChangeREAL ticker symbol changed to RLBY
Dec 16, 2013MAKODelistedMako Surgical was delisted
Dec 16, 2013BRY1AcquisitionBRY1 was acquired by LINEQ
Dec 16, 2013CSLRDelistedConsulier Engineering was delisted
Dec 16, 2013BRY1DelistedBerry Petroleum Co. was delisted
Dec 16, 2013BRY1Symbol ChangeBRY ticker symbol changed to BRY1
Dec 13, 2013SBCFStock SplitSBCF reverse stock split: 1 for 5
Dec 13, 2013NMBLListedNimble Storage was listed
Dec 13, 2013FGLListedFidelity & Guaranty Life was listed
Dec 13, 2013DIAL1DelistedDial Global was delisted
Dec 13, 2013DIAL1BankruptcyDIAL1 was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 13, 2013DIAL1Symbol ChangeDIAL ticker symbol changed to DIAL1
Dec 13, 2013DDDXSymbol ChangeAMOK ticker symbol changed to DDDX
Dec 13, 2013CQHListedCheniere Energy Partners Lp Holdings LLC was listed
Dec 13, 2013ADMPStock SplitADMP reverse stock split: 1 for 17
Dec 12, 2013TLOGListedTetralogic Pharmaceuticals was listed
Dec 12, 2013SVNTQDelistedSavient Pharmaceuticals was delisted
Dec 12, 2013SVNTQBankruptcySVNTQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 12, 2013NETIListedEneti was listed
Dec 12, 2013KINListedKindred Biosciences was listed
Dec 12, 2013HLTListedHilton Worldwide Holdings was listed
Dec 12, 2013BIOLStock SplitBIOL stock split: 1.005 for 1
Dec 12, 2013ARMKListedAramark was listed
Dec 11, 2013VLPListedValero Energy Partners LP was listed
Dec 11, 2013SHIStock SplitSHI stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 11, 2013OBTLYSymbol ChangeOBT ticker symbol changed to OBTLY
Dec 11, 2013GRCStock SplitGRC stock split: 1.25 for 1
Dec 11, 2013ATHMListedAutohome was listed
Dec 10, 2013GCOMAcquisitionGCOM was acquired by Wasserstein & Co
Dec 10, 2013GCOMDelistedGlobecomm Systems was delisted
Dec 9, 2013ASXCSymbol ChangeSFEX ticker symbol changed to ASXC
Dec 9, 2013AALListedAmerican Airlines Group was listed
Dec 6, 2013UBIQStock SplitUBIQ stock split: 4 for 1
Dec 6, 2013ROMADelistedRoma Financial was delisted
Dec 6, 2013MOLXAcquisitionMOLX was acquired by Koch Industries
Dec 6, 2013MOLXADelistedMolex was delisted
Dec 6, 2013MOLXDelistedMolex was delisted
Dec 6, 2013MOLXSymbol ChangeMOLXA ticker symbol changed to MOLX
Dec 6, 2013LCCDelistedUs Airways Group was delisted
Dec 6, 2013ROMAAcquisitionROMA was acquired by ISBC
Dec 6, 2013HBPSymbol ChangeHBPI ticker symbol changed to HBP
Dec 6, 2013CMXCListedCell Medx was listed
Dec 5, 2013PTCSymbol ChangePMTC ticker symbol changed to PTC
Dec 5, 2013ELTTYAcquisitionELTTY was acquired by Melrose PLC
Dec 5, 2013KFXListedKofax Ltd. was listed
Dec 5, 2013ELTTYDelistedElster Group Se was delisted
Dec 5, 2013AAMRQDelistedAmr was delisted

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