2014 Corporate Actions

1388 Actions

Dec 31, 2014FFKYAcquisitionFFKY was acquired by YCB
Dec 31, 2014TQNTDelistedTriquint Semiconductor was delisted
Dec 31, 2014SWSDelistedSws Group was delisted
Dec 31, 2014OPNTStock SplitOPNT reverse stock split: 1 for 100
Dec 31, 2014SWSAcquisitionSWS was acquired by HTH
Dec 31, 2014FUBOSymbol ChangeBTOP ticker symbol changed to FUBO
Dec 31, 2014FFKYDelistedFirst Financial Service was delisted
Dec 31, 2014AHIIDelistedAmerican Heritage International was delisted
Dec 31, 2014AHIIBankruptcyAHII was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 30, 2014OIBR.CStock SplitOIBR.C reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 30, 2014MWRXAcquisitionMWRX was acquired by Aerocare Holdings
Dec 30, 2014MWRXDelistedMergeworthrx was delisted
Dec 30, 2014MBCQListedMb Bancorp was listed
Dec 30, 2014KEYPDelistedKeyuan Petrochemicals was delisted
Dec 30, 2014KEYPBankruptcyKEYP was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 30, 2014HAINStock SplitHAIN stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 30, 2014CNLGDelistedConolog was delisted
Dec 30, 2014CNLGBankruptcyCNLG was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 29, 2014PIRSListedPieris Pharmaceuticals was listed
Dec 29, 2014OIBRQStock SplitOIBRQ reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 29, 2014JUNOListedJuno Therapeutics was listed
Dec 23, 2014MARAStock SplitMARA stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 22, 2014SOGCQSymbol ChangeFST ticker symbol changed to SOGCQ
Dec 22, 2014OPLKDelistedOplink Communications was delisted
Dec 22, 2014OPLKAcquisitionOPLK was acquired by Koch Industries
Dec 22, 2014CBEHDelistedChina Integrated Energy was delisted
Dec 22, 2014CBEHBankruptcyCBEH was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 19, 2014PIKEDelistedPike was delisted
Dec 19, 2014PIKEAcquisitionPIKE was acquired by Court Square Capital Ltd.
Dec 19, 2014MGAMDelistedMultimedia Games Holding Company was delisted
Dec 19, 2014LIN2AcquisitionLIN2 was acquired by MEG1
Dec 19, 2014LIN2DelistedLin Television was delisted
Dec 19, 2014LIN2Symbol ChangeLIN ticker symbol changed to LIN2
Dec 19, 2014MGAMAcquisitionMGAM was acquired by EVRI
Dec 19, 2014DLIAQDelistedDelias was delisted
Dec 19, 2014DLIAQBankruptcyDLIAQ was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 19, 2014DLIAQSymbol ChangeDLIA ticker symbol changed to DLIAQ
Dec 19, 2014ASBSymbol ChangeASBC ticker symbol changed to ASB
Dec 18, 2014NMRDListedNemaura Medical was listed
Dec 18, 2014NAGSDelistedTeucrium Natural Gas was delisted
Dec 18, 2014KADRDelistedArcadia Resources was delisted
Dec 18, 2014KADRBankruptcyKADR was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 18, 2014FCAMListedStellantis Nv was listed
Dec 18, 2014FCAMSymbol ChangeFTRYF ticker symbol changed to FCAM
Dec 18, 2014CRUDDelistedTeucrium Wti Crude Oil was delisted
Dec 18, 2014BLCMListedBellicum Pharmaceuticals was listed
Dec 17, 2014OABCAcquisitionOABC was acquired by SBSI
Dec 17, 2014RMPListedRice Midstream Partners Lp was listed
Dec 17, 2014ONDKListedOn Deck Capital was listed
Dec 17, 2014OABCDelistedOmniamerican Bancorp was delisted
Dec 17, 2014DXFStock SplitDXF reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Dec 17, 2014BEAVSpinoffKLXI spun off from BEAV
Dec 16, 2014WSHLYDelistedWsp Holdings Ltd. was delisted
Dec 16, 2014WSHLYBankruptcyWSHLY was liquidated due to bankruptcy.
Dec 16, 2014SIAFStock SplitSIAF reverse stock split: 1 for 10
Dec 16, 2014INSEListedInspired Entertainment was listed
Dec 16, 2014INSESymbol ChangeHDRAU ticker symbol changed to INSE
Dec 15, 2014QSRListedRestaurant Brands International was listed
Dec 15, 2014CPWRAcquisitionCPWR was acquired by Thoma Bravo Ugp LLC
Dec 15, 2014CPWRDelistedCompuware was delisted
Dec 12, 2014WKListedWorkiva was listed
Dec 12, 2014THIDelistedTim Hortons was delisted
Dec 12, 2014NEWRListedNew Relic was listed
Dec 12, 2014MPGListedMetaldyne Performance Group was listed
Dec 12, 2014JRVRListedJames River Group Holdings Ltd. was listed
Dec 12, 2014HDPListedHortonworks was listed
Dec 12, 2014CNXRListedConnecture was listed
Dec 12, 2014BKWDelistedBurger King Worldwide was delisted
Dec 12, 2014AVOLListedAvolon Holdings Ltd. was listed
Dec 11, 2014PSMIDelistedPeregrine Semiconductor was delisted
Dec 11, 2014OCGNListedOcugen was listed
Dec 11, 2014PSMIAcquisitionPSMI was acquired by MRAAY
Dec 11, 2014MOMOListedHello Group was listed
Dec 11, 2014LCListedLendingclub was listed
Dec 11, 2014FNBGStock SplitFNBG stock split: 1.05 for 1
Dec 10, 2014LTXBSymbol ChangeVPFG ticker symbol changed to LTXB
Dec 9, 2014UZBListedUnited States Cellular was listed
Dec 9, 2014IBNStock SplitIBN stock split: 5 for 1
Dec 9, 2014CNVRDelistedConversant was delisted
Dec 9, 2014CNVRAcquisitionCNVR was acquired by ADS
Dec 8, 2014VRTAStock SplitVRTA reverse stock split: 1 for 4
Dec 8, 2014TRCOSymbol ChangeTRBAA ticker symbol changed to TRCO
Dec 8, 2014INFYStock SplitINFY stock split: 2 for 1
Dec 5, 2014KOGAcquisitionKOG was acquired by WLL2
Dec 5, 2014TIBXDelistedTibco Software was delisted
Dec 5, 2014TAMDelistedTaminco was delisted
Dec 5, 2014SSRGListedSymmetry Surgical was listed
Dec 5, 2014SMASpinoffSSRG spun off from SMA
Dec 5, 2014TIBXAcquisitionTIBX was acquired by Vista Equity Partners Management LLC
Dec 5, 2014KOGDelistedKodiak Oil & Gas was delisted
Dec 5, 2014FRPHSymbol ChangePATR ticker symbol changed to FRPH
Dec 5, 2014TAMAcquisitionTAM was acquired by EMN
Dec 5, 2014CTSOStock SplitCTSO reverse stock split: 1 for 25
Dec 4, 2014SMADelistedSymmetry Medical was delisted
Dec 4, 2014CNQRAcquisitionCNQR was acquired by SAP
Dec 4, 2014SMAAcquisitionSMA was acquired by Tecomet
Dec 4, 2014KLXIListedKlx was listed
Dec 4, 2014CNQRDelistedConcur Technologies was delisted
Dec 3, 2014FRF2AcquisitionFRF2 was acquired by TIPT
Dec 3, 2014NXEOListedNexeo Solutions was listed

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