2009 Corporate Actions

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Dec 31, 2009VIONQSymbol ChangeVION ticker symbol changed to VIONQ
Dec 31, 2009MVLDelistedMarvel Entertainment was delisted
Dec 31, 2009EPEXQDelistedEdge Petroleum was delisted
Dec 31, 2009EPEXQBankruptcyEPEXQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 31, 2009MVLAcquisitionMVL was acquired by DIS
Dec 30, 2009XBKS1Symbol ChangeSUFB ticker symbol changed to XBKS1
Dec 30, 2009SEIISymbol ChangeCHWY ticker symbol changed to SEII
Dec 30, 2009IDARQDelistedIdearc was delisted
Dec 30, 2009IDARQBankruptcyIDARQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 30, 2009GLNHQDelistedGlobal Energy Holdings Group was delisted
Dec 30, 2009GLNHQBankruptcyGLNHQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 30, 2009BGPTQDelistedBearingpoint was delisted
Dec 30, 2009BGPTQBankruptcyBGPTQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 29, 2009NVDLSymbol ChangeNVD ticker symbol changed to NVDL
Dec 29, 2009FTWRQStock SplitFTWRQ reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 29, 2009CDSCYSymbol ChangeCBY ticker symbol changed to CDSCY
Dec 29, 2009BSPMListedBiostar Pharmaceuticals was listed
Dec 29, 2009ASURStock SplitASUR reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 29, 2009AQNListedAlgonquin Power & Utilities was listed
Dec 29, 2009AMCOListedArmco Metals Holdings was listed
Dec 29, 2009AEHLSymbol ChangeHOL ticker symbol changed to AEHL
Dec 28, 2009TVIAQ1Symbol ChangeTVIAQ ticker symbol changed to TVIAQ1
Dec 28, 2009TVIAQ1DelistedTvia was delisted
Dec 28, 2009TVIAQ1BankruptcyTVIAQ1 was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 28, 2009SPCODelistedStephan Co. was delisted
Dec 28, 2009ASYTQDelistedAsyst Technologies was delisted
Dec 28, 2009ASYTQBankruptcyASYTQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 28, 2009ASYTQSymbol ChangeASYT ticker symbol changed to ASYTQ
Dec 24, 2009VALVSymbol ChangeSKII ticker symbol changed to VALV
Dec 24, 2009SPBSymbol ChangeZAP ticker symbol changed to SPB
Dec 23, 2009RHDCQDelistedR H Donnelley was delisted
Dec 23, 2009RHDCQBankruptcyRHDCQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 23, 2009NRGNDelistedNeurogen was delisted
Dec 23, 2009NRGNBankruptcyNRGN was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 23, 2009MAXXDelistedMaxxam was delisted
Dec 23, 2009LBYYQSymbol ChangeLYBI ticker symbol changed to LBYYQ
Dec 23, 2009CMDIListedV Media was listed
Dec 23, 2009BPURQDelistedBiopure was delisted
Dec 23, 2009BPURQBankruptcyBPURQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 22, 2009TPUTQDelistedBarzel Industries was delisted
Dec 22, 2009TPUTQBankruptcyTPUTQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 22, 2009SCMRStock SplitSCMR reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 22, 2009NASMQDelistedNorth American Scientific was delisted
Dec 22, 2009NASMQBankruptcyNASMQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 22, 2009MTSI1AcquisitionMTSI1 was acquired by Excellere Partners LLC
Dec 22, 2009HTEAcquisitionHTE was acquired by Korea National Oil
Dec 22, 2009MTSI1DelistedMts Medication Technologies was delisted
Dec 22, 2009MTSI1Symbol ChangeMTSI ticker symbol changed to MTSI1
Dec 22, 2009AOGSQDelistedAurora Oil & Gas was delisted
Dec 22, 2009AOGSQBankruptcyAOGSQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 22, 2009ADMGQDelistedAdvanced Materials Group was delisted
Dec 22, 2009ADMGQBankruptcyADMGQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 21, 2009SMTLDelistedSemitool was delisted
Dec 21, 2009PUBGYStock SplitPUBGY stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 21, 2009NWBISymbol ChangeNWSB ticker symbol changed to NWBI
Dec 21, 2009LTRXStock SplitLTRX reverse stock split: 1 for 6
Dec 21, 2009IBASAcquisitionIBAS was acquired by KKPNY
Dec 21, 2009IBASDelistedIbasis was delisted
Dec 21, 2009HAYZQDelistedHayes Lemmerz International was delisted
Dec 21, 2009HAYZQBankruptcyHAYZQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 21, 2009HAYZQSymbol ChangeHAYZ ticker symbol changed to HAYZQ
Dec 21, 2009CHADQSymbol ChangeCHAD ticker symbol changed to CHADQ
Dec 21, 2009BLNKListedBlink Charging Co. was listed
Dec 21, 2009BHStock SplitBH reverse stock split: 1 for 20
Dec 21, 2009SMTLAcquisitionSMTL was acquired by AMAT
Dec 18, 2009RSPISymbol ChangeCOR ticker symbol changed to RSPI
Dec 18, 2009NWBIStock SplitNWBI stock split: 2.25 for 1
Dec 18, 2009CHRTAcquisitionCHRT was acquired by ATIC International Investment Company LLC
Dec 18, 2009AVGNAcquisitionAVGN was acquired by MNOV
Dec 18, 2009ITPSymbol ChangeORPN ticker symbol changed to ITP
Dec 18, 2009CHRTDelistedChartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd. was delisted
Dec 18, 2009AVGNDelistedAvigen was delisted
Dec 17, 2009STAR1Symbol ChangeSTAR ticker symbol changed to STAR1
Dec 17, 2009STAR1DelistedStarent Networks was delisted
Dec 17, 2009STAKStock SplitSTAK reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 17, 2009OSPDelistedOsg America Lp was delisted
Dec 17, 2009OSPAcquisitionOSP was acquired by OSG
Dec 17, 2009KRAListedKraton was listed
Dec 17, 2009FTLKListedFuntalk China Holdings Ltd. was listed
Dec 17, 2009STAR1AcquisitionSTAR1 was acquired by CSCO
Dec 17, 2009COHNStock SplitCOHN reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 17, 2009COHNSymbol ChangeAFN ticker symbol changed to COHN
Dec 17, 2009CIEIQListedCobalt International Energy was listed
Dec 16, 2009UHSStock SplitUHS stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 16, 2009TMHListedTeam Health Holdings was listed
Dec 16, 2009THTIListedTht Heat Transfer Technology was listed
Dec 16, 2009SNR1Symbol ChangeSNR ticker symbol changed to SNR1
Dec 16, 2009SNR1DelistedSunair Services was delisted
Dec 16, 2009SGICQDelistedSilicon Graphics was delisted
Dec 16, 2009SGICQBankruptcySGICQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 16, 2009NEOGStock SplitNEOG stock split: 1.5 for 1
Dec 16, 2009SNR1AcquisitionSNR1 was acquired by Massey Services
Dec 16, 2009ACRODelistedAcrodyne Communications was delisted
Dec 16, 2009ACROBankruptcyACRO was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 15, 2009LDISStock SplitLDIS stock split: 8.912 for 1
Dec 15, 2009ITLNDelistedIntellon was delisted
Dec 15, 2009CCMESymbol ChangeTMI ticker symbol changed to CCME
Dec 15, 2009BBVASymbol ChangeBBV ticker symbol changed to BBVA
Dec 15, 2009ITLNAcquisitionITLN was acquired by ATHR
Dec 14, 2009URXDelistedUnited Refining Energy was delisted

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